Author's Note: Okay folks, this fic is pretty plotless, so keep that in mind. And yeah, it's another fic that happens on the quest to destroy the ring, but you guessed it.... I've left out a lot of details and wish not to hear complaints about it. This fic is focusing on the desire these 3 lovely males hold for one another. I cannot use the excuse of this being my first fic anymore, but please remember I'm still fairly new to this so do be a little gentle with your comments. There is a reason for the rating, so please don't say you weren't warned. And for those who dunno, slash is male/male content, don't like it, don't read, and we'll get along just fine. A huge thank you goes out to Cath Sith who I should just refer to as my editor from now on. She helped me a ton and encouraged me like ya'll wouldn't believe. *hugs* Cath and my respect goes out to you as well.

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Trio of Lust

Chapter 1 - Getting Alone

By Riley


"Why do we have to go and scout ahead while everyone else gets to rest their bones?" Boromir mumbled to Aragorn while forcing his right leg to take another step up the steep knoll. He was weary - he longed to rest and close his eyes even just for a moment. He had been fighting with his eyelids for the past twenty minutes to stay open and he feared he would lose the battle if relaxation didn't come upon him soon.

"Because Gandalf asked us to." Legolas replied from ahead.

Boromir cringed; he did not like the keen ears of that Elf. He flashed the annoyance in his eyes to Aragorn, who was walking next to him, but it was not something the Ranger caught for he was more comfortable around Legolas. Boromir also hated the fact that the Elf never showed any signs of becoming weary. He strode with ease and grace without one drop of sweat; of course he knew if he made a comment about it he'd receive a reply close to - 'Elves do not sweat, human.' Boromir did not know if that was true or not but he found every time he voiced his curiosity about one of Legolas' traits that that was the answer he was given.

"You two are the trackers, not me." Boromir said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Well than take some lessons on how it is done." Legolas replied.

Boromir ceased walking and glared at the lithe Elf; what gave him the right to talk back like that? Did he not know who he was? He was Boromir, the Steward of Gondor, and above that... he was a Man. Did this Elf not realize that?

'Of course he doesn't realize,' Boromir mused, 'he's too busy singing with the trees... listening to the air... I think his race makes these things up for I cannot hear any of it.'

Legolas sensed the warrior's eyes upon his back and turned round to face him. His blue-grey orbs narrowed towards the Man but his face shown no emotion. He stood tall and did not stir, unlike his hair that flew with the graceful breeze floating by. "Your eyes speak the truth more so than your tongue."

"What?" Boromir replied; his brow creased with confusion.

"You resent me, nay?" Legolas said in a neutral voice while crossing his arms.

Boromir felt his face flush. How did the Elf know his thoughts? Were Elves mind readers as well? This only made him despise the Prince more... He walked forward with his head held high with no indications of his insecurities and brushed past the Elf harshly - purposely knocking his broad shoulder against the lean one of the Elf. "You should focus those keen eyes of yours towards the task at hand and nothing more." He said in a hoarse voice.

Legolas bit his lip; how dare he talk to him like that. Did he not know who he was? He was son of Thranduil... and a Prince at that too. Never had he been treated with such disrespect. "You should take heed that I am of royal blood," Legolas spat back.

Boromir locked his gaze upon the Elf and smirked. "And you should dwell upon the fact of me being able to break you like a twig, Wood-Elf!"

Legolas' eyes widened with that remark. His pride was at stake now and that was not something he took lightly. He stepped on the tip of his toes and inched his body close to the Man until he was only a breath away. "Wood-Elf?!"

"All right, that's enough!" Aragorn cried as he came in between the two: separating them with his hands. He turned his attention towards Legolas first. "Move forward, Legolas, we do not have time for such behavior."

Legolas opened his mouth in protest but the Ranger gave him a firm look ordering him not to do so. Aragorn was a man Legolas respected highly, so he bid him his request but not before growling with frustration and casting one last glare over his shoulder towards Boromir.

Boromir smiled as he watched the Elf trudge ahead; relishing in delight when Legolas tucked his head down: making him appear less graceful. But he was soon brought out of his triumph when a pair of grey eyes looked at him harshly. "Why do you taunt him so?"

Boromir was taken aback by the Ranger's question. He was more confused by his words than of the Elf's. "Why do you take his side? You and I are of the same race, Aragorn, and I was not taunting him... It is he who taunts. I keep to myself yet he cannot seem to get along with me nor does he speak well with the Dwarf, Gimli. He is the one at fault, not I, yet you protect him?"

Aragorn sighed. "I'm not taking anyone's side nor am I protecting anybody. I was only asking a question but nevermind. Let us do what Gandalf wishes upon us ere it gets too late. The sun will be setting soon."

Boromir felt deceived but did not voice his feelings. He held his tongue and walked behind Aragorn silently. The rest he yearned for seemed even further from his grasp as he rolled his eyes at the Elf's back and cursed Aragorn soundlessly; this was going to be a long scout.


The trio had walked through the vast clearing with no signs of any foes and were now venturing through a thicket of bushes that led towards a small water hole, or so Legolas had predicted when his Elven senses picked up the odor. Their water skins had not been emptied but they thought it wise to fill them up while given the chance.

Legolas led the way while Boromir took up the rear: Aragorn walked in the middle so that no arguments surfaced between the two. The Ranger knew they were both weary and seeked rest more than discovering where their enemy lie right now, but they were nearly done with their mission - as soon as they made it to the water hole, Aragorn was going to allow a short break. Perhaps then the three of them would be able to get along better... at least he hoped so anyway.

A small thud from behind and a cry from Boromir caused the Ranger to cease walking and focus his attention towards the other Man. "Boromir?"

Boromir grumbled something incoherent while leaning into the shrubbery awkwardly. "These fell plants are full of pickers." He finally muttered while standing to his feet. He swiped his face gently with the palm of his hand and did not grow surprised when he saw blood upon his fingers. "Nice path, Wood-Elf!"

Legolas spun around, his hair whipping across his face before settling down past his shoulders, "'Tis not my fault you walk as a babe. Perhaps you should try watching where you are going; it does wonders."

"That's it!" Boromir exclaimed. "You and me - now!"

Legolas did not hesitate as he swiftly moved towards the Man, only Aragorn turned round and outstretched his hand - colliding it into Legolas' chest. "Enough!" He hollered. "We are not fighting one another, is that clear?"

Boromir and Legolas briefly gave Aragorn the evil eye before returning their glares back to one another, neither wanting to back down. The Ranger could feel their foul attitudes and it upset him greatly. They were on a mission of utmost importance and yet they argued like children... Aragorn grasped Legolas' slender arm and pulled him away from Boromir. "Why do you act like this?" He whispered to the Elf with annoyance. "There is no reason for your sarcasm. It must stop, Legolas."

"I was only stating the obvious," Legolas snapped while wriggling out of the Ranger's grasp. "Do not ask me to change my behavior when another is in need of doing so."

Aragorn sighed while watching Legolas walk away. He faced Boromir to find the Man's dark eyes staring him down. Aragorn held his breath when Boromir seized his forearm. "This one was his fault, not mine." Boromir hissed. "Don't go pointing your finger at me 'less you want it broken."

Boromir released his grip on the Ranger and strode forward with a growl. He stamped his feet upon the ground and offered no apologies to the grass he matted for he was intent on driving every last nerve out of Legolas who glided with ease upon the soil not wanting to disturb it any more than need be: that being the way with most Elves... respecting the wilderness deeply. Boromir, however, was no Elf and continued his harsh steps; smirking when the Elf turned round and showed his annoyance at the Man, but no words were exchanged for Legolas continued leading the way towards the water hole when Aragorn cleared his throat.


The three members of the Fellowship bent down at the water's edge and filled their skins in silence. The air was still and the moon's beams reflected off the water hole brightly; illuminating Legolas' hair and skin the most out of the trio. Aragorn and Boromir took notice but said nothing as they concentrated on capturing the water they desired.

Aragorn was the first to succeed and strayed back from the hole. He sat his weary body upon the fine dirt and gazed up at the stars. He sighed with relaxation though he'd never admit how tired he truly was and wondered if he was weary from walking in the heat all day or from trying to keep peace between his two comrades. He smiled briefly as he watched Boromir and Legolas kneeling down next to one another; they were not arguing, in fact, they were quiet. The Ranger closed his eyes and laid his back upon the ground enjoying the silence around him.

Boromir watched Legolas curiously when the Prince placed his water skin upon the ground and submerged his slender hands into the cold water. Legolas closed his eyes while bringing his cupped hands up to his face; splashing the liquid against his skin. He sighed happily from the cleanliness and began to repeat his actions. A soft moan escaped his lips when the water dripped down his neck and he again placed his hands into the water.

"Do you get off doing that?" Boromir finally asked when he could hold back no longer. He was innocent in asking so for he truly thought the Elf was having one lustful acquaintance with the water but Legolas took it as an insult.

"What?!" He replied while opening his eyes and shifting his weight so he faced the warrior.

"You know... does the thing between your legs get hard from doing that? I should say so from the way you're moaning and -"

Boromir was cut off from Legolas tackling him into the water hole. The Man had been surprised which allowed Legolas to have the upper hand. The Elf threw his fist into Boromir's nose causing him to fall back into the water's depth grasping his wounded flesh. "Watch what words your tongue releases upon me for I am worthy of ones with respect! Not ones of such foulness!"

Legolas turned his back on the Man only to find himself face down in the water before he even registered what happened. He felt himself being turned over and a good amount of weight being applied to his chest. Legolas rolled his eyes upward to meet with those of Boromir's... the Man looked like he was ready to kill him. Boromir glared at him evilly while sniffling the blood that trailed from his nose. Legolas went to push the Man off but could not do so when Boromir grasped his wrists with a bruising force preventing him the use of his arms. Boromir showed his true strength when he clasped the Elf's hands together with only one hand, then drew his free hand back and sent it flying through the air until it collided with Legolas' nose. "Watch what actions you take upon me for I return them with the strength they deserve!" Boromir spat as he brought his fist back into the air longing to strike the Elf again: only another hand caught it in mid air.

"This has gone too far!" Aragorn hollered while shoving Boromir off the Elf's chest. "You both are a disgrace! We do not have time for this! Look at each other! You both bleed not from the enemy's hand but from your own! What does that tell you?!"

Legolas sat up within the water and wiped his nose as his eyes locked with Boromir's. He then licked his bloody lips clean and smirked. "I would have thought you to be more aggressive than this."

Boromir rose to his feet and charged towards Legolas but Aragorn held him back. "Did you not hear his taunts?!" Boromir yelled.

"Aye, I heard." Aragorn mumbled as he shoved the other Man back a few steps. He then turned round and lowered his head to Legolas who still sat in the water. "Legolas! Why do you ignore my words and why must you keep this tension adrift?"

Legolas rose to his feet swiftly and returned the glare Aragorn was giving him. "I will not allow this *Man* to have the upper hand."

Aragorn sighed. "Come now, Legolas, you speak as if being an Elf gives you the right to act like this. You think Elves are better than Humans? That Humans deserve no respect? I know you better than that... you have always treated me as your equal -"

"*You* are different than *him*!" Legolas interjected while crossing his arms. "How you are of the same race is a mystery to me."

"How *you* can even complete a sentence is a mystery to me!" Boromir hissed.

Aragorn had to hold Legolas back with both hands from that remark. He felt a terrible headache forming between his ears and he yelled out in rage. "All right! This is what you're both going to do whether you like it or not because I've had enough!"

The Man and Elf both looked at Aragorn with wide eyes realizing how upset the Ranger was getting but they still refused to back down.

"Boromir..." Aragorn said while turning towards him, "you will say something nice about Legolas."

Boromir threw his hands up in the air with protest and shook his head. "What? I will do no such thing!" He stated with defiance.

Aragorn was not going to accept no for answer, he approached the other Man and whispered harshly into his ear, "you *will* do it and not complain for I now have a pain within my head from you two arguing and I will gladly pass it on to you in a much more agonizing way if you do not do this."

Boromir was not one to accept orders as ludicrous as these but he felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise from Aragorn's tone of voice. The Ranger was pissed off, no doubt. "Fine!" Boromir spat. He looked over to Legolas and studied him for a few moments before stating a compliment. "You... you were able to draw blood from me... perhaps you aren't as weak as I thought you to be."

Aragorn sighed and gave the Man a questioning look to which Boromir shrugged his shoulders. The Ranger then realized how hard it was for Boromir to give a compliment to Legolas.... He figured that was the best the Man could do and didn't push him to say more, at least it wasn't an insult towards the Elf.

"Okay, Legolas, your turn." Aragorn stated. "Say one nice thing about Boromir."

Legolas snickered. "I fear I shall be here for at least a year until something constructive comes to my mind."

"Legolas!" Aragorn snapped. "Now!"

The Elf rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. "All right..." Legolas said quietly. "Though you are not very graceful... you dance with a fiery blaze when in battle."

Aragorn was less satisfied with the Elf's response but accepted it anyway. "Okay, now that wasn't so hard was it?"

Both Man and Elf grunted their disapproval but Aragorn chose to ignore them. "Let's try it again only a little more personal this time."

"We do not have time for this!" Boromir cried.

"Oh, but we have time for you two to knock one another senseless?!" Aragorn rebutted with sarcasm. "On with it!" The Man ordered while pushing Boromir closer to Legolas.

Boromir sighed with disgust but complied nonetheless. "The arrows you send hit their mark more than not."

Aragorn ran a hand down his face and growled silently - this was proving to be harder than he realized. Nodding his head briefly towards Boromir, he then refocused his attention to Legolas. The Ranger swirled his hand within the air signaling the Elf's turn.

Legolas shifted his weight from one leg to the other while in thought before stating, "your sword stains itself well of the enemy's blood."

Aragorn folded his arms and shook his head disaprovingly. "You two are pathetic! I said a personal compliment!"

Legolas shrugged his shoulders and turned on his heels all too willingly to free himself of this conversation but he was turned back round when a set of hands clutched his shoulders tightly. "You're not done yet," Aragorn stated slyly. He shook Legolas heartily and called to Boromir. "Look at this Elf's face.... surely you can say one nice thing about it, nay?"

Legolas raised his eyebrows at the Ranger and tried to free himself from the Man's strong grasp but Aragorn only clamped his hands down harder and encouraged Boromir to speak, "let's have it, Boromir. Now!"

Boromir groaned loudly while running a hand through his dampened hair. He squinted his grey eyes and stared at the Elf intently; the long blond hair that often resembled silk was matted from the water and his fair face was muddy from when he was pushed down face first just moments ago. It took all the strength Boromir had not to laugh at the sorry looking Elf but he did notice a feature of Legolas' that enticed him. "Nice eyes, Elf." He mumbled.

Legolas opened his mouth in shock and caught the flush working its way upon the Man's face. He felt the fire of hatred within his stomach lessen from those words even though there was only a few spoken. Legolas could see Boromir was embarrassed which caused the Elf to smirk; the Man looked appealing to him in this state. He did not wait for Aragorn to prod him for a response, he spoke of his own freewill. "Nice blush, Human."

Boromir's face reddened more and he first took the Elf's words as an insult but he saw the sincerity within Legolas' eyes and he flushed even more. He felt his face growing hot, more than it ever had, so he bent down and cupped his hands into the water. He sighed with content when the cool liquid decreased some of the heat he was feeling. "Do you get off by doing that?" Legolas teased.

Boromir chuckled. "Nay, and I doubt your kind could even come close to understanding a man's needs."

"Really..." Legolas said with interest. "And how would you know? Tell me, Boromir, have you ever engaged in such activities with an Elf?"

"Nay." Boromir replied curtly.

"Than how can you say such a thing?"

"Because your kind is so... scrawny."

"Scrawny?!" Legolas exclaimed while finally freeing himself from Aragorn.

"Hey, that's me putting it nicely." Boromir explained. "A man craves strong desires, ones that cannot be fulfilled by an Elf."

Legolas laughed heartily. "Oh, son of Gondor, you are a wise Man, that I know, but you disappoint me with your belief of Elves. You do not know very much about my kind, do you?"

"Nay," Boromir replied honestly. "But I know what I see."

"And what do you see when your eyes look upon me?"

"Right now they see an Elf with a dirty face," Boromir joked while placing a finger to the Elf's cheek; swiping it gently down and across his jawline. He shown the mud that lay on his finger to the Elf and smirked. "And your nose is bleeding too... I see an Elf I've never seen before, Legolas, for you are grimy with mud and stained of blood."

Legolas smirked. "I believe you look none the better, Boromir." He remarked while placing his slender hand to the Man's head. He retrieved a handful of leaves and brought them forth to show the Human. "It seems you are taking to the wilderness better than I."

Boromir laughed. "Perhaps."

Aragorn smiled. His pushing and ordering had finally payed off. The tension between his two comrades seemed to be wearing off and the Ranger sighed happily. The thought of no more bickering eased his mind and the headache he was suffering from seemed to decrease in size all ready. He opened his mouth to sound his approval but Boromir's voice rang out before his.

"Your hair..." The Man stated softly to Legolas. He extended his hand forward till it met with the dampened locks and ran his calloused fingers through it the best he could. "It is always a nice feature to look upon. I have found myself drawn to its freedom of swaying back and forth against your slim shoulders and lean back."

Legolas smiled. "When you speak words that are not harsh your lips liven... the fullness of your flesh is shown and I am curious as to how they would feel... intrigued I guess you would say."

"Really..." Boromir said while arching an eyebrow.

"Aye," Legolas replied. "But it is something I shall never know."

"Why is that?" Boromir asked curiously.

Legolas chuckled. "Of what good would it do... especially when one such as yourself does not wish to engage in such activities with an Elf. I would merely dwindle any desire you hold, therefore your ability to display such actions would lessen as well. I would simply turn you off, nay?"

"Well... I don't know if that's necessarily true... I mean... I guess I could have been wrong about stating such a thing since I have never had such contact with an Elf before."

Legolas gasped and placed a twitching finger inside his ear. "Do my keen ears hear wrong or did you just admit to being mistaken?!"

"Don't rub it in." Boromir warned playfully. "It is not something you shall hear again."

"Oh, believe me... *once* is enough for me. Now, if you'll just say that I was right and you were wrong..."

"Don't push it." Boromir snapped. "You had your moment of glory, now let's move on."

"Nay, not yet." Legolas snickered. "You think I shall let you off so easily? I must rub this in for it bothers you greatly."

"I'm glad you enjoy annoying me," Boromir grumbled. "Now shut your mouth."

Aragorn sighed heavily and covered his eyes with his hand. 'Not again' He thought to himself. 'Please not again'

"Shut my mouth?" Legolas repeated innocently. "Why should I do that when the words I speak hold the truth whereas you speak of things that need an apology... *You* are the one who should remain quiet, not I."

"I'm warning you one last time, Legolas!" Boromir said harshly. "Shut your mouth or I will be forced to do so myself."

Legolas rolled his eyes. "Bring it on."

"Fine, you asked for it." Boromir mumbled while closing in towards the Elf. Legolas anticipated the Man's hand balling into a fist and rising into the air but found himself being thrown off guard when Boromir walked with ease through the water and placed his hands gently upon his face. The Elf gave a confused look to which Boromir smiled. "I warned you, did I not?" He murmured before pressing his firm lips to Legolas'.

Legolas was surprised from the Man's contact but found himself returning the kiss with a passion he never craved before. The hostility he had been feeling towards this Man poured out through his lips and he placed his hands behind Boromir's neck, pulling him close to devour.

Aragorn was dumbfounded. One minute the two males were biting each other's heads off and now they were kissing? He concluded that he was obviously beyond the point of exhaustion and was clearly hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes with his hand and decided to count to twenty before he reopened them.

Boromir was fascinated with the taste of Legolas' mouth; his tongue explored every inch of it slowly; savoring it as long as possible. He gently stroked Legolas' back with his hands, trying to reach underneath the Elf's clothing.

Legolas was taken aback by the Man's gentleness. He thought him to be the 'rough' type and grew eager for the Man to use his strength upon him. Legolas creeped his slender fingers up the sleeve of Boromir's tunic and massaged the bulging muscles that lay there; yearning for them to flex against his own body... craving Boromir to use his strength upon him. Legolas felt an overpowering sensation arise beneath his waist causing him to crash his hips against Boromir's violently.

The Man staggered back a few paces but did not loosen his grip on the Elf nor did his tongue lose its rhythm inside the heated abyss it had discovered. Legolas began to run his hands up the Man's chest furiously and he broke their kiss to pull Boromir's tunic off. "Anxious, are we?" Boromir murumured with a light chuckle.

Legolas nodded his head in response and kissed him lightly on the lips. Boromir whined when the Elf pulled away but moaned with pleasure when Legolas slid his tongue down his neck teasingly. It left a moistened trail that gave the Man shivers when a gentle wind grazed against him. Boromir felt his right nipple twist with agony from Legolas' teeth and almost cried out but he soon found it to be erotic when the Elf began to suck gently. Boromir was becoming very aroused and grasped the Elf's head when Legolas glided his tongue down his firm chest, into his navel.

Boromir sighed with content from Legolas' pink flesh rolling against his skin; he never thought an Elf's tongue could be so salacious. His mind went blank when Legolas hit the water with his knees. Boromir could not bear the anticipation of the Elf's next move so he leaned down into the water wanting to grab onto him, but he lost his footing and fell forward with a loud splash; knocking Legolas back into Aragorn.

Aragorn had been watching the two in a daze. He was astounded to see them engaging in such actions but drawn to them as well for whatever absurd reason. His reasoning was nearly answered when he felt a fiery pain between his legs along with a head full of blond hair.

Aragorn was laying in the water on his back with his knees upright - Legolas had landed the same way except the back of his head fell right onto the Man's groin. The Elf rolled his eyes backward and gave the Ranger an awkward smile. "Uh, hi, Aragorn. Sorry for dropping in on you like this."

"It's fine..." Aragorn mumbled through clenched teeth. "Could you please get off of me though?"

Legolas turned round swiftly and looked at the Man with concerned eyes. "Did I hurt you?"

Aragorn shook his head while rubbing his hand aginst his left thigh to ease the pain until a cold slender hand overlapped his and ceased movement. "Allow me," Legolas said softly while removing the Man's hand. He gently caressed Aragorn's thigh and rubbed it soothingly.

Aragorn found Legolas' hand to be more than pleasant and he felt the pain decrease but a new agony creeped its way a few inches to the right. His face began to flush with embarrassment when the Elf arched his eyebrow from recognizing the growth within his leggings through the clear water. Aragorn cursed silently. 'Damn Elves and their keen eyesight'

Boromir grew tired of watching Legolas fondle Aragorn, he bent down next to him and whispered in his ear seductively, "I'm not done with you yet, Elf."

Legolas turned round and smirked at the Man. "'Tis me who is not finished, Boromir. I believe I was in charge before I fell."

"Things have changed," Boromir growled before pulling the Elf roughly into his arms. The Man was on his knees now so he could not lose his footing again. He kissed Legolas on the lips hard; so hard that blood drew from the Elf's tender flesh. Boromir noticed when he pulled away and frowned; he did not mean to hurt the Prince.

Legolas caught the shock in Boromir's eyes and smirked. "I am fine, Boromir. Have you not guessed by now that I like it rough?"

"But you're an Elf." Boromir stated strongly. "And so... thin."

"I guess there is only one way for me to prove you wrong." Legolas said strongly. He pushed the Man down into the water and straddled him. Legolas took a moment to admire the site of Boromir's chest; his abdomen shown a lustful set of muscles and it occured to Legolas that he had never seen Boromir's bare chest until now. "You should go shirtless more often," he whispered into the Man's ear while licking the lobe with the tip of his tongue.

Boromir groaned, "ah, stop doing that."

"What?" Legolas questioned.

"Your tongue," Boromir panted. "It is too much."

Legolas laughed and licked the muscles he had been admiring against the Man's stomach. Boromir squirmed beneath him but Legolas pressed his arms against the Man's shoulders; surprising Boromir greatly with the strength he held. Of course Boromir could have gotten out of the Elf's grasp if he truly wanted to, but he didn't.

Legolas' tongue travelled its way back up to the Man's ear and he whispered once more, "roll over, son of Gondor."

"What?" Boromir replied.

"You heard me, do as your told, for I guarantee you will enjoy yourself."

Boromir felt a fire burn within all his muscles from the Elf's words. He was not one to play the submissive role but he found himself more than interested with Legolas' offer. The Elf was all ready successful at arousing him like no other and he yearned to receive more attention from him, so he complied and turned over onto his stomach.

Legolas planted gentle kisses on the Man's muscular back while his hands moved down towards his leggings. He gently pulled them downward and moaned with delight when he saw the Man's firm buttocks. He wasted no time before his lips crashed down onto them forcefully. He slid his tongue in between and delved into the hole that awaited such action.

Boromir cried out with pleasure; he saw stars dancing before his eyes from Legolas' tongue wriggling inside of him. His cry intensified when he felt the Elf insert a finger tenderly into him without any warning. He soon found himself pushing his lower body against Legolas' hand desiring him to reach a certain spot.

Legolas pushed another finger within the Man and delved deeper searching for that one area to make the Man beg for his touch. He felt Boromir's muscles relax and then contract tightly which caused Legolas' member to throb with jealousy. He could not hold back much longer: no matter how much he wanted to hit that spot with his fingers, he withdrew them and pulled his own leggings down.

Boromir sighed when Legolas retracted and pounded a fist into the water. *That* had felt so damn good. "Temper, temper." He heard Legolas say in a teasing voice. "Would you like the real fun to begin?"

Boromir blurted out, "Aye," before he even heard the question. He felt Legolas slide his hands underneath him and pull him up onto his knees and what he felt next was utter bliss... Legolas entered him gently... so gently that he did not wince in pain at all. He moaned with acceptance and slammed his weight against the Elf behind him, begging for action.

Legolas complied swiftly by thrusting deep into the Man, smiling when he heard Boromir ask for more. He did not deny the Man's request for he took great pleasure in giving the Man what he desired. He reached down and grasped Boromir's penis with his left hand and pumped it to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Boromir could not put the Elf's actions into words. His mind raced with pleasure and he enjoyed the harshness of Legolas slamming into him from behind, yet there was a gentleness he felt as well. As hard as the Elf was pushing, Boromir knew he would receive no injuries or uneasiness from him. Elves truly were magical creatures he finally thought - more like he thought Legolas to be a magical creature was what his mind was thinking.

Legolas quickened his pace and thrusted even harder. The sound of his member sliding in and out echoed between his ears and it sent shivers down his spine. He heard Boromir cry out loudly and felt the Man release his seed into his hand. Legolas felt himself losing his endurance and cried out in his own language when he released his own seed into the warrior. He placed his lips against Boromir's back and kissed him softly.

Aragorn watched with jealous eyes. He suddenly found Legolas to be very attractive and yearned for him to touch him again. Seeing the Elf thrust himself into Boromir made his arousal harden in an unbelievable manner. His lips moved outwards and formed into a pout; one that a child would give for being upset with its mother. The Ranger was unaware of what his lips were doing until Legolas turned round and met with his eyes.

"Oh, my dear, Aragorn." He said while crawling towards him. "Do you pout for my attention?"

"I am not pouting." The Ranger stated curtly.

Legolas laughed. "You are a poor liar. But that is all right for you are quite cute when you do so."

Aragorn was not about to waste anymore time talking. He crashed his lips against Legolas' and moaned with pleasure from the fire they created. He leaned back when Legolas pushed him gently but brought the Elf with him.

"Take it easy," Legolas said softly. "I wish to fulfill your desire."

"I desire you," Aragorn replied with longing eyes.

Legolas smirked but chose to back away. The Ranger looked hurt but not for long.... Legolas slid the Man's leggings down and he devoured his hard erection into his mouth. Aragorn cried out like Boromir had moments ago; he was not expecting the Elf to do such a thing.

Legolas sucked the head of Aragorn's penis harshly causing Aragorn to pull on his hair. Legolas ignored the pain and slid his tongue out of his mouth, licking every inch of the Man's long member. He continued to move his tongue at a rapid pace along with Aragorn's growing moans.

The Elf moved his head up and down at a fast rate even though Aragorn tugged at his hair relentlessly. Legolas moaned once from the agony but it only turned Aragorn on more when he felt the vibration against his cock.

Legolas gently played with the flesh underneath the Man's erection and pulled the hardened member out of his mouth briefly to place gentle kisses upon the soft flesh.

"Please, don't stop." Aragorn begged.

Legolas smiled and devoured the Man's erection once more but swivelled his tongue dangerously against it. He stroked it with his hand while sucking fervently and it only took seconds before Legolas tasted Aragorn's seed against his tongue. Aragorn sighed with content and ran a hand over his sweaty face.

Legolas licked his lips clean and rose to his feet while looking at the two Men that lay in the water. He pulled his leggings up and smirked. "Mortals.... tire way too easily." He said with a small chuckle.

Both Men heard the comment and rose to their feet before the Elf could foresee them doing so. Legolas caught their evil grins and suddenly felt as though he were outnumbered. He turned round to make his way out of the water hole but failed in doing so when both his arms were seized by the Men.

"You didn't honestly think I wouldn't have my turn with you, did you?" Boromir whispered into his ear followed by a lick of his tongue.

"And what about me, dear Legolas." Aragorn whispered in the other. "You gave me much pleasure but my desire has not yet been fulfilled... we're in for a long night, my friend."

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