Author's Note: Okay folks, this fic is pretty plotless, so keep that in mind. And yeah, it's another fic that happens on the quest to destroy the ring, but you guessed it.... I've left out a lot of details and wish not to hear complaints about it. This fic is focusing on the desire these 3 lovely males hold for one another. I cannot use the excuse of this being my first fic anymore, but please remember I'm still fairly new to this so do be a little gentle with your comments. There is a reason for the rating, so please don't say you weren't warned. And for those who dunno, slash is male/male content, don't like it, don't read, and we'll get along just fine. A huge thank you goes out to Cath Sith who I should just refer to as my editor from now on. She helped me a ton and encouraged me like ya'll wouldn't believe. *hugs* Cath and my respect goes out to you as well.

Disclaimer: Nope, none of these characters are mine.

My Liege, My Love

Chapter 1

By Riley


Legolas felt something sliding down his flushed face, he brought his hand up for exploration and grew confused when he felt a damp mass against his slender fingers. He examined the clear liquid closely and sniffed it with curiosity. It was a salted moisture, he concluded, one that he often detected from his comrades. 'Sweat? I do not sweat!' He thought frantically but his thoughts came to an end when a voice startled him.

"Master Elf! Your back!"

Legolas shook his head and turned round nearly forgetting that he was in battle. He reminded himself to thank Gimli later for he would have been deprived of his head from the Orc who now lay lifeless on the ground; the Elf's dagger embedded in its throat.

As the Prince released an arrow from his bow he felt more beads of sweat trickle down his brow and into his eyes. He blinked furiously; this was not something he was used to. The arrow he sent missed its target, sinking into an Orc's arm instead of its throat. Legolas sighed but quickly drew another arrow and smirked when it pierced the flesh he originally intended on.

The Orcs became scarce as the battle continued even though they faced only three opponents; A Man; A Dwarf; and an Elf. But this trio of warriors were of the best and it wasn't long until the fell creatures all lay on the ground motionless.

Legolas sighed with relief and brought a hand to his face once again to wipe the accumulated sweat from his brow. He was hot and... tired? He never grew weary from battling Orcs, especially when their number was of few, but yet he was weary... and his eyes grew cloudy. What was wrong? Had he been wounded without realizing? He faintly rubbed his hands against his body searching for an injury but found no pain.

"Are you well?"

The Elf shut his eyes briefly, reopening them to see Gimli staring at him with concern. "Aye," Legolas mumbled. "Just... thinking."

"You Elves sure do have a funny way of thinking." Gimli grumbled. "You look like you're going to fall over."

Legolas ignored the Dwarf's comment and tried to clear his head. His eyes could not focus well and he grew confused as to what was wrong, but because of his stubborness, he dare not lead on. "I owe you my thanks, Gimli." Legolas said softly. "Your warning was most appreciated earlier."

"Aye, 'tis good I am so alert while battling strength," he replied with a grin. "Dwarves have a better stance when engaged in battle than Elves."

Legolas merely nodded his head and walked away to retrieve the arrows that lay within the enemy. Gimli, however, watched with wide-eyes and let his mouth drop towards the ground. Legolas had not responded to his teasing... the Elf *always* had a sly response, yet he just brushed him off as if nothing was said. He knew he had not offended Legolas for this was their way of communicating. Gimli grew worried... he instantly chuckled, never did he think of himself being concerned over an Elf... but he was and he only hoped it to be of little importance.

The Fellowship had endured so much all ready, what was next? Who was next? 'Not Legolas,' The Dwarf thought to himself. 'He is fine. It is just I who am weary from this journey. All will be well' And it was with that thought that Gimli raised his ax to his shoulder and walked away to leave the Elf alone. He knew Legolas liked his solitude and if he needed to collect his own thoughts, than so be it, for Gimli wished not to dwell upon the fact of Legolas not being himself.

Legolas bent down to grasp an arrow from an Orc's neck when he felt himself become dizzy. He fell to his knees with a small cry and clutched his temples. A harsh throbbing echoed madly between his pointed ears in rhythm of his heart. The sounds of the forest he had been able to detect now vanished; replaced by the booming in his head. It was the only thing he could hear until something stronger came sailing into his eardrum.

"Legolas? Legolas... can you hear me?"

It was a voice the Elf adored; yearned to hear each day. It soothed him like nothing else and he felt the monstrous booming begin to dwindle.

"Legolas... look at me."

The voice was gentle yet it was released with an authoritive tone. Could the owner of such a relaxing voice be worried about him? Nay, it couldn't be that...


Slowly, the Elf lifted his head and opened his eyes; the cloudiness had ceased and his vision was restored to see a beautiful pair of grey eyes before him. He felt his heart dance within his chest from the compassion they held. "Aragorn?"

"Aye, 'tis me." The Ranger replied uneasily. He had seen Legolas fall and grew worried from the Elf taking so long to respond to him. "What ails you, my friend?"

Legolas cringed and felt his head begin to spin again. 'My friend' had been the cause for such misery. Was that all he would ever be? Just his friend? The Elf could not take the pain as he muffled another cry and held his head in his hands.

Aragorn's concern increased greatly. He placed his hand on the Elf's shoulder and bent down next to him. "Legolas, do tell what is wrong. I want to help you."

Legolas felt Aragorn's touch and the dizziness disappeared. He could feel the warmth of the Man's hand through his clothing and he yearned to feel it upon his skin.

"Are you wounded?" Aragorn asked.

'Only my heart bleeds' Legolas mused before lifting his head once more. "Nay, I am just weary from battle."

Aragorn scowled. "You lie, son of Thranduil. Do not try and fool me. Now tell me, what is wrong?"

Legolas shakily stood to his feet without the assistance of Aragorn who rose as well. The Ranger gave him a glare stating he wanted a truthful answer to which Legolas sighed and wiped the sweat that still raced down his face. "I am fine, Aragorn."

"What are you hiding?" Aragorn asked as he approached the Elf. He could see the sweat upon the Elf's face and took notice of his flushed skin. Without asking, he placed the palm of his hand to Legolas' forehead and shook his head disapprovingly. "You have a fever. How is that so? Your kind does not get ill."

"A fever?" Legolas thought aloud. So that was the reason for the sweat but Aragorn was right, Elves did not get ill, except.... "Perhaps your hands are warm." Legolas snapped.

"Perhaps you should let me look you over." Aragorn shot back.

"We do not have time." Legolas said sharply. "We are wasting our use of the sun. She will not be with us much longer today, let us make use of her while we can. Merry and Pippin need to be found soon, Aragorn."

Aragorn did not want to agree with Legolas, but the Elf was right. They had to continue forward relentlessly right now and Legolas was looking better than when he first found him, but he was troubled as to why Legolas was sick....

"All right." Aragorn said with hesitance distinctly in his voice. "But when we rest later, you shall let me look you over."

Legolas opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by the Ranger. "And that's not a request, Legolas. 'Tis an order!"

Legolas watched Aragorn turn his back on him and storm away. The Elf sighed heavily before he continued to pull his arrows for later use. His head began to ache as the Man walked further away and he could feel his fever rise... but he could not let the Ranger know why he was ill. He would rather die ere he found out.

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