Heart In Chains

Part 40

By Morgana


Erestor managed to be calm and controlled for Elrond’s sake when Celeborn placed the remains inside the tomb for a second time, but seeing the scene brought back unsettling memories. He had wrapped one arm tightly around Elrond’s waist, to give support and to receive it in turn, and when the ceremony came to an end, he found himself eager to return to their rooms. He desperately wanted to rock Indlîrien in his arms.

Sensing Erestor’s need to be reunited with their daughter, Elrond excused them and guided his lover back to the Last Homely House. Although the half-Elf seemed composed, Elrond wanted nothing more than to march back to Lothlorien and extract revenge on Galadriel for keeping him in the dark about his sons.

“You will have to let go of your anger in the end,” offered Erestor softly, making eye contact with Elrond. “Or it will consume you.”

“And you know this because…?”

“I let my grief consume me for three thousand years.” Erestor gingerly rubbed Elrond’s back through the fabric of the robes. Elrond had told him that he wanted to be touched, but to actually take that step and show some initiative was hard for him. “We need to live in the present and to look toward the future.”

“Again you offer me wise words,” said Elrond thoughtfully. “But you have had millennia to deal with the loss. I am still trying to understand Galadriel’s betrayal.”

Erestor opened the door to their quarters, remaining quiet, pondering Elrond’s words. After thanking Lindir for looking after Indlîrien, he gathered her in his arms and held her close. “Sit down in the rocking chair, Elrond… Please.” He was surprised to realize he had just given the half-Elf an order.

Elrond questioningly arched an eyebrow, but did as he was told. “Why?” His question was answered when Erestor placed their daughter in his arms.

“Sometimes we need to be reminded of the things we *do* have.” Erestor watched them, realizing how right this felt and knelt on the floor beside the rocking chair. After placing his hands on Elrond’s knees, he looked deeply into his lover’s eyes. “You have Indlîrien now.”

“And I have you.” Holding his daughter with one hand, he used the other to stroke Erestor’s hair.

“And you have me,” confirmed Erestor with a smile. Concentrating on their bond, he sent a small amount of his healing energy into Elrond’s fëa, strengthening him, hoping it encouraged the half-Elf to live in the here and now. “Do not ponder the past when the present has so much to offer.”

Elrond was deeply touched by Erestor’s words and caressed his lover’s face. “I thank the Valar that I found out about you and our daughter.”

Erestor’s face was alight with happiness and his skin glowed softly. “I love you too, Elrond Half-Elven.”


Orophin shifted constantly on his chair, wondering why he felt this… odd. He couldn’t label the sensation, but he definitely felt different and it had started after Celeborn had made love to him.

“Orophin? Can you even hear me?” Rumil waved a hand in front of his brother’s face, trying to catch Orophin’s attention. “Hello?”

Orophin sighed and turned away from his annoying brother. “Leave me alone.”

“Not when you are clearly upset.” Rumil pulled up a chair and sat down opposite Orophin. “Does it have anything to do with the fact that you spent last night in Celeborn’s arms?”

“What?” Startled, Orophin searched Rumil’s eyes. They had been discrete! Rumil couldn’t possible know they had made love!

“You did not sleep here last night, so where could you have been? My guess is in Celeborn’s arms.” Rumil sighed, gathering his brother’s hands in his. “Why did you not listen to me? I told you to keep your distance.”

“I couldn’t. I… I…” Orophin lowered his eyes, gathering his courage. “I felt on fire and I needed him… and he felt the same way.”

Rumil cupped his brother’s cheek in his palm and lifted the handsome face. “Did you discuss this matter before the two of you… made love?”

“We did. And he wants us to be together. One could consider us married…”

“But?” Rumil knew his brother well enough to know Orophin was still keeping something from him.

“But he won’t bind us! I offered…” Orophin pleadingly looked at his brother, hoping Rumil understood. “You know that I have always loved him from afar and now…”

“Go, talk to him,” said Rumil, pulling his brother to his feet. “Tell him what bothers you.”

“I am not sure I can.” But Rumil didn’t listen and before Orophin knew it, his brother was dragging him into and then down the corridor to where Celeborn’s quarters were located.

“I advised you against taking this step in the first place, but now that you have, you have to follow through.” Rumil came to a halt in front of the door to Celeborn’s rooms, knocking once. “Tell him!” When Celeborn called out ‘enter’, Rumil opened the door and pushed his brother inside.

Orophin stood frozen, hearing Rumil close the door behind him. Shuffling his feet, his gaze apprehensively sought out Celeborn’s, finding the elder Elf leafing through some papers.

“Ah, back so soon, lirimaer?” Delighted to see his lover, Celeborn rose from behind his desk and headed for the younger Elf. After folding one arm around Orophin’s waist, he possessively pulled him close and claimed the soft lips. This time, however, Orophin’s response was a bit… lacking. “Something is troubling you.”

“Yes, there is... something.” Orophin trembled in the strong arms. Finally making eye contact, it was hard for him to reconcile this stronger, more handsome version with that of the sullen Lord he had known his entire life. There was such strength in Celeborn that he wondered how he could expect the elder Elf to be his for eternity. Surely Celeborn would turn a lot of heads and find someone more worthy of his attention. “Why won’t you allow us to be bound to one another? I want that.”

Celeborn sighed deeply. There was no way to keep this a secret, then. “Orophin? There is something you need to know.” He guided the younger Elf to the bed, where they sat down. After placing a hand at the column of Orophin’s neck, he soothingly rubbed the skin. “When we made love, something went wrong.”

Orophin tensed, stricken. “Wrong? What went wrong? By the Valar, can we fix it?”

“I am afraid not. It happened involuntarily. I had no hand in it.” Swallowing hard, Celeborn hoped his younger lover would understand. “We were bound to each other during our love making. I never intended for it to happen, but—“ His voice trailed off, seeing the brilliant smile on Orophin’s lips.

“You scared me!” Orophin threw a punch at Celeborn’s chest, glaring at the elder Elf. “You made me think something terrible had happened!” He continued to pound Celeborn’s chest, infuriated that the elder Elf thought this was a bad thing. “That is exactly what I wanted!”

Celeborn caught Orophin’s wrists, stopping him from pummeling him further. “But it is still too early, lirimaer.”

“I want it that way!” Orophin, braving Celeborn’s wavering eyes, stood his ground. “I want us to be bound to each other.”

Celeborn relented. “I cannot undo the bond at any rate.”

“But you severed the link with Galadriel.” Orophin had freed a hand and stroked Celeborn’s skin, rubbing his thumb along the strong jaw line.

“That was different as she had never bonded with me.”

Orophin’s eyes sparkled with pleasure. “So there was some subconscious approval on your part when the bond was formed?”

“You always told me you wanted this bond, so when it was formed, I suppose it happened automatically.” Celeborn was relieved now that Orophin knew the truth.

“I also have the suspicion the others already know about us. Maybe not Erestor and Elrond, but my brothers do. Rumil actually dragged me here to tell you that I was upset because you would not bind us.”

“So the others know?” An impish grin appeared on Celeborn’s face. “Good, for that means I can kiss you in public.”

“Like anything could stop you from kissing me in public,” teased Orophin, confident Celeborn loved him.

“No one could ever stop me,” whispered Celeborn, claiming his lover’s lips. He had waited much too long to severe his connection with Galadriel and was determined to savor each moment spent with Orophin.


“She won’t stop crying!” Nervous, now that he couldn’t calm his daughter down, Erestor looked pleadingly at Elrond. “I already fed her and she should be tired, but she won’t stop crying!” He rocked her slowly, pacing the nursery.

Erestor’s stressed tone had alerted Elrond that his lover needed help and he told Erestor to hand Indlîrien to him. Once she was safely tucked in his arms, he offered her a fingertip to suckle on. Within seconds, the cries faded away.

Staring at Elrond in wonder, Erestor released a relieved sigh. “Thank you.”

“Elladan used to cry like this for hours, until I let him suckle on my finger. That worked miracles.” Elrond walked over to the rocking chair and sat down. “Would you let the servants in so they can serve dinner? I am growing hungry.”

Erestor nodded once and answered the door. Whilst dinner was being placed on the table, he briefly disappeared into the bathroom. He splashed some cold water onto his face, telling himself to remain calm. It was normal that Indlîrien cried at times; he had to get used to that. He was thankful that Elrond had taken over and was now rocking their daughter.

/Elrond…/ His feelings for the half-Elf were still deepening and he found he craved Elrond’s touch. But at the same time he was still afraid that there would be pain and blood and that he would conceive again.

“Erestor?” Elrond had placed their daughter back into the cradle after rocking her to sleep and had felt the need to check on his lover. Seeing the expression on Erestor’s face, he knew his lover was troubled. “There will be countless sleepless nights,” he said honestly, “But I do have some experience when it comes to raising children. You do not have to do this alone.”

“Thank you,” whispered Erestor, slightly shaken. “I never thought I would ever be raising a child, not after losing the twins.”

“You will do splendidly,” said Elrond, trying to reassure Erestor. “But now we need to eat dinner.” He guided his lover back to the table, where they sat down opposite each other. “Eat.”

Erestor’s stomach promptly growled and he began to eat his soup. “I have been thinking…” he started in a wavering tone.

“About what?” Elrond smiled reassuringly.

“About us… making love… you to me…” Erestor blushed, lowered his eyes and traced circles on the plate with his spoon.

“Erestor…” Hadn’t they already discussed this?

“No, I…I want to take that step, ‘tis just… I am not ready yet to become pregnant again.” He still avoided looking into Elrond’s eyes, not wanting to see the disappointment in them. “And we cannot be sure any of the healing plants that normally prevent pregnancy in she-Elves will also work on me.”

“Erestor,” said Elrond, placing his hand on his lover’s. “I already told you that I do not want to endanger your life by you becoming pregnant again.”

“I know that, but…” Erestor trembled slightly, “’Tis not fair to make you suffer for my problem. I know you were hard when… when we kissed last night and…”

Elrond rose from his chair, covered the distance between them and went down on one knee in front of Erestor, whose big eyes stared wonderingly at him. “I also told you we could reverse roles.”

“I could not… do *that* to you,” mumbled Erestor, taken aback. He simply couldn’t picture Elrond allowing that, allowing himself to be that vulnerable. Tenderly, Elrond cupped his face in his gentle hands, redirecting his gaze so he had to look into the cloudy, gray eyes. “That does not seem right. After all, you are—“

“What? The one who claimed you three times? Yes, I did that, and rather poorly I might add.” Elrond wished he could find a way to convince Erestor that he really wanted this, but would words be enough? “My love, by claiming me in turn you would complete the circle. Don’t you see that?”

“But why would you want to submit to me?” Erestor felt confused.

Elrond shook his head. “Galadriel was wrong to tell you that you had to submit to me. Making love is not about submission, or pain. ‘Tis about love and making the other happy. I do think you would understand if you were to give this a chance. You have a kind and giving nature, Erestor. You would see the difference if you were to make love to me.”

“I am not sure,” said Erestor, wavering. “I do not think you understand how much pain is involved.” He flashed back to his first time and the pain he had suffered back then suddenly felt very real to him. “You should not have to suffer like that.”

“Aiya, I hurt you so much,” said Elrond, feeling frustrated. “But there does not have to be much pain, Erestor.”

Considering Elrond’s words, Erestor nodded slowly. “There was less pain involved that last time in Lothlorien.”

“I promise you that there will be no pain involved when you claim me. I will see to that. Please give us this chance, Erestor.”

“I do need to overcome these doubts and fears,” said Erestor absentmindedly. “But maybe you should claim me instead? You could pull out before climaxing, making it less likely that I will conceive.”

“There is still a chance you might conceive,” replied Elrond firmly. “And I do not want to take that risk. Not until we know which healing plants are most likely to prevent a pregnancy.”

Erestor realized Elrond was determined not to take any risks where he was concerned and it made him feel special. “You should not worry that much about me.”

“But you are my heart, Erestor. How can I not worry about you?” Hoping he had finally convinced Erestor that he really wanted to reverse their roles in bed, he rose from the floor. But before returning to his chair, he placed a loving kiss on Erestor’s lips. “We do not have to do this tonight, but I would love to feel you inside me some time.” He chuckled softly at finding Erestor’s blush deepening. “You might not want to hear this, but I have been on the receiving end before with Ereinion. So I know how to properly prepare myself when we decide to make love. I will guide you. Do not worry about hurting me, love.”

Erestor briefly averted his eyes. He had never pondered Elrond’s preferences in bed. “You like… being on… the receiving end?”

“Sometimes.” Elrond returned to his seat and picked up his spoon. “There can be much pleasure in being taken that way.”

“You will show me… guide me, then? For I refuse to hurt you.”

“I will guide you,” promised Elrond, cursing his past actions, which had hurt Erestor so deeply. “And we will both enjoy it.”


Erestor had snuggled up to him in bed and Elrond was relishing every moment spent with his lover. They had moved the cradle next to their bed, making it easier for them to keep an eye on their daughter and to feed her when necessary. But the baby was asleep now and wouldn’t wake for a few more hours.

“Everything is the way it is supposed to be,” whispered Elrond soothingly. Erestor had greatly surprised him by suggesting they did not wear their nightshirts, and feeling his lover’s naked body pressed against his, soothed his troubled mind. His fingertips lightly stroked the scar tissue, left behind on Erestor’s abdomen due to his pregnancies. “Thank you for carrying Indlîrien.”

Erestor smiled against Elrond’s chest. “Thank you for accepting her… us.”

“Now sleep…” whispered Elrond, stroking his lover’s back. “Sleep…” Listening to Erestor’s breathing, he realized the elder Elf was quickly falling asleep. “I will hold you through the night. You are alone no longer.”


“Erestor? I have a gift for you.” Elrond placed a beautiful rosewood box in front of his lover, who was rocking Indlîrien and letting her suck on a fingertip.

“A gift?” Erestor stared at the box in puzzlement.

“Here, let me take her.” Elrond gathered his daughter in his arms and sat down next to Erestor on the couch. “Open it.”

Erestor picked the box up from the table and studied it. “Why? Why give me this?”

“Because I want everyone to know you that you are mine. And I also think you earned it.” Seeing Erestor arch an eyebrow, he added, “Must I have a special reason to give you a present? I love you and want to see you happy. I hope this will make you happy and always remind you of our love.”

“You have already given me so much!” Erestor’s eyes shone with love for Elrond as he opened the box. His breath caught, seeing the mithril circlet. Reverently, he removed it from the box, studying it with big eyes. It was similar to Elrond’s, but the curves of the piece were shaped like waves upon a calm sea. Erestor was left speechless and was completely unaware he was holding his breath as Elrond placed his hands over his and said, “May I?”

Elrond knelt in front of him and placed the circlet on his head, then kissed him. The kiss was soft and tender, with all of Elrond’s love behind it and he gently suckled Erestor’s bottom lip before he broke the kiss. Erestor let out his pent up breath in a soft “Ah!”

Elrond gently took Erestor’s face in both hands and gazed into the chocolate brown eyes as he said, “Always remember that you are my chosen, bonded mate and a Lord of Imladris. This circlet will confirm that for all to see and acknowledge my trust in you.”

Quite stunned, Erestor remained speechless, as Elrond released his lover’s face and reached into a pocket of his robes. He withdrew a smaller box, which he opened to reveal a mithril ring. It was a perfect companion to the circlet, resembling waves and set with sapphires and diamonds. “’Tis beautiful!” Erestor gasped.

Elrond removed the ring from the box and said, “It is set with sapphires to evoke the deeps of the sea and demonstrate the depth of my love for you. And I chose diamonds to remind you of the white of the foamy spray in the bay at the Havens of Sirion.” Elrond gently slipped it down his lover’s ring finger. “And now everyone will know you are my beloved, even when you are not wearing your circlet.”

Completely overwhelmed, Erestor leaned in closer and wrapped his arms around Elrond, also burying Indlîrien in his hug. Words couldn’t express the love he felt for the half-Elf, but maybe he could shortly take that final step and show him.


“Why did you bring me here?” Erestor frowned at his lover. They were in the healing house and although the sounds and scents were very familiar and comforting, he wondered why Elrond had dragged him from their rooms.

Camfael, who had decided to stay in Imladris now that Celeborn had taken up residence here, approached and raised his arms, gathering Erestor in a careful hug. “Actually, I suggested that he bring you here.” Camfael was delighted to see the healthy blush on Erestor’s face. His former charge had also regained some much needed weight. Erestor looked well, well enough to start working with him. “I thought you might want to pass on your considerable knowledge to the students. We do need someone to teach them.”

Erestor’s eyes widened. “You want *me* to teach them? But I do not know enough and…” Elrond’s finger descended onto his lips, effectively silencing him.

“You have accumulated so much knowledge in your life that you are more than qualified to teach them,” said Elrond sincerely. “I know that Indlîrien is a very important part of your life, but I also know from personal experience that you will need time away from her. Just wait until she starts teething. I used to hide in my study and let Lindir and Celebrian deal with the twins. You cannot be there for Indlîrien every minute of the day; she will exhaust you. Working here will provide you with a much needed distraction and rest.” Elrond hoped Erestor understood. “Plus, I want my people to see how talented a healer you are. That will earn you their respect, and should I ever have to leave Imladris in the future, they would obey you more easily.”

Erestor nodded, understanding Elrond’s intentions. “I accept, then.”

“Excellent!” Camfael smiled happily. “I do need some help training them. Many aspire to become a healer, but only a few are talented.”

“I will help you.” Erestor smiled brilliantly at Elrond. /He really wants me to be a part of his life in every aspect./ And he appreciated that. It also meant it would be a lot easier to do research on those plants that could prevent a pregnancy. They might have agreed that Elrond would be on the receiving end when they finally did make love, but Erestor wouldn’t be satisfied until his lover could claim him as well, without having to worry about the possible consequences.


“Where is Indlîrien?” Erestor frowned at finding her cradle empty.

During these last two weeks he had finally found his place in life. During the day, his hours were spent looking after his daughter and helping Camfael train the young students. In the evening, he would dine with Elrond and their friends, and then cuddle up to his lover in bed. They had begun to touch experimentally and Elrond had seemed extremely pleased, finding him responding eagerly. It had become clear to both of them that they were nearly ready to take that final step and now that the cradle was empty, Erestor suspected Elrond judged the time had come. “Where is she?”

“Arwen and the twins will look after her tonight,” said Elrond, advancing on his lover. He had slipped into a comfortable evening robe and had removed any braids and knots from his hair, preferring to wear it loose tonight. “We should not be disturbed tonight, now should we?”

Erestor nodded slowly; his suspicions were correct then. “You want to do ‘it’ tonight?” Gingerly, he wrapped his arms around Elrond’s shoulders, running his fingers through the dark mane. The half-Elf was utterly desirable and Erestor was already hard with need.

“I think you are ready for it. Don’t you?” Elrond ran his hand up Erestor’s back and rested it at the nape of his lover’s neck. “You have become more confident these last few weeks and you have begun to touch me intimately.” The first time Erestor had wrapped his fingers around his erection, Elrond had gasped with surprise, but he had quickly relaxed, enjoying feeling his lover’s hands on him. “Are you ready to make love to me?”

Erestor sincerely considered the question before answering his lover. “I want to be.”

That was good enough for Elrond, who cradled one of Erestor’s hands in his, guiding his beloved to their bed. He had already pushed down the covers and lit several scented candles. “Then be with me.” Lying down on his back, he pulled Erestor on top of him. Although he already cursed the fabric between them, he knew better than to disrobe them, preferring for Erestor to do that when the time felt right.

Erestor suddenly found himself between Elrond’s thighs when the half-Elf parted his legs. His mouth had gone dry and his hands trembled, caressing a strand of his lover’s hair. “I was afraid this day would never come, but deep down in my heart I always fantasized it would. Not with you beneath me, but…”

Elrond silenced his rambling lover with a deep kiss, whilst running his hands through Erestor’s thick mane. Seeing Erestor hover above him, his kind eyes searching his, made him love the elder Elf even more. Erestor had suffered so much because of him and he wanted to repay Erestor for those sacrifices. “I will love you forever.”

Erestor smiled warmly, shifting experimentally atop of Elrond and involuntarily causing his lover to groan. “What is it?”

Elrond moaned pitifully, and then looked pleadingly at his lover. “My sweet, I am hard and you are rubbing yourself against me. What do you think is happening?”

Erestor had the grace to blush. “I should probably do something about that.” Kneeling between the half-Elf’s legs, his fingers undid the buttons to the evening robe. Pushing the fabric aside, he found Elrond naked beneath it; hard and already slick with pre-ejaculate. “I do want you,” he whispered, but still his doubts remained. Could he really do this? But Elrond had promised him that there wouldn’t be any pain, just pleasure.

“I have already prepared myself for you,” whispered Elrond seductively, raising a hand to caress Erestor’s face. “Please,” he pleaded, gathering his lover’s hands in his, placing them on his chest. “Put your hands on me… touch me…”

Erestor realized he had reached a very decisive moment in his life. He could take a step forward and do his best to please Elrond, or run away and hide from this intimacy for the rest of his life. He loved Elrond too much to choose that last option. Slowly, he ran his fingertips down Elrond’s chest, encountering hardening nipples. Letting his fingertips ghost over them, they rose to full hardness.

“Ah, Erestor…” Elrond purred like a cat, squirming beneath his lover’s touch. Looking deeply into the chocolate brown eyes, he placed his hands on Erestor’s hips, wishing the other Elf would remove his clothes.

But Erestor was mesmerized by the play of muscles across Elrond’s abdomen and took his time to run his fingernails gently over the skin. “You are still in a surprisingly good shape,” he whispered absentmindedly.

“I try to spar with Glorfindel whenever I can,” explained Elrond. “Does my body please you?”

“Yes, it does.” Erestor blinked once, gathering an erect nipple between two fingertips to pinch it slightly, closely monitoring his lover’s reaction.

Elrond arched his back at the delightful manipulation. “More… again…”

Erestor rolled both nipples between his fingertips and then leaned in closer, copying something Elrond had done to him in the past. Placing his lips over one coppery disk, he teased the nub with the tip of his tongue before suckling it gently. Elrond’s response was immediate, causing the half-Elf to rub his lower body against him. The knowledge that he was in complete control of their lovemaking convinced Erestor that it was safe to remove his robes. Elrond wouldn’t ravage him like when the half-Elf had taken his virginity. He was safe with his lover.

Elrond wanted to protest when Erestor pulled back, but seeing the dark-haired Elf was disrobing, he simply watched, entranced. “You are beautiful, lirimaer.” Experimentally, he rested his hands on Erestor’s thighs, careful not to take control. The long hair that now danced against Erestor’s back was decorated with tiny mithril flowers and butterflies, another gift from Elrond. And the half-Elf loved seeing his lover wear them, making him marvel at the change Erestor had gone through since their return to Imladris.

Erestor inclined his head, accepting the compliment. “I will need you to guide me. I am not sure what to do.” Looking at his lover’s naked body, he ran his hands up and down the long thighs, still avoiding dealing with Elrond’s arousal, which stood proudly, bobbing slightly.

“Why don’t you take the time to explore? There is no reason to rush this.” Elrond had buried his hands in the sheets, and was doing his best not to come yet. But feeling Erestor’s hands all over him was quickly causing him to lose control.

Elrond’s fierce and passionate reaction to his caresses baffled Erestor, but he didn’t let it stop him from exploring his lover’s body. Moving into a straddling position, he felt Elrond squirm beneath him, his lover’s erection rubbing against his abdomen. He had never before been in charge of their lovemaking and wondered what to do. He decided to follow his instincts, and rubbed the head of his lover’s erection with his thumb.

“Ah, Erestor…” Elrond was unable to hold back, now that he was finally feeling his lover’s touch and came hard. Warm cream flowed from the slit onto his abdomen and Erestor’s fingers.

Erestor blinked in surprise. “Elrond?”

“Oh, look what you did to me,” mumbled Elrond in surrender. “I cannot even hold back long enough for you to make love to me.”

“Did I…?” Uncertain how to phrase this, Erestor gave his lover a questioning look.

“You caused me to lose control… I want you so much… Need you so badly… Will you finally claim me?” This was the best moment for Erestor to take him, as he was completely relaxed. His lover would easily bury himself inside his body.

“Now?” Erestor was suddenly getting cold feet. It was one thing to bring Elrond to orgasm, but to actually penetrate the half-Elf was a completely different matter.

“Yes, now.” Elrond grabbed a pillow and pushed it under his hips, elevating them. Whilst his right hand used his own seed to coat Erestor’s erection, he guided his lover’s hard flesh closer to his entrance. “I need you…”

Erestor nervously moistened his lips and then nodded once. “I need you too.” Elrond’s right hand guided him to his objective and when he began to slide inside, he carefully monitored the half-Elf’s facial expression.

Feeling Erestor slowly enter him was divine, but Elrond wanted more. Bringing his knees close to his chest, he hooked his arms behind them, causing his lover to sheathe himself to the hilt.

Erestor placed his hands on either side of Elrond’s head, searching the gray eyes for any sign of discomfort. But he found none. Finally convinced his lover was fine, he swallowed hard, finding himself buried deeply in his lover’s body. “Now what?”

“Now you make love to me,” said Elrond, smiling. He rocked his hips, hoping Erestor would pick up on the hint and to his delight, his lover did. Soft lips took his in a bruising kiss, and when Erestor thrust for that first time his lover rubbed his prostate, causing delightful vibrations to hum through his body.

Erestor lost himself in the kiss and the motions, thrusting shallowly, unwilling to accidentally tear his lover. Elrond’s well-being was always in his thoughts, even whilst feeling his lover growing hard again. Amazed that he could last this long, he curled his fingers around the half-Elf’s erect member, timing the strokes he delivered to the hard flesh to coincide with his thrusts.

Elrond chased his lover’s tongue, suckling it in the end and when he felt the manipulation to his hard flesh, he lost control again. Coming in his lover’s hand, he trembled with passion, taking control of their kiss, and hoping he had succeeded in showing Erestor how much he loved him.

The first spasm that contracted around his member took Erestor by complete surprise. Involuntarily, he stopped all motion, staring into Elrond’s dilated pupils. Elrond was smiling at him in a silly way, obviously delighted that their lovemaking was this passionate. Another spasm followed and Erestor groaned. Unable to support himself any longer, he collapsed atop of his lover, who immediately wrapped him in a solid embrace.

First his groin tightened and then Erestor relaxed, finally finding release. Maintaining eye contact with Elrond, he saw all the love the half-Elf bore him reflected in the cloudy orbs and he stopped doubting their love, their union, and their passion. Kissing Elrond lazily, he rode out the feelings of ecstasy that coursed through him. Warmth spread throughout his body and he sighed blissfully. “Oh my, that was…” Lacking the right words to express his feelings, he rolled them onto their sides, realizing Elrond was carrying his weight, which had to be uncomfortable.

Elrond moaned his disappointment, feeling Erestor’s sated member leave his body. “Yes… that was…breathtaking.” Brushing some damp, wayward strands of dark hair behind Erestor’s delicately pointed ear, he dotingly looked at his lover. “I think I discovered a hidden talent of yours, love. You made me come twice.”

“I pleased you, then?” Erestor purred, already reading the answer in Elrond’s eyes. He was relieved himself, knowing he had made Elrond come and had found release inside his lover’s body without causing him any pain.

“Yes, you pleased me -- greatly,” said Elrond, smiling giddily, “And in the future you may please me whenever you want.”

Erestor rested his head on Elrond’s shoulder. “Hearing you say that means a lot to me. I was so worried that I would hurt you.” But in the midst of passion everything had felt right and he had stopped doubting himself.

Elrond stroked his lover’s back, feeling relaxation and ultimately sleep set in to claim Erestor. “We finally completed the bond.”

“We already did… when you bound yourself… to me,” whispered Erestor fatigued. The tension that had been building inside him and the fear of hurting and disappointing Elrond finally faded away, leaving him exhausted.

“But not physically.” Elrond placed a kiss on top of his lover’s hair and listened to Erestor’s breathing, which became slow and steady with sleep. “Sleep now and dream of our future together. Galadriel can no longer chain you and your heart is finally free to love and be loved.” Elrond closed his eyes, cuddled closer to Erestor and surrendered to sleep as well.

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