Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings and all characters belong to Tolkien.

Author's Note: This is the sequel to 'Inside the Darkness'. The drawing was made by Nellas


Part 13 - Completion

By Morgana


Elladan felt nervous when Thranduil closed the door behind them. The blond had led him to his guest rooms and now extended his hand, guiding him towards the bed. His mouth felt awfully dry now that he fully realized they were about to make love again. When he had challenged Thranduil in the study, he hadn’t thought the elder Elf would act this quickly. Lowering his eyes, he stared at the floor, trying to calm down.

“It is normal to be nervous,” said Thranduil softly as he wrapped his arms around Elladan. He still marveled at the Elfling for pursuing him in this manner. The half-Elf had faced this head on, never giving him the chance to say no to this relationship. Elbereth help him, Elladan knew exactly what he wanted! He cocked his head and waited for his young love to lift his eyes. After longs moments their eyes finally met and Thranduil smiled warmly, seeing the insecurity and love in those dark orbs. “Last night you trusted yourself to me. Will you do the same thing now and put your trust in me?”

“I cannot help it,” said Elladan, swallowing hard, “I am nervous. You are my first lover, and I do not know what to do. Last night took me by surprise and –“ His eyes darkened to near black. “I thought you would take me and –“

Thranduil raised a hand and his thumb followed Elladan’s jaw line, watching the half-Elf closely. “I surrendered to you because that is the nature of my magic,” Pausing, he chose his next words carefully, “Would you also surrender to me?”

Elladan’s eyes searched Thranduil’s. He fully understood what the elder Elf was asking. “You want to make love to me?”

“I want to claim you as my mate.” Thranduil leaned in closer and kissed Elladan sensually, careful not to rush the Elfling who trembled in his arms.

A lump of emotions formed in Elladan’s throat as he tried to imagine what it would be like to feel Thranduil inside him. “I want that as well, but –“

“You are scared,” said Thranduil in an understanding tone, “But I assure you there will be no pain, no discomfort - only ecstasy.” One hand traveled down Elladan’s back, rubbing the skin through the fabric in soothing circles.

“I want you as well,” said Elladan, his voice growing stronger. “And I want to be your mate for the rest of my life, but – this is new, and…” His voice trailed off as words deserted him.

“Trust yourself to me, and stop worrying,” whispered Thranduil seductively, slowly unbuttoning Elladan’s shirt. “We will explore this love together, and your nerves will settle once you feel more certain of our relationship.” He pushed the shirt from the half-Elf’s shoulders and sighed appreciatively at seeing the smooth, hairless chest. “You are beautiful, Lirimaer. Let me pleasure you.”

Elladan slowly nodded his head. “I trust you. I cannot explain it, but I trusted you from the start.”

Thranduil smiled dreamily, leaned in closer, and claimed Elladan’s lips again. This time he took his time exploring the warm, wet, cavern. The tip of his tongue lightly touched his lover’s palate, drawing a chuckle from the half-Elf. Thranduil pulled back and took in Elladan’s flushed, giggling appearance. Elladan’s youth was part of what attracted him to the half-Elf, but he also appreciated his strong and determined character. “Come to my bed.”

Elladan licked his lips and his insides twitched in anticipation, only adding to his nervousness. Last night he had been inside his lover, and now it was his turn to experience that feeling.

Thranduil laid his love down on the bed, and then crawled closer on all fours. Hovering over Elladan, he kissed the half-Elf passionately and let his tongue slide down his lover’s throat. Traveling down further, he encountered a hard nub of flesh and licked it lightly. Elladan moaned beneath him and the half-Elf’s hands found their way into his hair, tangling in his locks. “Close your eyes, Lirimaer.”

Elladan wondered about the request, but complied, closing his eyes after stealing one more look at Thranduil who was smiling wickedly. Now that his eyes were closed, the touches seemed to grow even more sensual, and when Thranduil pulled down his leggings, he released a sharp whimper. His eyes opened again, locking with Thranduil’s.

Thranduil smiled, amused. “I said, close your eyes, Elfling.” Elladan shut his eyes again and Thranduil rewarded him by bestowing several light kisses onto his stomach. Elladan chuckled, making Thranduil smile in turn. “You are ticklish, Lirimaer, I will remember that.”

Elladan managed to keep his eyes closed in spite of Thranduil’s teasing tone. He sucked in his breath when something wet and soft touched the head of his erection, suckling softly. He bucked hard and slid deeper into the welcoming warmth. Throwing back his head, he instinctively began to thrust, eager to reach orgasm with this wet heat still wrapped around him.

Letting his young love take control, Thranduil relaxed his throat and managed to keep up with Elladan, taking in as much as he could.

Elladan’s eyes opened involuntarily as Thranduil’s finger traced his lips and he greedily curled his tongue around it, sucking hard. Entranced, he stared at Thranduil’s bobbing head; a curtain of silky gold caressed his skin every time the blond moved and Elladan panted his lover’s name in need. “Thranduil… Please…”

Suddenly the finger was withdrawn, and Elladan’s eyes widened, feeling the slippery digit near the entrance to his body. Pushing deeper into the comfort of the mattress, he surrendered to the sensation. He tensed slightly when Thranduil pushed past the guardian muscle, entering his body. An incredible sensation swept through his lower body and he bit his bottom lip in surprise. Another wave of ecstasy washed through him as Thranduil rubbed that sweet spot inside him. Unable to keep back any longer, he released a pleading gasp, thrust hard, and finally reached orgasm.

Thranduil pulled away; a few drops of his lover’s essence still clung to his lips.

Elladan panted hard and sought out Thranduil’s eyes. The blond gave him an impish look and then reached for a small, glass flask attached to his belt, which he placed on the bed. Holding his breath in anticipation, Elladan lazily watched Thranduil strip. “You are as beautiful as I remember,” he complimented the blond, recalling the silvery reflection of the moon sliding over Thranduil’s naked body.

Thranduil finished removing his clothes and straddled Elladan’s hips. “I want to make love to you, Lirimaer.”

Elladan raised a hand and curled his fingers around his lover’s shaft, stroking the hard flesh experimentally. The moan that Thranduil released made him realize how close the blond was to orgasm. A droplet of pre-ejaculate slid onto his fingertip and Elladan brought it to his lips, getting a small taste of his lover. Unable to find the right words to describe the feelings moving through him, he simply stared at Thranduil.

Thranduil returned that smile, seeing the curious expression in the half-Elf’s eyes at opening the small flask. Drops of clear liquid dripped onto his fingertips and he lay down beside his lover, telling Elladan to drape one leg over his thigh.

Elladan complied and maintained eye contact with his lover, feeling insecure now that the moment was finally upon him. Last night Thranduil’s eyes had been filled with rapture whilst riding him, and he wondered if he would feel the same way when Thranduil finally made love to him.

“Trust yourself to me,” repeated Thranduil. He was extremely pleased with Elladan’s reactions thus far. Elladan trusted him, and seemed eager to proceed. Placing one finger at the entrance to his lover’s body, he slowly massaged the guardian ring. Elladan relaxed and Thranduil pushed past the ring of muscle, confident his young love was ready for this next step.

Elladan sucked on his bottom lip at the invading sensation, but stayed calm and relaxed, recalling how divine it had felt with his lover’s finger had rubbed that certain spot. And now Thranduil was doing it again! Involuntarily he arched his back, mumbling something unintelligible.

Thranduil pulled back, added more oil, and returned with two fingers, slowly sliding back into the tight passage. He sought out Elladan’s lips and kissed him deeply, trying to distract his lover from any discomfort he might feel. Elladan responded eagerly, taking control of the kiss, and Thranduil used that moment to add a third finger.

Elladan’s eyes grew big, feeling full, and he reacted to that invasive sensation by growing erect again. Forgetting to breathe momentarily, he surrendered to the sweet sensation sliding through his groin as Thranduil continued to manipulate that sweet spot inside him.

“Are you ready, Elfling?” Thranduil removed his fingers and watched Elladan closely. “And do not hesitate to say no. I won’t pressure you into doing this when you are not ready.”

“But I am ready; I think…” said Elladan huskily. “I want to complete this bond.” And he desperately wanted to come with Thranduil inside him.

“Tell me to stop if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” said Thranduil firmly. Coating his erection with oil, he studied Elladan’s eyes. “Roll onto your side, Lirimaer. This is your first time and it will be easier on you this way.”

Elladan swallowed nervously and rolled onto his right side, feeling Thranduil spoon behind him. A hot erection pushed eagerly against his cleft and he briefly closed his eyes, wondering what making love would feel like. Thranduil parting his buttocks caused him to tense. The tip of his lover’s erection now pressed against the entrance to his body and his nervousness returned.

Thranduil felt Elladan tense up and reacted by lavishing kisses on to his lover’s delicate neck. His tongue eventually licked the tip of a pointed ear, making his love squirm. His fingers found Elladan’s arousal, stroking slowly whilst his lips nibbled on an earlobe. Slowly, the tension left the half-Elf’s body and Thranduil positioned himself at the entrance to his lover’s body, slowly and carefully pushing past the guardian ring. Now that Elladan’s orgasm was building, it was easier for him to push inside and claim the half-Elf as his own.

Elladan clung to the elder Elf, whose arms were wrapped around his waist, as the invasive feeling grew stronger. Moaning low in his throat, Elladan involuntarily pushed back.

Now that he was buried to the hilt, Thranduil slowly pulled back and then thrust again, aiming for that sweet spot that would bring his lover even more pleasure.  Thrusting slowly and purposefully, he made sure he was bringing his new, inexperienced love pleasure instead of pain. Elladan remained relaxed and he continued to stroke his lover, feeling the tension return to the half-Elf’s body; Elladan was about to come.

His lips suckled the skin beneath Elladan’s ear, leaving a passion mark. Suddenly Elladan pushed back, and delirious moans tumbled from his lover’s lips. He changed the angle of his next thrusts, brushing his lover’s sweet spot. Elladan yelped and suddenly hot cream dripped down his hand. Forcing himself to stop thrusting, he relished feeling the spasms around his shaft. Releasing his orgasm as well, he thrust one last time, biting Elladan’s neck simultaneously.

Elladan trembled, as Thranduil’s teeth broke his skin. His lover’s hold on him tightened and Thranduil pulled him even closer. Looking over his shoulder, he saw rapture on the blond’s face. “Thran… duil?” His voice shook violently and he felt relieved when the elder Elf locked eyes with him.

“Amin mela lle,” whispered Thranduil, smiling, satiated. Slowly pulling out, his sated sex left his lover’s body. “How do you feel, Elladan? Did I hurt you?” He hoped not. He hadn’t witnessed any signs of discomfort and he had watched the half-Elf’s reactions closely during their lovemaking.

Elladan quickly reassured him. “You only brought me pleasure as you said you would.” Slowly, he rolled onto his other side so they lay facing each other. Raising his hand, he caressed his lover’s face. Thranduil’s eyes sparkled; the stars had never shone this brightly before.

One hand stroked Elladan’s back, whilst his other brushed back damp locks of dark hair. “Lirimaer, there is no turning back. We are now mated for life. I hope you will never regret it.” Thranduil moistened his lips. “We must discuss our future. So many things are happening and –“

Elladan nodded once. “Ada told me several Elves will sail to Valinor, and I think he is one of them, but I cannot imagine ever leaving Imladris. This is home.”

Thranduil’s smile revealed his relief. “I want to stay as well. I care about the forests, the animals and all inhabitants of Arda. I have no desire to leave either.”

“We will stay then.” Elladan curled his fingers around the blond’s hand and brought it to his lips, bestowing a gentle kiss on its knuckles. “Amin mela lle.”

Thranduil pulled his love close, holding him tightly. “I will never desert you.”

Elladan smiled sleepily as his eyes closed. Tension and lovemaking had exhausted him, and his body demanded he rest. “Melamin…” Dozing off, he squeezed Thranduil’s hand once more.

Enfolding the half-Elf in a warm embrace, Thranduil tucked Elladan’s head beneath his chin and continued to stroke his back soothingly. “We belong to each other now, Lirimaer, and I pray we will never be separated.”


Glorfindel placed hot tea, lembas, fruits, cheese and some smoked salmon on the kitchen table. He had spent the rest of the day exploring their surroundings and had found a lovely spot at the Bruinen where Elrond would love sitting in the sun. He had let his lover sleep, knowing very well how exhausted Elrond was. The dark haired half-Elf needed time to recover, and that included lots of sleep.

Stepping into the bedroom, Glorfindel leaned against the wall and watched Elrond sleep. The half-Elf was full of surprises; he hadn’t expected Elrond to instigate any lovemaking at this point, but he was glad his lover had taken that step. For the first time since admitting their feelings their love felt real.

Elrond somehow sensed that he was being watched in his sleep, and awakened to find Glorfindel’s gaze directed at him. Lazily, he stretched. The pain in his chest was growing less with each passing day and even his ankles seemed to be mending. And he owed it all to his lover’s excellent care.

“I prepared something to eat for us. Would you like me to carry you into the kitchen?” asked Glorfindel.

Elrond nodded thankfully. “I do feel hungry. You wore me out, melme.”

Glorfindel laughed warmly, pushed back the covers and lifted Elrond in his arms. “You look better today. Must be the rest you are getting,” he said teasingly.

“Rest?” Elrond raised one eyebrow. “I have not had much rest yet.”

“And whose fault is that?” Glorfindel continued his teasing, whilst helping Elrond to settle down on the chair. “I was asleep, having completely innocent dreams, I might add, and you woke me!”

Elrond grinned wickedly. “I did not hear any complaints at the time.”

Glorfindel sat down as well and poured them some tea. “You surprised me,” he admitted honestly. “I was not sure you were strong enough yet for that kind of activity.”

Elrond noticed the smug smile on the blond’s face. “You are still awfully proud you recalled bringing that oil.”

Glorfindel’s smile sparkled. “Aye, I am proud I did! Because of it we can now enjoy days and nights filled with lust and love.”

Elrond sipped his tea, studying Glorfindel. “So that is the real reason you manipulated me into coming here? You want to ravish me day and night?”

Glorfindel leaned in closer and provocatively licked his lips, knowing what it did to Elrond. The half-Elf groaned, growing hard again. “What did you think, Elrond? Of course I want to ravish you. I want to hear you scream your pleasure and beg me for more.”

A weak blush settled on Elrond’s face. “Glorfindel…”

“I want to feel you beneath me, squirming with need the way you did only hours ago. Being inside you was incredible, and I want to feel that close to you again.” Glorfindel brushed one stray lock away from Elrond’s face and pushed it behind the half-Elf’s ear. “I want to explore every delicious inch of your body. I will find ways to drive you insane with passion.”

Elrond felt at a loss for words. Looking into Glorfindel’s eyes, he sensed that his lover was sincere. Glorfindel had always struck him as a sensual being, but he had never expected his lover to be this eager to make love to him. “It has been a while,” said Elrond, trying to explain. “It has been a while since someone wanted me like that. After Arwen was born Celebrian and I had separate bedrooms. She did not want to get pregnant again and we seldom made love. Shortly after that the Orcs attacked and –”

Glorfindel nodded. “I know that this is new to you and that it is making you nervous, but you are in good hands with me, melamin. There is no reason to worry. I believe we are meant to be together, and making love to you was a divine experience.”

The blush remained on Elrond’s face and Glorfindel sighed deeply, marveling at the fact that it made Elrond even more attractive. “Eat, and maybe we can later watch the sunset together?”

“I would like that.” Elrond rested his hand on Glorfindel’s and gently squeezed it. When had he seen the sun set for the last time? Too long ago. He would love to share that experience with his lover.


“I will fill the bathtub,” offered Elrohir when they returned to Erestor’s rooms. Looking at the elder Elf, Elrohir was relieved to see that some color had returned to the once pale face. /I hope it helps that he knows I am not leaving him to deal with this on his own. I really want to help him overcome his fears./

“Thank you.” Erestor eyed Elrohir curiously. He was beginning to believe that Elrohir was sincere and that the young half-Elf was determined to see them through this, but the reason still eluded him. Why would Elrohir want to be with someone like him?

Erestor followed Elrohir into the bathroom where his former student began to fill up the tub with hot water. Elrohir even added some oil and the room filled with the sweet fragrance of lilies. Erestor hesitated, not wanting to remove his clothes in Elrohir’s presence, and shuffled his feet, waiting for the half-Elf to leave the room.

Elrohir looked over his shoulder and expected to find Erestor in the process of undressing, but the elder Elf’s look told him that Erestor preferred some privacy when bathing. “I will collect some things from my rooms and then return here.”

Erestor sighed relieved, but noticing Elrohir’s disappointed expression he felt guilty for shutting him out like that. He took a step closer to the younger half-Elf and rested his hand on Elrohir’s shoulder. “Pen-neth, this is not about you. Ever since that night I feel uncomfortable showing myself naked to others. That is why I never joined Elrond and your brother when I was invited to the baths. I –“ Erestor lowered his eyes and stared at the floor. “I still carry scars from that night.”

Elrohir’s heart went out to Erestor. “I hope that the time will come when you no longer feel uncomfortable in my presence, Arato-nin.” Slowly he pulled the dark haired Elf close and rested his forehead against Erestor’s. Looking into dark eyes, he smiled weakly. “There is no need to feel ashamed.”

Erestor’s eyes closed momentarily. “Rationally I understand that, but my feelings say something different." He couldn’t reveal the ugly scars to Elrohir, not now and maybe never. He doubted the younger half-Elf understood what those Orcs had done to him and seeing those scars would make it terribly real. What if those scars scared Elrohir away? He would never forgive himself for losing Elrohir in that way.

“You can have all the time you need, Arato-nin,” said Elrohir reassuringly. “I will check on you in one hour, and maybe we can go for a short stroll in the gardens? It is a lovely evening.”

Erestor nodded shyly. “We will go for a walk, but I really need to check if there are any urgent matters that require my attention. I doubt your father has recovered enough to see to those matters.”

“Later,” decided Elrohir, “First you will bathe and relax.”

Erestor gave in, knowing very well how stubborn Elrohir could be. “Agreed.”

Elrohir walked over to the doorway, regretting leaving Erestor alone when he wanted to be close to the elder Elf.  He wanted to take care of Erestor, and make sure no emotional breakdown would follow. Making eye contact with the dark haired Elf, he nodded once, and smiled warmly.  The weak smile that showed on Erestor’s face made his heart ache and he reminded himself that the other needed time. Closing the door behind him, he drew in a deep breath and headed for his rooms to collect clothes and other personal belongings.

Erestor removed his clothes and draped them over the chair near the doorway. Slowly, he slid into the warm and welcoming water. A sigh fled his lips as he immersed himself, briefly letting the water close over his head. Surfacing again, he leaned back and let the hot water massage his tense muscles, which slowly loosened.

His thoughts returned to Elrohir and the obvious concern he had read in the half-Elf’s eyes. He knew Elrohir worried about him, but was it worry born out of love or pity? Elrohir said he wanted to learn to love him, but was something like that even possible? Wasn’t the young half-Elf forcing himself into something he didn’t want?

His head started to hurt from these racing thoughts which continued to run in circles. Through the years he had learned that it was useless to try to change Elrohir’s mind when the young half-Elf was determined to do something his way.

Massaging his temples, he groaned softly. When had everything become so complicated?


Thranduil saw how awareness returned to Elladan’s hazel eyes and smiled as the expression grew warm at seeing him. The youngster had fallen asleep shortly after making love, and he had enjoyed watching him sleep. The large brown eyes sparkled mischievously. “Did you sleep well?”

Elladan nodded once. “But I did not plan to fall asleep on you after…” Recalling the last hour’s events he blushed weakly. “It was even better than I thought it would be.”

Thranduil gracefully accepted the compliment, knowing very well that it had been so good for Elladan because he had gone slowly and had taken great care to properly prepare his young lover. “It will be like that for the rest of our lives.”

Elladan’s blush intensified, hearing those words. “I know Ada will accept this, he told me -- but what about your family, your sons? How will Legolas react to finding out that we are together now?”

“I know my sons very well and I think they will accept this. I am counting on them to understand that our love is true.” He wasn’t worried that Legolas and Valthoron would protest his choice. He had accepted Lurtz, had he not? Why would his sons then begrudge him his love?

“Lirimaer, we are sweaty and should take a bath.” Thranduil pressed a chaste kiss onto Elladan’s brow. “And we need clean clothes as well.”

“I will collect some from my rooms. Will you wait for me? I want to take that bath together.”

“Hurry, then, for I crave a hot bath.” Thranduil released his young love from his embrace and watched Elladan stretch luxuriously when leaving the bed. Although he knew they were now fully mated, he still expected Elladan to reconsider and end this relationship.

Elladan slipped into his robes and grinned wickedly. “Do not worry, I will hurry back to you.” He marched toward the doorway, opened the door and disappeared into the corridor. /Elrohir, where are you? I am dying to tell you what happened!/ He craved telling his twin about Thranduil and the love they shared. His twin would be happy for him, and he desperately needed to tell someone now that his father and Glorfindel had left.

Turning left, he headed for his rooms, which were next to his brother’s, hoping to find Elrohir there.


Elrohir turned around, hearing the knock on the door and instinctively knew it was his twin. They had been able to sense each other’s presence as long as he could remember, and it had often been useful when one of them had gotten into trouble. Elrohir walked over to the door and opened it, gesturing his twin to follow him.

Elladan grinned, but then his expression changed to puzzlement, realizing Elrohir was packing clothes into a bag. “Where are you going?”

“I am moving to Erestor’s quarters,” said Elrohir, momentarily stopping packing. “It is a long story, brother, but he needs someone close right now.”

Elladan saw the worry in Elrohir’s eyes and instantly grew concerned himself. “What happened that Erestor needs you close?” His former tutor always made the impression that he was able to handle anything that came his way. But now that he got a closer look at his brother, he found that Elrohir looked exhausted and a bit too pale. “And what is wrong with you?”

Elrohir considered his brother’s question carefully and reached a decision. “Elladan, sit down.”

“Is it that serious?” But Elladan complied and sat down on the bed. Looking up, he found that his brother was pacing nervously.

Elrohir forced himself to calm down and seated himself next to his twin. “I learned something very important about Erestor.”

“And what is that?” Elladan felt lost. What was his brother trying to tell him?

“Elladan, that night, when the Orcs attacked Nana, they also assaulted Erestor. We were so worried about her, that we never realized there was another victim.”

Elladan had expected a lot of things, but this wasn’t one of them. Elrohir’s words caused a dark pain to reappear and he quickly pushed the memories of his mother’s battered form away. He couldn’t recall Erestor being there. “But Elrohir –“

Elrohir interrupted his brother. “Remember that Glorfindel arrived shortly after we did? We took care of Nana and he looked after Erestor. Try to remember, Elladan, there were two riders on Asfaloth’s back that night.”

Elladan strained his memory, hating the fact that he had to recall that night. Focusing his memories, he frowned, realizing Elrohir was right; Asfaloth had carried two forms that night. “But what does that mean?”

“Erestor knew they tormented Nana and he did his best to distract them, to draw them away from her. They hurt him in every possible way, Elladan, and he nearly died, but Ada and Glorfindel nursed him back to health. We always wondered where Ada was, but he was sitting with Erestor. Nana did not want Ada close, remember?”

“I remember,” said Elladan, nodding his head.  Elrond had spent an awful lot of time in his study, and they had been forbidden to enter that room. He had always wondered why. Now he knew; his father had been looking after Erestor. Then Elrohir’s words fully sank in. “In every possible way? Does that mean…” His voice trailed off, as he was unable to speak the words aloud.

Elrohir nodded, saddened. “They beat and raped him, and I am afraid it happened more than once. He flinches every time I touch him. Elladan, he is so ashamed. And we never noticed! During all those years in which he helped Ada raise us, we never noticed!”

Elladan’s hands turned into fists. “I will now take an even greater pleasure in killing Orcs!”

“I understand that you feel that way,” said Elrohir slowly, “but I doubt your anger will help. Erestor needs our love and support instead.”

“I will try to control my temper, but – Elrohir, I already hated those monsters for what they did to her, but my hate burns even deeper now that I know they hurt Erestor as well!”

Elrohir smiled compassionately. “It happened many years ago and Erestor learned to deal with these dark memories; we can do that as well.” Elrohir paused briefly, seeking out his twin’s eyes. “There is one more thing you should know.”

Elladan sighed distressed, locking eyes with his twin. “This cannot possibly be worse.”

Elrohir drew in a deep breath. “Erestor has been in love with me for years. He told me when he collapsed in my arms.”

“He is in love with you?” Elladan’s eyes grew big. “But he is - was - our mentor!”

“He stopped being our teacher many decades ago, Elladan.”

“Do you love him?” Elladan’s thoughts returned to Thranduil and how happy they were. Did Erestor and Elrohir feel the same way about each other?

Elrohir seriously considered the question before answering it. “After a fashion. I have great respect for him and I greatly care for him.”

“But that is not love.”

Elrohir gave Elladan a thoughtful look. “It is not maddening passion and lust, you are right about that, but maybe this is something deeper, more elemental. I feel deeply for him and I love holding him in my arms, or comforting him. Maybe it is a different kind of love.”

At hearing ‘maddening passion and lust’ Elladan blushed fiercely and realized it was time he shared his secret as well. “It is the way I feel about Thranduil.”

Elrohir’s widened. “Thranduil?” He recalled what his father had told them about Thranduil. “But according to Ada he is arrogant and –“

“That is not true!” stated Elladan in a firm tone. “Elrohir, Thranduil is friendly, warm and compassionate!”

“And you are utterly in love with him,” said Elrohir, recalling that Elladan had confessed to being in love with Thranduil a few days ago.

“And he loves me back.” Elladan lowered his eyes and cringed, knowing his twin would figure everything out.

“Elladan, what did you do?”

“We made love. Twice!” Elladan raised his eyes and stared defiantly at his brother. “We are mated now.”

Elrohir sighed deeply. “Elladan, Ada –“

“I already talked to Ada and he gave me his blessing.”

Elrohir stared at his brother in disbelief. “Are you sure about this?”

Elladan nodded firmly. “Thranduil and I talked and agreed to this bond.”

Elrohir’s expression softened. “And Ada agreed to this as well?”

“Aye, before he left.”

“Left? Elbereth, what happened whilst I was talking to Erestor?”

“Glorfindel took him to a quiet place at the Bruinen to recover and I agree. Ada needs a break.”

“And no one bothered to tell me?”

Elladan shrugged. “I wondered where you were when you were not there to say goodbye to Ada, but I was too intent on solving matters between Thranduil and I.”

“So Glorfindel and Ada left? Then who rules Imladris? Erestor cannot take on that responsibility in his current state.”

“Thranduil will look after all current affairs. Ada and he talked before he left. I think they buried the hatchet… maybe because of me. I know Ada does not want to see me hurt.”

“Thranduil is in charge of Imladris?” Had the whole of Arda gone mad? Elrohir took hold of Elladan’s hand and gently squeezed it, trying to deal with everything he had learned. “You love Thranduil? And you are happy with him?”

Elladan smiled brightly. “Aye, I love him. He is wonderful. I know you will like him once you get a chance to get to know him. Just keep an open mind when you meet him. A lot of what Ada told us no longer applies to Thranduil; he has changed.”

“I will keep an open mind,” promised Elrohir. He wrapped his arms around his brother and hugged Elladan close. “I am happy for you.”

“And I hope you and Erestor work out as well.” Elladan returned the hug, feeling cherished and loved. He could always count on his brother to understand. “You should return to Erestor’s rooms then, if he is not feeling well. I hope he will recover from what those monsters did to him.”

Elrohir pulled back and sought out Elladan’s eyes. “It will help that I do not have to worry about you, brother, now that you have found your love.”

“Do not worry about me, Elrohir. Thranduil and I are happy and we will rule Imladris whilst Erestor and Ada are recovering. Make sure Erestor takes the time he needs to recover, brother, and assure him that he does not need worry about Imladris.”

“I will,” said Elrohir in a grateful tone.

Elladan let go of his brother and got to his feet. “You can find me in Thranduil’s rooms or in Ada’s study.”

Elrohir nodded once. “And I will be in Erestor’s chambers.”

Elladan smiled warmly and headed for the doorway. He would pick up some clothes and toiletries and return to his lover. The fact that Elrohir had found a love as well pleased him, but he wondered at the fact that it was Erestor, their former mentor. He had to admit though that Erestor was handsome and attractive as well as intelligent and diplomatic. /We both ended up with much older lovers,/ thought Elladan, amused. /I hope Erestor and Elrohir will be as happy as Thranduil and I are./


“Erestor? Are you still in the bathroom?” Elrohir frowned at finding Erestor’s rooms empty. He pushed the bathroom door ajar and peered inside. His heart missed a beat, seeing Erestor in the bathtub, still naked and asleep. “Erestor, you cannot fall asleep like that,” mumbled he in a concerned tone. The water had probably long cooled down and couldn’t be comfortable any more.

Grabbing a towel and some warm robes, he walked toward the tub and sat on his heels, studying Erestor. Involuntarily his gaze dropped to Erestor’s shoulders and chest and he sucked in his breath, seeing the scars that disfigured the smooth skin. Entranced he leaned in closer and his fingertips hovered above the skin, not yet touching. Were those bite marks? Other scars stemmed from long, sharp fingernails cutting deep in the flesh. Elbereth, Erestor had endured so much!

A tear slipped from his eyes and dripped from his chin, landing on Erestor’s skin. Suddenly the black eyes filled with life.

Erestor nearly released a keening wail at finding Elrohir this close. He grabbed the towel, scrambled to his feet, wrapped the fabric around his shaking form and ran for the bedroom. Collapsing on the bed, he pulled the blanket around his body, ignoring the fact that he was still wet and shaking. Elrohir had seen the scars! The one thing he had wanted to keep away from the half-Elf had now been revealed! Shaking like a leaf, his gaze fastened on the doorway to the bathroom, dreading Elrohir’s return.

Elrohir drew in a deep breath to steady himself, and when he felt in control of his feelings, he joined Erestor in the bedroom. The elder Elf immediately averted his gaze and now stared at the floor. Sitting down next to Erestor, he extended his hand, hoping the dark haired Elf would take it.

Erestor peeked at Elrohir, uncertain what to say or do. In the end, he freed one hand from beneath the blanket and offered it to the half-Elf, who curled his fingers around it.

“What upset you?” asked Elrohir softly, trying to capture Erestor’s gaze.

“I did not want you to see what they did to me; the marks they left on my body.” Erestor’s voice shook with emotion. “It is a constant reminder of that night.”

Elrohir slowly wrapped an arm around Erestor’s shoulder and pulled him close. “But there is more.”

Erestor panted softly, trying to control his raging emotions. “I was scared seeing them would chase you away.”

“I am still here, am I not?” Elrohir finally caught Erestor’s elusive gaze and smiled warmly. “Those scars will not make me leave.” In order to prove the point he was trying to make, he pushed the blanket slightly down, revealing the scar that showed beneath Erestor’s collarbone. “Allow me.” Tenderly, he planted one kiss on the scar.

Erestor’s eyes swam with tears as Elrohir’s lips touched his marred skin. It felt like finally receiving absolution for what had happened to him so many decades ago. Maybe he could finally start to forgive himself.



Nana = mother.

Amin mela lle = I love you.

Melamin = my love.

Beta read by Ilye, thank you!

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