Author's Notes: Set after ROTK (Well, Aragorn has been made King, but Elrond returned to Imladris after Arwen got married and didn’t leave for Valinor. AU!)

By Any Means Necessary

Part 27

By Morgana


“Is there a special reason for your nervousness?” Gimli had seldom seen Legolas this restless. During their journey to Mirkwood, the Elf had set a murdering pace and even Arod had protested at times. Sitting behind Legolas and with his arms around the blond’s waist, Gimli regretting being unable to see his companion’s facial expression.

“Aye, there is.” Until now, Legolas had only confided in Aragorn about his father’s condition and he realized Gimli should be told as well. Once they met Thranduil it would be rather obvious why he was this worried about his father. So he told Gimli about Dol Guldur, Sauron’s Shadow slowly consuming his father and his fear of not finding Thranduil alive.

Gimli had mixed feelings about this. For Legolas’ sake he hoped that the Elf’s father was well, but his family still hadn’t forgiven the Woodland King for the treatment Gloin had suffered centuries ago. In the end, he said, “I am sure he is strong enough to survive.”

“I hope so!” Legolas’ hands shook and clutched the reins awkwardly. Their talan came in sight and involuntarily he held his breath. His sharp eyes searched the talan and found it swarming with Elves, and activity. But he couldn’t make out his father’s form. /They would have let me known if he had died./ He was clinging to hope furiously.

“Legolas!” Pethnathron was the first to welcome the Prince home and shook Legolas’ hand after the blond had dismounted. Next, his gaze was aimed at Gimli, displaying great curiosity. “And this is?”

“I am Gimli, son of Gloin.” /Whom your King imprisoned!/ But Gimli refrained from adding that, not wanting to start off on the wrong foot.

“You are welcome here, Gimli,” said Pethnathron, also keenly avoiding addressing the past. Then his gaze shifted back to Legolas. “I assume you want to see your father?”

Legolas’ heart jumped with joy. “He is still alive, then?”

Pethnathron chuckled. “Very much alive. There is much I need to tell you, but let us seek out your father first. He is supervising the guards’ training.”

A smile blossomed on Legolas’ face and enthusiastically he nodded his head. Lowering himself onto one knee, so he was level with the Dwarf, he said, “I was so afraid I would find a mere corpse…”

“Lead on, Legolas, I will follow.” Gimli smiled encouragingly and tried to keep up with Legolas, who now started to run toward the training grounds. He remained at a respectful distance when they reached the guards, not wanting to be in the way now that Legolas would be reunited with his father.

“Ada!” Legolas flung himself at his father, wrapped his arms around Thranduil and hugged him tightly. The mere fact that Thranduil was still alive made him shake with relief. Realizing that he was hugging a strong, muscular form, he pulled away to study his father.

A familiar, golden glow had replaced the dull, gray hair and his father’s green eyes sparkled like emeralds. Thranduil wore his green, leather uniform and a sword was girded around his waist. “You look… well.” He could hardly believe that he had his father back.

Thranduil, still recovering from holding his son in his arms this unexpectedly, smiled broadly. “Legolas, I knew you would arrive shortly, but you could have let me known in advance.”

Legolas shook his head in amazement. “You look like you did before the Shadow --”

Thranduil silenced him by placing one finger against his son’s lips. “Don’t mention him in Mirkwood. His presence is gone and I want to keep it that way. When the Ring was destroyed Arien enveloped Mirkwood and chased away all remaining darkness. Since that day, life has returned to normal. And so have I.”

“You have made a complete recovery!” Then Vilya caught his attention. The stone glimmered in the golden sunlight and he frowned, realizing his father was wearing one of the three Elven rings of power.

“It lost its power when the One Ring was destroyed,” explained Thranduil, “But it sustained me in the meantime.”

“How did you come by it?” Legolas had forgotten about Gimli, who remained close to Pethnathron.

“Elrond took the ring to Mirkwood and allowed me to wear it. Without it, I might not have survived.” Thranduil raised a hand and ran it through his son’s golden hair. “You are a hero, ion-nîn. At times news of your adventures reached Mirkwood and you made me very proud. You will make an excellent ruler one day.” Giving in to his need, he buried his son in a tight hug.

Gimli, embarrassed to be watching such an intimate scene, cleared his throat and wondered what to do. He had expected Thranduil to be haughty and arrogant, but the Sinda emanated warmth and friendliness.

“Aiya, Ada, I forgot.” Legolas freed himself of his father’s embrace and after taking hold of Thranduil’s arm, he walked toward the Dwarf. “I know it has been a while since a Dwarf set foot in Mirkwood, but this is Gimli, my most trusted friend. He has saved my life in battle many times.”

Thranduil raised an eyebrow. “Gimli…” The name sounded familiar. “Ah, son of Gloin?” An amused expression appeared in his feline eyes, but he forced himself to remain polite and friendly. “Any friend of Legolas is my friend as well. You are welcome to stay here and mingle. I assume you would prefer a shelter on the ground instead of climbing the trees with us?”

“Aye, I would.” Gimli didn’t know why, but Thranduil was grinning at him.

“I will see to it that a shelter is erected. Belldoron, will you take care of it?” Thranduil had reinstated Belldoron at Erestor’s request and Belldoron worked hard to win back the trust he had lost.

“And now let us eat and drink to celebrate your return.” Thranduil grinned at Gimli. “I am afraid you will have to climb a tree after all.”

Apprehensively, Gimli looked up at the large trees. “I will manage. I managed in Lothlorien, I will manage here.”

Thranduil exchanged a look with Pethnathron, hoping his advisor got the hint and would look after the Dwarf whilst he reacquainted himself with his son.


Legolas had seated himself on the floor, cross-legged, and opposite his father. Thranduil poured them fresh spring water and then leaned back into the pillows which had been piled in one corner of the room.

“I can hardly believe you have been restored to your old form. I expected… a ghost. A mere shell of yourself. I still remember how weak you were when I left.”

“Much has happened since then.” Thranduil moistened his lips, wondering how to tell Legolas about Erestor. “You are right; I was very weak when you left and I might not have survived, but some things happened that upended my life.”

Growing curious, Legolas leaned in closer. “Elrond brought Vilya to you?”

“That too, but something else happened as well.” Thranduil was about to tell Legolas about Erestor, when the dark-haired Noldo walked into the room, only clad in a loose nightshirt.

Legolas eyes widened, seeing Erestor in that state. The fabric of the nightshirt was transparent and left nothing to the imagination. What also puzzled him were the braids the advisor were wearing; lover’s braids. The last time Erestor and he had talked, he had been fairly sure the Noldorin Elf hadn’t had a lover.

“Melamin, I…” Erestor stopped mid-sentence and froze in his tracks upon seeing Legolas. Oh, this was bad. This wasn’t the right way for Legolas to find out. “I apologize. I must have taken a wrong turn. I was on my way to my quarters.”

But Thranduil wouldn’t have it and jumped to his feet. Legolas’ eyes stung his back, as he made his way over to his lover. He folded one arm around Erestor’s waist and pulled him close for a passionate kiss.

Erestor’s eyes revealed the shock he felt at being kissed in Legolas’ presence, but slowly the expression changed to one of love and passion. Unable to stop himself, he answered the kiss with equal passion.

Legolas’ eyes had widened at seeing them kiss, and now a slow smile spread over his face. “I assume this is what upended your life?” He rose from the floor and walked toward them.

Hearing Legolas’ voice, Erestor pulled away from Thranduil, actually scolding his lover for his bold move. “You could have been a bit more tactical and discrete!”

Legolas stopped walking and watched them, bemused.

“I was about to tell him - discretely - when you walked in here wearing… that!” His eyes appreciatively took in his lover’s form. “You are the one who should be more discrete!”

“*You* told me to wear this!” Erestor shook his head. “Aiya, the things I do for you and then I am repaid with more scolding!”

“Oh, I can think of others ways to repay you.” Placing his hands on Erestor’s buttocks, he pulled his lover close.

Legolas, still amused, discretely cleared his throat. “Ada? Erestor?”

Erestor sighed resigned. “Legolas probably already figured it out, but you should tell him at any rate.”

“I will, nîn-cuil.” Thranduil gathered Erestor’s hand in his and led his lover over to the pillows, where he pulled him down to sit beside him.

Legolas took his former place again and studied them. The love they radiated was palpable, and although he had no idea how this had come to pass, he was happy for them.

“Erestor stopped me from fading by bonding with me,” said Thranduil in a doting tone.

Now that did surprise Legolas. “Bonding?” He had realized that they were lovers, but they were bonded as well?

“It was the only way to stop him from fading,” explained Erestor calmly. “And it happened by accident. He was dying and I pulled him back from the brink. After that, the link remained.”

“And we are in love, very much so,” continued Thranduil in a loving tone. “I never thought I would ever trust a Noldorin Elf, but I do trust and love Erestor with my entire heart.”

Feeling mischievous, Legolas asked, “And did you already formally propose to him, Ada?”

Thranduil coughed, trying to buy himself more time. But Erestor’s look told him that every possible answer would be accepted. “I plan on doing so. We decided to wait until evil was destroyed and…”

Legolas held his breath, but then grinned brilliantly when his father shifted until he was kneeling in front of Erestor.

“Legolas made a valid point. I should propose to you and make this official.” Thranduil rubbed his lover’s fingers, wondering what wedding band would suit his dark-haired lover best. He was sure he could have one designed that would truly express his love for Erestor.

Erestor’s eyes had widened slightly. “But melamin, we are already bonded. The bond we share is strong, stronger than any marriage could create.”

“But I want to make this official and I need to hear it,” Thranduil confessed. Holding his lover’s gaze, he asked, “Will you stay with me? Share your life, thoughts and feelings with me? Will you be my mate for life?”

Erestor panicked momentarily. “Thranduil, are you sure? I cannot give you any children and—“

“I already have the best heir a man can wish for,” said Thranduil quickly. “Say yes, nîn-cuil and let me make you happy.”

Raising one hand, Erestor caressed his lover’s face. “Aye, I accept you as my mate.”

Thranduil smiled warmly, wrapped his arms around Erestor and lifted him.

Erestor instinctively wrapped his arms and legs around the Sinda, wondering what had gotten in to Thranduil.

Legolas, having a fairly good idea what his father had in mind, said, “I wish you two a lot of happiness.” Winking at his father, he whispered, “Don’t ever do anything stupid to lose him.” Erestor was a good friend and he was happy that his father had found love again. He excused himself and left smiling brilliantly, hearing Erestor’s soft objections to being carried into the bedroom. He could only hope for Erestor’s sake that his father would calm down. He had the feeling that his father was a passionate, as well as an inventive lover. /Aiya, I don’t want to think about that./ He was glad they were happy, but he didn’t want to think about them getting physical.


Thranduil’s unexpected outburst of passion and desire overwhelmed Erestor, who was now gently deposited in the center of his lover’s bed. “What do you think you are—“

He was cut short as demanding lips closed over his. Thranduil pushed his legs apart and he eagerly obliged, allowing the blond to slip into place between his thighs. /Oh, my, this is it./ Thranduil had been determined to wait until evil had been defeated before making him his, and apparently the Sinda had decided the time to claim him was now.

A muffled protest tried to flee his lips, hearing Thranduil rip his nightshirt apart, uncovering his naked body. He sought out his lover’s feline eyes and panted softly, seeing the possessiveness in them. Thranduil’s tongue now entered his mouth, exploring and tasting him. /This will be hard and fast./ They had been building up to this moment for months and their lust would burn like a blazing fire.

Thranduil let go of his dark-haired lover in order to undress himself. Once he was naked, he moved back onto the bed, but now behind Erestor. Kneeling, he pulled the raven-haired Elf onto his lap, making it very clear how hard and needy he was. He guided Erestor closer to him, gently coaxing him into leaning back his head and then licking the sensitive skin of his lover’s throat. His hands tried to cover as much of Erestor’s body as possible. Tweaking hard nipples, he drew the groans, which his lover emitted into his mouth. One hand trailed down the advisor’s abdomen, finally encountering his lover’s erection.

Erestor felt on fire. Thranduil held him firmly in place, making sure he wouldn’t slide down his lover’s lap and the blond’s hard flesh already snuggled into his cleft, trying to locate the entrance to his body. They had to slow down! But his body begged to differ. He wanted to be taken, finally claimed after months of teasing. Leaning back against Thranduil, he surrendered and moaned his permission, telling his lover to do as he pleased.

Never before had he felt the need to submit. Maybe it was because he trusted Thranduil unconditionally, or maybe he wanted to let go of his responsibility for a brief moment. These last few months had been exhausting and he had watched over Thranduil night and day. It was time for him to let go and entrust himself to his lover.

Folding one arm around Erestor’s waist, Thranduil slowly lowered his lover onto the bed, face down.

Erestor wanted to raise himself onto all fours, but Thranduil gently pushed him down until he was resting comfortably on the bed. His hard flesh rubbed against the sheet and he impatiently parted his legs, giving his lover complete access.

Thranduil’s heart filled with love and lust, seeing the dark-haired Elf’s wanton display. He lowered himself as well, blanketing his lover’s body and thrusting teasingly between the parted buttocks. Drops of perspiration and pre-ejaculate mingled and flowed down the cleft.

Erestor raised his hips, trying to meet each of Thranduil’s thrusts. “I need you... inside me… now!”

Thranduil nodded, teasingly bit beneath his lover’s ear, and then reached for the phial of oil that Erestor had placed on the nightstand weeks ago, an ever present reminder of how much the advisor wanted to make love with him. Coating a finger with the oil, he placed it at his lover’s entrance. He took his time massaging the guardian ring. “Or do you want me to tie you down to my bed?”

Erestor squirmed beneath his lover. Reaching out with his hands, he curled his fingers around the bedposts, holding on as he rocked back on the finger. “I will pretend.” He wasn’t going to postpone this because Thranduil wanted to tie him down! They could do that the next time they made love. His needed to be possessed!

Thranduil understood. “Then hold on tight, nîn-cuil, for I plan to ride you hard.”

Moaning his approval, Erestor managed to look over his shoulder at his lover. Thranduil’s pupils had dilated and the blond was now kneeling behind him, letting a generous amount of oil drip onto his shaft. Thranduil gripped his hips hard and Erestor moaned, feeling the blunt and demanding head of his lover’s erection push inside. He maintained his hold on the bedposts when Thranduil sheathed himself. His lover’s heavy sacs hit his buttocks, telling Erestor that the blond had buried himself to the hilt.

Thranduil felt huge inside him and he was thankful when his lover gave him a moment to get used to the invasive feeling. Not daring to breathe in too deeply, he simply lay there.

Thranduil gripped his lover’s shoulders and then delivered the first thrust.

“Ai!” Erestor yelped softly, as his prostate was rubbed for the very first time by his lover’s hard flesh. He buried his face in the pillow and bit his bottom lip until it bled.

One of Thranduil’s hands buried itself in his long, dark hair. Erestor felt like losing his mind, when the strokes continued, each massaging his sweet spot. Suddenly Thranduil slightly changed position, grabbing his hips and pulling him further onto his length. “Ai… O…. Mela…” Rational thought deserted him, as he was being rocked on his lover’s length.

Entranced, Thranduil stared at his lover’s squirming body. Running a hand over the back, he then reached beneath Erestor to curl his fingers around his lover’s weeping member.

Erestor was no longer capable of thinking, and reacted instinctively, pushing back to make sure Thranduil rubbed his prostate again.

Losing himself in the sensation of burying himself in his lover’s tight passage, Thranduil gave in and sped up. Pounding into Erestor’s willing and warm body, he utterly possessed his lover, directing their every move, making sure the dark-haired Elf found release first. With a few firm strokes, he brought Erestor to orgasm.

His world seemed to explode and Erestor closed his eyes as a wave of ecstasy washed over him. Spending himself onto the sheet, he trembled over his whole body, but Thranduil continued to thrust and he continued to push back.

“Ai, Erestor…” Thranduil closed his eyes in utter bliss, feeling his lover’s inner muscle clench him. Burying himself with one final, and brutal thrust, he found release inside his lover’s shaky body. Exhausted by the intensity of their lovemaking, he collapsed on top of Erestor.

Erestor yelped helplessly. The fact that Thranduil had collapsed, and was still blanketing him, caused his lover’s still hard flesh to penetrate him even deeper.

Realizing his lover’s distress, Thranduil wrapped an arm around Erestor’s waist, and rolled them onto their sides. But he still remained locked inside his lover’s body, wanting nothing more than to stay there for as long as possible.

Both Elves were panting hard and Erestor threw back his head, resting it on Thranduil’s shoulder. The blond reacted at once, delivering a passionate kiss to the soft skin of his lover’s throat, marking him.

Erestor slowly grew aware of the fact that Thranduil was still hard -- still inside him. He had never felt anything more sensual before and it took his breath away. Possessive arms pulled him close and he grinded his buttocks against his lover’s groin, relishing the feel inside him.

Thranduil finally managed to steady his breathing and soothingly stroked his lover’s hip.

“You are very passionate, Thranduil.”

The blond chuckled softly. Erestor had obviously enjoyed being on the receiving end of that passion.

“A dream finally came true,” whispered Erestor. Thranduil shifted behind him and he sucked in his breath when his lover’s hard flesh rubbed against his prostate.

“I plan to sleep like this… Are we agreed?” Privately, Thranduil vowed to cherish and love Erestor until his dying day.

“Agreed,” whispered Erestor. He had never felt this loved before. “But stop moving about or else I cannot sleep.”

“Your wish is my command.” And Thranduil meant every word of it.


Elladan and Elrohir stood close together, watching Glorfindel and their father kiss. “Why do they have to do that in front of us?” Elladan was happy for them, but actually witnessing them making out was a bit too much.

“They are happy,” said Elrohir in a thoughtful tone, checking if his hair clip was still in place. The first time Elrond had seen him wear it the half-Elf had smiled in surprise. Now wearing it had become a habit. Each morning, Elladan would use the butterfly clip to fasten his twin’s braids.

Elladan snorted, and Elrond picked up on the sound. But the Ruler of Imladris couldn’t be bothered and bestowed another quick kiss on his beloved’s lips. Ever since he had talked to Elros, his heart felt much lighter and he had forgiven himself for his past mistakes. His prime objective right now was making sure his sons were happy and that Glorfindel felt loved.

“I can see them!” exclaimed Glorfindel, pointing out a party of several Elves to them.

Now that Arwen was married and Aragorn King, Elrond had decided to return to Imladris instead of sailing to Valinor with the other Ringbearers. He had assured them that he would follow one day, but for now he wanted to be with his lover and his children. He wasn’t ready yet to leave them behind.

Celeborn and Haldir now joined them as well. The two silver-haired Elves were smiling warmly at each other and Celeborn had a predatory hold on his lover’s hand, making sure Haldir couldn’t leave unnoticed. Haldir had been insecure at first, but before she had sailed to Valinor, Galadriel had told him that she approved and he had become more confident since. He was a passionate lover, and eager to please. Celeborn in turn, was doing his best to keep Haldir satisfied.

The silver-haired Elves joined the twins and Elrohir gave his grandfather a warm look. Elrohir had long reached the conclusion that they owed their happiness to Celeborn.

Elrond regretted pulling away from Glorfindel, but being the host, he had to formally greet his guests.

Thranduil rode at the head of the party, with Erestor at his side. Pethnathron and Belldoron had also joined them on this trip. Thranduil regretted having to leave Legolas behind, but someone had to look after his kingdom! He chuckled privately, recalling that Gimli was still residing in Mirkwood. Seeing the Dwarf had been a surprise and he had briefly been worried that Gimli would prove as irritating as Gloin, but that hadn’t happened. So he had allowed the Dwarf to stay and keep Legolas company until the two could leave to explore the caves Gimli continued to talk about.

“Greetings, Thranduil,” said Elrond in a warm tone. Then his gaze shifted to Erestor. His former advisor practically beamed with happiness and the love that he encountered in the dark eyes made him smile. “I am honored to welcome you to Imladris.”

Thranduil dismounted and then waited for Erestor to join him. He took hold of his lover’s hand and greeted Elrond in turn. “I am glad to finally be here. Erestor has told me many things about this beautiful valley and I am looking forward to exploring your lands.” As his gaze fell on the twins, he chuckled. It was obvious they had taken after Elrond and not Celebrian. For one moment old heartbreak returned, being reminded of a much younger Elrond who he had once loved.

/Do I need to feel jealous, melamin?/ Erestor gave Thranduil a probing look.

/Nay, you don’t. I love only you./ Eager to reassure his lover, Thranduil brought Erestor’s hand to his lips and kissed the knuckles.

Elrond and Glorfindel chuckled softly, happy to see the other two Elves this devoted to each other.

“Before I forget…” Thranduil briefly released Erestor’s hand and removed Vilya, which he now presented to Elrond. “I am eternally indebted to you.”

Elrond accepted the ring and slid it into a pocket. He was more interested in the other ring Thranduil was wearing.

Erestor had noticed Elrond’s curiosity and presented his own wedding band to the half-Elf. The ring was made of mithril and in its heart was a green stone, which mirrored Thranduil’s eye color.

Elrond’s attention returned to Thranduil’s ring and realized its stone was the same color as Erestor’s eyes. “I am happy for the two of you.”

Glorfindel stepped up to Thranduil and offered him a tour of the Last Homely House before taking the King to the rooms he would share with his mate, whilst Elrond fell into step beside Erestor.

Studying his former advisor, Elrond reached the conclusion that Erestor literally glowed with love and happiness. “I am happy that things worked out for you. When you accidentally bonded with Thranduil I was afraid you faced a loveless future.”

“By any means necessary,” said Erestor smugly. “That’s what you told me, and that’s what I did.” And by doing so, he had found a true love that would last eternity.


The End!!!!!!!!

August 2003

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