Second Chances


By Morgana


A few weeks later.

“Elrond?” Elros looked dotingly at his twin, pulling him close now that Elrond was waking up. It had taken Elros some weeks to fully recover from the Warg’s attack, but now he was as strong as he had been the very day Manwe had returned him to Arda.

“Yes, gweniaur?” Elrond opened his eyes and stared into his twin’s. During these last few weeks they had limited their intimacy to kissing and touching, just as they had agreed they would. Slowly though, he was beginning to understand and accept that Elros would be at this side for the rest of his life, and that realization had caused a new calm in his mind, which showed in his eyes and tone.

Elros had noticed his twin’s calmer demeanor as well. It told him that Elrond was growing beyond his insecurity and fear of loss, and maybe it was time to move on. “Do you have any work to do today? Or can you leave today’s matters in Erestor’s capable hands?” The dark-haired advisor had recovered due to Glorfindel’s constant care and attention and was now back at work, much to Elros’ delight, because now he could spend more time with his brother.

“I think that Erestor can handle all urgent matters,” said Elrond slowly, wondering about the purposeful expression in his twin’s eyes. “And what about you? Do you have any plans for today?”

Elros cocked his head and rolled onto his side, face to face with his twin. Elrond lay on his back, arms tucked beneath his head, and his naked body called to him, almost begging to be touched. Did Elrond still want to take this step?

“What are you thinking about, gwenneth?” Elrond now rolled onto his side as well, and draped one arm across his twin’s narrow hip. As they were both naked, his fingertips easily roamed the silk and subtle skin.

“When I returned to you, you mentioned being attracted to me. We never discussed this matter since then. Maybe now the time has come to properly address it?” Elros involuntarily held his breath.

“I remember ravishing your mouth and nearly claiming you in my frenzied passion, but you told me to slow down.” Elrond smiled, beginning to understand where this conversation was heading. His fingertips encountered the scar that had formed on his twin’s side and chest, privately cursing the Warg for attacking him. The teeth had left marks, which had turned into pale scars, marring Elros’ flesh. Not even his Elven healing skills could take away those reminders yet. They would slowly fade in time.

“What are your thoughts on us now, gwenneth?” Elros slowly raised a hand and rested it on Elrond’s hips, drawing circles on his twin’s flesh. “Do you still want me in that way?”

Elrond took his time to carefully ponder the question. Although his answer was already clear to him, he wanted to phrase it correctly. “I still want you in that way. During these last few weeks my love for you has deepened, though I thought that impossible. I can no longer imagine a life without you. When I look at you, I want to touch my lips to yours, and when I feel your skin beneath my fingertips – like now – I want to explore further, but you asked me not to.”

“And you respected my request, for which I am grateful. Tell me, are you now convinced that I am here to stay? That I won’t leave you?” Elros had watched his twin closely these last few weeks and had seen Elrond’s confidence and trust grow steadily. It encouraged him to address this now.

“Deep down in my heart I know that you will stay with me. And in the end, we will sail for Valinor together, but for now, I want to stay here and love you.” Growing bolder, Elrond’s hand slid down Elros’ bottom, squeezing a firm buttock. “I have wanted to do this since you returned.”

Elros smiled, amused. “But gwenneth, once we take this step there is no way back. Are you really sure you want to do this? I would never forgive myself if I found out that you did this out of guilt. I do want you, and I want to take this next step, but only…” Elros was perfectly silenced when his twin’s lips descended onto his for a sweet kiss. “Oh, lirimaer, I do hope you really want this.”

“I do…” Elrond’s voice trailed off, kissing Elros, deepening their kiss and sliding his tongue along the inside of his twin’s lips. Elros tasted like a soft summer breeze, with the first hints of an autumn storm floating on the wind. “Oh, so sweet, and so willing…”

“Needy,” whispered Elros when his twin briefly broke their kiss. Only now did he realize that Elrond’s hand had slid down his buttocks and that probing fingertips were rubbing up and down his cleft. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes, I want you, gweniaur. I should have realized that much earlier, but I clung to the notion that our love was wrong.” Elrond slipped his other arm around his twin’s waist and slowly rolled him onto his back, straddling Elros’ hips and bowing down to lick his way down his twin’s chest. Elros arched his back beneath him, and an already hard nipple easily slid between his lips. Following ancients instincts, he suckled gently and then flicked the tip of his tongue over the erect nub. Elros was squirming beneath him, his need obvious as his twin’s erection rubbed against his abdomen. “And what about you? Is this what you need?”

“I want to feel you inside me,” admitted Elros in a hoarse tone. Blinking, he searched his twin’s eyes and then nervously cleared his throat. “Have you done this before?” The moment the words had left his lips he realized that Elrond had. “Ereinion.”

“Yes, but with him I was on the receiving end mostly. I have seldom been on top.” Elrond stared at his twin with obvious fascination. “How did I ever manage without you? Where did I find the strength to carry on after you died?”

“Please don’t mention my death when we are about to make love.” Elros raised his hand and ran fingers through his twin’s loose mane. Looking into calm gray eyes, he recalled the agony of his death. Dying itself hadn’t been hard, but the knowledge that he was leaving behind Elrond had nearly devastated him. Although he was only minutes older, he had always felt his twin’s protector. He would have loved to see Elrond marry and for his twin’s children to be born, but old age had finally caught up with him.

Seeing the misery in his twin’s eyes, Elrond knew he had put it there by mentioning his brother’s death. “Forgive me, it was never my intention to cause you pain. Let me take those memories away.” Elrond gently claimed his twin’s lips, whilst his hands explored Elros’ body. Hearing Elros moan, he realized that he already knew every inch of his twin’s body, because he knew his own so well. Bestowing gentle caresses to the insides of his twin’s thighs, he smiled as Elros eagerly parted them. Sliding between them, he continued the kissing, eventually dragging the tip of his tongue down Elros’ chest. When he finally encountered his twin’s hardened flesh, he sighed appreciatively. “My…”

Elros smiled, slightly embarrassed at being this eager and needy. His erection stood proud and tiny beads of pre-ejaculate dripped down the shaft, glistering against the skin. “Elrond?”

“Hush, don’t talk.” Elrond gave his twin a reassuring smile before bestowing a lick on the tip of Elros’ erection. The caress seemed to resonate in his own body, his groin tightening. Resting his hands on his twin’s hips, he took in more of Elros’ hard flesh, licking up and down the length, teasingly blowing at the weeping head.

”Ai…” Moaning in his need, Elros tried to thrust upward, but Elrond cunningly restrained him. “What are you doing to me?”

Elrond looked up, licking his lips. “I am making you mine.” He would never admit it, but he had hoped this would happen one of these days and he had hidden a phial filled with exquisite oil beneath their pillows. Uncovering it now, he gave Elros a wicked grin. “I will prepare you properly. There will only be pleasure when our bodies finally unite.”

Elros put his trust in his twin, letting Elrond take the lead. “I do love you, gwenneth…” He paused to gather his thoughts and then added, “You have no idea for how many nights I dreamt this would happen. That you would want me in turn.” Resting one hand at the nape of Elrond’s neck, he gently massaged the area. His other hand rested against his twin’s chest, rolling a hard nipple between his fingers. “Though I must admit I pictured myself taking you.”

“Oh, we can reverse roles whenever you want,” said Elrond confidently. He had managed to remove the stopper and now poured a large amount of oil onto his fingertips. “Do you think we will feel differently after making love?” Carefully he placed one finger at the guardian ring to the entrance of his twin’s body, gently massaging.

Elros began to purr softly, amazed at how good that caress felt. He had made love to his wife in his first life, but that intimacy didn’t compare to what he was experiencing now with Elrond. “Maybe? Why don’t we find out?” He yelped softly as one digit easily slid inside his passage. Now there was a novel experience for him! He had expected it to feel awkward, maybe even uncomfortable, but instead he felt himself push down on the finger. His body was reacting instinctively now that it liked the sensation.

“I don’t want to rush this, gweniaur. Our first time should be special.” It sounded like a cliché, but it was the way he felt. He wanted their first time to be unforgettable. Slipping another finger into the loosening passage, he moved them inside the channel, preparing Elros for their lovemaking. “Now, let me see…” His fingertips probed inside the velvet glove, and he carefully monitored Elros’ reactions, for they would tell him when he had located that hidden pleasure gland.

Elros’ eyes widened. “Ai, what? Oh…” He involuntarily raised his hips when sweet ecstasy spread throughout his groin. “What is… that? Oh…” Panting softly, he instinctively pushed back, already establishing a rhythm. “Oh, lirimaer!”

Grinning like a big, predatory cat, Elrond’s fingertips brushed the gland again. He wanted Elros as comfortable and relaxed as possible before entering him. But that thought also presented him with a question. What position to take Elros in? His twin would doubtlessly want eye contact, so they had to do this face to face. Removing his fingers, he quickly soothed a distressed Elros with a deep kiss. At the same time, he lifted his twin’s hips, sliding a pillow beneath them.

Elros was on the brink of climax, but now that Elrond had stopped he was hanging on the edge. “Please, gwenneth. I have waited for so long!”

Elrond nodded his head once. “Soon.” Rubbing more oil onto his erection, he slid his hand beneath Elros’ knees, supporting his twin’s legs. He positioned himself at Elros’ entrance and slowly began to enter him.

The formerly calm eyes now burst with passion and need, finally feeling Elrond claim him. “At last.” Elros was so lost in his passion, so overwhelmed that this was finally happening, that he didn’t even register the discomfort that came with the invasion. Longingly staring at his twin, he sucked in his breath when Elrond had completely sheathed himself. “Oh, Elrond!”

Elrond licked his lips, and then grew motionless, giving his twin a chance to grow used to the invasion. “I already feel different,” he whispered thoughtfully. “I no longer feel so alone.”

Elros nodded in understanding, feeling it too. “I need you closer. I need more of you.”

After lowering Elros’ legs gently onto the bed, he wrapped his arms around his twin’s waist, pulling his twin into a sitting position, Elrond moved until he sat on the mattress, his back resting against the headboard. 

Elros’ eyes had widened again, suddenly finding himself straddling Elrond’s lap. In this position he felt his twin even more clearly inside him, and he reacted by possessively claiming Elrond’s already bruised lips and folding his arms and legs around his twin’s waist. “Oh, this is divine!” Resting his brow against Elrond’s shoulder, he waited for his brother to take the lead again. When the first thrust came, he moaned with pleasure and threw back his head in surrender.

“You are beautiful, meleth-nîn,” whispered Elrond, awed at the passion and love displayed on his twin’s face. Carefully thrusting into the welcoming body, he slipped his hands beneath his twin’s buttocks, supporting him. Guiding Elros’ head back onto his shoulder, he then wrapped one arm possessively around his twin’s waist, while the other supported and kneaded the firm buttocks. It amazed him that Elros hadn’t come yet, and he hoped his twin would last long enough for them to reach orgasm together. Suddenly, sharp teeth pierced his skin. Elros was biting the skin beneath his ear, making him moan deliriously. “I… am sorry… cannot hold… back!” Elrond had hoped to draw this out longer, but his need to find release was too strong.

Elros released his twin’s skin, which had been locked between his teeth, and groaned loudly, as Elrond’s orgasm exploded in his mind, pulling him along. Warm cream splashed against his twin’s abdomen and Elros trembled with passion and release. “So long! It took us so long!” But in the end, Elrond had found the courage to take this step. Sweating lightly, he made eye contact with Elrond, though that wasn’t really necessary, as he sensed his twin clearly in his mind. Elrond had never felt this alive in his thoughts before.

Panting, Elrond smiled smugly. “Oh, that was… beyond words, gweniaur.” But deep down inside his heart, he also felt melancholy and a deep sense of regret. If only he had given Elros a chance when his twin had first kissed him!

“No regrets,” whispered Elros determinedly, “Please, no regrets. I made my choice and you made yours. You were rewarded with a beautiful wife and three lovely children. Don’t you dare regret that!” He whimpered softly when Elrond’s now sated member slid out of his body, leaving him feeling disconnected. “And I was rewarded in the end as well. Let us thank Manwe for allowing us to express our love.”

Elrond tightly wrapped his arms around his twin, pulling him close. He relished the feel of Elros’ head, as it came to rest on his shoulder again, and he soothingly rubbed large circles onto his twin’s back. “Do you think this is why you were sent back?”

“Maybe,” mumbled Elros against his twin’s shoulder. “Maybe we will find out in Valinor, maybe we won’t. Is finding out that important to you?”

“I do think Manwe allowed you to return because of our love.” Elrond fingered locks of his twin’s slightly damp hair, savoring their bodily contact. “I always loved you, Elros, and I always will.”

Elros smiled, rubbing his cheek against Elrond’s shoulder. “Thank you for allowing for this to happen, gwenneth.”

Tucking Elros’ head beneath his chin, Elrond held on, slowly rocking his twin. They had both received a second chance.


The End.

November 2003

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