Heart In Chains

Part 41 - The End / Epilogue

By Morgana


“Ada, Ada! Look what Haldir taught me!”

Erestor’s eyebrow arched in warning, which urged Elrond to quickly secure the reports he was working on, putting books, rocks –basically everything he could find on the papers—before his daughter swept into the room, pretending to be fighting some unknown enemy with her wooden sword.

“Ada, Haldir taught me how to attack!” The wooden stick moved about frantically, fortunately missing the stained glass oil lamp and quill, ink and the carafe of miruvor.

“Be careful now!” Erestor smiled, seeing his daughter’s energetic lunge and caught the stick between his hands, quickly removing it from Indlîrien’s hands. “You have to be more careful indoors.”

Indlîrien giggled at him and then unceremoniously sat down on his lap, after picking up an apple from Elrond’s desk, and setting her teeth in it. “He will also teach me how to defend myself! Then I can finally get back at my brothers!”

Elrond smiled at his youngest daughter. Arwen had hoped to make a miniature lady out of her at this tender age, but her attempts had failed. Indlîrien was a free spirit, who loved to roam the woods, swim in the Bruinen and she brought home all kinds of injured animals. She was absolutely a handful. He still remembered his sons coming to him to complain about Indlîrien on one particular occasion. She had sneaked off with their clothes and boots whilst they had been bathing in the Bruinen, causing them to walk back home naked and frustrated. She moved soundlessly and seemed intent on causing problems wherever she went. The twins of course blamed it on their father’s genes.

“Did you study with Master Camfael today, as you promised you would?” asked Erestor, trying to undo the tangles in his daughter’s raven hair. Her mischievous gray eyes suddenly turned worried.

“I tried, but he fell asleep on me.”

“Oh dear, what did you do this time?” Elrond wondered how Arwen and Indlîrien could be so different. Not even the twins had been such a menace!

Indlîrien shrugged once. “I might have dropped a sleeping potion into his tea.” She gave Elrond a stunning smile and her arms went around Erestor’s shoulders, hugging him tight. As far as she was concerned she had the best parents in the world. And Haldir was cute too. She liked the silver-haired Elf a lot. If only Glorfindel would stop being so grumpy when she was around! She was only a small Elfling, only sixteen years old, -- eight in human years -- and she was allowed to act like one!

“You must stop slipping Camfael sleeping potions.” Erestor tried to act stern with his daughter, but the charming smile on her face told him that he had failed. He just couldn’t be angry with her, and she knew it.

Still hugging her father tightly, she placed a big, sloppy kiss on his cheek and then slid off his lap. She now moved toward Elrond, looked up at him and cocking her head. She had learned how to easily wind them around her little finger years ago and usually they let her get away with a lot of mischief. “Elladan offered to take me riding on his horse today… Can I? Please, Ada?” She gave him her warmest smile, whilst her fingers curled around her father’s, squeezing gently. “Please?”

Elrond found himself nodding involuntarily, and before he could tell her to be careful, she was already running out of the room. A bundle of bright, loving energy; that was what she was. She might get into trouble occasionally, /and which Elfling does not?/ but she always made things up to her ‘victims’ with hugs, kind words and smiles.

“Her childhood is so different from mine,” whispered Erestor, the words involuntarily slipping from his lips, remembering Feanor and his sons. “She seems happy here.”

“She *is* happy here,” corrected Elrond gently, knowing how important it was for Erestor to see his daughter this carefree. “Are you happy here too?” Deserting his reports, he rose from behind his desk and walked over to Erestor. Straddling his lover’s hips, he purred, rubbing his groin against Erestor’s.

“Oh, you know I am happy here because you make sure I am,” said Erestor teasingly, placing his hands on Elrond’s hips. Smiling, he rested a hand at the column of his lover’s neck, pulling Elrond close so he could easily claim the half-Elf’s lips in a possessive kiss.

Elrond sighed, surrendering to his lover’s passion. Erestor had come a long way these last sixteen years and had turned out to be quite a passionate and attentive lover, who had long lost his fears when it came to taking the initiative where their lovemaking was concerned. Elrond still remembered those first, awkward nights, when Erestor had gingerly touched him, but he had always kept his promise, letting his lover be in control in the bedroom.

“I want you,” purred Erestor, running his hands down Elrond’s back, wishing the fabric wasn’t separating them.

“’Tis the middle of the day,” teased Elrond, “and we should be working. Thranduil’s letter needs a reply, these reports must be studied, and—“ Erestor’s lips silenced him and he sighed, loving the fact that his lover was taking the initiative. Erestor had taken charge in many ways. Erestor and he worked together on a daily basis, as the elder Elf had become his chief advisor over the years. Once Erestor had gained more confidence and grew used to speaking freely, Elrond had learnt that his lover’s council was wise and constructive. But Erestor also still worked in the Healing House, training the young apprentices alongside Camfael. Erestor had become a vital part of his life. But he loved to see Erestor most in the capacity of his lover and parent to Indlîrien.

At one point they had discussed the possibility of having more children. It had been Erestor who had hesitantly brought it up, but Elrond had been averse to the idea. Erestor had nearly died after giving birth to their daughter and Elrond refused to risk his lover’s life again. It helped that they had found an herbal potion that kept Erestor from conceiving. The first time they had made love after Erestor had drunk it, they had both been unable to relax and enjoy their lovemaking and for the next few weeks they had been edgy. When it became apparent that Erestor had not conceived, they had felt relieved.

Looking at his lover now, Elrond was reminded of the first time that Erestor had offered himself to him. Erestor had shaken like a leaf, but he had been determined to do this and Elrond had eventually given in. He had made sweet love to Erestor, slowly and patiently, taking his lover on his side to prevent any tearing, as he couldn’t thrust as deep in that position. And once Erestor had found release, screaming his lover’s name, the dark-haired Elf had done away with his fears. “In what way do you want me?” asked Elrond, licking his lips and rubbing his lower body against Erestor’s arousal, which was apparent through the fabric of the leggings his lover wore today. The shirt, loosely laced, revealed parts of his shoulder and chest, and Elrond nearly drooled at the sight of it, wanting to run his hands all over his lover’s body.

“I want you to take me…” Erestor caressed his lover’s face. “I want to feel you inside me. It took me a while to enjoy that sensation, but now I want it more than anything else. I want our bodies to be one.”

“Not here,” panted Elrond softly. “The bed is more comfortable.”

“So we *are* going to desert our work?” Erestor grinned wickedly.

“Oh, I know exactly whom our daughter gets her mischievous streak from,” teased Elrond, brushing his lover’s brow with his fingertips.

“Do not try to blame this on me,” teased Erestor, enjoying the caresses his lover bestowed onto his skin. “You had a very large part in getting me pregnant.”

“Oh, I know,” moaned Elrond, hungrily attacking Erestor’s lips. Even after all these years he still couldn’t get enough of his lover. Reluctantly, he let go of Erestor’s lips and got to his feet again, pulling his lover along. “To the bedroom, then.”

Erestor smiled, following eagerly.


Indlîrien frowned deeply, finding Haldir and Glorfindel – her Haldir! – kissing! She bit her bottom lip, keeping herself from kicking Glorfindel’s shin, as she had promised herself to behave for her parents’ sake. Pouting, she left the corridor and headed for her parents’ chambers. She had been given a room of her own two years ago, when she had complained about having to live in a nursery. Her rooms were next to her parents’ and had a connecting door, which she now used to enter.

Giggles, groans and a loud purring echoed through the room and intrigued, she tracked down its source. She wished she still had her sword -- well, wooden stick really -- to attack any fierce creatures that might be hiding in her parents’ bed. But she was more than willing to face Orcs, or Balrogs, barehanded. Glorfindel had once joked that even a Balrog was no match for her. The poor demon would probably run for his life upon seeing her sway her wooden sword at him. And now there were things moving about in her fathers’ bed. She could see some movement beneath the sheets and dark hair was sticking out. Deciding she had to tackle this danger now, she climbed onto the bed and punched the wriggling shape.

“Ai!” Erestor’s eyes widened. He had felt that blow, delivered to his kidneys! Quickly, he pulled down the sheet to see who had dared to invade their rooms. Shocked, he stared into Indlîrien’s gray, wondering eyes. “Oh, my.” This was bad. He was riding Elrond, the half-Elf’s hard flesh still rubbing against his pleasure gland and he was about to come hard. But now Indlîrien was staring at him, eyebrows arched in a way usually only Elrond could pull off. Unexpectedly, Elrond raised his hips, thrusting into him. Erestor bit his bottom lip as ecstasy swept through him. His lover’s fingers, wrapped around his member, were covered in his cream. “Aiya, Indlîrien… what are you doing here?”

Elrond, still hidden by the sheet, froze in his movements, but it was too late. Erestor’s inner muscle, contracting around his member, pushed him toward orgasm and he bit his bottom lip, trying hard not to call out his lover’s name. /Yes, in Elbereth’s name, what *is* she doing here?/

“Ada? What are you doing? And why are you looking at me in *that* way?” Erestor only looked at her like that when she was in really big trouble. But she hadn’t done anything wicked today – except putting Camfael to sleep! But the silver-haired Elf had needed the rest! He had looked so tired! So, in her opinion, she had done him a favor!

Erestor desperately tried to compose himself, but it was hard, sensing Elrond had come inside him. When they had first made love with him on the receiving end, Erestor had been stunned to learn how much pleasure could be found in the act and he always savored the feeling of Elrond finding release inside him. But now he couldn’t give in to the sensation, not when Indlîrien was staring at him and…”No, do not do that!”

She had grown tired of his silly grin and had lifted the sheet, breaking out in a huge grin, finding Elrond beneath Erestor. “Ada!” Lying down on the bed, she cuddled up to him. As long as she could remember they had taken baths together and seeing them without clothes didn’t bother her in the least. “What are Ada and you doing? Can I play too?”

Elrond released a groan. “No, you cannot play this game with us, little one. When the time comes you will find someone to play it with, but not yet.” Elrond grabbed the sheet and covered himself, signaling for Erestor to move as well. Slipping out of his lover’s body, he quickly covered himself up.

Erestor had grabbed a morning robe, lying on the foot end of the bed and wrapped the fabric around him. He couldn’t help but grin, seeing his daughter’s expression. She was clearly puzzled by their behavior and they should expect questions for the next few days. “Move over, love.”

Elrond made room for his beloved, who now spooned up behind him. Opening his arms, he invited Indlîrien to move into them, which she promptly did. She tried to reach for Erestor as well with her tiny arms. They had to either be more careful, or tell Indlîrien about the birds and the bees, but he felt she was still a bit too young for that. /We will have to be more careful in the future./

Looking at Elrond, Indlîrien was reminded of catching the two blond Elves kiss. “Haldir and Glorfindel were kissing,” she said smugly, entrusting her big secret to them.

“They were?” Elrond sighed. It was a miracle Indlîrien hadn’t caught anyone in the act before.

“They love each other, don’t they?” Indlîrien felt a little sad at that, wishing Glorfindel wouldn’t kiss Haldir at all.

“Yes, they do,” replied Erestor, knowing Elrond wasn’t good at dealing with these delicate matters. “They are married, just like your father and I are.”

Indlîrien’s eyes widened. “Why don’t they have children, then?”

Erestor sighed. He should have known that question would follow. “I told you before, not every male Elf can have babies.”

“But you can!” exclaimed Indlîrien victoriously. “You had me!” Erestor had shown her the scar, so she would know how she had been born. In spite of her tender age, she had sensed old pain in his words and expression, but had not commented on it. Seeing a hint of that pain in his chocolate brown eyes now, she reacted the only way she knew how. Leaving Elrond’s embrace, she climbed over the half-Elf, and wriggled in between them, finding a new nest in Erestor’s arms.

Elrond sighed, realizing Indlîrien was determined to stay, and rolled onto his other side so he was face to face with his lover. Indlîrien’s back was now toward him, as his daughter was staring at Erestor.

“Are you going to make a brother or sister for me?” Indlîrien looked expectantly at Erestor.

“I told you before that we are not,” replied Elrond in Erestor’s place. “And you already have Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen as siblings.”

Indlîrien, disappointed at being denied, gave Erestor a weak smile. “Maybe Haldir and Glorfindel can try harder?” Her next question took both adults aback. “And just how *exactly* are babies made? You never told me!”

Elrond cleared his throat. “We will cover that topic later, when you are older.”

Erestor gave Elrond a pleading look. /What do we do now?/ They had to distract her or she might decide to start questioning them on their activities beneath the sheets upon her arrival.

“Maybe Arwen will provide you with a play mate in time?” suggested Elrond.

“Arwen can have babies too?” Interested in this development, Indlîrien rolled onto her back so she could also look at Elrond. “Ada, I want a younger sister! No more brothers. They are annoying!”

“But did you not tell me that Elladan will teach you how to ride a horse?” Elrond smiled, seeing her eyes sparkle. She had always been fond of horses, especially Asfaloth and Tirith.

“Yes, he did.” Indlîrien, tired after running about all day long, looked at her fathers. It was always so hard to decide whom she wanted to snuggle up to the most. This time, it was Erestor. Wrapping her tiny arms around him, she rested her head against his chest. “Sleepy now…” she whispered, quickly falling asleep.

“Thank the Valar for that!” groaned Elrond.

Erestor laughed softly at hearing his lover’s comment. “She is your daughter too! Always remember that!”

Elrond gave Erestor a thoughtful smile. “My other children are rather well-behaved. She is this wicked because she takes after you!”

“I am not wicked!”

“Oh, but you are…” Elrond traced the outline of his lover’s lips with his fingertips. “You were definitely wicked when you took yourself and then rode me like a wild stallion you needed to tame.”

Years ago that comment would have rendered Erestor speechless and made him blush, but now he laughed warmly. “Love, it was you who broke me in, gained my trust and tamed me sixteen years ago.”

“Aye, I did.” Careful not to wake their daughter, Elrond leaned in closer to kiss his lover. “And I am eternally grateful you allowed yourself to trust me – to love me.” He was happy – no, *they* were happy.

Their hearts were wrapped in chains of their own making, chains of love and devotion. Exactly the way they were supposed to be.

The End

November 2003

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