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Desire and Love

Chapter Five - In the trees

By linteloteiel


The fellowship carried on the next day towards Caras Galadhon. According to Haldir it would take another day. Gimli walked with the hobbits, talking quietly to them. Boromir walked at the back. Aragorn was next to Legolas, holding his hand. The others said nothing. They had heard some of the shouting the previous night, and knew Legolas was blaming himself for Gandalf's fall. Frodo had already told the hobbits what he'd seen when he was on watch in Moria. Boromir had seen it too, and whilst he disapproved, said nothing public about it. He just observed in silence. Aragorn had asked him about using his child to be heir to the throne, so he accepted they were in love and left it at that.

'There's something between them,' Gimli told the hobbits, as if it had only just happened the night before. 'They slept together last night.'

'We know that. It's obvious.' Frodo snickered. 'Stupid dwarves. You're all blind! They were together when we left Moria!'

Gimli roared. 'I'll get you for that, young hobbit!' he chased Frodo through the trees.

'Hey!' Haldir shouted. 'Watch it!' Gimli was brandishing his axe at Frodo. He started to run over. 'Haldir! 'Tis ok!' Aragorn restrained the elf, then shouted at Gimli. 'Gimli, put away that axe before you hit a tree. Galadriel would skin you alive.'

'She probably will anyway,' Legolas muttered. 'Dwarves are not particularly favoured by elves at the best of times. This is sacred Elven land.'

He was still quite weak from the day before, despite having slept longer then ever before in his life. He was leaning on Aragorn, though the human said nothing about it, and supported him. He was very concerned about his lover. Never in his life had he seen a sick elf. Gimli stalked back, glaring at Frodo. He glanced at Legolas and Aragorn but said nothing. Haldir was also casting little glances at them. He'd known the elf like Aragorn, but had given him up to Arwen. The previous night, he had thought they would get together, try and drown their sorrows. He knew humans did that often. He'd hoped one night would lead to more, and give Legolas some happiness at last.

Listening to the conversation though, he gathered that they already were together. He'd speak with Galadriel about getting them a private talan in Caras Galadhon. Gods knew Legolas deserved it. Most of his life, he'd been alone, afraid to go after people he liked for fear of what his father would say. Thranduil apparently disagreed with his son seeing other males. He though it was unsuitable behaviour for elves. Haldir knew Thranduil didn't really believe that. He figured Thranduil probably just didn't want Legolas behaving the way most elves did. Certainly with other males. Something would have to be done. Maybe Galadriel could help. Or Celeborn. He got on ~very~ well with Thranduil. Haldir smirked. How typical, he forbids his son to do what he does. Thranduil was too fond of his wine and treasure. He didn't see his son's unhappiness.

When they stopped for the night he decided to give them a high talan. It was a long way up in the tree, and quite apart from the others. It was often used for the very purpose he intended it to be used for. The two said goodnight to the hobbits, Gimli and Boromir, before beginning to scale the tree. Despite feeling very tired and weak, Legolas made it up a lot quicker than Aragorn. When Aragorn reached the top, Legolas was standing looking around. He stood behind the elf, slipping his arms around his waist. Legolas sighed as Aragorn softly kissed his neck.

'We really shouldn't do this.'

'I know.' Aragorn collapsed to the ground and stretched out.

'Ok, love?' Legolas quizzed, sitting cross-legged on the floor, unpacking his bedroll.

'Fine. Long day. Long climb.' He too sat up, looking for his water skin in his pack. 'What?' he caught the amused glance on Legolas' face.

'Nothing,' Legolas replied.

'Liar! What is it?' he found his water skin and took a deep drink. He threw his bedroll on the floor next to Legolas', and pulled out his blankets.

'This talan.' He seemed to be fighting back laughter, as well as anger. 'It's a private one. Haldir suspects something, I think.'

'Or he thought you needed looking after, following last night,' Aragorn suggested. He knew the elf wasn't happy about doing anything without Arwen knowing. This put a scowl on Legolas.

'I'm fine!' He removed his cloak and tunic, lying back in just his shirt. Aragorn followed suit, not wanting to annoy Legolas.

He lay facing his lover, then reached out a hand to touch Legolas' cheek. 'You're so beautiful. Why would you ever want me?'

'I am merely pleasing to the eye, is what you mean. And you think you are not deserving of any elf. But you are. You are a noble, yet you are very humble. You are gentle, protective, loving. You try to help everyone, ignoring your own needs. Why you would choose me over Arwen, I know not. She is fair in every way.'

'I'm not! You describe yourself. You don't mention your royal blood, if anything you act inferior to others. You put the hobbit's grief before yours, ensuring all were ok,' Aragorn protested

'That is pride! I will not show weakness to any. It is not right for an elf to do so. With you, it is deeper. It is natural to you, to act this way.' Aragorn took the elf's hand.

'Maybe we should shut up,' he suggested, pulling the elf close. 'I made my choice a long time ago, that it was you. Now I think its time to act.'

[ Final Warning! This is slash! If you find it offensive hit BACK!! Don't bother to read it and flame me cos i'll only write more of it! ]

Legolas grabbed the human and kissed him firmly, his hands in Aragorn's hair. Aragorn ran his hands down Legolas' back, cupping his backside and pulling the elf towards him. He lay on top of him.

'Aragorn, stop. Lady Arwen. We cannot betray her, even if she knows you desire me.' For that is all it is, he added mentally. Aragorn kissed the elf's neck, sucking on the flesh. Legolas moaned. 'Stop.' He felt a stirring in his groin, and tried to pull away. Aragorn wouldn't let him.

'Legolas, it is ok, I promise you. I love you and she knows that.' He moved his hands round to the elf's front, undoing his shirt. Legolas began to do the same to the man, trailing kisses down his chest, sucking on his nipples. Aragorn slid his hands down from the elf's chest to his groin. He heard his breath hitch as he stroked the arousal. He kissed the tip of Legolas' ear, and found himself suddenly pinned underneath the elf.

Legolas was close to losing control as he pinned the human beneath him. He really wanted to take him. Legolas began removing the man's leggings, whilst kissing Aragorn hard. He pushed his tongue into the mans mouth, exploring it. Aragorn returned the favour, whilst he was stripped of his clothing. Legolas broke the kiss, trailing another line of kisses down the man, sucking his nipples again. He moved slowly downwards, teasing the human. He reached Aragorn's hard erection, and kissed the tip, sucking gently, tongue teasing the slit. He teased the man, running his tongue up and down a few times til he took him in.

Aragorn moaned loudly, arching his back as the elf took him in. He felt himself drowning in wet heat. He put his hands in the elf's hair, pushing himself further in. Legolas gently stroked the sensitive sack just below, and felt the man trembling, as he neared climax. He felt his own erection straining painfully. Aragorn released himself with a great shout. Legolas drank him down, before moving up to kiss his lover again.

Aragorn's hand wrapped itself around Legolas' arousal, and began moving up and down rapidly. Legolas bucked, and moaned, trying to hold back. He felt his control slipping. Aragorn changed tactics, and flipped the elf so he was back on top again. He kissed Legolas hard, letting his fingers brush the sensitive sac below his erection, and then teasing the elfs nipples. The elf gasped, and came with a loud moan. Aragorn pulled his lips away from the elf.

'I love you,' Legolas moaned, before pushing the man down. He felt his control slipping quickly. He reached into the pack for the vial he'd seen Haldir give to Aragorn. He knew what to do with it, although he had never been with another male. He poured some oil on his fingers, sliding them into his lover's tight entrance. He knew they couldn't stop now. He hoped he wouldn't hurt Aragorn, but he couldn't wait much longer. Aragorn jumped when Legolas' fingers brushed against a sensitive spot.

'Did I hurt you?' he asked, pausing, concerned. He was so new to this.

'No,' the man breathed. 'No, it is a nice sensation.' Legolas pressed harder on the point, his other hand stroking Aragorn's erection teasingly. He removed his hand, and spread some oil on his own arousal before pushing inside his lover. He angled himself to keep hitting that sensitive spot. Aragorn cried out in ecstasy as he pushed in. Aragorn was tight around him, as he thrust inwards. The thought crossed his mind that every elf in lothlorien knew what they were up to by now. They rocked together, Aragorn countering Legolas' thrusts, driving the elf deeper into him. He moaned in pleasure. Legolas reached his hand to Aragorn's erection, pumping it in time with his own thrusts, until they climaxed together, crying out each other's names.

'Gods,' Legolas breathed, collapsing next to his lover. They kissed softly, before Aragorn wrapped his arms around Legolas, pulling him closer. 'I think we've already woken every elf in lothlorien with our noise. Perhaps we should leave it until tomorrow.' He nestled against Aragorn.

'Galadriel would not be impressed at our activities. Especially with me being betrothed to her granddaughter.'

Both froze as they heard someone climbing up into their talan. They relaxed when they saw Haldir.

'Sorry to disturb you, but two of the hobbits seem to be in pain. They are not sleeping, but wandering around.'

'Frodo and Sam' Aragorn muttered. 'I totally forgot. They got hurt in Moria, a head wound and a spear wound to the side.' He told Haldir. 'They need some athelas.' He started to get up but Haldir stopped him.

'I'll sort it. You two get some rest. You need it.' He disappeared again, and they flushed slightly. They curled up together, talking quietly until they drifted off to sleep.


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