Raspberries, Lavender and Rara Avis

Chapter 1

By Spheeris1


It came as no surprise, when you think of my life thus far. I always chose the difficult path, never the easy. And here I am, by a stream, scooping water into my parched mouth….traveling with odd companions.

And if that was not enough, I desire one of them! I growl into the cool liquid that runs from my palm.

Damn blasted elf….perhaps if he was not *so* good looking or less apt with his bow….I sit down and sigh.

At least it is just lust, I think, trying to make myself feel better. Unless, of course, it turns into something more complicated….

‘Please do not become more complicated’…. I warn my body, cautioning the heart not to get involved in the slightest.

‘Besides, men like I do not fall in love’ I think with a soft laugh.


Alright, I wanted to be closer to him, is that a crime? No! Just stupid, that is all…..

Aragorn moved ahead, only making camp once he felt things were quiet. Always the same with him…

“It is not safe, ever.” He said every night. Makes for poor sleeping I tell you.

Now, if Legolas sleeps, I have never seen him do so. Not that I watch him mind you…at least not all the time.

Legolas’ soft voice comes across the distance, my ears listen intently.

“I think we should move at dawn…Something is not right to the west.” I stepped over to the three of them, kneeling down beside the elf, my eyes darting toward his face in a quick glance. He looks at me and nods friendly, if a nod can be considered friendly at all.

Aragorn agrees with Legolas, despite Gimli’s half-hearted complaints. None of us feel safe, yet we all have different ideas of what will ensure safety.

The elf walks away, to the water I suspect. My eyes linger on his form until shadows claim him.

Here is the stupid part…I follow. The forest makes its’ own noise, alive. My fairly ungraceful walk is drown out.

I see him, crouching by the moving water, his fingertips sliding over the tiny torrent.

“You are awake almost every night, son of Gondor.” Legolas says, not turning to look at me.

It is a bit disconcerting for him to just know that I am behind him without

seeing me. I laugh softly to cover the unease.

“Nice talent, elf. Wish I could see my enemies like that, would keep me alive for a long time.”

Legolas looks over his shoulder, the blonde hair framing his face. I force air into my lungs…Gods, but he is beautiful….A familiar ache rises up within me, a pulse throbbing in my very blood. I cross my arms.

“And you do not sleep either I see.” I say with short grin. He stands up and comes closer to me, his eyes locked with mine. For a moment, I swear, I think perhaps this insane longing for Legolas is going to be returned…

He stands in front of me and smiles, almost in a curious way. I blink.

“What?” I ask, my lips feel dry and my throat raw. His arm reaches out, his hand rests upon my shoulder, his thumb seems to be caressing the cloth. I lick my lips.

Part of me is screaming to do something, *anything*, to release this want inside….He is so close, his lips are right there!

The other part is frozen. What is this elf doing? Does he know what is going on inside of me?

I focus on the water, unable to make a real decision, rooted to the ground. A gentle breeze picks up, moving strands of the elf’s hair, into his wonderful face.

I must be mad. I reach out and move them away.

The smile slips off the elf’s face, replaced by a look I cannot understand. “Boromir….” He says slowly. I can’t help but smile slightly, it was the first time he has said my name. It sounds so good from his mouth.

Legolas leans forward and brushes his lips upon my rough cheek, his movements quick and then he is gone.

And here I stand, unable to move.

He kissed me.

What happens now?

He kissed me.

But not a *real* kiss, it could have meant anything!


Hell, what do I do now?


End of Part One

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