Dinîf en Qualen

Part 22

By Morgana


Thranduil watched Elrond closely when the half-Elf sighed. The Lord of Imladris sat slightly slumped forward behind his desk in the study. For one moment it looked like all of Arda rested on the half-Elf’s trembling shoulders. Aye, he reckoned it would feel like that to Elrond at times.

Elrond rubbed his brow, and then set to massaging his temples. He felt tired and weary. These last few weeks had been more taxing that he had shown them to be, and he longed for some peace. If he had been able to, he would have sneaked into his bed to lose himself in sleep for the next few hours. But there were reports to read, letters to reply to; a never-ending flow of correspondence continued to come his way. Why wasn’t he ever allowed to fully unwind and rest? Because, obviously, he was the Ruler of Imladris, and so much depended on him.

Elrond tensed slightly, almost having forgotten about Thranduil’s presence. But then his lover placed his hands on his shoulders, massaging the tense muscles. He bowed forwards and sighed, contented. Thranduil had always had magical hands when it came down to massages.

The groan that left Elrond’s lips made Thranduil aware of how exhausted the half-Elf really was. “You should rest.”

“I cannot do that. There are so many letters… Reports…” Elrond’s voice faltered when Thranduil’s talented fingers worked on a sore spot just above his shoulder blade.

Thranduil frowned, recalling something Elrond had admitted to him earlier; that the half-Elf liked him to take control. Now he was severely tempted to that just that… and he did.

Elrond moaned disappointedly when Thranduil stopped the divine massage. Drawing in a deep breath, he said, “Thank you,” and reached for the next report. But then the blond’s fingers curled around his wrist and he looked up in surprise. The determined look in Thranduil’s feline’s eyes took him aback.

“You are going to rest, Elrond,” decreed Thranduil. “I can see how tired you are and I do not like it!”

Elrond smiled faintly. “I wish I could…” He gasped when Thranduil pulled him to his feet, exercising just enough force on his wrist to pull him along and out of the study. “What do you think you are doing? Where are we going?”

“Your rooms,” said Thranduil between clenched teeth. “And do not give me any arguments. This is –not- up for discussion!”

Elrond stared at the blond in sheer amazement. Was this really Thranduil? He had never acted like this before! “But…”

“I said no discussion.” Thranduil opened the door to Elrond’s private chambers, pulled the half-Elf inside and then closed it behind them. “You are tired and need rest.”

Elrond smiled, and shook his head. “What has gotten into you?”

“I am concerned,” said Thranduil, suddenly wavering. “And you said that… that you liked me to take control. That is what I am doing right now.” Had he made a mistake in dragging Elrond here? “I apologize if I was out of line.”

Staring at the blond in pleased disbelief, Elrond smiled warmly. Thranduil had really listened to him and was now trying to take charge? That was an unexpected, but welcome development!  “Don’t apologize, nîn glaur. You just took me by surprise.”

“I understand if you want to return to your work,” offered Thranduil, shuffling his feet. He had obviously overdone it.

Elrond gave the blond a long, thoughtful look and then pressed the length of his body against his lover’s. “You were right; I like it when you take care of me. And now tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Thranduil’s eyes widened in surprise. “You want me to--?” Uncertain, he searched Elrond’s eyes.

“You wanted me to rest…” supplied Elrond, helpfully. “Don’t stop now.”

Thranduil cleared his throat, suddenly overcome by the trust he saw in the half-Elf’s blue eyes. “I want you to lie down and rest. Preferably, I want you to sleep.”

Elrond smiled, pleased, walking over to the bed and sitting down on it. His gaze never left Thranduil’s, wondering how far the blond was prepared to take this. He began to recline onto the bed, but caught the frown on his lover’s brow. “What is it?”

“Do you really want to sleep in all those clothes? That cannot be comfortable.”

“Do you want me to remove my robes?” Elrond was coaxing Thranduil further, hoping the blond understood that he wanted him to continue to take the lead. Thranduil’s eyes darkened with some unreadable emotion and Elrond involuntarily held his breath.

“Aye, I want you to remove them. I want you to rest comfortably.” Thranduil sat down in a chair, no longer trusting his legs to carry him. The expression in Elrond’s eyes was strangely predatory. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to say this! “You will remove your robes -now-.” The moment those words had left his lips he wondered if he had made a fatal mistake, seeing the ecstatic expression in the half-Elf’s eyes.

Elrond’s groin burst into fire and he grew erect, hearing those demanding words. Thranduil wanted him to strip? Grinning, he rose from the bed and slowly, teasingly, began to unbutton his outer robes. As they slid down his shoulders, a white linen shirt was revealed and he slowly undid the laces.

Thranduil practically drooled, seeing the patches of naked flesh, which were now revealed. “Remove –all- your clothes.”

Elrond inclined his head, stepped out of his robes and let the white shirt slide down his shoulders. When the cloth finally hit the floor, he was completely naked and painfully hard. Waiting for Thranduil to give him new instructions, he licked his lips, wishing Thranduil would continue to take the lead.

A throbbing heat was building between his legs and Thranduil shifted uneasily on his chair, seeing his lover’s arousal stand proud and begging for his touch. A predatory grin appeared on his face. He could grow used to being in control! Seeing the eager anticipation on Elrond’s face, he said, “Now lie down on your back.”

Trembling with expectation, Elrond did as he was told. His eyes never left Thranduil’s form. The golden-haired Elf now rose from his chair and advanced on him. His gaze drifted lower and he stared admiringly at the bulge in the blond’s leggings. He sighed, hoping this would lead to another round of lovemaking. His fatigue seemed to have disappeared beneath the onslaught of passion that was taking control of him.

Eagerness, want and lust shone from Thranduil’s green eyes, taking in his lover’s naked form. His eyes quickly scanned the room and he located the vial filled with scented oil, which they had used earlier, on the nightstand. Next, his gaze was drawn to several brown ribbons that Elrond sometimes used to braid into his hair.

Elrond stared at Thranduil, who now picked up those ribbons and his heartbeat quickened. What did the blond plan to do to him? His erection twitched, and he wriggled on the bed, hoping Thranduil would take pity on him. “Nîn glaur? I want you, need you. Come here…”

Carrying the ribbons with him, Thranduil returned to the bed, studying his lover’s display of wanton need. Elrond arched his back in mute pleading and raised his arms, urging him closer.

But Thranduil removed his clothes first, whilst constantly maintaining eye contact with the raven-haired Elf. His erection bobbed free from its confines and he stroked himself once, closely watching Elrond’s reaction.

Elrond released a strangled yelp, seeing his lover pleasure himself. He tried to sit upright, but suddenly Thranduil was all over him, eventually straddling his hips. The blond had moved quickly and was now pinning him down to the bed. To his joy, he found that the ribbons were still in his lover’s hands. Panting hard, he tried to rub his erection against Thranduil’s, begging to be touched.

Thranduil placed the ribbons onto the bed next to him and considered the squirming half-Elf beneath him. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Elrond didn’t bother to ask Thranduil what –this- was supposed to be. “Take me… Make me yours… Ride me!” The need that burned his loins set him aflame. Raising his hands, he buried his fingers in the long, soft hair, needing the contact.

Slowly, Thranduil took hold of one brown ribbon, once more studying the half-Elf. “Raise your head.” His lover’s body trembled violently beneath him; Elrond’s eagerness surprising Thranduil. 

The half-Elf did as he was bid and tried to control his hurried breathing when Thranduil tied the ribbon in front of his eyes, taking away his sight. The blindfold was tied loose enough for him to shake it off, but he felt no desire to do so. “Oh, by the Grace of the Valar, what are you doing to me?” His erection throbbed, but the blond was blatantly ignoring the hardened flesh.

“Don’t speak,” whispered Thranduil, bending forward until he could claim his lover’s lips. He indulged himself and kissed the half-Elf breathless, but then his tongue drifted lower, sucking the skin beneath Elrond’s ear. Hearing his lover hiss, he grinned and moved upward to lap at a slightly pointed ear, sucking greedily at its tip.

Elrond bucked involuntarily under the sensual caresses. His eyes were big, but the blindfold kept him from making eye contact with his lover. “Ah, nîn glaur … I need you so badly.”

“Soon,” soothed Thranduil. Continuing the lapping, he left a wet trail from Elrond’s neck to his chest, where he teased first one, and then the other nipple into complete hardness. Elrond bucked again and he placed a restraining hand on the half-Elf’s hips, keeping him in place. “I never thought I would enjoy seeing you at my mercy.” His reactions kept taking him aback. He had never been the dominant one during their prior relationship, but now he found that he loved to make Elrond squirm and beg.

Elrond whimpered helplessly. “Ai, Thranduil… I… I… need… you…” Now that his eyesight had been taken away from him, his other senses seemed heightened and every touch, lick, caress bestowed onto his skin made him wiggle helplessly beneath the blond. It frustrated him to no end that Thranduil continued to ignore the burning need between his legs. “Nîn glaur… want… need… now… take me… oh…”

Thranduil smiled wickedly, taking hold of another ribbon, and then moved into a kneeling position next to the squirming half-Elf’s body.

No longer feeling his lover’s weight on top of him, Elrond started. “What…? Thranduil? Aiya… so hard…” Had Thranduil reconsidered and ended the game they were playing? He sighed relieved when the blond’s hands settled back onto his hips, slowly but deliberately rolling him onto his stomach. His heart fluttered with excitement and he let Thranduil manhandle him until he was flat on his stomach, rubbing his erection against the sheets.

His breathing stopped momentarily, feeling soft silk slip around his left wrist. And then his world began to spin, realizing Thranduil was tying him to the bed. Rubbing himself shamelessly, he tried to create more friction, but a teasing slap to his buttocks stopped him. His eyes widened behind the blindfold at feeling the slight sting that the slap left behind. His right wrist was treated to the same procedure and now his hands were tied to the bed posts, leaving him squirming helplessly. “Aiya, nîn glaur, what… are you…doing to me?”

Surveying his handiwork, Thranduil wondered if he wasn’t taking this too far. He knew Elrond wanted this - the half-Elf was practically begging for it - but he still worried about causing his lover unnecessary discomfort. “Are the bonds too tight?” he asked, straddling Elrond’s lower back and leaning in closer to whisper the words into the half-Elf’s right ear.

A slight pull told Elrond that he could easily free himself. “Nay, they are… perfect,” he panted, reassuring his lover. A part of him couldn’t believe Thranduil was acting in this manner. “Aiya… nîn glaur, I love you so much, but would you… take me now?” He squirmed beneath the blond, hoping Thranduil would finally touch him in his most private places.

But Thranduil was now really enjoying his dominion over the raven-haired half-Elf and used two more ribbons to tie his lover’s feet to the wooden bed posts. Looking down at the trembling form beneath him, his hands stroked the long, strong back. Amused, he realized Elrond was rubbing himself against the sheets, trying to find release. “Are you still comfortable with this?” He needed to be sure that he wasn’t acting against his lover’s will.

“Take… me!” whimpered Elrond, pitifully. “Take me… -hard-!”

But Thranduil shook his head. “Nay, I left you sore the last time we made love.” He wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. He loved Elrond too much to cause him pain, not even during their lovemaking. Running his hands over the two perfect mounds of flesh in front of him, he kneaded them until he felt Elrond relax. Lazily, he let some droplets of oil drip onto his skin, before sliding one probing finger down his lover’s cleft, gently teasing the tight opening that would shortly welcome him.

Elrond was moaning deliriously, wondering when and how this sweet torment would end. He had closed his eyes behind the blindfold, relishing the sensations running through him. Thranduil’s weight shifted and a moment later, a slick finger circled the entrance to his body. Groaning blissfully, he surrendered to his lover. Not knowing what would happen next excited him even further.

Thranduil took his time to massage the guardian ring and ease the tense muscles trying to grip him. Elrond continued to whimper, to beg him to take him, but he was determined to take his time.

Elrond tried to raise his hips, but the ribbons limited his movements and all he could do was beg. “Have mercy…. Oh, yes… now… want… you…” His fingers curled around the ribbons, and his nails clawed at the silk fabric when one probing finger slid into his passage. It was a perpetual motion that kept him on the brink for many long moments. Whimpering loudly, he tried to thrust back, but the ribbons stopped him. “Nîn glaur… have mercy… take me… make me come…”

“Soon,” repeated Thranduil, doing his best to ignore his own throbbing heat between his legs, which urged him to bury himself in the tight passage. But he controlled his desires tightly. Adding more oil, he pressed two fingers inside his lover’s body and began to stretch the half-Elf, still taking his time to properly prepare his helpless lover.

Elrond was no longer capable of logical thought. Rubbing his erection against the sheet didn’t provide him with enough friction and he endured the sweet, sensual torment Thranduil bestowed on him. “Now, take me! Take me!”

Thranduil took pity on his lover, realizing Elrond couldn’t take much more. Coating his aching shaft with oil, he parted his lover’s buttocks and positioned himself at the twitching opening.

“In one stroke… one… fast… hard…” panted Elrond, pleadingly, feeling the hot head of his lover’s arousal press against his opening.

Thranduil nodded; he would try to indulge his lover, but only if he didn’t bring Elrond any discomfort. Pushing inside, the guardian ring admitted him and he continued to slide inside, grabbing Elrond’s hips to make sure the half-Elf didn’t move unexpectedly, pulling his lover close.

Elrond bit into the sheet as his lover’s heat pierced him. Shallow pain, already mixing with pleasure, slid through his body. It was so intense that he was afraid to lose consciousness. But then Thranduil was fully sheathed inside him and instead of thrusting, the blond remained motionless.

Whimpering, he tried to gain his lover’s attention, but then Thranduil rested his body on top of his, penetrating him even deeper and brushing his gland, hidden deep within the channel. “Hard… hard… Ai… hard and deep!” He panted the words and felt frustrated when Thranduil slowly pulled out and then tormenting slowly entered him again. He was about to protest to the slow thrusts, but then Thranduil brushed his sweet spot again, causing hot sweat to form all over his body.

Thranduil wrapped his arms around the half-Elf’s trembling frame, rocking slowly. One thrust took several heartbeats, and he could hear Elrond yelp and feel him shake with sensation. Slowly, he continued to possess his lover, thrusting deliberately and deeply.

Elrond suddenly tensed beneath him and he buried himself deeply within the tight, hot passage. The spasms that erupted around his shaft took his breath away and he buried his face in the long, now damp hair. Finding the nape of his lover’s neck, he bit into the smooth flesh, marking the half-Elf as Elrond had marked him.

Squirming in ecstasy beneath the blond, Elrond realized that his lover was still hard, still inside him and hadn’t come yet, whilst he had just reached his orgasm. “Ah, I… do not… want to… leave you…behind.”

Thranduil smiled wickedly, and was glad that Elrond couldn’t see his primal expression. “I am just waiting for you to stop riding those last waves of pleasure and then I will take you again.”

“Aiya, what?” Finally coming down from the sensual high, Elrond cocked his head, cursing the blindfold. He wanted to look into his lover’s eyes!

Thranduil, sensing Elrond’s need, slowly removed the blindfold. When their eyes met, both were taken aback by the expression in the other's eyes. The half-Elf’s long hair was a tangled mess and a precious droplet of blood flowed down his lover’s neck, where he had just broken the skin.

Unexpectedly Thranduil’s tongue lapped at his neck and Elrond felt the familiar stirrings of arousal return. “Again…” He had only just come and now Thranduil was moving inside him again! The rhythmic thrusts began anew, but this time they were fast and shallow. Abandoned to the rocking, he allowed his lover to make love to him again.

“Aye, again!” Thranduil executed a few shallow thrusts to bring himself to orgasm, careful not to leave the half-Elf sore. Throwing back his head, he released a triumphant growl.

Elrond’s eyes widened, hearing that growl. Looking over his shoulder, his heart thundered madly, seeing the blond surrender to his ecstasy. /So beautiful… and he is mine!/

Thranduil collapsed atop of his lover and rested his head against the half-Elf’s back. “Was that what you wanted?”

Elrond struggled against the ribbons and one by one, they gave in. Free now, he rolled onto his side, causing Thranduil’s sated sex to slip from his body.

Thranduil spooned up behind the half-Elf, emitting a contented moan. Wrapping his arms around Elrond, he sighed blissfully. “You have exhausted me, Peredhel. Now we both need to rest.”

Elrond smiled and pushed back, relishing the feel of his lover’s body curled around his. “Thank you…”

Thranduil moved slowly, pulling Elrond even closer to him. “Why do you like it so much when I take control?”

“I get to let go for the briefest of moments. At times it feels like the faith of Arda rests on my shoulders, and when you take control I can let go, surrender.” Elrond sighed, and pulled Thranduil’s arm tightly around his body. “Thank you for relieving that burden.”

Thranduil smiled into the damp hair. “So you would like me to do this again?”

Elrond grinned. “Aye.” Had he really found everything he needed in Thranduil? Yes. With a sated grin on his face, he slowly fell asleep, finally letting go of his worries.

Thranduil however, remained awake, watching over his lover.


Erestor blinked sleepily, waking up in Glorfindel’s protective arms. When had they fallen asleep? Then his memories returned. They had bathed, braided one another’s hair, and then the blond had suggested lying down to rest. He had obediently curled around the flaxen-haired Elda and had almost instantly fallen asleep.

“Awake again?”

Erestor smiled, hearing Glorfindel’s amused tone. Looking up, he locked gazes with the blond. They lay facing each other and his lover had twirled a strand of dark hair around his finger. The look the Elda directed at him caused a lump to form in his throat. “Is something wrong?” he asked, timidly, wondering why there was such a thoughtful expression in his lover’s eyes.

“Nay, everything is finally right,” whispered Glorfindel, dotingly. “I had this incredible dream,” he continued in a soft tone, “And in that dream you promised to be mine forever.”

“That was no dream,” said Erestor, shyly. “I did promise to bind myself to you.”

“And you meant it?” Glorfindel stared, entranced, into his lover’s dark eyes.

“Did you?” asked Erestor teasingly, already knowing Glorfindel’s answer.

“Oh, yes.” Dreamily, Glorfindel tangled his fingers in the long, dark tresses. “I cannot imagine life without you.”

Pleased, Erestor smiled at him. He raised himself onto all fours and boldly crawled onto Glorfindel and straddled his hips.

“What are you doing, melamin?” Glorfindel raised an eyebrow, puzzled. But then his expression changed into pure pleasure when Erestor curled up in his arms.

“You feel so warm. I cannot get enough of you.”

Glorfindel pressed a kiss onto the dark hair. “I hope you will never get enough of me, melamin…” Amused, he listened to the soft snoring that now tumbled from Erestor’s lips. “By the Grace of the Valar, he is asleep again!” Smiling warmly, he buried his lover in a warm hug and then returned to sleep as well.

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