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Bonds of Love

Chapter 1

By Riley


"Please, I need this."

A statement. A fact. And hesitation before more words were spoken.

"*We* need this."

A voice normally so strong and vibrant was now hushed and pleading.

"Do not deny us this last night. I am begging you, my heart."

Now another voice, normally light and all knowing, spoke with reluctance and uncertainty.

"You ask this of me again when it will only bring us more pain? I... I do not know if I can do this."

Strong arms wrap around a slender waist and words are now spoken softly into a curved ear.

"I need to have you again. 'Tis the last adventure I will ever have upon your body and I must memorize every inch of you. I love you. Do you hear me? I love you. Please, let us believe that nothing but you and I exist and that our hearts shall be joined for eternity. Bond with me once more so I may have the honor of becoming one being with you again."

A sigh. A tilt of the head to allow warm breath flow into his ear.

"I have yet to say no to you. Nor have I ever had a reason not to. I love you now and shall continue to do so for all eternity."

"No more words, Legolas. No more words."

"As you wish, Aragorn. As you wish."

The Man reacted swiftly to the Prince's acceptance and crashed his lips against Legolas' with a hungry fire. He traced his tongue along the outter flesh of the Elf's lips, memorizing how smooth they were: how easily he could bite down and draw blood from them but bite he did not - he sucked on that bottom lip with much effort, bringing that flesh into his mouth to devour. He was ravishing Legolas' lips but the Elf did not protest, he knew what Aragorn was doing.

He was memorizing every inch of him.

Calloused fingers tore away buttons.

Muscular arms lowered a lighter body to the forest floor.

A faint glow was made recognizable from the lack of clothing and Aragorn removed his mouth from Legolas' and traced his tongue down a long, pale neck to quickly drift over the glowing chest before him. The Human took his time, letting his tongue explore over firm muscle upon that lean abdomen. Why hadn't he always taken his time exploring Legolas? Why had he always rushed? Legolas was delectably sweet, Aragorn concluded upon bathing the Prince's chest with his active flesh.

Smiling evilly, Aragorn delved into Legolas' navel, and as he expected, Legolas wriggled wildly while the most breathtaking sound echoed into Aragorn's ears.

Legolas' laughter.

Aragorn stopped his torment and found himself in tears instead of joining in with his own chuckles.

This would be the last time Legolas would laugh from him tasting his body with such playfullness.

More tears fell from his eyes and splashed onto Legolas' neck as the Man buried his head into the Elf's shoulder. He trembled with fear as if he were a mere child and he normally would have berated himself endlessly for acting so immaturely but he could not even bring himself to care. His heart was breaking.


"Don't speak." The Man commanded through his sobs. "Your words shall only hurt me more, Legolas."

"Nay, I must speak for you are worrying me greatly. You have never acted like this."

"I've never felt my heart break, Legolas."

"I know not how to console you..." Legolas mumbled apologetically.

Aragorn stiffened ere bringing his tear stained face up to meet with Legolas' murky eyes. "Say you will remain by my side."

Legolas gasped. "You know I cannot! You are to wed Arwen! I know your heart still yearns for her though you speak otherwise."

"I know not what to do anymore," the Man said with a heavy sigh. "Arwen has given me her immortality and I love her dearly, and it is wrong of me to think of anyone else besides her, but I never planned on falling in love with you, Legolas. My love for you will not fade after I wed, I am certain of that, and I fear I will die much like an Elf if you are not by my side."

"Do not say such things!" Legolas exclaimed wildly. "Your kingdom needs you, Aragorn! You are a strong, courageous man and it startles me to see you behave so childishly!"

"Childishly?!" Aragorn exclaimed, rising to his feet. "I cannot help what my heart feels! I did not tell it to fall in love with you, Legolas, nor am I telling it to break from you parting! How can you be so calm about this?! You say you love me yet you show no emotions of sadness for the little time we have left! Why is that?!"

Legolas leapt to his feet quickly and approached Aragorn to look him in the eye. "Do not think for one moment that my heart too is not breaking. I say I love you and it is not something I have ever spoken to anyone else in my life. If anyone should be hurting here, 'tis I! You are keeping one of the being's you love dearly whilst I lose mine completely. I shall have an empty bed to awaken to each morn whilst yours will be warm and filled with love. I will have to look at myself alone in the mirror and wonder what could have been whilst you run out of breath from running after your children. I will have no one to say good night to whilst you make love until the morn. Do *not* tell me how I should be displaying my emotions, son of Arathorn. I am all ready grieving!"

"Valar! What have I done?!" Aragorn cried while sinking to his knees.

Legolas sunk down to his own knees and embraced the shivering Man tightly. "You've only done what your heart asked of you. Now it is telling you to let go and you must. You must let me go, Aragorn. 'Tis the only way."

"No." Aragorn responded strongly, jerking his head upwards. "Please, Legolas, please... stay by my side. Accompany me back to my kingdom."

"Do you not realize what you ask of me?" The Elf exclaimed. "How do I look upon you and the Lady Arwen together? What do I tell my heart?"

"You tell it that it is mine, Legolas. You tell it that my love shall stay within it and that one day, pray tell when, it will be displayed for all to see. This I promise you, my heart. I will not lose you forever. Please, tell me you will stay by my side."

After many moments of silence the Prince nodded his head with a frown. "You must never lay your hands upon me until that day arises, Aragorn. You must promise me that."

Aragorn smiled. "I promise you... but not until after tonight."

Legolas found no time to react to the Man's weight upon his body and soon found himself laying on his back on the ground once more. Savage kisses across his neck and chest were felt and he vaguely heard Aragorn pull off his own leggings until Legolas' were removed causing him to feel the Man's bare legs against his.

If Legolas did not love this man as much as he did, he never would have agreed to remain at his side. But truth be told, the Elf wished not to be away from this Human. It would pain him to see Aragorn love another publicly, but it also meant he could protect Aragorn from the many beings who would wish to seek harm upon a King. It would be to Legolas' advantage, also, to see the handsome face he adored and to hear the voice that lifted his spirits.

Sacrifices were made each day, Legolas told himself, and sometimes the hardest ones were made for love.

Legolas was never familiar with love until Aragorn came into his life and now that he had the Ranger's heart, he would keep it safe and hope it was enough for his own heart to keep beating.

The Elf let out a soft moan when he felt Aragorn begin to stretch him. Legolas concentrated on the finger penetrating him for he knew not when such actions would ever be bestowed upon him again. Aragorn was gentle, always so gentle when making love, that Legolas forgot about everything else and welcomed the Man's touch with an open heart.

Aragorn slid himself into Legolas as gently as possible and felt his heart beat its strongest from being inside his beloved. He rotated his hips and smiled warmly when Legolas rewarded him with a moan of pleasure. By the Valar, he loved those noises his Elf made. They were nearly enough to bring him to his climax alone.

The Man sped up his pace and thrusted harder into the willing body underneath him, wanting to explore as far as he could - wanting to delve as deep as possible.

Legolas' fingers sunk into the earth's soil from Aragorn's roughness but welcomed it at the same time. He could feel the love the Ranger held for him by his actions and the pleasure was beyond Legolas' limits. He came fiercly while screaming Aragorn's name and shook from the breathtaking climax.

Aragorn released himself into Legolas seconds later, calling out the Elf's name. He fell on top of Legolas with a heavy sigh and wrapped his arms around the Elf possessively.

And that is how they stayed until the morn.


*** Five Years Later ***

"I do not know how you manage to move so fast, little one. Please, stop moving your legs!"

Legolas sighed and tried once again to hold Eldarion down to put the child's pants back on, but the two year-old would have none of it. He kept kicking his legs and giggling madly at the Elf while pulling on Legolas' long hair.

Legolas, one not so easily amused by such actions, could not help but smile at the boy. "Why couldn't you take more after your mother than your father? Pity you had to inherit his inability to listen correctly."

"I heard that," a deep voice called from behind.

Legolas turned to see Aragorn walking towards him and Eldarion. The Elf smiled, picked up Aragorn's son and placed him into the Man's arms. "He's your son. *You* dress him."

"And where are you off to?" The Man asked.

"I have obviously upset your wife, she knows I cannot handle dressing Eldarion, yet she requested I do so."

"She is with child, Legolas, you know she acts differently when in such a condition."




Grey eyes searched blue and two heads nodded in acknowledgement.

"As I do you." Legolas replied ere slipping out of the room silently.

Legolas found Arwen in the gardens, sitting on a bench. He walked without making a sound and sat down next to her, but did not startle the Queen, for her hearing was even more alert while pregnant.

"Is Eldarion dressed?" She asked with a smile.

"He will be soon," Legolas replied, "Aragorn is taking care of it."

"You escape yet another session with my son."

"When he is of age to hold and aim a bow, I will gladly spend many hours with him, but I cannot seem to keep up with him and his little legs despite my Elven abilities."

Arwen laughed.

"He is a handful."



"I am sorry, Legolas."

An apology.

"For what, my lady?"

"For taking your happiness."

Legolas turned his head towards the dark-haired Elf and arched an eyebrow. "To what do you speak of, Arwen?"

"I speak of you and Estel, Legolas." Arwen confessed while meeting the wide eyes of the Prince. "I am not a fool. I know you love him and that he loves you."

Legolas felt the color drain from his face and he rose to his feet. "Than I shall leave -"

"Sit!" Arwen commanded. "I have much to say to you!"

Legolas complied and retook his seat with a heavy sigh. He cast his eyes to the ground and chewed on his bottom lip.

"I have known for years, Legolas, do not flee. I have something to confide in you and I only ask that you will hear me out."

Legolas nodded his head and awaited the Elf's words.

"I know Estel loves me. 'Tis why I never said anything to him about me knowing and I know the journey of the One Ring was more strenuous and exhausting than any other and whilst that isn't reason enough for his heart straying, I have accepted it. I also know you and Estel very well and in no way ever intended on hurting me, you are like a brother to me, Legolas, and I know you heart is in pain because of me. And to come here and watch your beloved with another speaks very highly of you."

"Arwen, please..."

"No, let me finish. I had not intended on ever telling you of what I know but my time grows short."

"What?" Legolas asked with a gasp. "I am not following."

"I know I will not live to see this child I carry. It is a strong feeling I hold to know that death will overtake me."

"Arwen! Have you not told anyone? Have you spoken to your father? Surely you are mistaken or something can be done-"

"Calmness, my dear Legolas." Arwen said with a smile. "It is nothing anyone can prevent, I just know, so be quiet and let me finish."

Upon the Prince's silence, Arwen continued. "You must promise me you will look after Estel when I am gone. I know you hold much guilt in your heart for what you have done and I am forgiving you for doing such things behind my back. Call it a gift, Legolas, call it my gift to you to love freely. You have waited so long and with such patience that I am very proud of you. I know you could not control where your heart wished to lay and I tell you now that I want you to share yourself with Estel when I am no more."

"You speak madness, my lady! I will not promise such things! You will be fine, you shall see."

"No, Legolas! You will not deny me of what I ask! If you ever wished to please me with anything, you will promise me what I ask of you. Promise me you shall not abandon Estel!"

"I... I promise."

"Thank you."

"Have you told anyone else of your ill feelings towards your life?"

"Yes. You are the last to know. But what I have said to you was only for your ears. No one else knows what I have requested of you."

"I hope you are wrong, my lady." Legolas mumbled.

"That is why I love you, Legolas. And that is why I have forgiven you."

Arwen rose to her feet and stood before Legolas, who was still seated on the bench. She gently cupped his face within her smooth hands and kissed his brow.

That was the last conversation Legolas held with Arwen.

It was a terribly cold night when the Lady Arwen and the child she was carrying passed away. Rain fell from the sky in torrents and the wind shook the strongest trees nearly making them all fall down to the ground.

Aragorn had wept uncontrollably and felt a part of himself die with his loss. He rocked his son to sleep that night and refused to let him go. He held him protectively and stayed in the chair in Eldarion's room, listening to the child's breathing with keen ears.

He loved his son with all his heart and he had loved the child that had been growing inside of Arwen, and dear sweet Arwen; he had always loved her, even though he was IN love with Legolas.


Where was he? Aragorn had not seen him for hours. He longed to find him and cry his heart out to him but he did not want to leave Eldarion. He held his child tighter and rocked him steadily, whispering soothingly into Eldarion's ear his love for him.


Legolas' voice startled him and Aragorn looked up with red eyes to see the Elf kneeling before him.

"Legolas! Where have you been? I was worried."

A sigh. A long sigh from the Prince.

"I must leave, Aragorn."


"Shhh," Legolas hissed, pointing towards Eldarion. "I know you are grieving and that I should remain here to help you through this, but I cannot. I must leave."

"I do not understand." Aragorn whispered in a panicked tone. "I still love you, Legolas, you know that."

"Of course, as I doyou, but I do this for Eldarion."

Aragorn shook his had. "I do not understand."

"I wish not to be a substitute for Arwen. He will look upon me as he would her and my heart cannot take that. It would dishonor Arwen. You must tell him of his mother and you must let him live within the walls she did without me. I will only be a distraction if I remain and the memory of her will vanish quickly."

"I still am not following, Legolas. I admit us having any kind of physical love would be wrong right now from just losing Arwen but-"

"'Tis not about that." Legolas interrupted. "'Tis about a father bonding with his son and a son learning of his mother. Do you not see that he would look upon me as another father figure if I stay? I was not meant to be that for him, you and Arwen were. I can not and will not take that away from Arwen when I have all ready taken so much from her."

"Yet you leave me?!"

"I will not be gone forever, Aragorn. When Eldarion is of age, I shall return. I love you with all my heart."

"Is there naught anything I can do or say to make you stay?"

"No. This is the right thing to do."

"Where will you go?"

"Mirkwood, for a while. And then I shall take Gimli up on his offer to -"

"You dislike caves!" Aragorn exclaimed, his over protectiveness shining through his voice.

Legolas smiled. "Aragorn, I fear you mistake me for a child. Do not worry over me. I shall be most careful so I may return to you without any scratches."

"Not one scratch, Legolas!" Aragorn demanded. "I shall hold you to that."

Legolas smirked and rose slightly to press his lips against Eldarion's head. He then leaned up and gave Aragorn a kiss upon the lips. Both Man and Elf felt a fire burn within their souls from the kiss. They had not shared one in five years and it was almost unbearable to think of not being able to do so again for many more.

"I love you, Legolas."

"I love you, Aragorn."

Legolas walked away from his beloved that dark night and refused to cry. He had made a promise to Arwen and had all intentions on keeping it, but he told himself parting now was the right thing to do. He and Aragorn had all ready endured so much that the years they were to be seperated for now seemed very little to cry about.

He loved Aragorn and Aragorn loved him - little did he know that upon his return, in years to come, that Eldarion's love for the Elf would match his father's and a new level of complications would arise.

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