Dinîf en Qualen

Part 16

By Morgana


“Tell me if I am wrong, but it seems like you are falling asleep, nîn amdir.” Glorfindel still had a tight hold on Erestor, whose breathing had slowed down whilst resting against him. “Are you sure you are comfortable enough here on the floor? We could move to the bed.”

Erestor slowly shook his head against Glorfindel’s chest. “I want… to stay… here.” He felt warm and comfortable in the Elda’s arms and was right where he wanted to be. He didn’t want to move now that he had found some peace of mind.

Glorfindel raised a hand, placed two fingers beneath Erestor’s chin and lifted the Elf’s face so they could make eye contact. He worried that the day’s horrid events would haunt the dark-haired Elf during the night, and he wanted to fill Erestor’s mind with something pleasurable instead.

Erestor’s eyes filled with nervous expectation when Glorfindel leaned in closer, softly claiming his lips. Trembling, he surrendered to the sensual kiss. His inexperience showed when Glorfindel’s tongue nudged against his lips, and he didn’t realize what he was supposed to do. Slowly, the Elda’s tongue managed to get past his lips, tracing the insides, and eventually nudging against his teeth. Finally catching on, he shyly parted them, allowing Glorfindel to explore his mouth.

The startled expression in Erestor’s eyes told Glorfindel just how nervous the Noldorin Elf felt. Running his fingers through the long dark hair, he finally released Erestor’s lips and smiled adoringly at his new lover. “I hope you will have pleasant dreams tonight. Dream of my lips, our kiss, and my love for you.” He didn’t want to bring up Eridhren, the fight or the Elf’s death. “Know that you are no longer alone. Know that you are loved.”

Erestor smiled, rested his head once more against Glorfindel’s shoulder and snuggled up to him. A warm, loving sensation made his heart beat faster and he wasn’t sure how to label it. Was it the same thing Glorfindel was feeling?

“Erestor? Nîn amdir?”

Erestor raised his eyes, meeting Glorfindel’s soft gaze. What was the Elda trying to tell him?

“I love you…”

Erestor choked up. Glorfindel’s emotions were so close to the surface that they were reflected in his azure eyes. What was he supposed to say? He decided to be honest. “I feel… something for you as well, but I do not know what.”

Glorfindel smiled encouragingly. “What does it feel like?”

Erestor pleadingly looked into Glorfindel’s eyes. “I do not know. I never felt anything like it. It feels… warm, inviting. I like it when you hold me this close, but…” Growing shy, he shrugged apologetically. “I do not know what I feel.”

“Oh, but you do,” whispered Glorfindel reassuringly. “You just need time to name those feelings. Do not rush yourself. Give yourself a chance to grow accustomed to them.”

Erestor felt relieved and thankful that Glorfindel was giving him the time he needed to adjust to all these changes in his life. A yawn overwhelmed him and he wrapped his arms around the Elda, assuming his former, cuddled up position.

Smiling contently, Glorfindel sighed, enjoying holding Erestor close. “Sleep and dream of our love.”

Erestor smiled dreamily. Dozing off, he still tasted Glorfindel’s sweet lips against his.


Elrond looked dotingly at his bed partner. Thranduil was blissfully asleep and nestled against him. Why had he waited so long to take this step? He should have traveled to Mirkwood centuries ago to bury the hatchet between them. Now tension and passion had finally overwhelmed them, causing them to seek comfort in each other’s arms.

That Thranduil had made himself this vulnerable surprised Elrond, but then again, it was something he should have expected. Oropher had been a harsh father and when he had first met the blond, Thranduil had been yearning for affection and attention. They had quickly admitted their feelings, had shared a tent against Oropher’s wishes and had been happy, until Gil-galad had appeared in their lives.

Now, millennia later, he was ready to admit the mistake he had made as a youngster. Thranduil had loved him, but Gil-galad had only lusted after him. At his young age he hadn’t been able to distinguish between the two. Only now did he realize what he had thrown away, and he thanked Elbereth for giving him this second chance.

Thranduil moaned in his sleep and moved slightly, causing the blond’s re-awakening erection to rub against his thigh. His wicked streak awakened and Elrond's hand stole below the sheet, loosely wrapping his fingers around the blond’s member. A needy groan left his lover’s still-bruised lips, and his own passion began to build as well.

During their short time together, spent at the Battle of the Last Alliance, they had quickly fallen into a pattern of him making love to the blond. When Gil-galad had appeared, that had changed, and he had enjoyed being at the receiving end as well. Last night had been for him, and he wanted this morning to be about Thranduil. The golden-haired Elf had never taken him before and he wanted a new balance to their relationship. He no longer wanted to just take; to give was now just as important.

Climbing onto his lover’s body, he straddled the blond’s hips, and leaned in closer to claim Thranduil’s lips. Suddenly, awareness returned to the cat-like eyes and Thranduil’s expression spoke of surprise and disorientation. Releasing his lover’s lips, Elrond smiled, feeling drunk on passion. “Good morning, nîn glaur.”

Thranduil momentarily felt lost, wondering what Elrond was doing straddling his hips and kissing him, but then last night’s memories vividly returned to him. Their sexual encounter had been explosive, and now he wondered where they stood. Just seeing Elrond grin at him like that caused his heart to flutter with hope. It was too soon to talk about love, but maybe they could build a foundation for a new relationship, which might deepen in time. “Good morning,” he choked out, feeling uncertain. Lying flat on his back, with Elrond straddling his hips, he was fairly immobile.

It pained Elrond to see the insecurity was still there in the feline eyes and he ached to take it away. He reacted instinctively. Letting his hair fall in front of his face, he bowed his head until the locks dragged over Thranduil’s chest, teasing the hardening nipples. Suddenly he knew what he had to do.

Arching his back, Thranduil felt helpless, watching Elrond lean in closer. The half-Elf’s surprisingly talented tongue trailed down his breastbone and then turned left, lapping at an erect nipple. His eyes widened when Elrond suckled the nub of hard flesh, sending spirals of pleasure through his body. He was already hard and stared at the half-Elf in astonishment. Did Elrond want to make love -again-? But last night had been a one time affair… or not? Feeling lost, he raised a shaky hand and let it tangle in the dark tresses.

The apparent need in those emerald eyes urged Elrond on. Sliding down his lover’s body, his tongue left a wet trail on the quivering skin. This time, he slowly wrapped his tongue around his lover’s erection, licking tenderly, which differed greatly from the way he had devoured the golden-haired Elf’s essence a few hours ago.

Last night had been about sex, lust and need. Now he wanted to make love.

Elrond looked up, let his lover’s arousal slip from his mouth, and stared right into Thranduil’s dilated pupils. The blond wanted him as well, but expected to be taken again. But things were going to change. Bending down, he attended to his lover’s need again, licking up and down the length of the shaft, and lavishing the head, preparing his lover for what was to come.

Hesitantly, still insecure about their new relationship, Thranduil reached for the half’s-Elf’s hair, twirling a strand around his finger. The silence between them was new, but felt extremely comfortable. It was almost like they didn’t need the words; their bodies and expressions spoke for them. Elrond suddenly released his throbbing erection and deeply gazed into his eyes. Thranduil sensed the change in Elrond’s mood, but was unable to label it correctly. He involuntarily held his breath when Elrond suddenly raised himself, positioning himself above his erection. Stunned, he stared at the half-Elf. “What…?” Never before had Elrond offered to let him experience this side of their lovemaking. Why now?

“Hush… Do not speak…” Elrond bit his bottom lip, lowering himself and allowing himself to be impaled by his lover’s erection. Slowly, he took in more, quickly getting used to the invasive sensation. In the end, his buttocks settled in Thranduil’s lap, having taken his lover completely.

All Thranduil was capable of was staring at his dark-haired lover, trembling a little and gasping. Several questions swept through his mind, but he didn’t voice them, realizing something extraordinary had happened. Elrond had taken a step which he had been incapable of before. A passionate and needy moan escaped his throat and he slowly placed his hands on the half-Elf’s hips, stroking the soft skin.

Elrond shifted slightly and sucked in his breath when the hard flesh rubbed his sweet spot, making him dizzy with passion. He took hold of his lover’s hands, placed them on either side of the blond’s head and intertwined their fingers, supporting himself and using the hold as leverage when he finally raised himself.

Thranduil’s body quavered beneath the sensual attack and he instinctively thrust into his lover’s body, seeking release. Rational thought had deserted him now that this tight glove engulfed him. Elrond impaled himself again, and this time, Thranduil released a whimper, pleadingly locking eyes with the half-Elf. “What are you… doing to me?”

“I am making love to you,” whispered Elrond in a tender tone. “Something I should have done millennia ago.” Leaning in closer, he briefly brushed his lover’s lips and then concentrated on setting a slow and seductive rhythm that quickly drove them wild with passion.

Feeling slightly more secure, Thranduil took the initiative, something he had rarely done during their short love affair. Elrond had always been the dominant one, dictating their actions, but now that he was growing more confident, he boldly freed his hands from Elrond’s death-grip and brought them up behind his lover’s back.

Elrond realized the blond’s intentions too late and before he knew it, he had been rolled onto his back. Thranduil settled between his legs, and the look of utter bliss in those green eyes made him wrap his legs tightly around his lover’s waist, allowing Thranduil to take him even deeper.

Surprised that Elrond allowed this, Thranduil buried his face in the crook of the half-Elf’s neck, thrusting, and panting softly into his lover’s ear.

Elrond’s eyes darkened to near-black, realizing that Thranduil had accepted the challenge. Maybe that was the thing that had been missing from their relationship; some aggressiveness on Thranduil’s part. Gil-galad had possessed that quality, and in retrospect he realized it had drawn him close like a moth to the flame. “Harder,” he demanded, panting his need. His hands now clawed the sheet, and he stared into wild, emerald eyes. Had he ever seen them this passionate, this alive before?

“Harder?” Thranduil wasn’t sure he had heard correctly.

“Aye, harder!” Elrond raised his hips to meet Thranduil’s next thrust and pushed back.

Obliging the half-Elf, he thrust harder, but still couldn’t let go completely. He had never been on top before and was scared to hurt his lover. He couldn’t help being concerned and cautious. His hands now moved through the dark hair, and when he claimed Elrond’s lips, the half-Elf quivered with release.

His heart missed a beat when the half-Elf’s inner muscle contracted around his aching member, sending ripples of ecstasy through his body. Stopping all movement, he surrendered to the sensation, which quickly led him to a shattering orgasm. Arching his back, he threw back his head and trembled over his entire body. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

Enraptured, Elrond stared at the blond beauty trembling above him. He quickly wrapped his arms around him, and slowly rolled them onto their sides, relishing the fact that Thranduil was still inside him. Staring into dilated pupils, he managed a shaky smile.

“What…do I do... now?” Thranduil was relieved to be lying down again.

“Pull out slowly,” whispered Elrond tenderly. Although he tried to mentally prepare himself for losing this intimate connection, he still released a disappointed sigh when the blond’s sated sex left his body.

Thranduil, still catching his breath, stared at the half-Elf in barely concealed puzzlement. “Why did you do that?”

Elrond caressed the blond’s face, tracing the jawline. “Because I love you.” But for some reason that seemed to mystify Thranduil even more; the confusion in those green eyes grew more intense. “I want our relationship to be balanced, to be equal. We should aim to make it better than what he had millennia ago. We are older now, and hopefully a little wiser.”

Thranduil’s heart thundered, hearing Elrond’s words. “That is what I always wanted, always dreamt of, but I never dared think it could come true.”

Letting his fingers tangle in the soft, golden locks, Elrond smiled warmly. “I love you and you love me. What else do we need?” Unexpectedly his stomach growled, reminding them that it was time for breakfast.

“Nourishment, it seems,” teased Thranduil, still feeling insecure about their relationship. But Elrond’s words had given him courage. He would do his part to build a solid relationship.

“Aye, we need to eat.” Elrond nearly lost himself in the sea of green that was Thranduil’s eyes. “We should bathe, get dressed and join the others for breakfast. I also want to check on Elrohir. He tried to hide it last night, but I know he was upset.”

“And I want to look in on Erestor. I worry about him.” Thranduil didn’t know if he could act normally when facing the others. Would they realize something had changed? How would Elrond’s sons react? How would -his- sons react? Growing worried, he wondered what had possessed him to give into his need.

“What is wrong, nîn glaur? Why does your gaze darken?” Elrond elbowed himself into a sitting position and searched his lover’s eyes.

“We did not think this over,” said Thranduil softly. “We never considered what impact this would have on Elladan and Elrohir…” His voice faded, concerned. “And how can I possibly face them, or my sons, after… after…”

“After making love to me?” Elrond understood. “I have not given this much thought either and I am inclined to not tell them yet.” Seeing sudden nervousness appear in Thranduil’s eyes, he quickly added, “And it is not because I am ashamed of you, or embarrassed! I just want more time for us to grow accustomed to this.”

Thranduil sighed, realizing Elrond had made a valid point. They should wait before announcing they were together again. Their love was still too fragile.

“Breakfast, then?” Elrond planted a chaste kiss on Thranduil’s brow. “And after breakfast we will discuss those border patrols. Maybe later, we can go for a walk in the gardens?” He didn’t want to pressure Thranduil into anything, taking it slowly instead. /Taking it slowly!/ he laughed privately. /Making love twice is taking it slowly?/

Thranduil met Elrond’s gaze, and said, “But I would like to join the others for dinner tonight. We have a lot to discuss.”

Elrond nodded approvingly. “And after dinner we can retreat to my chambers?”

“And do what?” Thranduil’s voice trembled.

Elrond smiled wickedly whilst rising from the bed. He extended his hand and signaled for Thranduil to follow him, which the blond did. “Maybe you will sing for me? You have such an enchanting voice.” Thranduil actually blushed at his words and Elrond led the blond into bathroom for a quick bath.

“Maybe I will,” said Thranduil thoughtfully.

“I hope you will.”


Elrohir felt rested when he woke in his brother’s arms. After Elladan had brushed his hair, they had cuddled up like they had done when they were little. Smiling warmly, Elrohir began to tickle his twin through his robes, which caused Elladan to wake up with a soft scream on his lips.

”What in Elbereth’s name are you doing?” Elladan burst out laughing when Elrohir tickled him in earnest. He was relieved to find that his younger brother had recovered from Eridhren’s attack. The dark anxiety that had been in his eyes last night was gone. “Have mercy!”

Elrohir stopped tickling his twin and stretched luxuriously. “We should check on Erestor.” He yawned, ran a hand through his hair, and sat upright.

Elladan nodded. “I am sure Glorfindel is taking good care of him.”

Elrohir blinked once. “Do you think there is something going on between them? There is a certain expression in Glorfindel’s eyes when he looks at Erestor, and it appeared after they returned from their hazardous journey.”

Raising an eyebrow, Elladan shrugged. “There might be some attraction on Glorfindel’s part, but I doubt Erestor is interested.”

“But then again, Erestor has changed a lot since we brought him back wounded.”

“You are right,” sighed Elladan, suddenly reminded of the dreadful state they had found Erestor in. “I am so glad he did not bleed to death.”

“And I am glad his father did not get to him.” A shudder coursed through him. “Eridhren was insane. There is no other explanation for his behavior.” Elrohir rose from the bed, stretched again, and headed for the bathroom for a quick wash.

Elladan got to his feet and walked over to the closet. After opening it, he selected a blue shirt and leggings for Elrohir and chose a brown tunic for himself. Draping the clothes over a chair, he walked over to the window, smiling at Arien’s warm rays.

His gaze drifted to his father’s balcony. Elrond usually opened his balcony doors in the morning and would sit in the sun until it was time to eat breakfast. Seeing that the doors were still closed made him frown. His father rarely slept in late, and he couldn’t help but worry if something was wrong.

Elrohir had slung a towel around his hips and was drying his hair, joining his twin in front of the window. “Is Ada awake yet?”

“His balcony doors are still closed,” whispered Elladan thoughtfully. “What does that mean?”

“Maybe he was tired and slept in late?”

Elladan shook his head. “As the host he should be looking after Thranduil.”

“And tonight Eridhren’s corpse will burn on the pyre.” It promised to be a long, exhausting day. “Do you think Erestor will attend?”

“As long as Glorfindel is there to support him, aye.” Elladan turned around and headed for the bathroom to take his bath whilst Elrohir got dressed.

Sitting down in front of the mirror, Elrohir combed his hair and braided it again. Suddenly Elladan’s voice reached him.

“Did you notice the tension between Ada and Thranduil? At first I did not know what to make of it, but I have the feeling that there is a lot of unfinished business between them.” Elladan wrapped himself up in a towel and stepped into the bedroom, picking up his clothes. After exchanging the towel for his tunic and leggings, he joined Elrohir in front of the mirror. His fingers ran along his brother’s braid, picked up a hair clip and fastened the dark mane.

Elrohir nodded. “I sensed something as well, but I have no idea what stands between them.”

“Maybe it has something to do with Oropher’s death. I was always under the impression Thranduil blamed Ada for that.”

“That could be it,” said Elrohir, smiling. “Let us eat first and then we will talk to Erestor.” He had the feeling they might run into each other when having breakfast.

Elladan returned the smile and decided to let his hair hang loose. Hungry, he grabbed his brother’s hand and pulled him along. “Let us eat!”


Erestor’s eyes slowly regained awareness and the first thing he noticed was a strand of golden hair dangling in front of his nose. /Glorfindel./ The blond mystified him, and after last night’s admission he wondered how the Elda could possibly be in love with him. But he couldn’t deny having some feelings for Glorfindel as well. He just didn’t know how to label them correctly.

“We should eat something.”

Hearing Glorfindel’s voice startled him. He hadn’t been aware of the fact that the Elda was awake already. Tentatively, he raised his head and stared at the blond. Warm sunbeams surrounded Glorfindel’s head, making him appear as radiant as Arien. “I cannot believe I slept peacefully last night.”

“Must be my charming company,” teased Glorfindel, running a light fingertip over Erestor’s lip. “Do you want to take a bath?”

Erestor shook his head. “I want to eat first.” Only now was he growing aware of just how hungry he was.

“You do seem at ease,” said Glorfindel, smiling pleased. He reluctantly released Erestor, and after placing a chaste kiss on the dark-haired Elf’s brow, he rose to his feet. Extending his hand, he pulled Erestor to his feet and bestowed a warm hug on the Noldorin Elf.

Erestor smiled shyly, actually looking forward to spending his day with the Elda.


Elrohir smiled, encountering Erestor and Glorfindel in the corridor. The two elder Elves seemed to be heading for the dining room as well. “Good morning, Erestor. You look rested.”

Erestor’s smile remained shy, locking gazes with the youngest twin. “I seem to have made a friend who is rather worried about me, pen-neth. Glorfindel watched over me last night.”

The Elda beamed with pride and contentment, now that his arm was tightly wrapped around Erestor’s waist, no longer hiding his affection. The gesture made Elladan smile.

Glorfindel opened the door and pulled Erestor inside. He raised an eyebrow inquisitively, finding Elrond and Thranduil already eating breakfast.

Elrond looked up and smiled, seeing the four of them enter. His first glance was for Elrohir. Finding his youngest son smiling back at him reassured him. His next glance was for Erestor and seeing Glorfindel holding his hand made the half-Elf smile. It seemed like they had worked through last night successfully, which made him feel relieved. “Good morning.”

Elrohir sat down at Elrond’s left and Elladan in between his father and Thranduil. If the oldest twin was surprised to find Thranduil present, he didn’t show it. From the other side of the table, Elrohir glanced questioningly at him and he shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t know why Elrond was having breakfast with Thranduil either. The last time he had seen them they had been fighting, and he had sent his father to apologize to Thranduil. Maybe his little ploy had worked and they had buried the hatchet?

Glorfindel’s gaze searched Elrond’s, wondering what had happened during the night between the half-Elf and Thranduil.

A maid placed a plate filled with fruits, bread and cheese in front of Erestor, who also accepted a warm mug of tea, which he sipped slowly. His gaze unexpectedly locked with Thranduil’s and he frowned at the peculiar expression in those emerald eyes. Something about Thranduil was different.

Elladan, whose gaze had shifted to Thranduil as well, suddenly noticed a wound on the blond’s neck. Cocking his head, his eyes narrowed, studying the wound.

Thranduil, feeling Elladan’s eyes on him, looked up from eating breakfast and locked eyes with the younger half-Elf. Elladan’s expression unnerved him.

Elladan grinned, attracted his brother’s attention and pointed his finger at Thranduil’s neck.

Elrond, who happened to accidentally glance at his oldest son, dropped his fork onto his plate with a metallic thud at seeing Elladan’s wicked grin. He knew his son well enough to realize he was in trouble.

Thranduil felt a similar panic. They had decided to keep their attraction a secret, and now that Elladan had noticed the bite mark he didn’t know what to say.

“Someone left a passion mark on you, my Lord Thranduil,” said Elladan impishly. “I wonder who it was.”



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