There's no love lost between them. They watched each other like hawks accessing their prey. Harry watches Snape, he is beginning to understand him and it intrigues him to no end to find the small things that make up his Professor. Snape watches Harry he hates the brat but more than hate he finds him a puzzle. Someone he thought he had figured out but doesn't really know. They don't know it but they are intricately connected by bindings that are not foreseen and the world will change forever.

The Hunger

Chapter 2

By Mallory


Lupin watched Harry warily. There was something wrong with him but he can't tell what.

"Are you sure you are fine Harry?" he ask for the third time.

"I am fine Remus. You worry to much," Harry answers a hint of exasperation in his voice.

He had stayed at Pivet Drive till the 15th of August before he was brought back to headquarters otherwise known as Grimmauld place. Harry didn't feel the same oppression he felt when he first stepped into Grimmauld. In fact he felt almost at ease. The first sign of change Lupin had seen was how Harry was no longer grieving. If truth be told he seemed almost cold, uncaring. The other hint, the most alarming one was when he had first entered Grimmauld place after arriving from Pivet Drive. It has been chaos as usual with the Order member's coming and going and Mrs. Black had been shrieking as usual.

"You filthy scum leave my house!"

Harry had fixed an unwavering gaze on the picture and suddenly Mrs. Black had stopped shouting the shutters on her picture had closed shortly there after. Ron having come downstairs had laughed nervously and said, "What was that about." Harry had merely shrugged and headed for the kitchen.

Everything after that had seem a mystery with the boy as if overnight he had changed personalities. It made Lupin worried, it made Ron skittish, and Hermione mistrustful. No one else seem to notice anything wrong, no else that is, but Snape.

The first meeting with Snape had been odd. Harry was in the kitchen by himself he was humming a tune. His eyes had that odd unhealthy glow that had been plaguing him since his birthday it gave him a slight sinister look. Snape had walked in early, an Order meeting was about to commence in 45 minutes.

"Mr. Potter," Snape had sneered softly.

"Professor Snape," Harry had sneered back.

"Shame really I was hoping not to run into you."

"Feeling is mutual Professor, in fact you are lucky I haven't cursed you because of you my godfather is dead." Harry had intoned but without much rancor, which surprised Snape as he knew the kind of temper Mr. Potter had.

"The ugly mutt died out of sheer stupidity, Mr. Potter and I believe you contributed to his death more than I," Snape had snarled.

This comment had brought Harry to his feet and before Snape knew it Harry was snarling to his face.

"You fucking bastard,"

"Watch it Potter! I am still your Professor," Snape had shouted and Harry paying no mind had advance closer. His eyes took the yellowish sickly glow and it made Severus gasp. He had felt a tugging of magic from the very inners of his soul, and Harry had suddenly felt ravenous. No longer an aching hunger but a molten desire to feed. He had taken a hold of Snape and brought his mouth to his. Harry was aware that he hadn't fed that way before and it was a surprise that Snape had brought out the animal instinct in him. The kiss had been brutal and Harry's soul fed. Snape shuddered and shivered and the passed out. When he came to, Harry was no longer in the kitchen and he could not remember anything, but he had a nagging feeling in the back of his head that something had happened, but promptly forgot about it. Dumbledore had walked in at that moment followed by the rest of the order and Snape had given no more mind to the voice that told him something was wrong. Harry in his room had been thoughtful he hadn't felt that sated and contend since well never and it had taken Snape's energy to do it. He smiled to himself. He had found an use for the greasy bastard, maybe just maybe when it was all over he would let Snape live.

"Harry are you ok," Ron asked later.

"I am fine, just a headache Ron."

"I know mate everyone's been asking but you been quite calm"

Harry sighed exasperated, "I am tired Ron, I can't change what is happening and I figure being Angry won't help."

Ron eyes widened, "Well that's a mature attitude you are taking Harry."

A smile came across Harry's lips, "Yes, Ron I am maturing. You see I have come to a realization."

"What realization?" Ron asked eagerly.

Harry had laughed and it made Ron shiver, "Maybe I'll tell you later." But Ron hadn't liked how Harry had said that and asked no more question. Harry had sat there thinking if Ron energy fed him as well as Snape's he wouldn't have need of the potions master at all. He hadn't understood what happened to him at the beginning. To tell the truth he still didn't know. All he knew is that his powers were growing and he felt Hungry all the time, but it was worth a price to pay because after he fed he felt better than ever. At firs he had cried when he had fed on Lupin and yet again when he fed on Ginny but he had gotten over his guilt. It was not like he was killing them and they way his powers were increasing he would be able to defeat Voldemort. Yes, Harry was beginning to love his new power. He really couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts and show Draco a thing or two. His eyes glowed radiantly with anticipation.

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