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Bonds of Love

Chapter 2

By Riley


You have improved greatly!"

"I have a good teacher."

"So you do."

Laughter - between father and son. Not an uncommon thing for these two humans. It was shared between them on a daily basis and it lightened both their hearts to hear the other's chuckles.

Aragorn rose to his feet and looked down at his son with admiring eyes. "You will make a fine swordsman, Eldarion. It will not be long until I have nothing else to show you."

"That does not mean I will overpower you, father." The young man said while standing up next to Aragorn.

Aragorn sighed and shook his head as he realized Eldarion was now a few inches taller than himself. Where had the little boy who only came waist high gone to? When did this *man* take his place? He continued to gaze at his son until the lad raised his eyebrows at him and smirked. "What?"

Eldarion shrugged his shoulders and laughed loudly. "You are finally noticing that I am indeed taller than you now."

"Oh, shut up." Aragorn mumbled while sheathing his sword. "You let the littlest things go to your head."

"So you *have* noticed?!" Eldarion said enthusiastically, his grey eyes twinkling with amusement.

Aragorn rolled his eyes and ignored the dark-haired youth who was smiling broadly. He looked up to the sky and sighed when he saw the clouds covering the sun. The brilliant blueness was slowly growing darker and the smell of a storm approaching caused the Man to frown.

'Legolas loves the rain. I wonder if I shall ever smell his scent mixed with the downpour again.'

"Let us remove ourselves from here. A storm is closing in."

"Anything to change the subject of your son surpassing your height, nay?" Eldarion chided while pushing his shoulder against his father's.

Aragorn opened his mouth for a rebuttal but snapped it shut when he heard a whistle sail through the wind as it were an arrow piercing his heart. Aragorn's face paled and he bit his lip nervously. He almost forgot how to breathe and when Eldarion gave him a questioning look and began to speak his concern, Aragorn silenced him with a hand against the lad's chest.

"Quiet." Aragorn whispered while leaning his head into the breeze blowing by. He heard the whistle again and the Man gasped. "Valar!"

"What? What is it?" Eldarion asked frantically, worried over his father's strange behavior. "What be the matter?"

Ere Aragorn could answer, lightning flashed and a loud clasp of thunder bellowed deeply, but Eldarion paid little attention to that, his eyes were focused on Aragorn from his father flinging his head back and whistling in such a high pitched tone that Eldarion had to cover his ears.

Upon the rain falling down heavily, Eldarion witnessed something he never saw before; his father was smiling as if it were the first time he had ever done so. The Man's smile was so vibrant and... "Beautiful." Eldarion murmured to himself. His father looked beautiful. Amdist the darkened locks of hair that were becoming soaked and the rugged face he wore, Aragorn was so full of life right now that Eldarion would not have recognized him to be his father if he had not been here to see such a transformation.

Another whistle sailed into Aragorn's ears and with a quick glance towards Eldarion, he nodded his head, and took off in a mad dash towards the whistling. Aragorn had never ran so fast in his life nor had his heart ever felt so heavy within his chest. There was only one being who could be whistling such noises and the Man's body shook with every step he took. He told himself he was dreaming because this couldn't be real - after seventeen years of waiting, this could not be happening...

Aragorn ran past his men who stood on guard and ignored their calls of concern thrown his way, he only concentrated on meeting up with the creature he wished he had never let go. He grew very grateful for knowing every inch of ground before him, otherwise it would have been nearly impossible to see where he was going through such a storm. The wind was blowing steadily now and it was cold, so very cold, but Aragorn's body was on fire - his beloved had returned. No amount of water could dwindle the heat upon his skin.

He came to a halt suddenly and inhaled deeply. The scent he had been longing to smell was surrounding him now and he could feel it creep its way into his soul. Legolas was here indeed. He had returned home.

Forcing himself onward, Aragorn continued running through the wicked weather, and as he turned around the last bend of trees, he saw a tall, slender being with long, blond hair standing in the rain.

"Legolas." Aragorn whispered.

The Elf turned around and smiled. "Aragorn."

Time seemed to stop for both Man and Elf as they stared at one another intensely. And perhaps, if the rain hadn't ceased, Aragorn's tears would have gone unnoticed, but seeing how that wasn't the case, Legolas frowned and approached the Man cautiously. "You are saddened by my presence?" He asked in a hurtful tone.

More tears escaped the king's eyes from hearing the Elf's voice. Oh, how could he have forgotten how beautiful it was?

"No, Legolas... I am not sad." The Man replied while caressing the Elf's cheek with a shaky hand. Legolas leaned into Aragorn's touch and it was too much for the Man to bear. Sighing heavily and closing his eyes, he wrapped his arms around Legolas and pulled him into his chest. "Promise me right here, right now, that you will never leave me again. Promise me, Legolas."

"I promise." Legolas replied, returning the embrace. "I have missed you, Aragorn."

"I have missed you even more so, my heart."

Legolas felt the Man's tears slide down onto his neck and he voiced his concern. "Aragorn, if you are happy to see me, than why do you cry?"

Aragorn laughed and released the Elf so he could look into his beloved's eyes. "Dear, sweet Legolas! I see you are still as innocent as ever!" He said with a smirk while wiping his tears away. "I truly have missed you."

Legolas smiled despite his confusion and stared at Aragorn with wide eyes. He scanned the Man from top to bottom and crossed his arms across his chest. He averted his eyes down towards the Man's bottom half for a while and then returned his gaze to meet with Aragorn's dark eyes. Leaning an elbow against his one arm that still remained folded, he tapped his fingers against his chin. "You have lost weight and your hair... it is grey in certain areas. I find it very appealing and you still carry the same beard. I think, though, your arms are bigger, more muscular, and your voice is as strong as ever. Your eyes are still captivating and -" Legolas paused for a moment and inhaled deeply. "Your scent is the same. I am still in awe by your beauty, Aragorn."

Aragorn felt his cheeks color but smiled nonetheless. "I am glad you still find me appealing. I, however, wish for a closer examination upon your body ere I state my opinion. I believe you promised to return to me without one scratch - I must see that you remained true to your word otherwise I may very well have to punish you ere I do anything else."

It was Legolas' turn to blush but it was short lived when a voice he did not recgonize called out.

"Father? Father, is all well?!"

Aragorn turned round to see Eldarion approaching. He waved his son over and offered him a warm smile. "Yes, all is indeed well. I am sorry for taking off like that."

Eldarion nodded his head and sighed with relief. He was worried something terrible was occurring from his father's odd behavior but curiosity as to who his father was conversing with overrode all other concerns. He noticed quickly from spotting pointed ears that it was an Elf, a *male* Elf, no doubt from his stance, even though the creature was stunningly beautiful. Eldarion wondered how this Elf's blond hair looked when dry for even though it was damp right now, it was perhaps the silkiest thing he had ever seen. The young Man set his grey eyes upon Legolas' face and almost gasped from the flawless features. A light pinkish tint stained the fair Elf's cheeks and eyes so startling blue looked back at him with more curiosity than what he held that the youth had to avert his eyes. Eldarion lowered his gaze from Legolas' stare and couldn't help but notice that indeed this was a male being from the straightness of the Elf's jaw and the muscles that shown through his wet clothes. How could a male creature be so captivating?

"Eldarion," Aragorn said with a broad smile, "this is my Leg-, I mean, this is my dear friend, Legolas."

Eldarion did not look at his father, he kept his eyes glued to Legolas and he sighed heavily. Legolas! Of course it was Legolas! His father had told him many things of this Elf but not once had he said how beautiful he was. "Tis an honor to finally meet you," Eldarion said quietly, offering the Elf his hand in greeting, "my father has said much about you. 'Tis good to finally put a face to whom he speaks of so highly."

Legolas smiled warmly upon looking over Aragorn's son - Eldarion was a handsome Man, no doubt. Dark hair and grey eyes much like his father, Legolas could hardly believe they were two different people. Where Eldarion was slimmer, Aragorn was broader, and though they looked indeed like father and son, Legolas could make no mistake about their eyes when set upon himself, for Aragorn's eyes still told Legolas that he loved him.

Legolas shook the young Man's hand gently and smiled. "The honor is all mine, son of Aragorn."

Eldarion's breath caught in his throat when Legolas grasped his hand. He had never felt skin so smooth or... right. It felt incredibly right to touch Legolas and Eldarion found himself saddened greatly when the Elf pulled away from him.

Again curiosity got the best of the youth as he continued to stare at Legolas. He knew it was obvious he could not remove his eyes from the graceful creature but he cared not. "I am told you are old in age yet you look younger than me!"

Aragorn laughed. "So he does! But do not let his age fool you, my son, he acts as if he were younger than you as well."

"Aragorn!" Legolas fumed while folding his arms across his chest, his cheeks reddening. "I would have you take that comment back. 'Tis not I who acts like a child but you yourself who does so."

Aragorn laughed even louder and brought a strong arm around the Elf's shoulders. His chuckles stopped almost instantly from touching the Elf he long desired to feel again by his side. He feared it was a dream he was experiencing right now and that when he awoke Legolas would be gone, but when Legolas leaned in close to his body, Aragorn sighed happily and held onto the Elf tighter, promising himself to never let Legolas go again.

Eldarion could not believe how differently his father was acting. He was normally quiet, save for private sessions alone as they practiced swordmanship, and so reserved that Eldarion was very surprised to see him open up so vibrantly in such a short amount of time.

"Come, Legolas." Aragorn stated while pulling on the Elf's arm, "you must be weary from your travels."

"Indeed I am." Legolas said softly, following the Man's lead. He then stopped suddenly and smirked evilly when Eldarion began to walk beside his father. The Elf shook his head and laughed lightly, causing both father and son to look back at him with confused eyes.

"To what do you find laughter in?" Aragorn asked.

Knowing Aragorn as well as he did, Legolas knew his new discovery would certainly prove in lots of playful teasing on Legolas' part. He composed himself and held his head up high while replying, in a matter-of-fact tone, "your son is taller than you."

Aragorn glared at the Elf and Eldarion roared with laughter. He liked Legolas very much all ready. Yes, having this Elf around was definitely going to be for all the better, Eldarion decided silently.


Legolas followed Aragorn into the Man's chambers to seek a few moments of privacy ere tending dinner. The Elf was hoping to bathe and get a fresh change of clothing but the Man whom held his heart had other intentions, Legolas quickly realized, when he was pushed against the closed door roughly by the heavier being.

"Know you how much I've missed your presence, my love?" Aragorn whispered into Legolas' curved ear, his breath sliding down the Elf's neck causing the Elf to moan. "I feared you would never return to me."

"Oh, Aragorn," Legolas whined while running his slim hands through the Man's dark hair. "I longed to feel your lips upon mine for far too long: your heart beating next to mine: your voice echoing through my soul: and your touch... I nearly forgot what it felt like to hold you close and I feared perhaps your love had lessened for me. I left on my own free-"

"Shhh," Aragorn commanded, placing a finger over Legolas' lips. "No more words. We have all the time we need to talk, but for now-" Aragorn slid his finger down to where Legolas' shirt lay and began to undo the buttons. "I wish for you to be my appetizer ere dinner. I will die if I am denied your body any longer. Let us love each other now and talk later."

Aragorn followed through with his command by crashing his lips harshly against the Elf's. It was a kiss strong enough to bruise Legolas' tender flesh - Aragorn had never been so forceful with a kiss before but he had never longed for anything like this. He had felt empty these past years without Legolas near and whilst it was in all good intentions on Legolas' part for leaving, Aragorn believed it had been the wrong thing to do.

His mind told him to take it easy, that Legolas had returned and all would be well, but try as he may, he could not help himself from devouring Legolas. He slid his tongue into his lover's mouth and held the back of Legolas' head in a tight grip, making it so the only thing Legolas could move was his own tongue, and move it did - quite swiftly and teasingly it played the game of dominance with Aragorn's tongue.

Aragorn pulled away only long enough to give the Elf a warning. "I am *not* going to be gentle with you, Legolas."

Aragorn grabbed Legolas by the arms and pulled him over towards the bed. He turned Legolas around so that when the Elf fell onto the soft blankets he lay on his back. The Man sighed longingly at Legolas' beauty and covered the Elf with his heavier body within seconds. "I want to inspect your bare body from top to bottom, Legolas, but we have little time, know that if I find even once scratch upon you later that I will indeed punish you."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Legolas replied. Wrapping his arms around the Man's neck, Legolas pulled Aragorn's head down and sucked on his bottom lip. Aragorn moaned and that was music to Legolas' ears. The Elf sighed and released his mouth from Aragorn's and smiled. "I love you, Aragorn."

"And I you," Aragorn replied with an evil smirk. Without any warning, Aragorn tore off Legolas' shirt and attacked the Elf's hardened nubs. Legolas' skin was a little moist from the rain and it tasted sweeter than what the Man had remembered it to, and that scent! Aragorn had to stop his torment upon Legolas to enjoy the smell he had craved to inhale for years. It took the Man a moment to realize he had a beautiful Elf lying underneath him awaiting his next move. With a shake of his head, he cleared the intoxicating aroma from within his head and began to strip Legolas of his leggings.

Legolas was busy pulling off Aragorn's breeches as well and when the Man was thoroughly naked, Legolas ran his hands over Aragorn's muscular chest and felt himself grow extremely hard. How could he have forgotten each muscle that lay there or how perfect it felt to be within this Man's embrace?

Aragorn fumbled noisily in the side stand next to the bed while Legolas used that tongue of his to latch onto one of his nipple's. Aragorn's eyes closed for a few moments and the object he was searching for went forgotten from Legolas making him see spots from his skillful tongue. "Stop." Aragorn panted. "I can't concentrate with you doing that."

Legolas gigggled softly. "All the more reason for me to continue." He teased ere sucking harder on the Man's hardened nub.

Aragorn moaned and felt an aching pain arise between his legs - that was the perfect reminder for him to once again seek the oil he had been searching for. He grasped the small bottle with sweaty fingers and coated those same digits generously. He slid a finger into Legolas and watched with desire when Legolas' head fell back onto the bed whilst gasping from the intrusion.

Aragorn's pain increased but he told himself to hang on as he inserted another finger to stretch Legolas. He vaguely remembered how much it hurt his Elf the last time they had been together and he was fairly certain Legolas had not had any kind of intimacy since then - or had he? Aragorn panicked and felt jealousy course through his veins. Could Legolas have seeked comfort with someone else? Aragorn hadn't - surely Legolas hadn't either, right?

Aragorn leaned down close to Legolas and tried to voice his insecurities the best he could. "Legolas? Have you... I mean - Does this hurt much?"

Legolas cupped the Man's face with his slender hands and caught his breath. "The pain lessens after a while, 'tis a good pain, Aragorn. One I have not felt for quite some time."

Aragorn bit his lip and wriggled his fingers so they slid in further - Legolas closed his eyes and flinched from the gesture. "Legolas? How long exactly has it been?"

"I thought we were going to talk later?" Legolas said out of breath, his eyes still closed from Aragorn's exploration.

"Yes, but... Well, I'm just-"

"Jealous." Legolas stated with a smirk.

Aragorn frowned. "I know I have no right to be after what I displayed in front of you, but yes, jealous is what I am."

"Worry not, Aragorn," Legolas said with a warm smile, "I have not given myself to anyone since our last time."

Aragorn sighed with relief. "Thank the Valar." He murmured ere setting a steady pace with his fingers, finding Legolas' 'special' spot. He knew he had hit it when the Elf squirmed underneath him and gripped the sheets with his hands moaning rather loudly. Aragorn did not want Legolas to release himself yet, so he removed his fingers from the warm entrance his erection yearned to explore, and encouraged Legolas to roll over.

Aragorn coated his arousal with the oil and positioned himself over Legolas, but leaned down first to whisper some comfort into the Elf's ear. "I love you, Legolas. If it hurts too much, tell me." He placed kisses down the Elf's back and then slid himself gently into the tight entrance of his lover. Aragorn groaned and saw stars all ready. Not being inside Legolas for so long was torture, he mused, as he experienced first hand exactly how exceptionally grand it felt to be inside his Elf.

The Man wanted to bury himself deep within Legolas with one quick thrust but he felt Legolas tense up and he also heard the Elf cry out softly from the pain. "Are you okay?" He asked with concern.

"Aye, just take it slow, please."

Aragorn slid his hand underneath Legolas and grabbed the Elf's solid flesh and pumped it slowly whilst he slid his own manhood inwards at a slow pace. "Ah! Legolas! This is torture! You're so tight! I must have my way with you!"

Despite the pain he was in, Legolas laughed. "You never were one for patience."

"Not when it comes to you. May I, Legolas? Please?"

Legolas nodded his head and bit his lip when Aragorn thrusted deep within him. It hurt terribly, especially from not having any kind of intimacy for so long but Legolas concentrated on relaxing his muscles and when he fully allowed his body to ease-up, the pain lessened greatly.

Aragorn wanted to stay inside Legolas as long as possible but he knew that would not happen any time soon. He lost all control of himself after that first plunge and the need to take Legolas surpassed everything else. He pulled on the Elf's hair roughly and drove himself hard into the willing body underneath him.

The bed shook with each thrust Aragorn bestowed upon Legolas and he wondered if anyone could hear what was taking place but paid it little attention. He continued to slide his hand up and down Legolas' erection as his thrusts became harder.

Legolas was moaning uncontrollably and couldn't help but raise his lower body into every one of Aragorn's thrusts. He welcomed the roughness and climaxed fully when Aragorn threw himself wildly into his body.

Aragorn had to cover Legolas' mouth with his hand from the loud cry escaping his Elven lips. The Man lost himself completely from that cry and filled Legolas with his seed. Out of breath and energy, Aragorn collapsed onto the slender body of his beloved and held the shivering Elf tightly.

"I hate to say it but we must make haste and get ready for dinner. You can bathe first if you like." Aragorn stated, still out of breath.

"You expect me to walk after that?!" Legolas exclaimed.

Aragorn laughed and sat up to gather his clothing. He turned back to look down at Legolas and chewed on his bottom lip ere speaking in a calm voice. "Legolas... Eldarion does not know. About us I mean and-"

"I understand completely." Legolas said as he sat up to meet the Man's gaze. "Tell him when the time is right, Aragorn. I know it is not an easy task for you."

Aragorn leaned forward and kissed Legolas' swollen lips gently. "You are truly amazing, Legolas, but I stand by my word, I shall make it known to all that I love you and only you."

"I know that." Legolas commented while standing to his feet. "I've never doubted you before nor will I begin to now. And as happy as I am to be by your side again, I must bathe. Your scent is all over me and that will definitely be enough for Eldarion to know what we have done. And that would-"

"Make him jealous no doubt." Aragorn teased.

Legolas laughed with Aragorn not realizing that the words Aragorn just spoke would come to be true.


Legolas excused himself from the dining table after filling himself with the fine meal he was given. Aragorn had a few matters to see to that could not wait till the morn so Legolas made his way down to the gardens he had always treasured. It was peaceful there and decorated with brilliant flowers, or at least it had been the last time he stood within them.

The night air was refreshingly crisp and the white stars shone brightly in the darkened sky. Legolas found his way into the gardens easily and sighed happily upon seeing the plants and flowers he had grown to miss tremendously. He took a seat on the bench he had sat on with Arwen seventeen years ago and closed his eyes from hthe words they had shared that day; it seemed as if they had only spoken just yesterday.

Legolas traced his fingers where Arwen had sat all those years ago and frowned. He missed Arwen...

Quietly and yet brilliantly, Legolas began to sing. It was a song he hadn't voiced in many, many years but sitting within Arwen's garden and remembering his life when he had lived here, the song demanded releasement.

When he had finished the short melody, he kept his eyes closed and enjoyed the night air. Legolas' heart was still doing somersaults from being reunited with Aragorn and he had to fight to stay seated - he longed to run around the castle walls and jump for joy like a child from being so happy.

Coming out of his reverie, Legolas sensed someone standing behind him. The Elf smirked and spoke softly, "hello, Prince Eldarion."

The youth gasped ere walking in front of Legolas. "How did you know I was there?"

Legolas opened his eyes and shook his head at the young Man. "You forget that I am an Elf and that my hearing is more keen than-"

"Yes, but I was very quiet! My father has taught me how to sneak up from behind quite well."

"Not well enough for an Elf," Legolas corrected with a smirk.

Eldarion mumbled something incoherent and seated himself next to the lithe Elf. "I heard you singing, Legolas. I know that song, somehow."

"As well you should." Legolas said as he turned to face the young Prince. "I sang it often for your ears only when you were just a babe."

"Oh." Eldarion replied, a blush spreading across his handsome face for reasons unknown to him. He shifted his weight upon the bench and cleared his throat. "I'm sorry that I have no memory of you."

"'Tis understandable." Legolas replied while looking back up at the stars above. "You were too young to remember me; you are still quite young now."

"I am nineteen years-old!" Eldarion snapped. "I am a Man now. Others do not consider me to be a child nor should you."

Legolas returned his gaze towards King Elessar's son and settled a slender hand upon his shoulder. "I meant no offence, young Prince. You are young to me by Elven standards. I did not say, however, that you were a child. I can see for myself that you are indeed a Man. A fine Man at that, Eldarion. It is strange to see you so grown-up. The last time I saw you was when you were two years of age. A child you resemble no more."

"My apologies for lashing out on you," Eldarion said softly.

"'Tis all right." Legolas replied while placing his hand back onto his lap.

Eldarion grimaced from the loss of the Elf's touch but found himself chuckling softly from the words he chose now to spoke. "You still look younger than me, Legolas."

"Perhaps," Legolas said lightly with a smirk of his own.

Silence visited the two males but neither made any attempt at abandoning the other. Eldarion finally thought he had come up with a brilliant idea and calmed himself ere speaking. "My father has told me you are an outstanding archer. Is this true?"

"I have never known your father to lie, but I do think he overestimates my ability a bit too much."

"Would you be willing to show me yourself when the sun rises again?" Eldarion asked with bright eyes.

Legolas sighed and closed his eyes briefly as words he spoke to Lady Arwen came back at him - 'When he is of age to hold and aim a bow, I will gladly spend many hours with him'.

"Aye, I'd love to." Legolas replied.

"Wonderful!" Eldarion exclaimed, rising to his feet. "Until the morn then!"

Legolas smiled and nodded his head ere Eldarion walked away happily.


"I'll be right across the hall, Legolas. And please, I'm truly sorry for the seperate rooms. It's killing me more than-"

"'Tis all right, Aragorn!" Legolas said with a touch of annoyance.

"Okay..." Aragorn stated hesitantly. "I'm all yours after the morning hours. I still plan on seeing if you were true to your word!"

"I'll be looking forward to it." Legolas replied as he bowed before the King with a flirtatious smile. "Good night, my liege."

"Good night, my heart." The Man replied sadly as he watched his beloved walk into the guest room and close the door behind him. He wanted to sleep next to the Elf so badly, but wanted to wait until he told Eldarion about his and Legolas' relationship. It was for the best, he told himself, ere venturing into his own chambers for the night.

Legolas awoke with a yawn and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, realizing he had slept more peaceful last night than he had in years. He tried to stretch his legs and turn from his side onto his back, but found he could not do so from a pair of strong arms wrapped tightly around his waist, along with a leg jammed between his knees.


Legolas smiled and laughed silently as he tried to loosen the Man's grip.

"I'm not letting go." The Man grumbled, his eyes still closed.

Legolas laughed. "You have to let go of me sooner or later."

"No, I do not." Aragorn said while tightening his grip even more. "I'm never letting you go again, Legolas. I couldn't sleep because I was afraid of you leaving. I had to make sure you were still here. I couldn't take it if you left again, Legolas."

"I all ready promised you I wouldn't leave you, Aragorn. I love you and I want to stay by your side. Do not doubt my words."

The Elf and Man stayed embraced as one until Aragorn's duty as King forced him to leave. "I'll come find you when I have finished. Do make sure that healing ability of yours doesn't work too swiftly. I all ready spotted a few scratches upon your arm."

A quick kiss was then placed upon Legolas' lips ere he could answer the Man's taunts.


"I give up!" Eldarion whined, throwing his bow to the ground. "How long have we been out here? And still I cannot come close to your arrows! You are an outstanding archer, Legolas!"

Legolas folded his arms across his lean chest and scowled. "Certainly you could not have expected to match my abilities after one morn! I have had many years of practice and you are just learning."


"Humans!" Legolas exclaimed while rolling his eyes.

"Elves!" Eldarion spat back while sticking his tongue out at the fair creature.

"Oh, honestly, Eldarion!" Legolas said with a sigh, "now you *are* acting like a child."

"Maybe, but at least I'm faster than you!" Eldarion teased ere sprinting off into the wood surrounding them.

Legolas shook his head. He was *not* going to play a childish game such as this. No way was he going to let Eldarion's taunts get to him. That was something that bothered Aragorn, not him. What did he care if Eldarion teased him?

"Elves are such a slow race!" Eldarion called out.

"That's it!" Legolas hollered while dropping his bow onto the ground next to Eldarion's. "You know nothing about my kindred!"

Legolas sped towards the direction he saw Eldarion run off to and spotted the youth within moments. He ran past the dark-haired Prince and jumped up onto a branch of a tree and began to climb swiftly until he was out of Eldarion's sight.

"Hey!" Eldarion called, grabbing onto the branch Legolas had, and pulled himself up. "How'd you get so high so fast?"

Eldarion continued to climb up the tree. He wasn't very good at it but he was making some progress nonetheless, but he still hadn't caught sight of the blond haired Elf anywhere. "Legolas?"


Eldarion's eyes darted over to the tree next to the one he was climbing, and he couldn't help but open his mouth in shock from Legolas standing on the edge of a thin limb as if it were a brick wall. "You're going to fall!" Eldarion hollered.

Legolas laughed. "No, I won't."

Eldarion was so concerned about Legolas that he failed to notice the branch he was standing on give way. Panick overtook him when he felt himself falling, but ere he hit the ground, he felt something grab ahold of his wrist. He looked up to see Legolas smiling down at him, and with one strong pull from the Elf, he was standing next to the slender being. "That was close." Eldarion sighed while wiping the sweat away from his brow.

"Aye, it was." Legolas agreed. "Your father would have my head if anything happened to you."

Eldarion went to express his thanks to Legolas but stopped himself when the Elf held out his hand and ordered him to be silent. "We must move! Quickly!" Legolas demanded as he grabbed Eldarion by the arm - but it was too late. The shaky branch they were on broke so abruptly that not even an Elf was capable of seeking safety.

Both Legolas and Eldarion fell to the ground with a sickening thud, though Eldarion landed right on top of Legolas, whereas the Elf fully contacted with the hard ground.

Eldarion shook his head and found, when he opened his eyes, to be staring into Legolas' ethereal face; except Legolas was not in a predicament worthy of an envious gaze. His eyes were shut tightly and he was groaning with discomfort. Eldarion realized he had probably hurt Legolas from falling right on top of him. He removed himself from Legolas' body with hesitance and offered his hand to help Legolas stand to his feet.

"Are you all right, Eldarion?" Legolas asked with a soft moan after standing up.

"Yes, I'm fine." The Prince answered strongly. "Are you?"

"Yes." Legolas replied through clenched teeth.

Eldarion gave the Elf a questioning look and grew concerned when he saw Legolas hold his side protectively and wince loudly. "Let me have a look." Eldarion announced sternly as he shooed away the Elf's hands of protest and inspected the Elf's side. "I'm not certain of what has been damaged but your breathing is unsteady. I think it best if my father took a look at you."

"Are you mad?!" Legolas hissed. "I cannot tell him I fell out of a tree!"

"Why not?"

"Why not he asks!" Legolas exclaimed while raising his arms, which he soon regretted when a sharp pain burned from within his side. He clutched his injured flesh once more and bowed his head.

"Eldarion? Legolas?"

"Father! We're over here!" Eldarion yelled upon hearing Aragorn calling out.

Legolas fought back the urge to whack Eldarion across the head, only because it'd cause him more pain than what he was all ready in. "Cover for me, Eldarion."

"What?" The youth asked with a startled look.

"Do *not* tell your father I fell from a tree."

"My father was right about you," Eldarion stated with a sigh. "You truly don't act your age."

"Whatever. Just follow my lead."

"Elves!" Eldarion mumbled.

"There you two are!" Aragorn stated upon finding his lover and son. "I began to worry when I saw both your bows lying on the ground. Why are you out here?"

"I... I was showing Eldarion some new tactics to use when facing an enemy. Isn't that right, Eldarion?"

Eldarion shifted his weight from one foot to the other and found his feet to be more appealing than his father's gaze. "Right... I mean, yes. Yes. And we lost track of time."

"I see..." Aragorn stated as he looked over his son and Legolas with an intense glare. "Tell me, Eldarion, what moves did he show you? I'd love to see some of them. You must have learned quite a few from the amount of time you've been practicing, no?"

"Uhm... well..." Eldarion mumbled ere looking at Legolas for some kind of help.

"He can't show you." Legolas blurted.

"Oh? Why not?"

"Because... uhm..." Legolas was cursing himself for not having anything wise to say but words suddenly found their way into his mouth and he perked up immensely. "Oh, because he's still learning them. Yes. You know you cannot become good at something right away."

"Legolas." Aragorn said sternly.


"No matter how hard you try you will never be a good liar! Do you honestly think I wouldn't know you two fell from that tree? You're both disheveled and the limb is right behind you, not to mention that Eldarion over there keeps gazing up at the tree and back down to the ground repeatedly and you, my dear Legolas, are fidgeting."

"Oh." Was Legolas' lame response.

"I won't ask how it happened, I don't want to know. You both are pathetic liars!"

"Yes, well, we are what we are." Eldarion stated uneasily. "Shall we go now?"

Aragorn laughed. "I do not believe this. You are a bad influence on my son, Legolas!"

"I'm sorry." Legolas replied in a hurtful tone.

"I am jesting, Legolas! Come, let us return home."

Legolas sighed in relief but winced from doing so and shut his eyes when Aragorn turned round with a look he knew all too well.

"Are you hurt, Legolas?"

"No." The Elf replied quickly - too quickly.

"What is ailing you?" The Man asked, stepping closer towards the archer.


Aragorn sighed and averted his gaze over towards his son. "Eldarion?"

"His side. His breathing is unsteady."

"Traitor!" Legolas hissed.

Eldarion sighed and stuck his tongue out at Legolas.

Aragorn began to probe around Legolas' injury and shook his head displeasingly. "I think you broke a rib, Legolas. This is no joking matter. Why do you hide such things from me? This can pierce your lung, Legolas, and then-" The Man stopped speaking and shook his head once more ere standing straight up. He rested his forehead against the Elf's and sighed. "You're home not even one full day and all ready you have my heart racing."

"I am sorry, Aragorn. It was my fault. I was showing off and-"

"Be. More. Careful. Please - I beg this of you, Legolas."

Legolas nodded his head and grew sad for causing Aragorn any torment upon his heart. The last thing he wanted to do was upset Aragorn so he vowed to be more cautious. "I promise to not let you down again."

"Thank you."

Eldarion watched with envious eyes as his father placed an arm around Legolas' waist to aide him with walking. He realized that *he* wanted to be the one helping Legolas: *he* wanted to be the one touching Legolas: and *he* wanted to be the one Legolas bonded with and not with his father - despite their close friendship.

Eldarion wondered for one brief moment if there was more than friendship between his father and Legolas, he had never seen him so protective over anyone save himself. But he quickly disposed of that thought, surely his father would have said something about it to him if that were so. He and Aragorn held no secrets with one another.

Eldarion sighed and vowed right then and there to gain Legolas' heart. His father's loss would be his gain.

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