By Any Means Necessary

Part 26

By Morgana


Now that the battle for Helm's Deep was over, it was time for them to mourn the dead. Legolas, after finding out about Celeborn's presence, had joined the two Lothlorien Elves and they tried to console each other. When the moment of burial finally came, they sang a last lament in goodbye.

Later, Aragorn implored Legolas to join Gimli and him, and the Mirkwood Elf relented, realizing that Haldir and Celeborn wanted to mourn in private. Finding out that there was still no news about his father Legolas forced himself to hope for the best.

Celeborn looked at Haldir and saw a blank stare in the hazel eyes that made him shiver. They hadn't had any time yet to wash away the blood and he now led his march warden to the baths. It was silent here, as it was the midst of night and most survivors were trying to comfort each other or had fallen asleep due to exhaustion.

The empty stare remained and Celeborn decided to take charge. He removed Haldir's clothes, and then his own. Next he led his charge to a large bathtub and sat down opposite Haldir. Haldir was shivering and his brown eyes swam with emotion. Acting instinctively, Celeborn reached out and gathered Haldir in his arms. He sucked in his breath in surprise, feeling Haldir return the embrace possessively.

Haldir finally made eye contact and Celeborn recognized the lost look in the brown orbs. It wouldn't be the first time that survivors turned to sex for comfort. But he was still bound to his wife and wasn't sure he could do this.

/Nîn-hervenn,/ came Galadriel's voice unexpectedly. /I have been with you with in mind. I know the horrors the two of you endured and you have my blessing, nîn celeb orn. Bring peace and comfort where it is needed. Shortly, I will travel to Valinor, leaving you behind. My heart will feel lighter, knowing you won't remain behind alone./

As unexpected as her presence had appeared, it left his mind again. Celeborn shook his head, wondering if he had just imagined hearing her voice. But no, he still felt the echo of her mental touch.

"My Lord?" Haldir had grown worried, seeing the distant expression in Celeborn's eyes. At first he hadn't really registered that Celeborn had undressed him and then guided him into the warm water, but now he was very much aware of his Lord's presence. "Is something wrong?"

Celeborn shivered momentarily, realizing he had just received permission to make love to Haldir. Composing himself, he probed the hazel eyes, which were full of questions. "No words…" he whispered, leaning in closer and kissing Haldir. The younger Elf yielded at once and he accepted the invitation to explore when Haldir parted lips and teeth.

Haldir wasn't sure what was happening. Celeborn had never shown an interest in him before and this sensual attack took him aback. "What about your Lady?" He panted softly, as Celeborn's tongue left a wet trail on his throat to reach a pointed ear. Groaning, he threw back his head and surrendered to his Lord.

Celeborn, already erect, took his time to lick Haldir's skin, suckling the flesh and leaving a passion mark on the Galadhrim's throat. He moved even closer and let his fingertips explore Haldir's muscled chest. The march warden's nipples grew hard beneath his touch and wickedly, he pushed his hands beneath Haldir's buttocks, lifting him.

Realizing Celeborn's intent, Haldir parted his legs. His heart missed a beat, finding Celeborn lifting them further and resting his ankles on his shoulders. He was wide open and vulnerable and had no idea how to react, feeling a probing finger at his entrance. Aye, he wanted this, but Celeborn was married to Galadriel!

Seeing doubt in the hazel eyes, Celeborn soothed him. "Don't worry about her. She knows and approves. Galadriel will leave for Valinor shortly and wants me to find a new lover. She actually suggested you."

Haldir's eyes widened; Celeborn's admission came unexpected. "Me?"

"Aye, you." Celeborn cringed, privately, seeing memories of their fallen comrades slip back into the hazel eyes. "Trust yourself to me. Don't think. Don't speak. Just feel."

Haldir had dreamt of this moment for so long that he simply nodded his head, accepting what Celeborn was willing to give him. He tensed momentarily, as a probing digit slid into his passage. He'd had lovers, male and female, but usually he was the one on top. Having this done to him was a novel experience and he closed his eyes in bliss when Celeborn's fingertip rubbed a nub, causing sensory overload. He yelped his need and rocked forward, trying to intensify the sensation.

Having desired Haldir for so many centuries, Celeborn was overcome by need and passion. Demonstrating his strength, he easily lifted Haldir and deposited his new lover on the floor, following suit. He opened the phial filled with bath oil he had found near the bathtub and rubbed the sticky substance onto his hard flesh. Seeking out widened pupils, he parted his lover's legs, settled between the muscular thighs and placed himself at the guardian's entrance. Then he froze and waited.

Haldir nodded once, giving Celeborn permission to do whatever his Lord desired.

That was the signal Celeborn had been waiting for. Slowly, he breached his lover's tight opening and sheathed himself.

Beads of sweat appeared on Haldir's brow, trying to accept and welcome the invasion, but it hurt -- more than he had thought possible.

"It will get better," soothed Celeborn. One more inch and he had buried himself to the hilt. Lifting Haldir's legs, he rested the calves on his shoulders. "You are beautiful in your need. So vulnerable, so trusting."

Haldir's fingernails scratched the stone floor, when Celeborn's first thrust moved him over the cold tiles. The pain was still present and he wondered if this was it. Which surprised him. When he had been on top, his partner had always seemed to enjoy it. But this was pure torment!

Sensing Haldir's tension, Celeborn lowered his lover's right leg and supported it. Now that the angle of his thrusts was slightly different, he hit his lover's prostate with the next stroke.

"Ai!" Haldir whimpered softly, but then an incredible wave of pleasure washed over him. With each of his lover's strokes, the pain diminished and was replaced with pleasure. Growing hard as well, he now met each of Celeborn's thrusts and even began to push back, arching his back in an attempt to take in move of his lover's length.

"Touch yourself," panted Celeborn softly. He took hold of Haldir's hand and placed it on his lover's hard flesh. "Bring yourself to orgasm for me." Setting a lazy but deep rhythm, he watched entranced, as Haldir pumped himself. He could sense his lover's impending release and delivered several thrusts, brutally aimed at his lover's prostate.

Haldir screamed his need, finding release. Warm cream erupted from the slit and soon his hand was covered with the warm substance. The fact that Celeborn continued to thrust, made him whimper. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

Celeborn collapsed on top of Haldir, with his lover's passage contracting around him. His orgasm hit him hard and he came inside his lover's body, sealing the bond between them. At that moment, Galadriel set him free and he claimed Haldir as his new lover. No one else would ever touch the march warden in that way!

Still shaky, Haldir raised a hand and rested it on Celeborn's back, rubbing soothingly. He had no idea why this had happened and how this would affect their future, but he knew he would cherish this moment as long as he lived.


Celeborn remained close whilst they bathed and dressed in clean clothes, delivered by Théoden's servants. He could tell that Haldir felt uncomfortable, lost and confused. They needed to sort this out, but already there was talk of Aragorn leaving and Théoden gathering his men from all over Rohan. Now that they had come this far, they couldn't turn their back and would march with the army until Saruman and Sauron had been defeated.

"Haldir?" Celeborn rested a hand on Haldir's shoulder and slowly turned him around. Realizing that Haldir didn't dare meet his gaze caused him heartache. "Be assured I love you, Haldir. And I promise you that we will talk once we find a quiet moment. I wanted for this to happen. I wanted to make love to you."

"Love…" Haldir's voice faded slowly. "Do you love me?" Until now he had thought Celeborn had taken him in a moment of lust, but now the elder Elf was speaking of love!

"Aye, love." Celeborn smiled and brushed Haldir's brow with his lips. "I would never have taken you if I didn't love you. I do."

Haldir managed a shy smile. "But what of your Lady?"

"She will sail for the Undying Lands and has set me free. I chose you as my new mate. My heart has yearned to be united with you for quite some time and she knew of this. She is happy for us."

Haldir found that hard to accept, but nodded eventually. "So I am yours now?"

"Aye, mine," purred Celeborn possessively. "And once this war is over we will take up residence in Imladris. We will be happy there."

"And my brothers? May they join us?"

"If that is their desire, aye." Celeborn fingered a lock of Haldir's silver hair. "Do you believe me when I say that I love you?"

Haldir nodded. "I do, but it is unexpected."

"Not so unexpected for me, melme." Celeborn privately thanked Galadriel for her warning and permission, and was determined to make sure the two of them returned to Imladris alive and well.


Thranduil stayed awake and watched over Erestor whilst the raven-haired Elf slept. It was a healing sleep and Thranduil hoped his lover would be coherent when he woke up.

Lindir came and sat with Erestor, giving Thranduil a chance to deal with Belldoron. Thranduil ordered the guards to keep a close eye on Belldoron after talking to his seneschal, who deeply regretted his actions. Slowly, he was becoming aware of the fact that the Shadow could corrupt anyone around him and that he had to be very alert.

Hours later he returned to his rooms and his heart contracted with regret, realizing he hadn't been there when his lover had woken up. Erestor was sitting up, leaning heavily into the pillows piled against the head board and the brown eyes were still slightly glazed, but made eye contact at last.

Thranduil hurried over to his lover's side, and after thanking Lindir for caring for Erestor, dismissed him. He wanted to be alone with his lover.

"I knew you would come for me," whispered Erestor. His head still hurt and he hoped Thranduil wouldn't make any noise.

"I felt your pain as if it were mine," mumbled Thranduil, realizing Erestor's need for silence. Seated on the side of the bed, he gathered his lover's hand in his. "I never suspected the Shadow had gained such a tight hold on Belldoron."

"What did you do to him?"

"I confined him to his quarters."

"I doubt evil will succeed in corrupting him again. Belldoron knows he has to be careful now." Erestor blinked. Arien's light hurt his sensitive eyes.

Thranduil rose, closed the curtains and returned to his lover. "You are confined to bed for the next few days. The healers want you to rest."

"What are your plans for Belldoron?"

Thranduil sighed; he had hoped Erestor wouldn't push the matter, but he should have known better. "I don't know. He isn't really to blame as someone else was directing his actions."

"I agree." Still feeling weak, Erestor closed his eyes. "We should give him another chance."

Thranduil felt relieved. "Belldoron served me faithfully for many centuries. Mirkwood needs his experience and guidance, especially now that Legolas isn't here."

Erestor sighed deeply. There were many things he wanted to discuss, but right now, he was too tired to address them. "Will you hold me?"

Thranduil acted at once. He disrobed and then slipped beneath the covers.

Erestor made himself as comfortable as possible and fell asleep in his lover's arms.


Elladan felt nervous. Elrohir had acted shy during the rest of the day and knowing what was going to happen between them made his heart flutter wildly. "Gwenneth?"

Elrohir had led him here, after meeting him at their mother's bower, and they now sat with their feet dangling in the water of the Bruinen. It was dark, and Ithil was their sole source of light.

"Aye?" Elrohir smiled warmly, wrapped his good arm around his twin's waist and leaned against him for comfort. "It is perfect here, isn't it?" It was quiet and peaceful. All he needed were the stars above, the soft breeze in his hair and Elladan beside him.

"Do your shoulder and arm still hurt?" Elladan wondered how Elrohir wanted to do this. Seeing his younger twin nod, he realized he might have to take the lead after all.

"It still hurts, but the pain is bearable." The truth was that Elrohir was trying to move as little as possible, careful not to put any pressure on his shoulder. "Maybe we should postpone this?"

"Do you want me?" Elladan searched his brother's identical eyes and read the desire in them. "You do."

"But I cannot do it -properly," whispered Elrohir embarrassed.

Elladan raised a hand and touched the hair clip. It kept the long, dark hair out of his brother's face and also reminded him how fortunate he was that Elrohir was still here with him. "May I undress you?"

Shyly, Elrohir nodded. "I hope I won't disappoint you."

"You cannot possibly disappoint me, gwenneth." Elladan was extremely careful when he removed his twin's shirt. Seeing the bandages reminded him how close he had come to losing Elrohir.

"Are you going to undress as well?" Elrohir blushed. He wanted to see his twin naked and run his hands over Elladan's body.

"Impatient, aren't we?" Elladan teased lightly, but complied, removing his shirt as well. "Lie down, gwenneth." Gently, he lowered his injured twin onto the grass. He was careful not to put any weight on Elrohir, straddling him. Leaning in closer, his tongue dashed out and licked his way down his twin's chest.

Elrohir giggled helplessly, feeling Elladan's tongue tease his belly button. But the laughter resonated in his shoulder, making him whimper. "I am sorry. I-"

Elladan silenced him with a passionate kiss. Whilst engaging his twin's tongue in an ancient duel, his fingers found the laces to his brother's leggings. Releasing Elrohir's lips, he slid the fabric down, freeing Elrohir's erection. The younger half-Elf was hard with need and the tip of the hard flesh already glistered with beads of pre-ejaculate. Licking his lips appreciatively, he removed his own leggings, enabling full body contact; skin on skin. Moans escaped them simultaneously.

Elrohir reached for his brother's face, caressing it and brushing strands of damp hair behind Elladan's ears. "I wish I could give you more pleasure. If only I hadn't broken my arm and dislocated my shoulder!"

Elladan searched his brother's eyes, wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. He could swear he saw silver specks in his twin's gray eyes. "I am sure you will return the pleasure tenfold, gwenneth, because that is your very nature."

"Now, êl?"

Elladan understood; the same need had also taken hold of him. Reaching out, he managed to open the phial filled with oil he had brought. The soft mew that tumbled from Elrohir's lips when he coated his twin's shaft with the slick substance made him even hungrier for the intimacy that would follow shortly. "I want to feel you inside, gwenneth."

Nodding his head, Elrohir's eyes widened, realizing his twin's intent. He sucked in his breath and then yelped in pleasure. Elladan was slowly lowering himself onto his hard flesh and entering that tight channel felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. He raised his good hand and entwined their fingers.

Lost in passion, Elladan shifted until the hard flesh inside him rubbed against his prostate. "I am afraid I won't last long." He wanted to blanket his twin, but knew that was out of the question. He had to keep his weight off of Elrohir. Experimentally, he raised his hips and then slowly impaled himself again. The groan that slipped from Elrohir's lips made him smile. "Your first time, gwenneth?"

"Being inside someone?" Elrohir blushed. "Aye. An now I know why I waited. Why I never took a lover. I was waiting for you. I just never thought we would end up as lovers."

"Soulmates," corrected Elladan, rising again. "My heart." Setting a slow rhythm as to not overwhelm his twin, he continued to whisper each time he impaled himself. "My lover… My brother…"

Elrohir used his good hand to pull Elladan toward him, desperate to taste his twin's lips again.

Elladan indulged him, suckling on Elrohir's bottom lip whilst riding him. Their gazes locked and he gasped; the gray had faded and had been replaced by silver. He almost panicked, but then Elrohir raised his hips, driving himself home.

Passion took over and they moved together in an ancient rhythm, eager to complete the other and thus reach bliss.

Elrohir tumbled over the edge first, taking Elladan with him. Both climaxed simultaneously, giving them a chance to experience the other's pleasure. They let go of their thoughts, worries and doubts and simply existed in the other's mind. The circle had finally been completed and they both realized that this was the way it was supposed to be. They couldn't exist without the other and the link that tied them together was incredibly strong. No one would ever be able to tear them apart.

When Elladan finally found himself inside his brother's mind, he pulled away, restoring them to their original state. He regretted losing this oneness, but at the same time the power that coursed through Elrohir worried him. His twin's eyes were completely silver now; all gray had vanished from the pupils. He wasn't sure if it was just a temporary effect due to their lovemaking or lasting. Only time would tell.

To Elrohir, feeling Elladan leave his mind was devastating. Instinctively, he reached out and created a tight hold on his twin, making sure Elladan couldn't slip away from him.

Satiated, Elladan allowed Elrohir to hold him. Unable to avert his eyes, he nearly lost himself again. Then, something registered. "Your arm. Your shoulder."

"The pain is gone."

Elrohir's voice sounded melodic, entrancing, and Elladan swallowed hard, wondering what had happened during their union.

/Don't worry, gweniaur. This is the way we are supposed to be; part of each other and alive in the other's mind./ The silver slowly left his eyes and the familiar gray color returned.

Accepting his twin's words, Elladan rested his head on Elrohir's chest, enjoying his twin's possessive hold.

/Everything is well now. Everything is right. Now rest, gweniaur, and let me watch over you./

Elladan's eyes closed, realizing he could hear his brother's heartbeat, which was beating the same rhythm as his.


/Where am I?/ Confused, Elrond tried to make sense of his surroundings. He was sure he had never been in this hall before. Its walls were covered with brilliantly woven tapestries, depicting Middle-Earth's history. As a lore master, he could only reach one conclusion. /Am I dead? How did I die?/ The last thing he recalled was falling asleep in Glorfindel's arms.


Elrond gasped in shock, hearing a voice he hadn't heard for millennia. Suddenly he felt scared to turn around and face the one standing behind him.


Shaking over his entire body, Elrond forced himself to face his twin. His breath caught, seeing Elros stand before him. His twin looked like he had before choosing mortality, untouched by time. But one thing *was* different; his twin's usually gray eyes now shone silver. "I don't understand." Shocked, his legs gave way beneath him and he collapsed onto his knees, staring at Elros.

"The Valar allowed me to wait here until the time comes to be reborn. They also gave me this one last opportunity to talk to you." Elros walked toward his twin and knelt in front of him.

Staring at his mirror image, Elrond hesitantly lifted his right hand to touch his twin's face. Encountering warm, soft skin, he erupted into wild sobs. "Elros!" He flung himself at his brother and hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go again.

Elros, having expected this emotional storm, soothingly stroked his brother's hair. "I missed you, gwenneth."

"And I missed you!" Elrond continued so shake in his twin's arms, unable to believe any of this was really happening. "Did I finally lose my mind?"

"Nay, you didn't." Elros rocked him, whispering soothing words. "The Valar allowed me to hold you one last time. And I am so proud of you, melme. Your sons overcame their doubts and fears, and opened their hearts to each other. It is their love that has given us this one moment in time."

Elrond forced himself to calm down. He gently caressed his brother's face, imprinting the expression in those unreal eyes. Elros radiated warmth and tenderness and he reacted instinctively, relaxing and trusting his twin unconditionally. "You don't know how many nights I spent tossing and turning, wishing we could speak one last time."

"But I do, gwenneth." Elros fingered a lock of his twin's hair. "I watched you; I still live in your heart. As long as you live, part of me continues on as well."

"I… I made so many mistakes," whispered Elrond, feeling miserable. "I didn't see that Elrohir was fading and if it hadn't been for Celeborn-"

"Hush now, lirimaer. Don't you know that this was always out of your hands? Elrohir makes his own decisions. You are not to blame for them. You did the best you could. You raised three lovely children and found love again. I must say that I am impressed. A Balrog slayer…" He chuckled softly, searching his twin's eyes. "Glorfindel loves you very much."

"And I love him," said Elrond slowly. "But I love you as well."

"Of course you do," soothed Elros, realizing his twin was upset. "I never doubted your love for me. But we couldn't be."

"So… You approve of my relationship with Glorfindel?"

"But of course, gwenneth! Though I feel a bit envious." Elros smiled warmly, wishing this moment would never end, but he was running out of time. "Just once, gwenneth. Will you allow me to kiss you just once?" The memory of their kiss would remain with him until the end of Arda. It had to.

Elrond nodded once, and then took the initiative, touching his lips to Elros'. Moans left their lips, as Elros parted his teeth. His hold on Elros was still strong, but Elrond could feel his twin slip away from him. His eyes misted over, seeing his brother's form fade. He held on as long as possible, but in the end only an echo of his twin's voice remained.

"Love Glorfindel and cherish him. And keep Elrohir and Elladan safe. You might also want to keep a close eye on Celeborn. That Elf could never be trusted!" An amused laugh accompanied those last words, hoping Elrond would never forget him.

"Elrond? Elrond!"

Hearing his name, Elrond's eyes opened. Glorfindel was staring at him in obvious distress and Elrond felt guilty for worrying his lover. "All is well, melamin. It really is." Carefully favoring his injured side, he pulled the Elda close, until Glorfindel was snuggled against him. "Finally, everything is as it is supposed to be."


Note to the Tolkien purists; Aye, I know Elros isn't supposed to be in the Great Halls of Waiting as he became mortal. The 'purists' can look upon the scene as just a dream which Elrond's guilty mind produced!

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