Part 6

By lierdumoa


We were finishing my lesson for Veritaserum the day after Sirius left visible reminders of our relationship all along my throat. I had one particularly brave Gryffindor volunteer test his potion in front of the class and tested the rest by scent, using of course my superior sense of smell - a side effect of my bonding with Sirius. Then, I told my students to pour the contents of their cauldrons into vials and stopper them. I had every intention of putting this class’s batch into storage, as it was my job to provide the ministry with much of its stock of truth potion. It didn’t occur to me that a student might have other plans for their brew.

But Granger was determined to discover the identity of my lover. She was more determined than I had expected. I suppose were I not the victim of the prank I would have been most impressed with the girl for acting on such a devious plan. She’d siphoned off from her cauldron a few drops of the serum - enough to work for three or four hours. Of course, on can guess what the girl did with her precious stray drops of potion. She spiked my drink. My morning coffee, to be exact. Apparently, Granger has connections with the house elves and managed to convince one to let her into the kitchens.

I didn’t notice a change in flavor. I should have, but Sirius distracted me. I walked into the classroom with no inkling that my privacy was about to irreparably compromised. I sat at my desk and surveyed my pupils. Everything was perfectly normal - until my eyes lit on Weasely. The boy was smiling. He never smiled in my class. Then he greeted me. “How are you, today, professor?” More dangerous words were never spoken.


Veritaserum has a reputation for being very thorough - so I replied to Ron’s question by immediately rattling off every emotion and sensation which currently applied to me. How was I? My eyes widened with horror as words poured out of my mouth: “I’m happy, a bit sore, actually, rather tired, extremely well laid,” *Fuck!* “humiliated and angry, enraged in fact, completely furious...” I fixed Mr. Weasley with a hard glare. “...Vengeful.”

He paled quite comically in fright. I opened my mouth, eager to deliver his punishment. “I don’t know how you managed to slip me Veritaserum, but -”

Granger interrupted. “It was me, professor.”

I knew the girl had stones, but I never anticipated this level of daring from her. She had an impeccable record for respect toward teachers. I opened my mouth again, this time to deliver her punishment, but she had the audacity to speak again. “So tell me, what *were* those marks on your neck on Monday?”

“Love bites,” I gritted out. My eye was twitching.

“From whom?”

“Sirius Black.” Albus most likely could hear my teeth grinding from his office.

She raised her eyebrows in pure astonishment. I wanted to crawl behind my desk and hide. No - scratch that. I wanted to kill someone. Slowly and painfully. I turned to the rest of my students, knowing that I was dangerously close to losing control of my class. “Anyone who directs another question at me will flunk this course automatically,” I said, in a tone that brooked no argument. “Ms. Granger, just how did you manage to dose me with truth serum?”

Her expression at once became fearful and ashamed. “Your coffee, sir. I slipped in this morning before the house elves delivered it.”

“That was rather ingenious,” I said, the compliment forcing its way out of my lips without my consent. “Your Hogsmeade privileges are revoked, and you have nightly detention until such time as you graduate.” Her face fell. I smirked evilly. “Cheer up, Ms. Granger. You get to share it with Mr. Weasley.”

I don’t think I’d ever seen Ron Weasley that close to tears. It was almost enough to restore my good mood.

“One hundred and seventy points are taken from Gryffindor. As I cannot work like this, I will excuse myself from teaching for the rest of today.”

I walked towards the door, satisfied that I had managed to maintain order and instill some fear in my students. I stopped just before exiting the classroom. “Oh, and Ms. Granger, how much did you use?”

“You should be normal by mid-afternoon, if you finished off your coffee.”

“Very well. Class dismissed.”


Albus permitted me to take the rest of the day off. I’m sure he realized I would not be teaching regardless of whether he allowed it. Even the fear of detention and loss of house points would not be enough to prevent everyone from prying into my private life. Some student convinced of my wickedness might have asked if the rumors of my being a death eater were true, and the complications that could result from such an inquiry did not bear thinking of. So, I spent the day doing research for a draught to counteract the effects of imperius and reading a good book. Sirius found me in my room around lunchtime.

“ students have been oddly inquisitive today.”

“Granger. You said she’d find us out eventually. She chose a more direct approach than I expected - Veritaserum in my coffee.”

“You didn’t taste the difference?”

“You were distracting me.”

“Oh. Right. Is it still working?”

“Yes. The effects should fade after another three or four hours.”

Sirius gathered me in his arms, resting his forehead against mine. “I’m sorry, Sev.”

I grimaced. I hated being coddled. His mouth was too close to mine for me to get properly upset, though.


The next day I returned to work. I walked into the breakfast hall, my entrance punctuated by hushed whispers. I was not unused to gossip concerning me. I was, however, unused to gossip concerning my romantic involvements. I sat down to breakfast, working my way around my plate. I began to chafe under the quiet as I continued my meal. Finally, one too many furtive glances were sent in my direction. I admit my next actions were rather uncharacteristic.

I stood up from my seat and walked around to the other side of the faculty table, continuing for a few paces until I faced Sirius, who sat six seats away from me. I then reached over, grabbed him by the lapels, yanked him up out of his seat, and smashed my mouth to his. *Who bloody well has chocolate at breakfast? Not that I’m complaining...* His hands reached around in an unconscious gesture to twine in my hair. I let go of him after a few seconds. It took a few more for him to realize where we were and let go of me. I had never seen his face in that particular shade of red before.

The hall had been shocked into a dead silence. Honestly - did they think I was asexual? Or was it just that they thought Sirius Black (whom half the seventh year girls had had a crush on even before he reverted to the body of an eighteen year old) couldn’t possibly be interested in the greasy Slytherin potions master. Well, these misconceptions were now irrevocably rectified at the expense of my dignity, so everyone had better bloody well shut the fuck up about it.

Silence accompanied me out of the breakfast hall. Even the ghosts were struck dumb as I returned to my classroom to begin preparations for class. By lunchtime, conversations among the students were returned to normal. My day went on without incident.

At days end I met Sirius in his room for some tea. I poured him a cup and set it before him. He was reading the newspaper and pointedly refused to look up at me. “What’s that,” he grunted.

I sat down beside him, pouring myself a cup. “It’s tea, Sirius. A honey and lemon blend.”

“It’s yellow.”

“It’s a bit weak, I suppose.”

He lowered his newspaper, then set it on the table. He sighed heavily. “Well then let it seep some more. I’m not drinking piss colored tea.”



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