Second Chances

Part 9

By Morgana


Erestor sighed, realizing he should have known better than to agree to Elladan’s plan. When they arrived on the balcony, Elros and Elrond were already there, sitting close to one another on a comfortable bench. “We are interrupting, pen-neth.”

But Elrond had overheard Erestor’s remark and waved it aside. “Nonsense! There is enough space for one more! Elladan, pull up that chair for Erestor to sit on.” He was delighted at seeing Erestor here – and recovering. However, he did wonder why Elladan was avoiding his gaze.

Elros tugged at his sleeve and Elrond immediately concentrated on his recovering twin. “Is something wrong, gweniaur?”

“Why don’t you invite Elladan to stay as well? I have the feeling that something is on his mind.” Elros, always observant – even when wounded – had quickly realized something was troubling the younger half-Elf.

Elladan gave Elros a startled look, but nodded once, indicating he had heard. After gently putting Erestor down on the comfortable chair to Elrond’s right, he pulled up another and sat down opposite the elder twins. Although he had seen his father and Elros sit this close before, his senses now picked up on the new, even more intense bond between the elder half-Elves. Lowering his gaze, it locked on their hands, which were tightly clasped. Any doubts he might have now vanished. It was obvious the elder twins were attracted to each other ‘in that way’ and he recalled Erestor’s advice and took it to heart. He would find a way to accept this.

“Elladan, I must confess I am eager to spend more time with you so I can get to know you – and your siblings,” admitted Elros calmly. “Maybe you would like to keep us company for the rest of the day?”

“I wish I could accept your offer,” said Elladan honestly, “But now that my father is attending to you, they need me in the Healing House. However, I would be more than happy to join you for dinner.” He meant every word he had just said. After talking to Erestor, he had managed to get his priorities straight and his most important one was to make sure his father was happy again.

Elladan’s expression changed, and the friendly look instantly reassured Elros, who had been worried. Elros let go of his worries, becoming increasingly confident that he had found his place here – at Elrond’s side.

Erestor had watched the scene in silence and now exchanged a knowing look with Elrond. A pleased smile surfaced on the half-Elf’s face, and he returned it. Everything was right for once.


Glorfindel’s eyes never left Erestor’s body, as he lowered the dark-haired Elf into the pool, which had been filled with warm water and sweetly scented oils. He had spent a hard day on the road, trying to make up for yesterday’s slip. He had also located the sentry responsible for letting the Warg cross their borders and he had reminded him how important it was that they remained alert.

Upon his return to Erestor’s rooms, he had found Lindir keeping the dark-haired advisor company, but the white-haired Elf had quickly excused himself, seeing he had returned. They had talked for some time, Glorfindel updating Erestor on today’s events and in the end, he had felt tired to the bone. Dust and dirt had found its way into his hair and clothing, and he had desperately wanted to take a hot bath. When he had suggested he retire to his room to take that bath, Erestor had shyly suggested they could take one together, completely taking him aback and simultaneously delighting him.

And here they were, letting the warm water caress their bodies. After washing off the grime of his face and wetting his mane in the water, he looked at Erestor, realizing old sweat clung to the other Elf’s face and body. The usually shiny hair seemed a bit dull.

“Let me wash your hair, love?” Glorfindel looked in amazement at Erestor’s slow and sensual movements as the dark-haired Elf rested his back against the side of the pool. Why had he never noticed the exquisite beauty to those sharp features or the luxurious feel of the long dark hair that now slipped through his fingers? The look that Erestor gave him was a bit shy, but the dark-haired Elf’s body sent out a completely different message, and for one moment he wondered if Erestor had had male lovers before. He should ask, so he knew how experienced – or inexperienced – his new lover was, but this wasn’t the time or the place for that.

Erestor nodded his head once and then turned away from him, offering him a splendid view of his long back and narrow hips disappearing beneath the water. Glorfindel reached for the soap and worked up lather, thoughtfully spreading the soft crème through the raven tresses. “My, this feels soft, like spun gold.”

“My hair is black,” said Erestor, slightly amused at hearing the awe in Glorfindel’s voice.

“Yes, it is as dark as the night, but it feels incredible, running my fingers through it.” The look that Erestor gave him from over his shoulder was filled with liquid lust and desire, and he moaned softly, overcome by the need to feel Erestor close – to know the raven-haired beauty was his. How could he ever have rejected him in the past? “Erestor?” Reaching out for his new lover, he carefully turned him around and then pulled him closer until the dark-haired Elf was straddling his hips. “I never realized before how much sex you exude, my love. Why have you been hiding this?”

Erestor felt it too. There was magic at work here, heating the blood in his veins until he felt on fire. Rubbing his lower body against Glorfindel’s groin, he grew quickly aroused and giving in to his desires, his lips claimed his lover’s in a brutal and bruising kiss.

Glorfindel involuntarily arched his back, thrusting upward. He was hard and ready, but still a distant part of his mind wondered if they weren’t moving too fast. But then one of Erestor’s hands grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him closer. He was powerless to stop himself, as he continued to thrust against Erestor, wishing his beloved would take pity on him. He hadn’t joked when he had remarked that Erestor loved being on top and at that moment he realized how it was going to be between them. Erestor’s passion fueled his own, making him even harder.

He folded one arm around the other’s Elf’s waist and with his hand he aligned their erections. “Do as you want with me.” Erestor’s eyes were alight with dark fire and he thought he even saw golden specks in them. Their actions came natural to them and when Erestor finally began to thrust against him, Glorfindel surrendered.

Acting and not thinking at all, Erestor grabbed a fistful of golden hair, moving instinctively against Glorfindel, eager to bring them both to orgasm. His chocolate brown eyes connected with azure ones and he read the truth in them; Glorfindel was finally his! Releasing a possessive growl, he deepened their kiss, still holding Glorfindel in place, using the hold he had on the blond’s hair. Briefly, he wished Glorfindel was inside him and he would be truly riding his lover, but he also realized they needed more time until they could take that final step.

Approaching climax, Erestor released another passionate growl, licked his lover’s throat in an upward motion and then nipped at the sensitive skin beneath Glorfindel’s ear. He barely managed to keep himself from burying his teeth in the soft skin, but he held back at the last moment, unwilling to cause his lover pain.

Glorfindel suddenly trembled beneath him, and looking at the dilated pupils, he realized the Elda had found release. Eagerly claiming Glorfindel’s lips again, he rubbed himself against his lover, finally reaching orgasm himself.

Glorfindel looked in amazement at this sensual being in his arms. For one moment Erestor resembled a fierce creature, something ancient and primitive, as wild as the wind and yet as loving as a soft summer breeze, caressing the soft petals of a rose. “You are…” Words escaped him and he held on tight when the raven-haired Elf sagged against him.

Maybe they shouldn’t have done this yet. Erestor was still recovering from his injury and needed to rest. Instead they ended up making out in the pool, driving each other out of their minds. /Who could have guessed a red-hot flame burns beneath his ice?/

Panting softly, Erestor looked up at his lover, his head still resting on the blond’s shoulder. “That was…”

Glorfindel chuckled softly. “I never guessed you were this passionate!” Rubbing Erestor’s back, he felt his lover tremble. The glow in those chocolate brown eyes took him aback. Had he ever seen anything this beautiful before? This magical?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Erestor studied Glorfindel’s eyes, but failed to identify the expression in them. His lover suddenly pulled him even closer, and Glorfindel determinedly claimed his lips in another passionate kiss.

Glorfindel had to release him when they both grew breathless. “Because you are beautiful. I was blind not see the real you before.” Ah, he was certain now. “I am madly in love with you.”

Erestor smiled brilliantly and kissed the tip of Glorfindel’s nose. “That is excellent, as I am madly in love with you too.”

/Ah, that is what I am seeing and sensing. Your love. Erestor, why did I waste these last millennia not seeing it?/ It was love that made Erestor radiant in his eyes, surrounding the raven-haired Elf with a soft, golden glow. The love had always been there, he just hadn’t bothered to look. “Will you allow me to propose marriage to you?”

Erestor’s eyes widened. He had expected Glorfindel to say many things, but not that! “Did you really say…” Staring at Glorfindel, the strangest sensation exploded in his stomach. It felt as if butterflies’ wings were tickling his insides. “Did you…”

“’Tis rather obvious where we are headed, isn’t it? Erestor, will you marry me?” Glorfindel ran his hands up Erestor’s long back, holding him tight.

“I…” This was what he had always wanted. To know Glorfindel was his – just his. “Yes, I will marry you!” Erestor enthusiastically nodded his head and gave Glorfindel the most gorgeous smile the blond had ever seen. “I always wanted you and now I finally have you! I never thought this day would ever come!”

“Believe it, love. Please believe it.” Guiding Erestor’s head back onto his shoulder, he held on tight, vowing to never betray Erestor’s trust and to always love him.

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