By Any Means Necessary

Part 18

By Morgana


By the time Celeborn and the twins reached the stone cabin -- partly hidden by ancient oak trees -- all three of them were soaking wet. Elladan’s worries increased now that his twin was constantly shivering in his arms. Occasionally a tormented groan fled his younger brother’s lips and then Elrohir would press tighter against him, as if trying to soak up his body heat. “Hush now, gwenneth, you will be warm soon.” He tore his eyes away from Elrohir and gazed questioningly at Celeborn instead.

The Lord of the Golden Wood’s grey traveling cloak dripped with fat rain drops when Celeborn quickly dismounted. He whispered into his stallion’s ear, telling the animal to seek shelter, and to remain close whilst the storm lasted. Then he walked over to his grandsons and exchanged a worried look with Elladan. “How does he fare?”

“His trembling has turned into violent shivers,” said Elladan in a concerned tone. “Elrohir needs to get warm and dry.” And there were other things that Elrohir needed, but he didn’t want to think about that yet. He would deal with that later.

“Slide him down into my arms. I will take him inside.” Celeborn opened his arms and waited for Elladan to act.

Elladan didn’t want to lose contact with his twin, but complied. Cautiously, he released Elrohir from his hold and slid his twin down the horse’s body. Celeborn caught him effortlessly and Elladan quickly dismounted. Whilst taking care of his horse, he watched Celeborn carry his twin inside. Elladan bowed his head in defeat. Elrohir hadn’t regained consciousness yet, and he could feel his twin slip further away from him.

/I am scared to think of what I have to do in order to reclaim him. Ata’da told me I have to make love to Elrohir, but can I touch him that intimately?/ When they had been Elflings and their bodies had begun to wake up, they had sometimes masturbated together. The thrill of something new and the fact that they were doing it together had added to their excitement, and they had enjoyed doing it at the time. They had even watched the other come occasionally, and once or twice, they had brought each other to orgasm. But they had never gone further.

He had then decided to date a young Elf at his father’s court, but they had quickly realized they didn’t suit each other. Elladan had tried again, but none of his lovers had worked out. Although he had gained some experience in the art of love, he had never found true fulfillment in his lover’s arms.

Things had been different for Elrohir. As far as Elladan knew, his twin had not yet taken a lover, preferring to ‘save’ himself for his true love -- at least that was how Elrohir had phrased it. He had tried to convince his brother to find someone as well, but Elrohir had always declined. The sad expression in his twin’s eyes had made him wonder at the time; he hadn’t understood why Elrohir was acting in that way. /Oh, but it all makes sense now. When did he first start to have these feelings for me?/ He would ask Elrohir one day.

Unable to postpone entering the cabin any longer, he stepped inside. Looking about, he realized that the cabin had two rooms; a small bedroom in the back and a larger living area with an improvised kitchen. He closed the door behind him to ward off the cold and rain, and shuffled into the bedroom.

Elrohir was resting on a cot and Celeborn was busy removing the weakened Elf’s wet clothes. His grandfather looked up and Elladan quickly averted his eyes, uncertain what to do.

Celeborn understood Elladan’s hesitance, but he hoped his oldest grandson would overcome his fears and doubts for Elrohir’s sake. “Why don’t you build a fire and then also undress? We need to dry our clothes.” Plus he needed Elladan naked as well. He would guide them gently but firmly. He would see to it that Elrohir wasn’t lost to them.

“Aye, ata’da.” Elladan was relieved to be dismissed and left Elrohir to Celeborn’s tender care. He quickly hurried to the fireplace. Wood was stacked next to it and he had a small fire going in a few minutes. Feeding it more wood, the flames grew stronger and began to warm the small cabin. Carrying out Celeborn’s orders, he shrugged out of his cloak, boots and shirt, which he placed close to the fire so they could dry. In the end, he removed his socks, leggings,  and the loincloth.

Sitting down cross-legged in front of the fire, he watched the flames dance against the logs. He had to make love to his brother! He sighed, trying to accept that. /How am I supposed to do that?/ Well, he knew how to make love to a male -- having done it before -- but this was his twin!

He was still staring into the fire when Celeborn joined him in the room. The elder Elf clearly saw the fears and doubts in Elladan’s eyes and sighed. After removing his own wet clothes he sat down next to Elladan. In the bedroom he had found a spare shirt and he now slipped into it. There was no use in offering it to Elladan, as he needed the twin naked.

“Tell me what is on your mind, pen-neth.” He stretched his long legs and enjoyed the warmth of the fire tickling the soles of his feet. Running a hand through his wet mane, he gazed at Elladan, giving the half-Elf the time he needed to gather his thoughts.

“I am not sure I can do it,” said Elladan eventually. “He is my brother, ata’da.”

Celeborn braided his wet hair into one single plait and then pulled up his legs to his chest, studying his grandson. He vividly recalled the day the twins had been born. Galadriel and he had traveled to Imladris to support their daughter and he had been one of the first who had been able to tell the babies apart. When Galadriel had returned to Lothlorien he had stayed, enjoying holding the babies and occasionally baby sitting so Elrond and Celebrian could have some quiet evenings alone. “Elladan, do you love him?”

“Of course I do,” said Elladan, slightly annoyed. “You don’t really doubt my love for Elrohir, do you?”

Celeborn shook his head. “Nay, I do not, but now you have to take that love to a whole new level. You have to make it physical – sensual.”

“And that is what troubles me.” Elladan bit his bottom lip, but then laughed. “I am glad *you* are here and not Ada. Talking to him about this would have been even more awkward.”

“What is it that troubles you?” Celeborn didn’t allow the distraction. Placing a hand gently on his grandson’s shoulder, he waited for Elladan to look at him. When he had his grandson’s full attention, he asked, “Is it because you are… inexperienced in the matters of love?”

Elladan couldn’t help it, he grinned. “I have had lovers before, ata’da, all male ones, but this is my little brother and things are different where he is concerned.”

Celeborn considered what he had just learned. “Elladan, Elrohir loves you. Right now he is in a trance-like state. He knows what is happening, but is too weak to react. Once he regains full awareness he will fight you over your decision. You should do this now, whilst he is still relaxed and entranced.”

“Whilst he cannot fight me over this,” sighed Elladan. “Do you really think he will try to stop me?”

“Elrohir feels guilty for having this passion for you. When you give him a single chance, he will chase you away and fade into nothingness, spending the last days of his life in loneliness. We do not want that to happen, do we?”

“Nay, I do not want that.” Elladan drew in a deep breath and pushed himself to his feet. Postponing this would only add to his nervousness. “Ata’da, what must I do to reclaim him?”

Celeborn got to his feet and stared deeply into his grandson’s hooded eyes. “You must convince him you return his love. Make love to him.”

Elladan swallowed nervously. “Must I take him or… should I let him take me?”

Celeborn smiled warmly in understanding. “Elrohir lacks the strength to take you, pen-neth. You will have to claim him.”

Shuffling his feet, Elladan averted his eyes. “Do I have to claim him… fully?”

“Aye, Elladan, you have to make him yours.” Acting instinctively, Celeborn pulled Elladan into his arms and held him close. “Once you let go of your guilt and shame, you will find a sea of love in your brother’s soul. The bond between the two of you will blossom and your fëa will finally become one. Trust me, there is no shame or disgrace in acknowledging this love. For you feel it too, don’t you?”

“I do,” admitted Elladan in a tiny voice. “But I am scared to act upon my feelings.”

Celeborn ruffled the long, dark hair. “Elrohir is weak and depends on you. You have to do this for the both of you.”

Determination crept into Elladan’s eyes, hearing his grandfather’s words. Celeborn was right; Elrohir depended on him for his survival. “I won’t fail him.”

“Then go to him and love him, pen-neth.” Celeborn released Elladan and walked toward the saddle bags on the table. He removed a glass phial from them and pushed it into Elladan’s hand, closing the half-Elf’s fingers over it. “This will help. Be gentle with him.”

Elladan stared at the phial of oil in his hand, knowing it would make their lovemaking more enjoyable for Elrohir. He swallowed hard, trying to rid himself of the lump of emotions in his throat. “Diolle lle.” The fact that Celeborn had thought to pack this told him much his grandfather cared.

Celeborn nodded his approval and then gently pushed Elladan toward the bedroom.

After drawing in a deep, steadying breath, Elladan’s jaw set grimly. Setting aside his last doubts, he marched into the bedroom.


Elrond worriedly stared at Glorfindel. “You heard the messenger! It is a matter of live and death. We need to leave now! We cannot linger here any longer!”

Glorfindel shook his head in disapproval, frustrated that the messenger had been unable to provide them with much needed details. “You are not fit to travel yet. I won’t allow it.”

“You haven’t been listening!” growled Elrond frustrated. “I feel something is wrong with my sons and you will obey!”

This argument had been going on since the messenger had left. Elrond, still confined to his bed, glowered at his lover, who refused to cooperate. “We have to leave for Imladris now!”

Concerned for Elrond’s well-being, Glorfindel shook his head again. He had been standing near the doorway, but he now headed for Elrond’s bed, where he sat down on its edge. “Melamin, you need more rest to recover. I will return to Imladris alone whilst  you recuperate here.”

“Nay! I want to be with my sons! They need me!”

Glorfindel was slightly shocked when his lover bared his teeth in warning. “But melme, I am acting in your best interest! You would fall off your horse! What is it that you want me to do? Tie you to your saddle?”

“I do not care if that is what you have to do,” spat Elrond, “I will do whatever necessary to be united with my sons!”

Glorfindel sighed defeated. He knew Elrond well enough to know the half-Elf would get his way in the end. “But we have to inform Thranduil and Erestor first. We cannot just leave like that.”

Even Elrond had to agree to that. “Ask them to visit with me.  I will tell them and then we will leave!” His instincts warned him that something was wrong with the twins. He’d always had a very tight connection to all three of his children and sensed that his bond with Elrohir was weakening. It was still there, but it felt awfully fragile.

Glorfindel was about to rise from the bed when someone knocked on the door. “Enter.” He hadn’t even had a chance to tell Elrond what he had witnessed in the corridor. It might have lifted the half-Elf’s spirits, but he could tell that Elrond wasn’t in the mood to hear about Thranduil and Erestor’s carelessness.

The door opened and Thranduil entered first. The King hoped Glorfindel and Elrond would keep the innuendo to a minimum; he had to exercise his power otherwise to forbid them to make fun of his lover. But when he saw the agitation on Elrond’s face, he knew the messenger had delivered very distressing news. All thoughts of his escapade in the corridor faded. He quickly grabbed Erestor’s wrist and pulled his lover into place beside him.

Erestor winced, hoping Elrond and Glorfindel would have mercy on him and not mention the indiscretion the Elda had witnessed. But as soon as he saw Elrond’s expression he also realized that something was amiss. He drew the only logical conclusion. “Has something happened to the children?” It didn’t matter how old Arwen and the twins were, he would also look upon them as Elflings, and he knew his friends felt the same way.

“’Tis Elrohir,” said Elrond, relieved that his chief advisor was still alert and observant. “I must return to Imladris at once.”

Thranduil voiced his skepticism. “You are not fit to travel yet.”

“I will survive,” said Elrond irritated. “And I need no one’s permission to leave!” He pushed down the blankets, swung his feet onto the floor and began to rise from the bed – rather unsteadily.

Glorfindel acted by wrapping an arm around his lover’s waist. “Why must you be this stubborn?”

“Glorfindel, I know Elrohir is in trouble. How can I possible ignore that fact and look the other way?”

Sighing, Glorfindel nodded once. “I will get you to Imladris in one piece, but you will pay the price for this later. You will only lengthen your recovery time.”

“That is a small price to pay once I know Elrohir is fine,” snarled Elrond in frustration.

Erestor and Glorfindel exchanged a questioning look. It was obvious Elrond was still too weak to travel and the half-Elf would end up in an even worse condition once he arrived in Imladris. Suddenly Thranduil squeezed his hand and Erestor made eye contact with his lover. /What is wrong?/ Erestor asked, sensing Thranduil’s worry and resignation.

“I should return Vilya to you,” said Thranduil in a muffled tone. He should have known that his newly found peace of mind couldn’t last. Vilya had strengthened him, kept Sauron’s Shadow at bay and even sustained his land. But now he had to fight this battle alone again. But no, not completely alone. Erestor would fight at his side.

Elrond, leaning heavily against Glorfindel, saw the dread that had appeared in Thranduil’s eyes. Seeing that fear made his decision much easier. “Keep the ring until Sauron has been defeated.”

Thranduil stared at Elrond in disbelief. “Gil-galad gave it to *you*.”

“But it is *you* who needs it the most,” said Elrond in a fatigued tone. “You can return it to me once the Shadow has left your mind.”

“You seem very certain that Sauron will be defeated,” remarked Thranduil thoughtfully.

Elrond’s eyes hardened. “I have to believe that Sauron can be defeated. We cannot give into despair, meldir.”

Thranduil bowed his head in acknowledgement. “In that case I have another request.”

Elrond already knew what Thranduil was going to ask and said, “Aye, Erestor can stay. You need him.”

Erestor gave Elrond a look filled with gratitude. “I will ensure that the Shadow won’t win.”

“Excellent,” whispered Elrond fatigued, who now addressed Glorfindel again. “Inform our escort that we are leaving.”

Glorfindel nodded once. “I promise you that we will reach Imladris as quickly as possible.” Like Elrond, he had to make sure Elrohir was well.


Elladan hesitantly shuffled into the bedroom. His gaze was instantly drawn toward Elrohir, who was curled up beneath a warm blanket. Part of an improvised bandage showed. Apparently Celeborn had used a dry corner of his traveling cloak to bandage the injured limb. His brother’s raven mane was still damp. Large, dark circles had appeared beneath the closed eyes and his twin looked ghostly pale. “What am I to do with you?”

Slowly, he moved toward the bed. Sitting down on its edge, he raised a hand and reached for his brother, running a fingertip down an icy cheek. “Elrohir? Can you hear me at all?”


Elladan managed a weak smile. “You know I am here. Even unconscious you know I am close.” He sighed, brushed back his own wayward hair and studied his twin. “Ata’da wants us to make love, but I am not sure I can follow through. I love you, Gwenneth, but… You are my brother.”


This time Elrohir’s fragile voice sounded more urgent and suddenly the younger twin released a muffled scream. His arms moved madly about and then reached for him, pulling him close. Elladan allowed it when Elrohir settled his older twin comfortably against him. Face to face, Elladan swallowed hard, seeing his brother’s sunken features. “Fading won’t take you long.” Celeborn was right; Elrohir didn’t have a year left.


Elladan’s smile went from hesitant to heartfelt warm. Whilst still asleep, Elrohir was petting his hair, trying to soothe his worries, which his younger twin was obviously picking up on. “Im mela lle, gwenneth. I love you too much to let you fade.” Nervously, he tried to ignore the butterflies that now tickled his insides, knowing that he was going to make love to Elrohir. “I will be as gentle as possible.”

Looking at Elrohir, he saw the other’s real inner beauty for the very first time. Elrohir had always been the one who wanted to take of him, of Ada, Glorfindel, Erestor, everyone. Elrohir’s love was pure and selflessness. Elrohir always wanted what was best for others.

“You must have felt so alone and I never realized it.” Hearing the sound of his own voice soothed him, and he tentatively touched his lips to Elrohir’s. Although they were chapped, they felt softer than any lips he had had ever tasted before. A pleased moan slipped from Elrohir’s lips, making Elladan wrap his arms around him. He remained careful though, keeping in mind that Elrohir’s left arm was broken.

“I know you can hear me. You might not fully realize that fact, but I can sense you in my mind. It has always been like that. Ata’da says our bond will grow even stronger after I claimed you and I wonder what it will be like when we are fully connected.”

He stopped talking and claimed Elrohir’s lips again. His twin was now growing restless, pressing himself close and rubbing his lower body against him. Elladan’s breath caught; his twin’s erection poked his stomach. “You really want me, don’t you?”


Elladan grinned. “At least you managed to say my entire name this time.” He placed the phial next to the pillow and licked his lips. He had to do this now. Once Elrohir was fully awake his twin might not consent to this. “I am sorry, gwenneth, but this might be my only chance to ensure that you will stay with me.”

Elrohir’s grip was becoming painful and Elladan wrestled himself free, gathering his twin’s hands in his right, which he brought together above Elrohir’s head. His breath caught, when the other half-Elf parted his legs, making him slip into place between his thighs. “Oh, this will be easier than I thought.”

Elrohir was obviously yearning for his touch and Elladan studied the beautiful creature beneath him. “We do belong together. I have fought that realization since finding out that you love me. I cannot let you fade. I would lose myself as well. Gwenneth, will you let me make love to you? Claim you? Make you mine? I cannot let you leave.”

“Elladan… aye… El…” Elrohir was mumbling feverishly and arched his back, trying to create more friction between them. His eyes were still closed, but his mind had long registered the loving and familiar presence. Elladan was with him, warming him, holding him and that was all his starved soul needed to know, making his instincts take over.

The eagerness and passion that Elrohir displayed urged Elladan on. Taking his time, he closed his lips over his brother’s, drawing soft mews of pleasure from them. He lowered himself atop of his twin’s body and with his free hand he guided Elrohir’s legs around his waist. Holding his younger sibling gently, he explored Elrohir’s mouth. The demanding tongue that chased his, was eager to capture him and he yielded, allowing Elrohir to take control of their kiss. He would have preferred to make love slowly, but Elrohir’s wants and needs crashed ruthlessly into his mind, making him pant for breath.

Elrohir’s need to become one in body and soul overwhelmed him and Elladan fought for control. Releasing his brother’s lips, his tongue left a wet trail down the other half-Elf’s throat, where he occasionally suckled the soft skin. Elrohir’s legs suddenly slipped back onto the bed. Realizing Elrohir was still too weak to keep his legs wrapped around his waist, Elladan slid down his brother’s body, showering the flat stomach with tender kisses.

When he reached the already slick erection, he hesitated again, but then he pushed all doubts from his mind. “It is easy to love you, Elrohir, and it helps, knowing that what pleases me will please you as well.” His twin’s body reacted to the ministrations like his own.

He bestowed a feline lick onto the tip of Elrohir’s erection and then breathed onto the enflamed skin. Elrohir squirmed beneath him, and raised his hips in a mute invitation to be taken. Panting hard, Elladan lost the struggle to make slow love to his twin and gave in. Elrohir’s needs were pushing him toward union.

He had long let go of his twin’s wrists and Elrohir’s fingers had buried themselves in his long hair, petting it again. Although his twin’s eyes were still closed, their link told him Elrohir was on the brink of waking up. /I must hurry./ Elrohir was very willing now that his feelings of shame weren’t in the way, but it would be a completely different situation once Elrohir started to fight him off.

Reaching for the phial, he opened it and coated one finger with the slick substance. “I will be very gentle and we will go slowly, gwenneth. I promise you a minimum of pain and intense pleasure.” Reality hit hard, as he finally placed his finger at the tight entrance to Elrohir’s body. He was really going to do this! “You are still a virgin, gwenneth. I hope I won’t disappoint you.” He wasn’t just going to make love to Elrohir, he was also taking his twin’s virginity.

His finger easily slid inside. It helped enormously that Elrohir was utterly relaxed in this entranced state and he probed the warm passage, hoping to quickly locate the gland that would ensure his brother’s ecstasy. When Elrohir squirmed and moaned deliriously, he knew he had located it. Rubbing the gland gently, he stared at Elrohir in wonder. His twin was now pushing down onto his finger, eager for more stimulation. “Soon, gwenneth. Let me set the pace.”

After manipulating the gland a little longer, he removed his finger and returned with two digits which he had coated in more oil. Wiggling them inside Elrohir’s passage, he blanketed his brother’s trembling body and locked lips. The kiss was undeniable passionate and both moaned their pleasure.

Unable to postpone the act itself any longer, Elladan knelt between his brother’s legs, and rubbed a generous amount of oil onto his own aching member. “Im mela lle, Elrohir. Stay with me. Don’t ever leave me.” He curled his fingers around his erection and guided himself into Elrohir’s willing body, finally claiming the other half of his soul and making them whole after centuries of being apart.


Elrohir’s eyes opened at the invasion and he stared at Elladan in shock. As he tried to make sense of what was happening, his eyes widened with pleasure. Elladan had sheathed himself completely and the tip of his hard flesh now rubbed against his sweet spot. Helplessly -- abandoned to this pleasure that was paralyzing him -- he simply stared at Elladan. /Why?/

Uncertain how to deal with this, Elrohir closed his eyes again. But that was a mistake, as his other senses took over. His body hummed with life and the sensation made him open his eyes again. But now Elladan had closed his, never realizing his brother had regained consciousness. /Why are you doing this, Elladan? Don’t you know I left in order to protect you? I never wanted to drag you down into disgrace with me. Ai!/ A fierce thrust battered against the gland inside his passage, making him fully erect and aching with desire.

As desire and passion began to take over, he admiringly stared at his twin’s agile body moving above him in an ancient dance of possession. What had made Elladan do this? Why claim him?

But all thoughts fled, when Elladan scooped him up, after pushing his arms beneath his back. Suddenly Elrohir found himself in an upright position, sitting in his brother’s lap. He was enfolded in his twin’s possessive embrace and surrendered to the sensation that nearly drove him out of his mind. His legs were guided around Elladan’s waist and his twin’s hands now cupped his buttocks, raising and lowering him in a passionate rhythm.

For one moment he considered fighting Elladan, but quickly realized how futile it would be in his current situation. He should savor what Elladan was so willingly giving him. After resting his head on his twin’s shoulder, he tightened his hold on Elladan and began to raise himself out of his own accord. With a strangled sob he then impaled himself on his brother’s hard flesh and soon they were moving as one.

Their union lasted longer than any of them had thought possible and whilst they mated, their minds merged.

Elrohir whimpered helplessly, as the sensations coursing through his body were reversed. Thrusting into his brother’s tight passage he approached orgasm. He was so close… So close…

Feeling Elrohir move inside him, Elladan screamed in delight. Finally his twin was claiming him as well.

They no longer knew where one started and the other ended. They had become one, and moved like one. They found release together and their lips instinctively sought out their counterparts, locking in a passionate kiss. Elrohir came hard and spilled himself against his twin’s stomach, whilst Elladan found release deep inside Elrohir’s body, claiming him for all eternity.

Panting heavily, they rode the waves of ecstasy together. Their thoughts, feelings and even identities mingled, and shifted into place. They took their new and rightful places in each other’s minds and that process left them truly connected and bound.

Possible thoughts of fighting Elladan faded from Elrohir’s mind. They were one and, as they stared into the other’s eyes, they realized something truly unique had just happened.

They were part of each other now. Every move they made was carried out simultaneously. The same thoughts floated in the other’s mind, and for one eternal moment, thoughts, words, and even emotions became redundant.

In the end, these effects, caused by their lovemaking, slowly faded, but their connection remained and was stronger than ever before.

Exhausted, Elrohir pressed close to Elladan, his arms wrapped tightly around the other half of his soul. What they had done could never be undone and whatever the future held for them, they would face it together.

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