Dinîf en Qualen

Part 15

By Morgana


Glorfindel reluctantly released Erestor and slowly got to his feet. Seeing the dark-haired Elf’s distressed expression, he instantly soothed Erestor. “I just want to ask a maid to bring us hot tea and something to eat. Or would you prefer hot herbal wine?” He had seen Erestor drink it before; the counselor was one of the few Elves who liked it that way.

Erestor let go of Glorfindel’s hand and watched the blond walk toward the doorway, his eyes never leaving the Elda’s form. “Warm wi--” His voice faltered, making it impossible for him to finish his sentence.

“I will take that as a yes,” said Glorfindel, teasingly. He opened the door, called out to a maid, and asked her to bring warm wine, hot tea and something to eat. She hurried away after assuring him that she would return shortly.

Erestor’s puzzled gaze followed him around the room as he picked up blankets and spread them onto the floor in front of the fireplace. Glorfindel added a pile of pillows and then turned around, smiling warmly at Erestor.

“What are you doing?” asked Erestor, puzzled. Glorfindel raised a hand and signaled for him to join him near the fireplace. He shakily got to his feet and swayed slightly when walking toward the blond. “What do you want me to do?”

“You said you did not want to go to sleep yet, but I do think you need to rest. The fire will keep us warm whilst we recover from today’s events.” Glorfindel felt saddened, seeing Erestor’s surprised expression. The raven-haired Elf was still surprised that someone wanted to take care of him. “You are already wearing warm and comfortable robes, but I am not. I will change into some as well. Why don't you lie down now?”

Erestor nodded hesitantly, uncertain what was happening. After gathering his robes close to his body, he sat down, cross-legged. Wondering what Glorfindel was doing, he looked over his shoulder and immediately averted his eyes again. The blond had just stepped out of his leggings and was now slipping into blue robes. He had never seen Glorfindel naked before and wasn’t sure how to react, so he simply looked away.

A knock on the door alerted Glorfindel, and after opening it, he took the tray from the maid, kicked the door shut and joined Erestor in front of the fireplace. He placed the tray on the floor next to him and handed the dark-haired Elf a slice of bread, topped with cheese.

Erestor wanted to decline, but seeing Glorfindel’s determined expression, he took a bite and began to munch. He was becoming increasingly nervous now that it was just the two of them in this rather intimate setting.

Glorfindel poured the warm wine into a goblet and handed it to Erestor. “How do you fare? Do you still feel shaken?”

Erestor shrugged, and then sipped his wine slowly. “I am not sure. I still cannot believe he is dead.”

Glorfindel sipped his tea and studied Erestor extensively, searching for clues as to how the raven-haired Elf was really feeling. “You were very courageous to stand up to him. You should be proud of yourself.”

“I did not have a choice.” Erestor gulped down the rest of the wine now that it had cooled, and placed the empty goblet onto the floor.

Glorfindel noticed how badly Erestor’s hands were shaking and carefully considered his next step. He wanted Erestor to feel truly safe and secure. Slowly, giving Erestor a chance to get used to his closeness, he enfolded the dark-haired Elf in his arms and pulled him into a lying position. After a moment of hesitation, Erestor rested his head against his chest and Glorfindel sighed in deep contentment. The fire blazed warmly and he indulged himself, watching the glow play over Erestor’s dark hair.

Feeling confused, Erestor wondered what would happen next. He felt strangely at peace in Glorfindel’s arms and stared at the fire as well. Slowly, Glorfindel pulled him closer and acting without thinking, he curled his body around the blond’s, trying to get as close as possible. Glorfindel’s reaction was to hug him even closer, which he allowed. He couldn’t remember ever being held this close before. It was a strange and confusing feeling, and yet it was comforting as well.

A comfortable silence descended over them and Glorfindel felt more than content to just hold Erestor in his arms. Unable to keep back, he placed a chaste kiss on the top of Erestor’s dark hair. “Be at peace, melamin. Everything is well now. You can let go and rest.”

Glorfindel’s words brought tears to Erestor’s eyes. Thranduil had tried to make him feel safe and cherished when he had been an Elfling, but knowing that Eridhren would continue to make his life miserable had sabotaged the elder Elf’s attempts. But now that his father was dead, he was able to let go. The warm, herbal wine helped him relax and slowly he slipped into a comfortable state between waking and sleep.

Glorfindel felt Erestor relax against him and smiled, pleased. “You are safe now, nîn amdir.” Erestor sighed deeply and the blond tightened his hold. “And I will continue to watch over you.”


Thranduil tentatively followed Elrond into the half-Elf’s private chambers. He still wondered why Elrond wanted him here, but decided to wait a little longer before asking questions.

The dark-haired Elf looked tired, even upset, and he now walked over to the window, looking into the night that was descending over them. Elrond’s gaze drifted lower, onto the commode beneath the window, where Vilya lay on a bed of red velvet. Once more, Elrond was reminded of his time with Gil-galad. Hearing Thranduil’s sharp intake of breath, he looked over his shoulder. Following the blond’s gaze, he realized Thranduil was also staring at the ring of power.

Fury crept back into Thranduil’s green eyes. He wanted Gil-galad’s presence eradicated from their lives, but by giving Vilya to Elrond the High King had gained a constant place in the half-Elf’s life. “Why do you want me here? I would prefer to return to my rooms.” Seeing that ring reminded him of what he had lost: Elrond’s love.

Elrond quickly covered the distance between them and grabbed Thranduil’s wrist to keep him from leaving, using just enough force to make his point. “I want you to stay.”

“You want… You want…” mocked Thranduil, “It is always about what -you- want! You wanted Gil-galad to want you and he did.” Thranduil’s eyes shot dangerous daggers at Elrond, making the half-Elf flinch. “I do not know what you hope to accomplish by making me stay, but it is not working. I should leave you alone with your memories. Gil-galad will always stand between us.”

Elrond saw the fierce fire in Thranduil’s eyes and finally realized what he had to do to get through to the blond. But was he prepared to take that step? Thranduil began to pull away from him, and that movement prompted him into action. With one strong jerk, he pulled the blond close and wrapped his arms around Thranduil, claiming those luscious lips to deliver a bruising kiss to them.

Elrond’s sudden aggressiveness momentarily startled Thranduil. It was the last thing he had expected the half-Elf to do. His eyes widened, feeling Elrond’s hand cup his buttocks, pressing him close and rubbing himself against him. Sparks of passion and lust erupted inside him, making him moan into Elrond’s mouth.

Closely monitoring Thranduil’s reaction, Elrond wondered when the blond would either push him away or take control of the kiss. Claiming Thranduil in this manner was risky, but he felt that he didn’t have any options left. Nudging the other’s lips and teeth apart, he took possession of that warm, moist cavern and explored it at leisure, struck by how familiar and right this felt.

Thranduil finally fully realized what was happening and reacted accordingly. Bringing his hands up behind Elrond’s back, he buried his fingers in the long, dark hair and applied just enough force to make the half-Elf gasp in surprise, whilst turning the tables and invading the raven-haired Elf’s mouth as well, engaging his tongue in a duel for dominance. They had fought before and he already knew how this would end, providing they followed through.

Elrond’s eyes burned with a dark glow as his passion was answered with another tug at his hair. Words wouldn’t get him anywhere; it was time to let his deeds speak for him. Clutching Thranduil’s head, he dived onto the now bruised lips, passionately licking the inside of the blond’s lips and taking back control of their kiss.

Using his hold on Elrond, Thranduil forced the half-Elf to take several steps toward the wall until his back hit the bricks. His fingers tangled in the long, raven locks and when he broke the kiss, he hissed at Elrond. What was it that Elrond really wanted?

Seeing the puzzlement in the blond’s eyes, Elrond quickly slipped one hand into Thranduil’s breeches. Squeezing a perfectly rounded buttock, he panted hard. “I want you.”

Thranduil thought he had misheard. “What game are you playing, Peredhel?” He curled his fingers around strands of dark hair and stared deeply into the half-Elf’s blue eyes.

“No games.” Elrond pressed his body closer to Thranduil’s so the blond could feel his arousal. There was only one way to settle this matter between them. Providing Thranduil agreed to this, their lovemaking would be fast and furious. “You mocked me earlier about my wants, but I still want you. And I do not want it be just one night. I want restored what we once had.”

Thranduil was at a loss. Elrond’s arousal pressed against his hip and he had grown hard with need as well. He didn’t fool himself into believing that this was about love. This was about lust, the need to find release and to let go of the tension that had existed between them for millennia. “Who says I want you?” he sneered, unwilling to give in this easily. One of Elrond’s hands suddenly cupped his arousal, squeezing teasingly.

“-This- tells me how much you want me,” whispered Elrond hoarsely. His other hand still fondled the blond’s buttocks and he could barely refrain from letting his fingertips dip into the cleft. “I want you. I want to be inside you.”

Thranduil trembled. For how long had he wanted to hear Elrond say those words? But could he continue? Did he want what Elrond offered? The half-Elf had said he wanted more than a single night of lust and passion, but he doubted it was the truth. In the morning they would go back to hating each other. Was he really willing to give in to Elrond and surrender like he had done when they were young? Was what Elrond offered enough?

He gasped in surprise when Elrond’s fingers undid the laces to his breeches, causing his erection to bob free from his confines. Fast and agile fingers curled themselves around his weeping member and his eyes darkened with lust. Yes, he would take what Elrond offered, even if that meant suffering more heartache.

Elrond licked his lips, seeing a dark gleam appear in the blond’s eyes. Removing his hand from Thranduil’s buttocks, he wrapped one arm around him and slowly laid him down on the furs on the floor. “Let me pleasure you…”

The sensual tone to Elrond’s voice traveled directly to Thranduil's groin, causing his erection to twitch in anticipation. Elrond removed his breeches with practiced moves and then straddled him. He trembled beneath the half-Elf’s touch. This was so unexpected, so unreal.

Elrond bowed forward, licked his lips and closed them around the blond’s aching erection. Thranduil arched beneath him and he quickly slid one hand beneath the blond’s buttocks, teasing his cleft. His lover gasped beneath him and bucked hard.

Relaxing his throat, Elrond allowed Thranduil to bury himself deeper, and he sucked greedily. He massaged the blond’s guardian ring, already preparing him for the penetration that would follow quickly. The need to release this tension was urging them on.

Thranduil moaned deliciously, and the sound reverberated in his straining member, which was now slick with pre-ejaculate. Elrond lapped at the hard flesh, and then pulled back, realizing his lover was close to orgasm - too close. “Roll onto your stomach, nîn glaur.”

Thranduil couldn’t help but waver momentarily. He craved Elrond’s touch, he had done so for so long, but could he make himself that vulnerable again? Suddenly, soothing fingers stroked the insides of his thigh and he was gently being rolled onto his stomach whilst a pillow was pushed beneath his hips. His erection now rubbed against the fabric and he bit his bottom lip, trying to hold back his release.

Elrond’s hands kneaded the soft mounds of flesh in front of him. “You are as beautiful as I remember, nîn glaur.” He quickly removed his robes and threw them onto the floor. Naked now as well, he straddled Thranduil, massaging the blond’s buttocks and occasionally dipping into the cleft to deliver a teasing caress to the twitching ring of muscle. “Soon, melethron.” The little, needy moans that escaped Thranduil’s lips were slowly driving him mad with desire.

Thranduil’s hands became fists, feeling Elrond flip his hair forward and then slowly drag the silken mass over his back. The sensation nearly made him come and he mutely pleaded for release. The fact that Elrond still remembered how much he loved to feel those silk locks caress his naked flesh shocked him. What else did Elrond remember?

Elrond smiled warmly and separated the soft globes with one hand, massaging the guardian ring with the other. Without warning, he flicked his tongue at the small opening.

Thranduil released a tormented whimper, as a soft, wet sensation slid into him. He pushed himself up onto all fours; spreading his legs and presenting himself to the half-Elf. When they had been lovers, Elrond had always prepared him for their lovemaking in this way. And now the half-Elf was doing it again.

Deeply touched by Thranduil’s trust in him, Elrond licked and teased, making the blond squirm and beg his need. Pulling back, he slowly probed the now slick opening with one finger. He released a pleased groan when his lover eagerly accepted the intrusion, even pushing back to take in more.

“Now… Take me now… End this torment!” Thranduil was panting, already pushing back, trying to get Elrond to act faster. His body ached to reach its climax!

Elrond curled his fingers around his throbbing erection and positioned himself at the small opening. Grabbing the blond’s hips, he pushed inside, releasing a content sigh. A tight heat engulfed him, causing him to lose control, penetrating the blond deeper.

Thranduil released a sharp yelp when Elrond entered him and he threw back his head in wild abandon. With the intrusion came pain and he gritted his teeth, hoping the discomfort would quickly change into pleasure. Looking over his shoulder, he hoped the half-Elf understood his silent plea.

Nodding, Elrond continued to sheathe himself and didn’t stop until he was buried to the hilt. “Do not move. Not yet.” He wanted to savor this moment.

Now that Elrond filled him completely, Thranduil trembled with need, eager for the half-Elf to thrust and rub his sweet spot so the shallow pain that still coursed through him would finally disappear. Suddenly Elrond’s hands soothingly stroked his back and then the half-Elf thrust for the first time. Groaning, he pushed back, and in the process his lover rubbed that sweet spot, sending waves of impending ecstasy through his body.

Elrond leaned in closer and rested his upper body on Thranduil’s. The weight pushed the blond down, who now collapsed onto his stomach, allowing Elrond to thrust deeper into that tight, hot channel. Biting Thranduil’s neck, his thrusts became harder, faster, and more erratic as he approached orgasm.

Thranduil’s fingers clawed at the furs beneath him, and his erection just got enough friction to send him over the edge. His eyes closed, his body quavered and he released a strangled moan, finally reaching his climax. Elrond continued to thrust, driving himself even deeper into Thranduil's body, and Thranduil allowed it, basking in a sensual glow that quickly spread throughout his entire body.

Spasms contracted around his member, making Elrond bite deeper into his lover’s skin, drawing blood. Thrusting harshly, he finally reached orgasm as well. He now was a dead weight, keeping Thranduil from moving.

Both of them were panting and Elrond licked the blond’s back, trying to make up for the bite mark that would show for days at the back of Thranduil’s neck. He knew he should pull out, but lacked the strength. Instead, he surrendered to the lazy sensation coursing through his body.

Thranduil, however, felt exhausted and Elrond’s weight was making it harder for him to breathe and recover. He managed to cock his head and looked at the exhausted half-Elf, hoping that Elrond would roll off of him.

Seeing the tired expression in the green eyes, Elrond slowly pulled out, soothing the blond when Thranduil released a distraught moan. He rolled onto his side, enfolded his lover in an embrace and pulled him along. Now they lay facing each other, holding the other close. The tension between them was gone and had been replaced with something else, something new.

Feeling at a loss, Thranduil wondered what would happen next. A nauseating feeling coursed through him. Had Elrond simply used him? He fought down an embittered laugh; he had –allowed- Elrond to use him in this way! He couldn’t blame Elrond for this when he had contributed to it as well.

Seeing the confusion in the misty green eyes, Elrond raised a hand and rested it on Thranduil’s hips, gently stroking the skin there. “Do you feel better now? Lighter? I do.” The tension, anger and frustration that had coursed through him when dealing with Thranduil was gone, and had been replaced with affection, respect and love.

Uncertain how to reply, Thranduil continued to stare at Elrond. His hand trembled violently when he caressed the half-Elf’s face. “I do not know what I feel.”

In a moment of complete understanding, Elrond’s smile faded. “You are afraid. Why?” He had seen that particular expression in those emerald eyes before. He had seen it when he had left the tent they had shared to be with Gil-galad.

Realizing that denying the truth was useless, Thranduil nodded. “I am afraid we will go back to hating each other when Arien rises again. That we will forget this night ever happened.”

“This night is imprinted on my very soul,” said Elrond, passionately. He pressed his fingertips against Thranduil’s lips, tracing their outline. “Did I hurt you? I did not properly prepare you, but—“

Thranduil shook his head. “I could not wait either. I wanted it as well.”

“I have some soothing salve if you feel sore. I apologize for letting my feelings overwhelm me. I never wanted to hurt you.”

“I heal fast,” said Thranduil, smiling shyly. “You were right, you know? I never stopped loving you.” Suddenly, a terrifying thought upset him. “How do you feel about me? Am I fooling myself by believing you still have feelings for me? Or—“

“Do not finish that sentence,” said Elrond, placing a finger against the blond’s lips. He didn’t want to hear words of doubt and pain. “You are not fooling yourself and I do have feelings for you. Stronger feelings than I thought. We can take our time to explore our feelings.”

Thranduil stared into Elrond’s blue, dilated eyes. “Do you want me to leave?” The intensity of their sensual encounter had shaken him and he didn’t know what to expect next.

Elrond shook his head. “Do not leave, nîn glaur. My life has been cold and dark for so many years, and now that you have come back to me, I feel warm again.”

“You want me to stay?” Thranduil couldn’t remember ever feeling this insecure. It was easy to be cross with Elrond, but it was a lot harder to face his feelings and accept them. “I still love you. My heart still beats for you.”

Elrond wrapped a golden strand around his finger, playing with it. “I never stopped loving you either, and I want you to stay. I want us to spend time together. I want—“ He stopped, laughed warmly and shook his head.

Thranduil caught on and said, “You want.”

“Aye, I -want- you.” Smiling at Thranduil, he was relieved when the blond returned that smile. “Ithil has long risen and we should get some sleep. We will have to attend to many matters tomorrow and we need to rest now. Will you sleep in my bed tonight? In my arms?”

Thranduil hesitantly rubbed the half-Elf’s back, wondering what the future would bring. “Are you sure you want me in your bed… and in your arms?”

/Do not bring up Gil-galad,/ thought Elrond, pleadingly. /Do not bring him into our bed./

Closing his eyes momentarily, Thranduil made the decision to be completely honest with Elrond. “I cannot believe you still love me. I also know this was not about love. This was about releasing the tension that has been building for millennia. Maybe it is best if I return to Mirkwood as quickly as possible.”


Hearing Elrond’s determined tone, his green eyes widened and he stared at the half-Elf in puzzlement. “No?”

“You are not leaving.” Elrond opted for action again, instead of words, knowing they wouldn’t reach the hurt blond. Slower, with much love and affection displayed in his kiss, he claimed Thranduil’s lips. His hands soothingly moved over his lover’s back, hips and then settled for stroking the silken hair. Effectively silencing Thranduil, he maintained eye contact, searching the green orbs. When he finally released the blond’s lips, he whispered, “I am not making the same mistake twice. I am not letting you get away again. I love you.”

/I love you…/ Elrond’s words echoed in Thranduil’s mind. “Do you? Do you really love me?”

Elrond nodded. “Stay with me. Stay and give our love a chance to flourish. I know you still love me… Give yourself time to heal.”

The ache in his hurt soul lessened, hearing Elrond’s soothing words. Thranduil sighed, wondering if he was setting himself up for more heartache. Valthoron was more than capable of ruling Mirkwood, and he could stay for longer, if he really wanted to.

Elrond involuntarily held his breath whilst Thranduil reached a decision. Claiming the blond’s hand, he squeezed gently. “Please stay.”

“I will stay,” mumbled Thranduil, hoping he had made the right decision. Elrond’s brilliant smile took him aback and when the half-Elf rose from the floor, he allowed Elrond to pull him to his feet.

Elrond guided him to his bed where he sat him down. He closely watched, trying to determine if Thranduil was sore or not. When the blond showed no sign of discomfort, he pushed down the covers and signaled for him to lie down. Thranduil complied and Elrond climbed into bed as well, lying down next to him and opening his arms. Thranduil moved into them and Elrond completed the hug, holding him close. “I will never leave you again,” he vowed.

/Do not make promises you cannot keep,/ thought Thranduil privately. His heart still beat with fear at being abandoned again. He wouldn’t survive losing Elrond a second time.



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