Raspberries, Lavender and Rara Avis

Chapter 2

By Spheeris1


Another sleepless night. I am getting too tired for it…the running and hiding, the longings inside….Frodo carries the ring and it calls to me.

I try not to listen, I truly do.

But all I have to do is think on Gondor, the lack of faith in my people….and that *ring* whispers to me.

I have found myself in tears.

And having strong feelings for an uninterested elf does not help the evenings pass.

At each stop, I find myself watching him. He is on a tree or perched on a rock, always scanning the surroundings for trouble. He looks beautiful and handsome….how can one being carry so much attractive qualities?

But I am not blind, much to my chagrin.

I think he desires Aragorn. And as much as I do not want it to be, I cannot compete.

Unfortunately, that does not seem to stop me from wanting the elf prince….it only makes it stronger.

Damn it all.


We are nearing Moria, the mines Gimli speaks so highly of. The shield feels quite heavy now….the path we walk is getting darker….Hell, my own path is so clouded…..

Legolas brushes by me, walking just ahead, leaving Aragorn’s side. I study his shoulders, getting a quick image of how his skin would look, his back exposed.

I swallow hard. Need water…..

Legolas looks back at me, as if sensing my watch. I step closer to him.

“Lucky you, snow did not bother you at all.” I say with a grin. He smiles softly.

“Just a small talent.” “You have many…more so than I, a mere swordsman.”

“I would not say mere, son of Gondor.” His smile broadens quickly then he walks ahead of me.

I laugh lightly and catch up to him.

“Was that a compliment elf?”

“Take it as you want.” Legolas smiles and turns back to the path we walk upon.

I stand for a moment. I wish I did not feel happy now….his words, making my insides jump.

“Damn elf…” I murmur with a shake of my head before following the rest.


We all pause, taking a moments rest before the mines. The hobbits are tired, I know it…we all do. You can see it in their faces. I wonder how easily they can read the turmoil in my soul…..I try to hide it.

The cold water goes down my throat, refreshing. Aragorn does not sit, merely watches…not like Legolas though. Just his eyes, darting to and fro.

I watch to see if Legolas watches Aragorn. So pathetic, I know, but I cannot seem to help it.

The elf glances at him sometimes, the look almost worshipful. Aragorn, the king without a throne, object of the elf prince’s adoration.

Then Legolas is looking at me. I am caught off guard by his stare, it’s as if he is trying to figure me out.

I remember his lips upon my cheek, nights ago….if only there was more to come….

“Legolas.” I say with a nod. He smiles and stands beside me, watching the water.

“Sense anything?” I ask. “Not now…but the feeling is there, of unease….” His eyes still on the water. I look out myself, seeing nothing but now feeling unsettled.

“I have an odd feeling about Moria.” Legolas states quietly. “These ‘odd’ feelings, are they like the others you have had, the life-

threatening kind?” I smile, almost not believing my cavalier attitude. Light as a feather’s touch, so brief my mind wants to believe it was a fantasy, his hand is in mine. I race to recapture the feeling, it happened so fast. Soft skin against my own calloused palm, a warm and solid hold.

Is it comfort? Does he sense my worry? I want to know….if there is more for he and I, I want it.

I should have kept his hand there. Instead, Legolas did not look at me.

He just held my hand for an endless second or two, then walked off….as usual.

If I didn’t know better, I would say that the elf prince was a tease. “Boromir, we’re going.” Aragorn’s voice says in passing. I look up and see the elf by Aragorn’s side. I sigh to myself.

It’s all in my head…this attraction is one-sided.

But the heart never listens.


End of Part Two

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