Author's Note: Okay folks, this fic is pretty plotless, so keep that in mind. And yeah, it's another fic that happens on the quest to destroy the ring, but you guessed it.... I've left out a lot of details and wish not to hear complaints about it. This fic is focusing on the desire these 3 lovely males hold for one another. I cannot use the excuse of this being my first fic anymore, but please remember I'm still fairly new to this so do be a little gentle with your comments. There is a reason for the rating, so please don't say you weren't warned. And for those who dunno, slash is male/male content, don't like it, don't read, and we'll get along just fine. A huge thank you goes out to Cath Sith who I should just refer to as my editor from now on. She helped me a ton and encouraged me like ya'll wouldn't believe. *hugs* Cath and my respect goes out to you as well.

Disclaimer: Nope, none of these characters are mine.

My Liege, My Love

Chapter 2

By Riley


Legolas' body ached with every step he took. He silently cursed himself time and time again for not meeting the pace he usually set for himself. No matter how hard he tried, he failed miserably to cease the sweat that ran down his pallid face, dismiss the dizziness from his head, ignore the burning sensation in his lungs that now caused him to stop moving altogether. He placed his palms upon his bent knees and tried to catch his breath but all he felt was a fire rising up into his throat and he began to cough violently.

He did his best to remain calm while gasping for air but he had only ever cleared his throat in all the years he breathed. His lungs ached terribly and he never knew such pain could exist within his chest. Legolas steadied himself against his knees and wished the pain away; he knew it was a childish thing to do but he felt like a child for not ever experiencing this before.

This was not something his bow could kill, he realized, as his chest heaved with agony. It was something to not be cured, it would never go away. It saddened his heart further than what it all ready was to know this would not end. The only wish he begged of now was for this sickness to run its course quickly. The Elf was a proud creature and a fierce warrior but this illness would defeat him, that he knew, and he accepted it with his wounded heart.

Aragorn was the furthest ahead, running as fast as his legs could go with Gimli not far behind. It surprised the Ranger how well the Dwarf was keeping up with his long strides but he also knew certain wonders could arise when given the right motivation, and finding Merry and Pippin was certainly a task to trigger such will-power. But the Ranger grew worried over the Elf, for Legolas was having trouble keeping up with Gimli. It was unheard of - an Elf not meeting a Dwarf's speed - and it drove Aragorn crazy wondering what the Elf was hiding from him. Even though his desire to find the Hobbits was grand, he believed he wanted a reasoning for the Elf's sickness more, and he vowed to get some answers when they made camp.

Gimli was weary but he pushed on regardless. He hated the thought of those Hobbits suffering from the hands of such fell creatures as Orcs, but his concern strayed more towards his friend, Legolas. It was unclear to him why the Elf looked so horrid, as far as his mind knew, Elves did not grow ill. Yet Legolas was sick... that much was clear. Gimli would have loved to rub it in the Elf's face at being faster than him but something was terribly wrong for Legolas to be slacking behind as he was and that tugged at the Dwarf's heart.

Gimli had been concentrating on Aragorn's lead and his thoughts were bouncing back from the Hobbits to Legolas so that his mind was not aware of his surroundings. He did not hear the birds chirping, the wind rustling the leaves, the twigs that snapped when he stepped on them, or the heavy pants he was releasing into the air. But he did hear a rather ill sound that made him cease running instantly. He turned round to Legolas and saw the Elf bent over while hacking uncontrollably. Legolas was a great distance behind and he cursed himself for not looking back sooner.

"Aragorn!" Gimli panted while turning back towards the running Man. "Aragorn!"

The Ranger haulted and craned his neck swiftly to see Gimli waving his arms, motioning for him to stop. The Man caught his breath and waited for a reasoning to do so, but he picked up on a sound that resembled Legolas and instantly began wondering where the Elf was. He watched Gimli turn his back on him, running in the direction they had all ready passed. The Man took off in a sprint after the Dwarf without hesitation.

Aragorn could hear Legolas gasping for air within seconds as he passed Gimli with great speed. He rushed over to the Elf's side and placed a hand on his back, patting gently while growing very concerned for his health. "Legolas?"

Legolas shook with each cough and his chest hurt so badly that he feared of passing out, but when the Man placed his hand against his back, he felt his chest loosen up and a small patch of air flew down into his throat. He sucked the air in greedily and all pain ceased.

"What be the matter, master Elf?" Gimli asked while bending down to look him in the eye.

Legolas smiled faintly at his friend's concern and took one more deep breath before answering, "I must have swallowed wrong for I am fine. Let us continue." He straightened his body and felt a wave of dizziness overtake him as his lean figure swayed and fell to the side. He most certainly would have collided with the ground if not for a strong pair of arms catching him. He looked up to see Aragorn's face only inches away from his own and he felt his heart skip a beat from joy and not sorrow. He fought back the urge to stroke the Man's flushed cheek with his hand and to trace his moist lips with his dry ones. "Thanks, my friend." He said strongly while wriggling in the Man's arms to stand back up, but Aragorn kept a firm grip on him and shook his head.

"What ails you, Legolas? You are ill."

Legolas stiffened at first from the Man voicing his concern but relaxed when Aragorn's breath sailed into his nostrils. He inhaled deeply and imagined for a moment how it'd truly feel to be in this Man's arms from love and not friendship.


That word burned him yet as he repeated it in his mind, he shuddered, for a rush of coldness flooded his body, chilling him to the bone. He was not one to be affected by temperature yet he felt it as much as he felt Aragorn's arms wrapped around him.

Aragorn felt the Elf shivering and held him steady with one arm while placing his palm to Legolas' forehead. "You are ill, Legolas. Your head is warm yet your body shivers... why is that?"

"Aye, what is it, Elf?" Gimli asked, his worry getting the best of him.

"I am just weary." Legolas lied, trying to release himself from Aragorn. "Please, let us continue... the Hobbits need us -"

"And you need rest!" Aragorn snapped, losing his patience.

"Than leave me behind and go on. Merry and Pippin shall not suffer from my weariness."

"Nay," Aragorn replied, "the sun is setting and we need to set camp. I am not losing another comrade, Legolas. You shall rest and find your strength."

"Rest shall not help me," Legolas mumbled.

Gimli opened his mouth to go back at the Elf but Aragorn cut him off. "Gimli, would you see to getting a fire started?"

Gimli nodded his head and turned to do as he was told but shot the Elf a worried look before leaving.

"I am fine to stand now, Aragorn." Legolas stated once the Dwarf had gone.

Aragorn sighed and lifted the Elf to his feet and let go; watching him intently. He saw Legolas sway slightly and press his hand to his temple but he straightened his back and stood on his own.

"You are more than weary, Legolas." The Ranger said harshly. "Do you think me a fool? You should know better than anyone else how wise I am of Elves. I know you cannot grow ill."

"But yet I am." Legolas said sadly.

"You admit it!" Aragorn said triumphantly. "You lied to me, Legolas, and I wish to know why. I only want to help you... it pains me to see you suffer like this. What has happened?"

"My dear Ranger," Legolas said softly while placing a hand on his broad shoulder, "I am beyond your help. Nothing shall cure me."

Aragorn could see the seriousness in the Elf's eyes and he refused to listen to such words. He shook his head negatively and sighed. "I know you were not hurt in battle, Legolas, so that only leaves one explanation and I shall not let you fall because of it. I shall not watch you die of a broken heart."

"Then cast your eyes elsewhere, Aragorn." The Elf replied strongly. "I will not live through this. My heart cannot take it."

"Who?" Aragorn whispered. "Who refuses your love, Legolas?"

"Someone who loves another," the Elf replied sadly.

"This person cannot be worth dying over." Aragorn said sharply. "You cannot succumb to this, Legolas. We need you on this journey, do you not wish to help us find the Hobbits?"

"Aye, I wish to do so." Legolas replied. "But I cannot control my heart."

"But we need you!" Aragorn hollered. "Even when this all ends, we shall need you."

Legolas laughed. "Gimli shall return to his people afterwards and you have your Lady Arwen."

After the Elf spoke of Aragorn and Arwen within the same sentence, he felt his head pound madly once again. His vision began to blur and the pain that had diminished within his chest returned strongly. Legolas clenched his teeth and groaned loudly from such agony.

"Legolas? What is it?" Aragorn asked with concern.

Legolas' eyes met with the Ranger's briefly before darkness overtook his body. His body failed at holding him up and he began to fall.

Aragorn reacted quickly and caught him once more and held him tightly within his arms. He could see Legolas was unconscious and he stroked his warm skin with a rough hand. He brought the Elf to his chest and whispered into his ear, "do not leave me, Legolas, or else I shall suffer the same fate."

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