By Any Means Necessary

Part 17

By Morgana


“We must hurry! We have to find him, ata’da! Who knows what Elrohir’s plans are!” Elladan was panicking. Now that his twin had left, a sea of emptiness threatened to drown him. They had been apart before, and although they had missed each other’s company, they had coped well. But things were different now, knowing that he could lose his brother forever.

Celeborn, who was still wearing his traveling clothes, turned to address Haldir. It pained him to leave his secret love behind, but someone had to look after Imladris! “I trust we will find Elrohir and bring him back. In the meantime, make sure things run smoothly here.” Haldir had been his seneschal for centuries and knew what to do.

“I will do my best,” promised Haldir, bowing his head respectfully. If it had been up to him, he would have accompanied Celeborn and Elladan, but he understood that this was a family affair. “Be careful on the road, my Lord.”

Smiling warmly, Celeborn briefly rested a hand on Haldir’s shoulder, squeezing it.

“Ata’da! I am leaving!” Elladan had mounted his horse and steered it toward the road, which Elrohir had probably taken. “He already has a head start on us!”

Celeborn let go of Haldir’s shoulder, marched over to his stallion and mounted as well. Elladan had already left the courtyard and he buried his heels into the horse’s flanks, urging it to follow.

Looking over his shoulder, Elladan felt relieved to see that his grandfather was joining him at last. He slowed down reluctantly, allowing Celeborn to catch up with him.

“Do you have any idea where we can find Elrohir?” Looking at the darkening sky, Celeborn felt worried. He couldn’t remember the last time the weather had changed this abruptly. Normally Imladris was graced with warm, clear skies.

His grandfather’s question caused Elladan’s heart to contract in pain. “Nay, I do not. I have no idea where Elrohir went.” Why hadn’t he gone to their rooms earlier? Maybe then he would have caught his twin sneaking off!

“Elladan, stop.” Celeborn grabbed his grandson’s wrist and forced Elladan to come to a stop. “Look at me. Listen!”

Elladan was about to scold his grandfather for stopping him and allowing Elrohir’s head start to increase, but as he looked into Celeborn’s blue eyes calm came over him.

“Elrohir and you share a special bond. Concentrate on it. It will lead you to him.”

Elladan nodded; Celeborn was right. Elrohir and he were connected and the bond would enable him to locate his twin. Closing his eyes, he focused on his younger brother. /Elrohir, where are you? Where are you headed? Let me know! Let me see!/ For one moment his surroundings darkened, and then he saw a familiar shaped mountain. If his vision was true, he knew where to find his elusive twin. “Follow me!”

Celeborn released him and urged his stallion to follow.


They were on the road for countless hours. And finally Arien was descending in the skies. Dusk was coming over the lands.

Elladan was driving his horse to an even greater speed and soon they left the valley to encounter a rock-filled landscape. “He is heading for the lands of Men! We have to find him before someone else does!” He was worried that Elrohir wouldn’t be able to properly defend himself when attacked in his current condition. Although Imladris was on friendly terms with the Men that dwelled close to Rivendell, he didn’t know how the mortals would react when happening upon Elrohir. Biting his bottom lip in concentration, he continued to reach out. His brother’s presence was growing stronger. “He is close.”

That remark made Celeborn frown. “Elrohir left long before we did. He should not be this close.”

Sudden pain whipped through Elladan and he reached for his chest, placing his hand over his heart. “’Tis Elrohir. He is in pain!”

“Concentrate! We have to find him!” Celeborn stared at his oldest grandson and saw the strain in those tense shoulders. Resting a hand on Elladan’s arm, he tried to support the half-Elf in whatever way possible.

Suddenly Elladan’s head snapped back, and his eyes stared into the distance. “I know where he is!” He pulled at the reins and steered his horse to his right.

Celeborn followed suit, hoping Elladan knew what he was doing.


The heavens suddenly opened above them, releasing seas of rain. Burrowing deeper into their cloaks, Elladan and Celeborn continued. They had left their horses behind to climb the mountain and were both frustrated at their slow pace.

Studying his surroundings, Celeborn realized with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that the scattered rocks meant a rock avalanche had happened before their arrival. He hoped Elrohir hadn’t been caught up in it.

Elladan was having similar thoughts. The pain in his chest had tightened and he sensed his twin’s physical, as well as emotional pain. /Hold out, Elrohir. I am coming for you. We will find you. Just hold on a little longer./ He moved purposefully now, leading his grandfather to the right.

Both gasped in shock.

A pile of rocks lay in front of them and beneath it showed a piece of green fabric. Elladan knew instinctively that it was a part of Elrohir’s riding cloak. “Ata’da, help me!” He sunk onto his knees and began removing the stones from his twin’s body. Tears flowed down his face, desperately holding on to the knowledge that Elrohir was still alive. He could still sense his twin in his mind and his heart.

Celeborn’s heart went out to them. He hated seeing them suffer like that. “Be strong for your brother,” said Celeborn firmly, removing the last few stones that had hidden Elrohir’s body from sight. “He is alive. That is all that matters!”

Clinging to his grandfather’s words of hope and encouragement, he cautiously pulled Elrohir toward him. Now that his brother rested in his arms he looked pleadingly at his grandfather. Dried droplets of blood clung to Elrohir’s long hair and his twin’s eyes were closed. “Ata’da? How badly injured is he?” He was way too emotional to properly check for injuries. /I would not know what to do without ata’da./ He was thankful Celeborn was here and questioningly met his grandfather’s gaze. “Please tell me he will be all right.”

Celeborn’s hands tenderly probed Elrohir’s limbs. “He might be concussed, but we cannot be sure until he wakes up.” Continuing the examination, he smiled relieved. Elrohir had suffered remarkably little damage, which was a miracle. “His left arm is broken and his ribs feel bruised, but I cannot find any mortal injuries. We need to take him back to Imladris where we can take care of him.” His gaze left Elrohir’s face and explored the sky. “More rain and even storm are approaching. I doubt we can make it back before it breaks loose.”

“We passed by a cabin not so long ago.” Elladan nodded absentmindedly. “We can stay there until the storm dies down.” The cabin was usually used by their border sentries and would serve them well. “We can take him there.”

Celeborn nodded as well. He didn’t want to tell Elladan yet, but Elrohir’s state did worry him. Normally the Elven healing ability would secure Elrohir’s swift recovery, but due to the grief that ability was no longer working as it should. “You do not have much time left.”

Elladan shivered with understanding. It was a warning to accept his brother’s love for him. The bruises that covered Elrohir’s face and hands urged him on, but as he didn’t trust himself to carry his brother, he looked at his grandfather. “I cannot carry him… I…” He raised a hand, which trembled violently.

Celeborn released a tormented sigh. Was it possible that Elladan was beginning to fade as well? He hoped not. He gathered Elrohir safely in his arms and then lifted his youngest grandson.

Feeling strangely numb, Elladan followed them down the mountain, trying hard to uphold the fading connection between them. Elrohir was slowly growing weaker and he needed to get close to his twin.


Night had long descended over the lands when they finally reached their horses.

Celeborn, realizing Elrohir’s breathing was growing weaker, signaled for Elladan to mount his horse. Next, he placed Elrohir in front of his oldest grandson. “Hold on tight.” The close physical contact would hopefully strengthen Elrohir.

Elladan wrapped his arms possessively around his twin’s waist and made sure his younger brother sat secure in front of him. He smiled weakly when Elrohir rested his head against his right shoulder. He briefly had to free one hand to re-arrange his warm riding cloak around them. Now that he had created a nice, warm cocoon around them, he rested his chin on Elrohir’s shoulder. “Gwenneth, how could you be so stupid as to run away?” He was trying hard to control the desperate rage that was overwhelming him. He could be angry with his twin later.

Celeborn mounted as well, and after getting his bearings, started to lead them to the cabin.


Elrohir felt lost on waves of pain and misery. He balanced between waking up and drifting deeper asleep, but right now he was growing aware of the warmth that enclosed him.

The rock avalanche had completely surprised him. It had thundered down the mountain side and, panicking, his horse had thrown him off. Dazed, he had lain on the ground, and before he’d had a chance to flee, the rocks had reached him, burying him beneath them. Then the pain had washed over him. His body ached, but the anguish in his heart was even worse. He missed Elladan, missed his twin’s closeness; his warmth, the sound of his voice. But leaving Imladris had been inevitable. Pulling Elladan into fading with him was unacceptable and therefore he’d had to put distance between them.

He hadn’t left a note, not wanting to be found. Instinctively, he had known that Elladan would try to find him and he had chosen to go to the lands of Men, hoping that his twin would think it the last place where he would head.

Too tired and exhausted to worry about what had happened to create this warmth that enclosed him, he let himself float on his feelings and thoughts. They had calmed down for some reason and he actually felt comfortable.

“Gwenneth, how could you be so stupid as to run away?”

Those words sent splinters of ice through his veins and he felt paralyzed, hearing Elladan’s voice. /Nay, he cannot have found me!/ He did his utmost best to open his eyes and find out if his suspicion was true, but his eyelids refused to cooperate. /What do I do now? Did he really find me? I tried so hard to get away from him! I do not want to cause him more pain! Why couldn’t he let me go?/

He found the answer to that question in his heart. /Because he loves you. You are twins./

That thought reassured him for some odd reason and he allowed himself to fall into unconsciousness where his pain and troubled thoughts no longer existed.


“Sire? A messenger from Imladris has arrived, requesting to talk to Lord Elrond.”

Thranduil frowned, hearing this news. He nodded at the advisor and said, “Tell him to enter.” He felt slightly nervous, as this was his first public appearance since Sauron’s Shadow had invaded his mind. Erestor had urged him to resume his duties, and realizing his lover was right, he had agreed.

That didn’t mean he felt confident in front of his advisors, staff and servants. He still looked badly out of shape. Dark circles were present beneath his eyes, his hair was still gray and at times he had to lean heavily on Erestor for support. Vilya might be helping him fight the Shadow and aid his recovery, but recuperating still took time.

His gaze shifted to Erestor. The dark-haired Elf had seated himself to his right and seemed ready to intervene should he tire himself out. /I love you for being this protective./

Erestor -- bemused -- catching that thought, raised an eyebrow. /You had better grow used to it./

/I will./ Thranduil smiled smugly and placed his hand atop of Erestor’s. Until now he hadn’t been sure if he should disclose their relationship to his court, but now he realized that hiding it felt absolutely wrong.

Muffled whispers moved through the group of advisors and servants, but no one addressed him. /Good, they are still loyal to me, no matter what./ That fact warmed his heart. /It will make things easier when I openly propose to him./

/You want to do what?/ Erestor’s eyes had widened marginally. He fought to keep the surprise from his face, as he locked gazes with the King of Mirkwood. /You intend to propose to me in front of your people?/ He knew Thranduil was in love with him, but this was rather unexpected.

Thranduil refrained from forming a reply, wanting Erestor to feel a little insecure and confused. The messenger had just entered and was now bowing respectfully. “You are welcome here,” Thranduil said, “And I will take you to Lord Elrond personally.” As long as Elrond was recovering he felt it was his responsibility to take care of his patient.

The messenger thanked the Ruler of Mirkwood and looked at Erestor for reassurance.

“I will join you, then,” said Erestor, realizing relations between Mirkwood and Imladris were still somewhat fragile on the outside. He caught the relieved sigh of the messenger and signaled for the Elf to follow them.

Thranduil dismissed his advisors for the moment and fell into step beside Erestor, occasionally exchanging glances with his lover. Absentmindedly one of his fingertips moved over Vilya, caressing the stone. The fact that Elrond allowed him to wear the ring still baffled him.

Now that they had reached Elrond’s temporary quarters, Thranduil knocked. He waited for Glorfindel to acknowledge them and then opened the door. All three of them entered and Thranduil’s first look was for Elrond, who was sound asleep. Glorfindel rose from the chair, his hand still holding Elrond’s.

A warm smile settled on Thranduil’s features. /So they *are* lovers. I did wonder about Glorfindel’s deep concern for Elrond./ Now that he had Erestor, he felt happy for Elrond as well. After losing Celebrian the half-Elf apparently had found someone to share his life with again.

“Sire?” Glorfindel frowned, seeing the messenger behind Thranduil. A sense of foreboding came over him. Why would the twins send a messenger?

“I will leave the three of you, then,” said Thranduil, indicating for Erestor to leave with him. It was then that he realized that he looked upon Erestor as *his*. His lover, his advisor, his mate. Erestor now belonged at his side. Erestor’s probing look told him that his lover knew what he had been thinking. /Or do you think differently?/

Erestor pondered the question. /Nay, I do not. You are right. I belong with you now. But it will take time for me to grow comfortable with that fact. I have been Elrond’s chief advisor for so long./

/But you are mine now. Body and soul. I won’t ever let you go, nîn-cuil./

The possessive thoughts that accompanied Thranduil’s statement made Erestor quiver with desire and passion. For as long as he could remember he had taken care of others; had provided his council and a listening ear. But never before had someone offered to take care of him in turn. /Im mela lle, Thranduil./

Erestor’s reply satisfied Thranduil, who then folded an arm around his lover’s waist. He closed the door behind them and pulled Erestor into the corridor where he proceeded to kiss him. /You are in my blood./

The kiss was passionate, lustful and yet still full of love. /Just the way a kiss is supposed to be,/ thought Erestor pleased. /Do we have more engagements today or can we retreat to your chambers? I want to be alone with you./

/I think they can spare us for an hour. After all, I am King here! My subjects do as I command them to./ Thranduil trembled with anticipation seeing the naughty expression in his lover’s eyes. /What are you up to, meleth-nîn?/

Erestor grinned. “Oh, my Liege, please have mercy on your poor subject and do not abuse my body again!”

Thranduil briefly felt stunned, but then caught on. “Nay, you will do as your King commands or I will throw you into the dungeons. I *will* have my wicked way with you! I will *possess* your body.” He pulled Erestor even closer and grinded his erection against his lover’s groin. “You *will* pleasure me.”

“Nay, my King, I beg you… Have mercy!” Erestor was trying hard to sound desperate, but his body naturally betrayed him. Well, nothing was wrong with a little role-playing and Thranduil seemed ‘up’ for it. They just had to go slow and make sure the Sinda didn’t exhaust himself.

Taking charge, Thranduil’s lips left Erestor’s, trailed downward and suckled the skin of his lover’s throat. “Off to my bed with you, where I will tie your hands and feet to the bedposts, lirimaer, spreading you open to do as I please. The King has needs and it is your task to see them met. Be assured that I will thoroughly use you. All of you, especially that sweet mouth of yours.” Thranduil wondered what possessed him to talk to Erestor in this way, but it was very obvious that they both liked it… A lot.

Shivers of eager anticipation coursed through Erestor’s trembling body at Thranduil’s determined voice. Then the blond’s hand rubbed his erection through the fabric of his leggings, massaging it to full hardness. “Aiya, you will ravish me and there is nothing I can do to stop you! My King, I beg for your mercy one last time!”

“No mercy for you, lirimaer. You belong in my bed, squirming beneath me, and yearning for release, which only I can grant.” Just talking this way was getting him excited and he was already moving toward release. If he wasn’t careful his seed would be spilled before they even got to his rooms!

Erestor was facing the same problem. A familiar throbbing traveled through his groin and he yelped softly when Thranduil’s teeth broke the skin of his throat. The fact that they were in a corridor and could be discovered added to their excitement.

“And then I will take you, *hard*,” panted Thranduil, as his lips left his lover’s soft skin to travel to a pointed ear.

His lover’s warm breath against the tip of his ear made Erestor quiver and he felt weak in the knees when Thranduil resumed talking.

“You will first present yourself to your King on your hands and knees. That idea alone is enough to make me want to ravish you. I will possess you completely, forcing myself a way into your warm and unwilling body.” He rubbed himself against Erestor’s lower body, adding to their stimulation. He licked his lover’s earlobe and then continued in a hoarse tone, “Can you feel me push inside? Thrust deep inside you? Hitting you *there* and making you hard in turn? You will pay for not wanting to pleasure me. I will aim every thrust at that special spot inside your hot, tight passage until you scream for release!”

Erestor’s eyes had darkened and he was panting hard, thrusting against Thranduil in turn. “Aiya, my King, you are taking advantage of me!”

“And with another thrust I will bring you to orgasm. You cannot stop me, so surrender to the sensation. Your passage contracts around me, bringing me to orgasm as well. As I fill you with my seed, you are helpless to do anything about it. I am claiming you, marking you!”

Erestor, unable to hold back any longer, pressed his lips against Thranduil’s and came inside his leggings. Trembling in his lover’s arms, he felt the same tension, followed by relaxation, course through Thranduil’s body. /You came as well!/

/The things you do to me, lirimaer!/ Thranduil shook violently when orgasm claimed him. Never before had his body reacted to mere words in this way. /I would love to really do that to you some time./ The thought of having Erestor in his bed, completely helpless and pretending to be unwilling filled him with lustful images.

They clung to each other, riding out the sensation. Their lips reunited and settled into a lazy kiss.

“Ehm,” The sound of someone clearing his throat brought them back to reality.

Erestor had the grace to blush, meeting Glorfindel’s curious gaze. But as he looked at Thranduil, he found that the Sinda was smiling smugly at him. How much had Glorfindel seen? And what did the Elda think of their actions? They had to be more careful in future. This passion that had overwhelmed them had been stronger than anything he had ever felt before. /Oh, our love life will be interesting!/

/We will make it interesting, lirimaer,/ replied Thranduil, wishing they had made it back to his rooms before engaging in this activity. Then they would have been able to change their clothing before facing Glorfindel. /Erestor? We need to take our clothes off first in future. This is very uncomfortable./ Looking at the dark-haired Elf, he caught Erestor’s understanding expression.

Glorfindel coughed, trying to cover up his embarrassment at finding them in such a compromising condition, but at the same time he also felt wicked. Could he dare make a comment about what he had just witnessed? Locking gazes with Thranduil, he decided not to risk the King’s wrath. /But that blush does become Erestor!/

Although Glorfindel had felt hesitant when Erestor had told him about his feelings for Thranduil, he now smiled warmly. /I am glad you have found love and passion. I know you bonded accidentally and I assume this is more than you had hoped for. Then, the next thought hit him. /I cannot wait to tell Elrond!/

“Could I have a word with you, Sire?” Glorfindel forced himself to act as normal as possible when addressing the King.

Thranduil cleared his throat, and when Erestor tried to move away, he tightened his hold on the Noldo. /Nay, you are staying, nîn-cuil./ Focusing on the Elda again, he said, “I require a few minutes to freshen up. I will join you in half an hour.”

Glorfindel’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “I assume Erestor needs to freshen up as well?”

Erestor cringed, and hoped Glorfindel wouldn’t share this particular secret with Elrond, but being honest with himself, he knew better. /I will never live this down. They will tease me with this for the next millennia./

“I will inform Elrond that you will join us shortly.” Glorfindel smiled cockily and then turned around to return to Elrond’s side. “And you might want to seek out a more deserted corridor in the future. Your words, and your moaning, were rather… audible.” With a pleasing whoosh, he closed the door behind him.

Erestor and Thranduil stared at each other in disbelief, but then erupted into laughter.

“Let them talk and laugh,” said Thranduil eventually, refusing to be ashamed for loving Erestor. “I do not care.”

Erestor sighed. “Maybe it is a good thing after all that I won’t return to Imladris with them. They would tease me the whole time.”

“You will stay with me… In my bed.” Thranduil grinned, hugged his lover and then steered a smiling Erestor toward his quarters. /Aye, our love life will be very interesting indeed!/

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