Dinîf en Qualen

Part 21

By Morgana


“Elrohir, I trust you to take good care of Legolas. Show him around and make sure he feels welcome,” said Elrond, who had completely missed his son’s bewilderment. “Now that Legolas has decided to stay he should feel at home here.”

Mortified, Elrohir averted his gaze and stared at the floor. Why wasn’t his father noticing his discomfort? Maybe because Elrond was already smiling at Thranduil and had mentally dismissed him? His gaze traveled to Elladan, pleading with his twin to have mercy on him, but when his brother shook his head, he knew he had to somehow survive the afternoon without utterly embarrassing himself.

“You will be fine,” whispered Elladan, squeezing his brother’s shoulder for moral support. Then he turned and left to join the border patrol.

Realizing that Legolas was expectantly looking at him, he cleared his throat. “Please follow me.” Finding that his voice was shaking with emotion made him tremble. Legolas was probably wondering if Elrond’s youngest son was a simpleton for acting in this way.

But Legolas managed a weak smile. After pondering Elrohir’s reactions, he realized the younger twin probably felt nervous, like he did. “Lead on, Peredhel.”

Shivers traveled down Elrohir’s spine, hearing Legolas’ soft, melodic tone. He guided Legolas back inside and gave him a tour of the Last Homely House. Legolas’ alert expression told him the Elf was trying to memorize as much as possible. “These are my rooms, which I share with Elladan."

“You share a room with your brother?” At first Legolas wondered about that, but then realized that being twins probably provided the two half-Elves with a very tight bond.

“It has always been that way,” said Elrohir, shrugging his shoulders. “We are twins.”

Legolas smiled warmly. Hearing Elrohir put it like that made him realize it was that simple to them; they were twins. They shared each other’s lives. “Show me the rest of Imladris,” said Legolas, already falling in love with the light and warmth the place radiated. He could tell Elrond had taken great care when building this safe haven. “This truly is a beautiful and peaceful place. You must greatly enjoy living here.”

Elrohir was eager to keep the conversation going, as he was afraid a silence would be awkward between them. “What is life like in Mirkwood?”

“Dangerous,” said Legolas in a firm tone. “The wood is full of predators.”

“Ada told me that you live underground? In caves?” Elrohir shivered momentarily. “I cannot imagine what that is like.”

Legolas chose his words carefully. “You were misinformed. We live in talans, high up in the trees. The caves come in handy occasionally, but we do not live in them.”

Elrohir stopped in his tracks and sought out those heavenly blue orbs, which radiated life and passion. He easily lost himself in their expression and he quickly averted his eyes, afraid to give himself away. This was folly. Why had Elladan refused to help him out by taking his place? When exactly had he lost his heart to Legolas? And how could he ever hope to reclaim it?

Legolas located a bench beneath an old oak tree and sat down. Elrohir, unable to do anything else, followed suit and seated himself as well, but at an appropriate distance from the blond. He didn’t want Legolas to grow suspicious and realize he had feelings for him.

Legolas studied the half-Elf. Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir were so different from the way he had imagined them. They were smart, compassionate, caring and not to forget extremely handsome. Aye, he understood why his father had fallen for Elrond. Looking at Elrohir, he saw a rare beauty, and a warm light shining from within. Clearing his throat, he asked, “And what do you think about my father and yours binding themselves in such a way?”

Elrohir swallowed nervously. “I like Thranduil. I never thought I would, but I do. Maybe it is because he feels so protective of Erestor… and I always loved Erestor. He has a good heart.”

Legolas nodded. “I know about Eridhren’s perversions. My father always made sure that my brother and I never stayed in the same place as he was.” But Elrohir hadn’t really answered his question yet. “Do you approve of their relationship?”

Elrohir answered honestly. “My mother left for Valinor many years ago and my father always seemed so sad after that. Thranduil has rendered that. When I now look at my father his eyes are alive again. So aye, I approve. I want him to be happy.”

“Your mother sailed for the Undying Lands as well?”

Legolas’ soft tone, which nearly bordered on anguished, made him seek out those impossibly blue orbs again. “After a pack of Orcs attacked her she was suffering in mind and body. She had started to fade, and letting her sail for Valinor was the only way to keep her alive.” Elrohir wondered what it was about Legolas that made him want to open up to the blond. “I still miss her. I know she loves me, but I wish she were still here with me.”

Legolas closed his eyes momentarily. They had more in common than he had thought. “My mother sailed for the Undying Lands one day after I reached my majority. I miss her too.”

Their gazes met and they smiled, saddened, at each other. Legolas wondered about the Peredhel. When he had come here he had been determined not to like the half-Elves, but he couldn’t help liking Elrohir. “Will you show me the rest of Imladris as well?”

“Of course,” said Elrohir, smiling. “This way.”

Legolas followed, curious to find out more about Imladris and its inhabitants.


“What would you like to do today?” asked Glorfindel. They had in walked the beautiful gardens and had enjoyed the rich fragrances of the blossoming trees and flowers. The hesitant glance that Erestor directed at him made him raise an eyebrow inquisitively. Erestor seemed painfully shy, and yet passion showed in those dark orbs as well.

“I…” Erestor’s voice first faltered, but then he tried again. “I want to go to your rooms and…” He nearly gave up on voicing his needs and desires, but Glorfindel’s warm and encouraging gaze made him continue. “I would like to… touch you.”

The last two words were barely audible and Glorfindel had to strain to hear them. His heart thundered with joy. He raised Erestor’s hand, which he had been holding during their stroll and brought it to his lips, placing a tender kiss on the knuckles. “I greatly desire to be touched by you.”

Erestor nervously cleared his throat. “You do not think me… forward?” His eyes darted in their sockets uncertainly. Seeing Glorfindel shake his head, he added, “It is just I… I have never felt this comfortable with anyone before and… I want to deepen our relationship. I just do not know how.”

They had reached a bench and Glorfindel pulled Erestor into place beside him when he seated himself. It would be best to discuss this now before they took things further in the bedroom. “I think you do know how.”

Erestor nodded, letting some strands fall in front of his face. Most of the plaits however, kept his dark tresses in place and he sighed dejectedly, realizing he couldn’t hide behind this black curtain any longer. “I would like to… to touch you. To return the pleasure you gave me.” In the end, he shyly raised his gaze and looked at Glorfindel from behind long eyelashes. “But I do not want to pressure you.”

Glorfindel brushed silk strands behind Erestor’s ears and waited for the dark-haired Elf to meet his gaze. “I trust you, nîn amdir. I –know- you could never hurt me and you would –never- pressure me, because you –are- this hesitant and shy.” He hoped he had emphasized the right words in order to calm Erestor’s nerves. “I really crave your touch, the caresses you can bestow on me. I hope that one day we will be able to make love.”

Erestor closed his eyes momentarily, trying to force back his tears. “To make love…” his voice faded into nothingness. “I would like that.”

“Open your eyes and look at me, melamin?” Glorfindel’s heart ached at seeing the swimming dark orbs. “Give yourself the time you need and take small steps.”

Erestor smiled warmly and tentatively touched a finger to the blond’s lips. “I love you so much for being patient with me.”

“Patient?” Glorfindel sighed, dejectedly. “After learning what your father did to you I am honored that you can still bear my touch. Whatever you can give me is more than enough.”


Erestor was beginning to feel depressed now that their conversation had taken such a turn and he reached for Glorfindel’s hands, burying them in his. “Can we go to your rooms now? I think I am ready to take one of those small steps.” The way Glorfindel’s azure eyes lit up made his heart beat faster. “But… I want you to promise me something.”

“What?” Glorfindel would promise Erestor anything he wanted. Rubbing his lover’s fingers between his, his breath caught, seeing the passion hidden beneath Erestor’s shy surface. What kind of lover would the dark-haired Elf be once he had shed his fears?

“I want you to tell me to stop when I do something that makes you uncomfortable. Please,” he added, seeing Glorfindel’s expression, “This is important to me. My father never gave me any choice, but I want you to know that…” Suddenly the tears welled up and flowed down his face. “That you -do- have a choice.”

“I understand,” whispered Glorfindel compassionately. Enveloping Erestor in a warm hug, he encouraged the dark-haired Elf to rest his head on his shoulder. He simply held on tightly. “I love you, nîn amdir. I love you.” He repeated his admission countless times until Erestor relaxed against him, pressing closer toward him.

Erestor drew in a deep breath, knowing what he had to do, what he –wanted- to do. Slowly, he freed himself of his lover’s embrace and rose from the bench. Glorfindel’s hands were still in his and he pulled the Elda to his feet. “Will you come with me and trust yourself to me?” He didn’t know where he found the courage to take the lead, but Glorfindel’s warm expression assured him that the blond wanted to take this step as well.

Glorfindel cradled Erestor’s hands fondly in his and followed his dark-haired lover to his rooms, smiling blissfully.


Erestor nervously coughed, closing the door behind him. They were back in the blond’s rooms and he wavered momentarily, his gaze drawn toward the bed.

“Lirimaer?” Glorfindel moved closer to Erestor, searching his gaze. “Are you having second thoughts? We do not have to do this right now.”

“I –want- to do this. I –need- to do this!” Erestor pleadingly locked gazes with the Elda. “I want to show you how much I love you.”

“Melamin, I already know how much you love me.”

Erestor nervously shuffled his feet. Lowering his eyes, he asked, “Will you remember your promise?”

“Aye, I will.” But he doubted Erestor could do anything that would make him uncomfortable. /Except if he does something that makes *him* uncomfortable. Then I will stop him./ “What do you want to do?”

Erestor swallowed hard, trying to rid himself of the lump that had formed in his throat. Still holding Glorfindel’s hand, he stared at the floor whilst leading the blond to the bed. “I… I do not know how far I can take this.” He bit his bottom lip and finally found the courage to look at his lover. “Maybe this is not fair to you and we should stop.”

Glorfindel’s heart missed a beat. He placed a finger under Erestor’s chin and smiled encouragingly. “I am your willing subject, melamin. Do whatever you want with me.”

Erestor, taking heart at hearing his lover’s words, nodded. Raising a hand, he rested it at the nape of the blond’s neck, letting the golden strands tease his fingertips. “You are so beautiful, Glorfindel, like Arien herself.” Seeing the Elda smile, he leaned in closer, very slowly, and touched his lips to Glorfindel’s. The delighted moan that fled from the blond’s lips hummed through his body and traveled to his groin. “You have no idea how much you mean to me or how much I love you.”

Glorfindel’s eyes darkened to midnight blue, hearing his lover’s words. He had expected many things, but not Erestor verbally making love to him. At least, that was what it felt like now that his lover was weaving this seductive web of words around him.

“I love you too.” He whispered the words against Erestor’s lips. The dark-haired Elf wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. Delighted at Erestor’s move, he eased into his lover’s embrace and happily parted first his lips and then his teeth when Erestor’s tongue demanded entry.

Glorfindel’s knees buckled under the sensual caresses. His gaze was still locked with Erestor’s and he could tell the other needed the eye contact. Sighing blissfully, he allowed Erestor’s tongue to chase his and eagerly awarded victory to his lover when the Elf’s tongue intertwined with his. Slowly Erestor retreated, leaving him breathless. “You taste so sweet,” he panted softly, wondering about the raven-haired beauty in his arms. He had the feeling he was in for a few surprises.

Erestor closely monitored his lover’s reactions. Glorfindel seemed to enjoy the kiss and he felt encouraged now that the blond’s eyes had darkened with passion. Placing his hands on his lover’s chest, he gently pushed him down, until Glorfindel was sitting on the bed. Suddenly his nervousness returned; what was he supposed to do now?

Glorfindel saw the return of his lover’s uncertainty and lay back, staring dreamily at Erestor. Reaching out, he took hold of the raven-haired Elf’s hands and pulled him on top of him. And that was all he planned to do. Now it was up to Erestor to decide where he wanted to take this.

Looking at his flaxen-haired lover, Erestor carefully straddled his hips. He hadn’t expected this to be easy, but they were both aroused, and panting with need. After placing his hands on either side of Glorfindel’s head, he dotingly looked down at his lover, whose pupils had dilated with need. Elbereth help him, but he felt the same way. What had he done? Suddenly he panicked. Could he finish what he had started? He nearly jumped off the bed, fleeing the room, but then the palms of Glorfindel’s hands rested against his cheeks, wiping away the tears that he hadn’t realized were flowing again.

“You are doing so well, lirimaer. Please do not stop now.” Glorfindel hoped it was what Erestor needed to hear. He was incredibly pleased that his lover felt confident enough to take this step. “I want you to touch me in whatever way you desire.”

Erestor had devoured Glorfindel’s words and he nodded once. “I want this too.” Bending down, he claimed the blond’s lips again. He constantly maintained eye contact, knowing that when he closed his eyes, his father’s face might appear to taunt him. Glorfindel answered the kiss with an eagerness that made his passion blaze anew. Slowly, he lowered himself until he blanketed the blond, always looking for signs of discomfort in those heavenly blue eyes. “Am I not crushing you?”

“You hardly weigh a thing,” whispered Glorfindel, feeling hypnotized as he looked into those passion-clouded orbs.

Feeling uncertain, Erestor carefully rubbed his erection against Glorfindel’s, and even through the fabric he moaned at the exquisite sensation it caused. Groaning, he tried to lose himself in the sparkling, sapphire eyes.

Glorfindel involuntarily held his breath, wondering if Erestor knew how seductive he looked, rubbing himself like that. He was tempted to remove Erestor’s clothes so he could finally worship his lover’s body as he was supposed to, but he stopped himself, knowing Erestor needed to be in control.

Fortunately Erestor’s passion-driven mind had the same idea. “May I undress you?”

Glorfindel groaned, and nodded approvingly. “Please.” Looking up at Erestor, he threw back his head, exposing his throat to his lover, hoping the dark-haired Elf would indulge him.

Erestor briefly felt confused, but then lowered his lips onto the smooth skin, lapping and then softly biting. Glorfindel released a series of needy groans and Erestor looked at the blond in sheer amazement. He had never expected Glorfindel to surrender this quickly, this willingly. “What do you want?”

“Whatever you can give, lirimaer ...” managed Glorfindel through his lust-induced haze. “Just touch me…”

With shaky fingers Erestor unbuttoned Glorfindel’s shirt, slowly sliding it down the bronze skin. He marveled at the smooth skin and lovingly ran his fingertips over the willing flesh.

Glorfindel arched his hips, wantonly, begging his lover to increase their bodily contact. Panting with desire, he quavered at the delicate touch, feeling Erestor’s fingertips slide down his skin. “More, please…”

Erestor, once more biting his bottom lip, removed Glorfindel’s shirt and stared at the hairless chest. Running his fingers down the blond’s chest, he encountered a hardened nipple. Just touching it seemed to catapult Glorfindel off the bed. His lover panted, pleadingly looking into his eyes. Experimentally, he rubbed the nub of hard flesh between his fingertips and then squeezed cautiously.

Glorfindel wasn’t sure how much more of this torture he could take. His erection strained against his leggings and he was afraid he would come right there and then. It took every ounce of his self-discipline to not rub himself against Erestor in order to find release.

Erestor stared at his lover in wonder. “Do you like this?”

“I crave it!”

Erestor briefly wondered if this would spin out of control, but this was Glorfindel and the blond would never, ever hurt him! Reassured, his hands reached for the Elda’s waistband. Leaning in closer, he bestowed a shower of feather light kisses on his lover’s smooth chest.

Just when Glorfindel thought he couldn’t possible be more aroused, a slick tongue encircled one of his nipples and then eager lips suckled gently. “Aiya, Erestor!”

At once, Erestor pulled back; scared he had done something wrong. “Forgive me, I thought…”

Realizing Erestor had taken his passionate cry the wrong way, Glorfindel buried his hands in the black hair, gently pulling his lover closer to him. “Don’t stop, Erestor, just don’t.”

Reassured, Erestor let his tongue dash out and lap at the other, formerly neglected nipple. Glorfindel arched his back and seemed to thrust against him and only then did he realize that he was driving the Elda mad with desire. “Do you wish to come?”

Glorfindel’s eyes widened at that. Long past thinking rationally, he nodded. “Please…”

Erestor hooked his fingers behind the waistband and slowly removed the Elda’s leggings. “Raise your hips,” he commanded softly. His heartbeat quickened when Glorfindel obeyed eagerly. He dropped the green leggings onto the floor and took in his lover’s naked body. “Beautiful,” he whispered, adoringly.

A smile surfaced on Glorfindel’s face, hearing the compliment. He almost suggested that Erestor removed his robes as well, but in the end, he didn’t voice that thought. He wanted Erestor to act freely.

“May I t-touch… you?” stuttered Erestor nervously. His hand hovered above the blond’s erection, but he didn’t touch the hard flesh yet. He wanted permission first.

“Please…” Glorfindel suddenly realized just how many times he had said that word during these last few minutes. Erestor already had him begging for more! “Please, melamin, place your hands on me!”

Erestor rested one hand against Glorfindel’s abdomen. Making eye contact again, he cautiously wrapped the fingers of his other hand around the blond’s erection, feeling shy when he found the hard flesh slippery and eagerly responding to his touch.

Glorfindel helplessly raised his hips, trying to create more friction so he could finally reach orgasm. Looking into Erestor’s eyes, the obvious wonder in them took him aback. “What are you thinking?”

Glorfindel’s question surprised Erestor, who licked his lips.

Glorfindel groaned pitifully, seeing his lover’s tongue moisten his bruised lips. Never before had he found that sight so seductive.

“I am thinking how much you must love me to entrust yourself to me in this manner.” Erestor tightly curled his fingers around the eager flesh and stroked slowly, almost teasingly.

Bucking hard, Glorfindel stared at his lover. He needed more, needed to feel Erestor close. “Kiss me?”

Erestor, trying hard to maintain the rhythm he was stroking his lover in, leaned in closer and kissed the blond hard. Suddenly his hand slipped away from the slick shaft and he cursed softly, almost apologizing for his nervousness.

 “Don’t…” panted Glorfindel, seeing a pained expression slip into his lover’s eyes. “I love you…” He rested one hand at the nape of Erestor’s neck and kissed him passionately.

Erestor folded his fingers once more around the hot flesh and resumed stroking, wanting his lover to reach orgasm. Glorfindel took him by surprise by folding his arms around him, crushing him close to him and rhythmically thrusting into his hand. Mesmerized, he stared into large, blue eyes and then he felt the blond tense against him. Warm cream spurted onto his hand, whilst Glorfindel clung to him.

Glorfindel couldn’t remember ever coming this hard before. Looking into Erestor’s eyes, he smiled, still panting. “Oh, lirimaer…”

Releasing the now sated flesh, Erestor lay down next to the blond. He wasn’t sure how to react when Glorfindel snuggled up to him. Acting instinctively, he wrapped his arms around the Elda, holding him close. His heart thundered madly in his chest at the realization that he had brought his lover to orgasm. “D-did you l-like it?”

Glorfindel raised eyes, filled with disbelief, at his lover. “Lirimaer,” he started, still panting, “I cannot remember ever coming like that before. Does that answer your question?” He couldn’t believe that Erestor still doubted himself. “I love you.” He would never tire of saying it, knowing Erestor needed to hear it over and over again. “I love you, Erestor.”

Erestor blushed. “I take it… you liked it then?”

“Oh, I did!” Now that the ecstasy had faded and no longer hindered his thinking, he adoringly looked into his lover’s dark eyes. “There is no reason to doubt yourself, melamin.” Calming down, he returned the embrace, ignoring the fact that he should be cleaning himself up. Holding Erestor and reassuring him was more important. “I must admit that you surprised me. I never expected you to take this step, at least not this soon.”

Erestor shrugged and averted his eyes. “What I really want is… is to m-make love with you,” he stuttered, nervously.

Glorfindel sighed, tiredly. He waited until Erestor looked at him and then said, “But we made love just now. There is more to making love than penetration.”

Flinching, Erestor tried to look away, but Glorfindel rested his palm against his face, making sure the eye contact remained. “You already came such a long way, nîn amdir. Don’t push yourself to take a step when you are not ready for it.”

Erestor managed a weak smile. /You are so good for me, so patient. I do not deserve you./

Glorfindel frowned, as if catching an echo of that thought. Realizing he needed to distract the brooding Elf, he said, “And why are you still clothed when I am naked?”

Now Erestor’s smile turned genuine. “I like it when you are naked.”

Glorfindel briefly entertained the thought of offering to bring his lover to orgasm as well, but he could tell Erestor’s arousal had faded; it no longer pressed against his stomach. “Will you join me for a bath then?” His fingers moved through the tangled strands of raven hair, slowly undoing the braids and removing the circlet. “That cannot have been comfortable when you were asleep,” he remarked, running his fingers through the now loose hair.

“I did not mind,” whispered Erestor, his eyes shining with love. “I hardly felt any discomfort. It means a lot to me that you want me to wear it… even in public.”

Hearing that nearly brought tears to Glorfindel’s eyes. “I will braid your hair if you do mine.”

Erestor’s smile was filled with love and pride, looking at his lover. As words eluded him, he just leaned in closer and placed a passionate kiss on the blond’s luscious lips.

“I take it that is a yes then?” teased Glorfindel, feeling delighted when the dark-haired Elf playfully poked him in his side. “Ah, definitely a yes!”

Erestor smiled at him with swimming eyes. “You are my life, Glorfindel. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

“Is that a proposal?” Glorfindel’s smile remained, but something else appeared in his eyes. “Would you bind yourself to me by taking the vows?”

Erestor suddenly realized that the time for teasing had passed. This was serious. “I would… gladly.”

Glorfindel brushed an elusive lock behind Erestor’s pointed ears. “You would be mine for the rest of our lives?”

“Is that a proposal?” asked Erestor, breathlessly staring at the blond.

”Aye, it is… Will you give me an answer or make me wait?” Oh, Erestor’s eyes had already given him his answer, but he wanted to hear his lover say the words.

“Aye, I want to be yours for the rest of my life, Glorfindel.” Unable to stay in control of his raging emotions any longer, Erestor flung himself at the blond, holding on tight.

Smiling, Glorfindel placed a kiss on Erestor’s hair. “Then I will be yours… forever.”

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