Part 5

By lierdumoa


I walked to the headmaster’s office quite agitated, not knowing where to put my hands. *Good Lord, I thought to myself. I really am seventeen again if I’m this nervous about seeing the headmaster. Get a grip, Severus.* I drew up to the stone gargoyle at his office’s entrance and muttered the password (jawbreaker - some strange muggle candy), and found myself facing a smiling Albus.

“Severus! I’ve been hoping to speak with you. Tomorrow is your first day returning to work, is it not? I suspect professor Dunwhite has done his best to keep your class at your preferred pace. I doubt your students could be more than a week behind.”

“Albus, a week? I have only been indisposed for three.”

Well, you do teach at a rather accelerated pace to most other potions professors. It’s part of the reason why I’ve been reluctant to give you the requested Dark Arts position and have you relinquish potions to a less qualified teacher.”

“We both know I never got the position because of my history, Albus.”

“Well, that too. Was there something specific you came to talk with me about?


“Do you think it’s wise I return to my post. I am troubled that I won’t command the same respect of my students,” I blurted, nervously. Albus laughed in reply. “Severus, you terrified your *peers* when you were two years their junior. I doubt you’ll have any trouble continuing to terrify your students. You are still eighteen years their senior, whether you look it or not, not to mention you’ve survived a killing curse.

“Of course. I suppose then I shall see you at the faculty’s table tomorrow at breakfast.”

“Quite,” he replied. I turned to leave. “Oh, and Severus?”

“Yes Albus?”

“I do hope this worry has not interfered in your setting up of lesson plans.”

I turned sharply to cast a barely restrained glare at the headmaster. “All of my lesson plans for the year have been complete since well before my hospitalization, as you well know.”

“Of course, Severus.”

I swear I heard him chuckle as I closed the door.”


Then next morning I told Sirius about the meeting, and what I suspected hearing from Albus as I left his office. Sirius asked me if I were going to grumble ‘Bah, humbug.’ I looked at him quizzically for this comment, but he only smirked and then left. Merlin, he’s *edible* when he smirks. I had to go to breakfast with an erection because of that smirk, thanks to my restored adolescent libido. Ugh, I hate being seventeen.

My first class of the day was a load of first years. Their loud and animated whisperings halted just as I opened the door to my classroom. I gave my students a hard look and class went on without incident. Of course many stares came in my direction, and I ignored them. My next classes went much the same way. Then lunch arrived. Albus took it upon himself to explain the details of the battle as well as provide minimal explanation of my strange regression in age. He simply said that I saved Black by drawing part of a curse into myself and the results of my action were extensive burning and the loss of physical aging. He left out any details of my bond with Sirius, for which I was much relieved. I think the students were quite surprised at the idea of me saving anyone. The resultant congratulatory applause was satisfactorily loud, if not a bit bewildered.

My next period was free. Sirius was aware of this, having memorized my schedule without my knowledge, and I was pleasantly surprised when he dragged me into my office, kicked the door shut, and backed me up into my desk, plundered my mouth, trailed biting wet kisses down my collar bone, and then sank to his knees.

He spread my robes for better access and wetted those full, perfect lips with that delectable tongue and went on to make me forget the niceties of propriety and little details like volume control. Thank the gods my office is always equipped with one or two silencing spells (don’t ask).

And I really didn’t want him to go when the bell rang.


My last class of the day was with both the Gryffindors and the Slytherins. It was a sixth-year class, and much of the Slytherin students were absent, having joined Voldemort’s ranks in the war. Malfoy was partnered with Potter, and had been since fifth year. I suppose the original intent was to torture Potter. I really can’t stand the brat. I considered separating the couple when I learned of the boys’ involvement, which began somewhere intermittent of fifth year. Draco begged me not to separate them, though, and considering the treatment he’d been about to receive at the hands of his father, who had discovered their unfortunate secret, I didn’t think it necessary to punish him further. Lucius was an indifferent father, but cruel when his Lord directed him to be. Sirius would call me soft hearted (of course, he’d be the only one). In any case, Potter’s class performance had improved since I’d partnered the two, and so I reluctantly let the pair be.

Class that day had consisted of preparing the ingredients of Veritaserum. Brewing and testing would have to wait for the next day. Granger stayed after the bell rang. “Professor Snape?” I raised a brow at her. “I have a suggestion.” I raised the other brow. Hermione had never dared question my teaching methods. “You might perhaps want to wear a shirt with a higher collar.” She slipped out the door without seeing my blush over the numerous bite marks I now recalled were trailing my neck. I growled out my lover’s name, venomously, once door swung shut behind her.

I knew it was never a reasonable hope that no one would ever find out about us. Sirius of course told Harry, and since Harry is as bonded to Draco as I am to Sirius I was not surprised when Draco found out. Harry was smart enough never to comment on our relationship - at least to my face. I at least hoped no one *else* would ever find out. Oh, but a man can dream, can he not?

Granger knew. There are only so many things in this world that look just like love bites and yet aren’t. I was unable to think of any of them before she flounced from my classroom. If I knew the girl at all, she would figure out who, and sooner rather than later. I suppose I should have been proud I kept us hidden for as long as I did. I was a spy, after all, and a double-agent, no less. I had not, however, anticipated the consequences of ill-timed sex on the secrecy of our relationship.

I met Sirius in his room after work. “Granger knows.”

“Knows what?”

“That I’m involved with someone.”

“How on earth did she find out? Wait, are you saying she doesn’t know who?”

“For now, anyway. It shouldn’t take her long to figure out it’s you. She must have gotten a good look at my neck sometime during class. I forgot to cast a glamour after you left.”

“Oh.” Sirius had a slightly guilty, slightly embarrassed look on his face. It was...cute. *I just thought of him as cute. Merlin, what has he done to me?* “Well I suppose she was going to figure us out eventually. She was always the cleverest of the lot.”

“She’ll tell Weasley. The boy can’t keep a secret to save his life.”

“You knew they’d find out one day. Don’t sulk Sev. It’s not the end of the world.”

I let out an aggrieved moan and slumped into a chair. I sent a scowl in his direction.

He smiled cheekily. “Love you too, Severus.”


I remember the first time he’d said it. It was before his name had been cleared, and he was still living in the forbidden forest. I went there to gather some supplies for my cupboards. As it had been an exhausting day, I stopped to lean against a tree for a moment and watch the swaying shadows of leaves and branches overhead. Sirius padded up silently in dog form, and then transformed back into a man to lean next to me. “Tired?” He asked. I answered no, but the word was swallowed in a yawn. He chuckled, grabbed me by the wrist, and dragged me to the cave.

We sat in two armchairs, a bottle of wine between us (a summer solstice gift from Albus), and Sirius spoke of pranks he’d pulled as a child, becoming an Animagus, and other silly, happy tales. He spoke of me as he remembered me, including odd little details I hadn’t thought anyone had noticed. His deep voice had a lulling quality, and I nodded off momentarily, and awoke to the feeling of an empty wine glass being pulled from my fingers. I opened my eyes to see Sirius, standing before me with the glass in his palm, and staring into it as if it held all the mysteries of the universe. “I love you Severus,” he said softly, still not looking up.

When he raised his head to me, his eyes were dark and had a sort of wild intensity. I met his gaze squarely and nodded in reply, then stood up, slammed my mouth to his, and dragged him down with me to the floor. He slid out of his clothing and invited me to do the same. He put two fingers to my lips, inhaling sharply when I drew them into my mouth and sucked gently. I was kneeling at this point, as was he. I parted my legs in invitation and he slid the two long, wet fingers up my arse, curling them sharply once he found what he wanted in there. He worked those digits expertly, playing me like a violin. I clung to him, fingers tangled in his short hair, in turns leaning into his solid presence and riding back against that wickedly talented hand. I came messily against him, gasping.

He slid my ejaculate over his own member, pulled my legs around his waist, and entered me. He bore me to the rug and drove the rest of the way inside me, slamming into my prostate. I was hard in an instant. I came again seconds after his own orgasm. We slumped together for long minutes. He finally rolled away...only to spread his own legs. *How long does he expect me last?* I thought. A long time, apparently, and I found to my surprise that I was quite able to accommodate him. Our lovemaking lasted for hours, until at last we slept like the dead.

I was awakened an hour before dawn by an open mouthed kiss. I was still sprawled naked on the floor, and Sirius was crouching over me wearing muggle blue-jeans. I tiredly stumbled into my clothing and left for Hogwarts, a tired grin breaking across my face as I closed the trapdoor behind me, dawn breaking across the sky as I emerged from the trees.

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