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Author's Note: This is the sequel to 'Inside the Darkness'. The drawing was made by Nellas


Part 12 - Confrontation

By Morgana


Thranduil dropped the papers he was reading. Seated behind Elrond's desk, he found it impossible to concentrate on matters at hand. A plan for planting more trees at the center of Imladris failed to capture his attention when images of Elladan invaded his thoughts. The more he thought about it, the more convinced he became that implanting the idea of it having been a dream had been the wrong thing to do. He should have let Elladan decide; the Elfling might have preferred to keep their lovemaking a secret, enabling them to continue with their lives unchanged.

Butterflies tickled his insides, making it very clear that he was in love with the Elfling. Sighing worriedly, he leaned back in the chair. He was glad he had come to Imladris because it had enabled him to talk to his son and Lurtz, but he had never expected to fall in love with one of Elrond's sons. This could only end in tears.


Hearing his name startled him and his gaze shifted to the doorway, finding Elladan standing there with a very determined expression on his face. He forced himself to act like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. "Do you want to help me with these plans?"

Elladan shook his head, purposefully advancing on Thranduil. He remained standing in front of the desk, probing the blond's eyes. /Did you use your bewitching voice to make me believe it was just a dream? I saw you use it on Ada./ But why would he do such a thing? If his memories were true, the elder Elf had enjoyed their lovemaking as much as him. Why deny it had ever happened?

"We need to talk." Elladan raised an eyebrow when Thranduil averted his eyes, breaking eye contact, and he took that as a confession of guilt. /You did manipulate me into believing it was a dream! Why?/

"What about?" Thranduil's voice shook slightly.

"Last night." Elladan tried to read the expression on Thranduil's face.

"Last night?" Thranduil forced himself to look at Elladan and meet his gaze. He cringed, seeing the determination and knowledge in them. /He has figured it out. Did he ever believe it was a dream?/ It had been foolish to think this ploy would work!

"Are you going to pretend it never happened? That it was a dream? You gave yourself away when I ran into you earlier. You repeated your suggestion, but I am not asleep any more. Why did you do it?" His heart beat wildly; he still wasn't sure last night had really happened, and there was a chance that he was making a complete fool out of himself.

Thranduil sighed miserably. "Do you not understand, Elladan? According to ancient custom we are mated now. By denying it ever happened I gave you back your freedom."

Elladan's eyes widened; suddenly his strength left him and he collapsed onto a chair. Staring blindly at Thranduil, he nodded his head. "I knew you had made love to me, and that it was not a dream." Only then Thranduil's words truly registered. "We are mated?" Elladan moistened his still kiss-bruised lips. "I never considered..." His voice trailed off as his mind tried to accept Thranduil's admission. "Mated?"

"We made love, Elladan!" said Thranduil sharply. "You know our traditions as well as I do!" He bowed his head in defeat. "I merely wanted you to live your life free of this bond. I cannot bind someone as young as you to me. It would not be fair."

Elladan stared at Thranduil in disbelief; the fact that they had made love last night finally sinking in. "Why did you do it?"

Thranduil frowned, locking eyes with Elladan.

"Why did you make love to me? Was it just the magic of the moment or --" Was it more? He hoped it was more than just the magic influencing Thranduil.

Thranduil wrung his hands. "When the magic takes over I lose control, but that does not mean I used you... I do love you, Elladan."

"You love me?" Elladan jumped to his feet, placed his hands on the desk and leaned in closer to study Thranduil's eyes.

"It is true. I do not know when it happened, but I lost my heart to you, and last night... Last night should never have happened."

Elladan finally understood, recalling something Elrond had just told him. Thranduil had no idea how attractive, how bewitching he was and felt that being bound to him would make Elladan miserable. How could Thranduil think that? Looking at Thranduil, the Elf looked eternally young, having the appearance of an Elfling who was even younger than him. And then there were the eyes, and the long, blond hair. How could Thranduil think himself not attractive? This was just one big misunderstanding!

Thranduil peeked at Elladan now that the half-Elf remained quiet. Maybe he should apologize, but what for, exactly? He didn't regret making love to the Elfling, or falling in love with him. His only regret was that their love could never be. "Elladan, I never meant to hurt you."

Elladan raised a hand and waved the apology away; it was not what he wanted to hear. "Do you love me?"

"I just said so, did I not?" Thranduil squirmed uncomfortably on the chair. "But your father will never allow it."

Elladan grinned. "I just talked to Ada, and I did not get the impression he was opposed to our love."

Thranduil's head jerked back. "You told Elrond?" It was even worse than he had thought! He was surprised he hadn't been ordered to leave Imladris yet!

Elladan slowly advanced on Thranduil. "Ada was not thrilled about my admission that I love you, but he wants me to be happy." He came to a halt next to Thranduil's chair. The elder Elf looked miserable. "Let me summarize our situation," said Elladan teasingly, leaning in closer until his face hovered in front of Thranduil's. "I am in love with you. And you love me back."

Thranduil nodded, feeling entranced by the half-Elf's closeness.

"And we made love last night."

Thranduil nodded again, unable to lie to Elladan. "But --"

Elladan shook his head, continuing as if Thranduil hadn't spoken. "We made love, and that means we are married now."

Thranduil moaned miserably. "Aye, that is true." He had made a mess of things!

"Then what is the problem?" Elladan grinned, seeing Thranduil's stunned expression. "Isn't everything right, now?"

"Elladan, you cannot be serious! You do not want to be stuck with me! You should be with someone your own age; a maiden who will give you children. I will ruin your life." He had to make Elladan understand!

Recalling his father's words to pursue Thranduil like Legolas had Lurtz, Elladan straddled Thranduil, ignoring the choked moan that escaped the blond's throat. Thranduil's starlit eyes grew big and Elladan leaned in closer to touch his lips to the elder Elf's, kissing him passionately. Beneath him, Thranduil reacted to his closeness by growing hard. "You want me; you want this."

"But I cannot have it," whispered Thranduil saddened. "Do you fully understand the consequences if you accept this bond? You could not take another lover as long as I live and -- Elladan, I rule in Mirkwood. I cannot stay away forever. Your sacrifice would be too great, too terrible. I know you love your family and Imladris. I cannot take you away from here to wither away in Mirkwood."

"Then stay here. You told me your oldest son is currently in charge in Mirkwood, and it seems like he is doing a good job. You can stay here, with me..." But the truth was that Elladan didn't care about their future; he was too eager to taste Thranduil's lips again. Only the present mattered to him!

Thranduil moaned low in his throat as Elladan parted his teeth. He allowed it, and let Elladan's tongue chase his. Savoring the moment, he briefly closed his eyes, and the sensation of being devoured by his lover intensified.

Elladan released Thranduil's lips and grinned, pulling back. "You cannot deny you love and want me."

"But Elladan..." Thranduil shook his head, lost for words.

"No more buts," decreed Elladan. "We will deal with Ada when he returns from his stay at the Bruinen. In the meantime we will work things out between us." Knowing that Thranduil didn't consider himself good enough for him saddened him. "You are beautiful and last night was magical. I had always hoped my first time would be special, and it was."

"I did not know you were untouched, Elladan. If I had --"

Elladan smiled warmly. "It was a good thing then that you did not know." Thranduil's expression was one of utter disbelief and Elladan raised a hand to brush the golden hair away from Thranduil's face. /You are extremely insecure, are you not? But you hide it well./

"Elladan, think this over. Do you really want your father to know we made love and are now mated? Do you want to live your life bound to me?" Thranduil hoped his words would make Elladan reconsider. The Elfling had no idea what he was getting himself into!

Elladan caressed Thranduil's face, tracing the other's jaw line. "I told Ada about my dream, and it will come as no surprise that last night really happened. He suspects as much."

"Aiya Elbereth," whispered Thranduil, worried.

"We did not discuss the 'consequences' as you call them, but I am sure he wants us to follow tradition and to be together." Elladan cocked his head, staring deeply into Thranduil's eyes. "I want to be with you. The question is; do you want me as well?"

Thranduil knew he had lost; Elladan already possessed his heart and his love. "I want you as well, Lirimaer, but --" Elladan silenced him with another passionate kiss, and Thranduil surrendered to his younger lover. Elladan's hands settled on either side of his head, keeping him in place. A smile began to surface on his face, feeling Elladan's arousal pressed against his stomach as the half-Elf shifted on his lap.

Elladan released his lover's lips after long moments and stared into Thranduil's sparkling eyes. "Amim mela lle, Thranduil." Holding his breath, he waited for his lover to answer him.

Thranduil moistened his lips, searched Elladan's eyes, and found true love there. Fighting this was useless. Elladan would never let him go. "Amin mela lle," repeated he sincerely. "I hope I can make you happy, and that you will never regret being bound to me."

Elladan heard true concern in Thranduil's voice and pressed a kiss onto the blond's lips. "I fell in love with you the first time I looked into your eyes, melamin. I will never regret loving you."

Thranduil finally allowed himself to believe Elladan's admission. "You really want to be with me?"

Elladan nodded determinedly. "Aye, I want to be with you..." Grinning wickedly he added, "And I want to make love to you again."

Thranduil released a nervous chuckle. "Lirimaer, making love will be different without the magic influencing it."

"It might be even better, because we will have control," said Elladan. "Would you like to find out?" He couldn't help being erect again! Thranduil's soft smile only made him want the elder Elf more.

"Are you serious?" But then Elladan rubbed against him, making it very clear the half-Elf -was- serious. Thranduil brought up his arms behind Elladan's back, and studied his new lover for some time.

Being watched like that made Elladan nervous. "I am serious. Do you not feel my desire for you?"

"I do," whispered Thranduil.

Thranduil shifted beneath him, apparently wanting to rise from the chair, and Elladan got back to his feet, although he kept one arm wrapped around the blond's waist.

Thranduil stood motionless, realizing this had never been his decision; Elladan had made it for him. "Then come to my bed and let me love you."

Elladan quivered with expectation and pulled the blond close. "You accept me as your lover?"

"How can I not?"

Elladan smiled brightly. "Then take me to your bed and make love to me." He had finally achieved his goal; Thranduil was his!


A bird's song woke Elrond from pleasant dreams. Frowning, he took in the alien surroundings, but then remembered that Glorfindel had taken him to the cottage his lover had selected for their stay. Glorfindel was wrapped around him, his lover's head resting against his shoulder. Dotingly, Elrond let his fingertips explore the blond's soft skin, wishing he had already fully recovered so they could finally make love. He knew Glorfindel was keeping back because the blond worried about his health, but making love might actually help him recover instead of merely tiring him.

A wicked plan formed in his mind, and his fingers began to unbutton Glorfindel's shirt, slowly sliding it down to the blond's waist. Already hard nipples trembled beneath his touch and Glorfindel moaned deliciously, shifting against him. Elrond rolled the nub of hard flesh between his fingertips and sought out his lover's lips, parting Glorfindel's teeth and exploring the warm cavern.

Glorfindel's eyes filled with awareness at his lover's touch. Surprised, he stared at Elrond, whose hand now slipped inside his leggings, palming his erection. "Elrond?" Glorfindel wasn't sure how to react. He had envisioned their first time together, but Elrond taking the initiative surprised him. "You should be resting." But now his lover's fingers pushed down his leggings, exposing his arousal. Glorfindel swallowed hard and found he was unable to stop Elrond, craving this as well.

"Glorfindel, rest is not all I need." Elrond's hands returned to caress the blond's chest, playing with his lover's sensitive nipples. Looking into Glorfindel's eyes, he found they had darkened to midnight blue. "But I will need your help. My ankles -- I cannot --."

"Hush," whispered Glorfindel huskily. "I understand." Elrond's eyes burned with desire and passion. "I want this as well." Glorfindel folded an arm around Elrond's waist and gently rolled his lover onto his back. "Tell me when your ankles hurt?" The last thing he wanted was for Elrond to be uncomfortable during their lovemaking.

Elrond nodded quickly. "But do not worry about my ankles too much. Other parts of my body need you more."

Glorfindel grinned, very much aware of the fact that his lover was already erect and leaking pre-ejaculate. "How do you want to do this?"

Elrond's eyes darkened with lust. "I want to feel you inside me..."

Glorfindel carefully straddled his lover's hips, and his hands traveled down Elrond's chest. "I crave being inside you as well." Bending down, he placed one hand next to Elrond's shoulder to support himself while his other tangled in the long, dark hair. His lips descended onto his lover's and his tongue possessively traced the inside of Elrond's lips, suckling the bottom lip until the half-Elf finally parted his teeth. His tongue quickly took advantage and slipped inside.

Elrond moaned wantonly and his arms came up behind Glorfindel's back, pulling him closer. His body woke after long years of enforced celibacy, and he took control of the kiss, his tongue duelling with Glorfindel's for dominance.

Glorfindel eventually pulled back, panting slowly; the kiss had left him breathless. Sliding down Elrond's legs, he made sure he stayed clear of the mending ankles. Bending down again, he smiled, seeing Elrond's erection standing proud, begging for his touch. Teasingly, his tongue licked the weeping head, and then swirled around the shaft, making Elrond buck in want.

Elrond stared at the Elda, whose red lips were now possessively wrapped around his throbbing erection. Glorfindel took him deeper, alternating between suckling and licking. He threw back his head at the divine sensation and involuntary thrust into the blond's mouth.

Glorfindel relaxed his throat, taking Elrond deeply. He wrapped his fingers around his lover's hard flesh, stroking in the same rhythm as he suckled.

"Melme... stop or... I will come..." Elrond stuttered deliriously, unable to keep back any longer as Glorfindel licked down the length of his shaft. The sensation was too much and he came hard.

Warm cream dripped from Glorfindel's lips as he finally released his lover's sated sex. Grinning naughtily he laid down next to Elrond, placing one hand on his lover's chest to feel its up and down motion. Elrond was panting hard! Large eyes showed dilated pupils and they were now directed at him; Glorfindel saw the question in them. "I want you to be relaxed when I take you and making you come is the best way to ensure you are no longer tense."

Elrond chuckled, feeling utterly relaxed. "It worked..." He pulled Glorfindel back atop of his body, and the blond blanketed him, stretching his body and carefully covering every inch of his body, mindful not too put too much pressure on still mending ribs. "You are a devious imp, nīn ind."

Glorfindel smiled against Elrond's chest. His hands rested on Elrond's hips and he began to stroke the smooth skin.

Elrond groaned contently, allowing his lover to take control again. "I am so fortunate to have you, Glorfindel."

Glorfindel lifted his eyes and met Elrond's. He grinned wickedly and rubbed his erection against his lover's groin. Elrond's eyes widened, as Glorfindel kissed him passionately while one hand stole between their bodies to slowly massage his lover's returning erection.

Elrond groaned, feeling himself harden again. "You will exhaust me, Glorfindel. Did you not take me here to rest?"

"You started this," whispered Glorfindel into his lover's ear and licked its tip, drawing another pleading groan from the half-Elf's lips. "We need oil." No matter how much he wanted to make love to the half-Elf, he had to properly prepare his lover first. Glorfindel's eyes searched the room for something suitable. "I will be right back." He raised himself onto all fours, left the bed and hurried into the bathroom. He returned triumphantly, showing off his prize to Elrond. "Rose scented oil." He had packed it because Elrond used to it to remove the tangles from his hair after washing it.

"It will do," said Elrond, pleased. Glorfindel proudly twirled the flask in his hands as he returned to their bed, making Elrond smile. "You did well remembering you brought it with you." Elrond slowly parted his legs, allowing his lover to slip between them.

Sobering, Glorfindel locked eyes with Elrond. "Are you sure you are strong enough to do this? What if we jostle your feet and --"

Elrond cut him short. "You will be careful, melme."

Glorfindel nodded and opened the flask, letting the oil drip onto his fingertips. "Do you want to roll onto your side?"

Elrond shook his head once. "I want to see your eyes. Put a pillow beneath my hips."

Glorfindel took hold of a pillow, helped Elrond lift his hips and slipped it in place. "Better?" The smile Elrond gave him answered his question.

"Touch me, Glorfindel." Elrond took hold of his lover's hand and placed the blond's oil covered finger near the entrance of his body. "Make love to me."

Glorfindel swallowed hard, suddenly growing nervous. Leaning in closer, he claimed his lover's lips and deepened their kiss, while he massaged the guardian ring, waiting for Elrond to admit him.

His hands tangled in the blond hair, making sure Glorfindel could not break off their kiss and pull back. Elrond sighed into his lover's mouth as one finger slid inside. Moaning, he locked eyes with the blond, hoping Glorfindel would seek out the spot that would make him squirm and beg for more. When Glorfindel's finger brushed that sweet spot, he yelped softly.

Glorfindel removed his finger and returned with two, scissoring inside the warm passage, stretching it. Elrond's pupils were dilated and the irises had turned dark grey with need. "Soon," he breathed, finally releasing Elrond's lips to allow his lover to draw in much needed oxygen. Elrond squirmed beneath him.

"Now, please..." Elrond's arms dropped to the bed and his fingers clawed the sheets. He licked his lips in eager anticipation, seeing Glorfindel rub the oil generously onto his erection. "Now..."

Glorfindel looked over his shoulder, saw that his lover's mending ankles rested comfortably on the bed, and decided against lifting Elrond's legs and supporting them. Their lovemaking would be slow and sensual. Curling his fingers around his erection, he positioned himself at the entrance to his lover's body. He entered slowly, pushing past the ring of muscle and stretching on top op his lover, kissing Elrond deeply.

Elrond quivered, feeling Glorfindel sheathe himself to the hilt. Looking into the blond's eyes, he saw love and trust reflected back at him. The first thrust took him by surprise, making him bite Glorfindel's bottom lip.

Glorfindel thrust again, aiming for the spot that would bring Elrond ecstasy. His fingers buried themselves in the dark hair, and he continued the kiss, ignoring the metallic tang of blood in his mouth.

Surrendering to his lover's thrusts, Elrond involuntarily arched his back, allowing the blond to thrust even deeper. Fingers curled themselves around his throbbing erection and his eyes grew big, realizing his lover was stroking him, bringing him to orgasm once more.

Losing control over his raging need and emotions, Glorfindel's thrusts grew erratic and harder. Burying himself deeply inside his lover's body, he climaxed.

Feeling Glorfindel grow tense with the release of his orgasm, Elrond let go as well, surrendering to the ecstasy that coursed through his body.

Glorfindel's eyes widened, feeling Elrond's muscle contract around him, and a tormented groan escaped his lips.

"Meleth-nīn, amin mela lle," whispered Elrond bonelessly.

Glorfindel smiled adoringly and supported himself, unwilling to rest his weight on the exhausted half-Elf. "You are my very reason for living. Never leave me, Elrond." His sated sex slipped from his lover's body and he rolled onto his side, pulling the half-Elf close. "Are you satisfied now?" he asked teasingly, wiping the sweat from his lover's brow.

"Very satisfied, very content," mumbled Elrond tiredly. "I have wanted to make love to you since you saved me from Ugluk, but --"

"We always got interrupted," chuckled Glorfindel. "Melamin, I should clean us up. Why do you not go to sleep and let me attend to you?"

"Are you not tired, then?" Elrond was already slipping back into sleep.

"Nay, I feel energized," quipped Glorfindel amused. He stroked Elrond's hair until he was sure that the half-Elf was asleep, and then pressed a kiss onto his lover's chest, just above his heart. "I will always love you, nīn ind."

Slowly, so as not to disturb his lover's well-deserved sleep, he entangled himself from the embrace and returned to the bathroom to retrieve a washcloth so he could clean up his lover.


Elrohir watched Erestor closely, and when the elder's Elf's stomach growled again, he took the other's hand and pulled him to his feet. "You need to eat."

Erestor sighed dejectedly, but did not protest, allowing Elrohir to pull him along. Knowing Elrohir worried about him made him comply when the half-Elf told him to get moving. The fact that Elrohir was still at his side surprised and pleased him at the same time. Elrohir had not shied away when they had talked about that fateful night; the half-Elf had held him close and comforted him. Elrohir's closeness soothed him and he straightened his shoulders, determined to overcome his fears.

"Sit down, Erestor," ordered Elrohir as he rummaged through the kitchen cupboards. In the end he placed a plate filled with cheese, fruits, meat and lembas on the table. "And now we will eat." Giving the example, he put a piece of lembas into his mouth.

Erestor followed Elrohir's example and chewed on some lembas. His appetite had been gone for days, but was now returning. Eating some cheese as well, he peered at Elrohir, wondering what the half-Elf was thinking.

Elrohir caught Erestor's wondering gaze and smiled. "Would you like some warm wine?" Maybe the wine would help Erestor's nerves settle down. Seeing Erestor nod, he uncovered the wine and warmed it over a fire. After pouring it into a goblet he handed it to Erestor, who sipped slowly.

Erestor sighed contently when the warm liquid flowed down his throat, warming his body and his soul. A quick look out of the window told him it was already noon. How long had they slept and talked? "I am neglecting my duties to your father. Someone should --"

Elrohir touched a finger to Erestor's lips, silencing him. "I am sure Imladris will continue to exist without you locking yourself in Ada's study all day long."

Erestor allowed Elrohir to trace the outline of his lips, swallowing hard when the finger finally retreated. The breakdown he had suffered had offered his feelings a way out and he felt relieved, knowing that there were no more secrets between them. "Pen-neth, what will happen now?" He worried about their future, about Elrond's reaction to finding out about his feelings for Elrohir - and what if the young half-Elf decided to desert him after all? He had been badly hurt in the past, and he wasn't sure he could ever express his love physically. Was it fair to expect Elrohir to be content with kisses and touches when the half-Elf was entitled to so much more? Why take an emotionally crippled lover?

Erestor's face was an open book to Elrohir. The doubts, the fears, the uncertainty, it was all there in Erestor's dark eyes. Instinctively, he curled his fingers around Erestor's hand, rubbing the knuckles. He felt lost for words. Nothing he said would convince Erestor that he was here to stay. He had to show his dedication and affection through deeds and not words. "What will happen now?" he repeated Erestor's question. "You will take a hot bath, rest, and eat meals regularly. When you are rested you will return to your duties." Disappointment shone from Erestor's eyes, and Elrohir smiled warmly. "And I will stay close the entire time."

Erestor was taken aback by the sincerity in Elrohir's voice. "But --"

"I will have to move in with you, but I assume that won't be a problem? I will gather my personal belongings and take them to your rooms, which are larger and more comfortable than mine," continued Elrohir, pretending he didn't see the relief in Erestor's eyes. "I will seek out your bed more often," added Elrohir, "every single night if you want me to." Suddenly Erestor's expression darkened, and Elrohir hurriedly added, "So I can hold you close."

Erestor lowered his eyes. "I hate feeling this vulnerable." The confession was hard to make, but he felt comfortable enough to show his feelings in front of Elrohir. If the half-Elf was willing to make this work, he would try as well.

"Arato-nīn," started Elrohir, while slowly raising Erestor's hand to his lips, pressing a kiss onto its palm, "I am honored that you share your feelings with me. I will not fail you."

A nervous twitch appeared beneath Erestor's left eye. "I am afraid I will fail you, pen-neth."

"You won't," said Elrohir determinately, bestowing another kiss onto the Elf's skin; this time on Erestor's knuckles. "Now that you have finished your wine, would you like to take a hot bath? It might lift your spirits

Erestor blushed. Elrohir said quickly, "You can soak in the bath tub while I look in on Ada." He heard Erestor's relieved sigh and felt saddened, realizing just how insecure the other was.

Erestor nodded once. "A hot bath sounds divine." Looking at Elrohir, he cocked his head. "Did you mean it? About moving in with me?" The one thing he dreaded was being alone with the shadows of his past, and Elrohir keeping him company was the one thing he desperately craved. To have the half-Elf close at all times would help him deal with the memories.

After rising to his feet, Elrohir walked over to Erestor and knelt at the other's side. He gathered the elder Elf's hands in his and locked eyes with Erestor. He considered every word carefully before he spoke them. "I will stay with you as long as you want me. I will hold you at night and guard your dreams. The nightmares will end and you will grow strong again. I promise to be there for you every step of the way."

Erestor's eyes filled with tears, but he fought them back. Raising Elrohir's hands, he placed kisses on the fingertips. Words deserted him and he hoped the gesture would speak for him.

Smiling warmly, Elrohir nodded once. He rose from the floor, pulled Erestor to his feet, and guided the elder Elf back to his rooms.

-- Amin mele lle = I love you Nin ind = my heart Arato-nin = my champion



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