Tears of Blood

Chapter 3

By Dannii Malfoy


Tom sighed as he watched out over the lake. It was a warm day, almost too warm. He looked around him, and seeing nobody, pulled off his robes and shirt, leaving himself topless. Hopefully he would catch some sun. Voldemort hadn't been a big fan of sunshine, and he was looking slightly pale, never mind that his skin must be seriously lacking in vitamin E. He leaned back on the warm grass, thinking about that morning events.

He had been thinking the night before about Harry. The pull towards him was strong, but he knew that Harry and he were never to be. The other boy and Voldemort had too much history for it to work out between them. He didn't even know if he was gay. He didn't think so.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he had gone looking for Harry this morning. He didn't know why, but he thought that even if he couldn't be with Harry in a romantic relationship, it would be a consolation if he could build a friendship between them. It couldn't do either of them any harm to talk; to find out some more about each other without animosity. He knew that Harry had spent the night with Remus, and even though it hurt him, he hadn't said a word about it. The relationship between those two confused him. It was clear that they were sexually involved, but they didn't show the signs of those in a relationship. They were more like father and son, and although that thought squicked him slightly, it also comforted him.

It didn't matter if they were sleeping together if they weren't in a relationship. Maybe that was the reason that everyone else around them allowed it, what with the age gap and all. Tom still felt that he had a chance with the raven haired boy.

He had remembered someone mentioning that Remus had been DADA professor, so he headed in the direction of the DADA rooms in search of Harry. Sure enough, when he knocked on the door, Remus answered. He was taken aback by the sudden sly looking smile on the older mans face as he saw who was at the door.

"Ah. Tom. Looking for Harry?" Tom nodded. "Well, you've come to the right place. You can see him, but I want to speak to you first. Is that ok?"

He just nodded again, and allowed Remus to usher him in. He heard water running in one of the rooms nearby, and correctly guessed that Harry was in the shower. That was enough to drive him crazy. The thought of Harry naked nearby drew a longing glance at the bathroom door, and a lust filled moan from his lips. Remus laughed heartily at him.

"Oh, that was priceless!"

Tom scowled. "What was?"

"Oh, the look on your face when you realised that Harry was in the shower. Would you like to join him? I know I would."

An angry look crossed Toms face, as he thought of Remus joining Harry in the shower. Remus must have noticed the look, because he held his hands up in an action of surrender.

"Hey hey! Quit it with the death glares! I said I would like to, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to. No, I would much prefer it if you joined him. I think he would as well."

Tom just gaped, totally taken aback. And here he had thought that he was going to have to fight Remus off with a stick! Not bloody likely! He quickly pulled himself together though. "What in the name of all things sacred are you talking about?"

Remus motioned for him to take a seat in the couch he was standing next to. He sat next to him. "You see... Harry and I were talking last night..." Tom interrupted before the older man could continue.

"Was that before or after you fucked him?"

"After, but that doesn't matter. Harry and I aren't together. We just sleep together so we both have someone there when we are lonely. Ever since Sirius died we have been alone. We just find out comfort in each other I suppose."

"So you are fuck-buddies?"

Remus smiled. "Yeah, something like that." He coughed, and then continued. "Anyway, Harry and I were talking AFTER we fucked, and he told me some things that caught my interest. They were about you."

"Oh yeah?" Tom raised an eyebrow. "Does his pillow talk always revolve around other people other than the person he's with? Or is it just you?"

This got a laugh out of Remus. "Yeah, it's just me. I told you we aren't together, so we are free to pursue anyone we wish. We help each other sometimes. Like now."

Tom stayed silent at that remark. It was probably beneficial to his mental health that he let Remus continue.

"Well, he was talking about you, and he seemed quite confused."

"How so?"

"I think he feels a strong attraction towards you, but it confuses him because he only met you yesterday. The fact that you're Tom Riddle doesn't help either. Before I say anything else, I have to ask you how you feel about him."

Tom just stared. It took him a while for Remus' words to sink in, but when they did, a large grin appeared on his face. Remus looked at him questioningly, and Tom just grinned wider.

"I feel the same way. Its strange, but I feel drawn towards him."

"That's what he said about you. Well, if you want to talk to him, he's in the shower. Why don't you join him? I'm sure he won't mind."


"Of course. Feel free to take him into the bedroom if anything develops. I'm going down to breakfast. Toodle pip!"

As he watched Remus leave, he couldn't believe his luck. When he was alone, he listened harder to the sounds coming from the bathroom. Harry was singing, and he could just faintly hear the words. The lyrics of the song took him by surprise, and he guessed that Harry had been aiming them at Remus. They sounded good for the other man, if their relationship was the way he had said it was.

He walked towards the door, and opened it slowly. Harry had his back to him, and had stopped singing as the music changed to a fast thumping sound. He removed his clothes, and threw them outside in the sitting room. Harry started moaning, and Tom was sure that he heard his own name come from the other boy's lips. He bit his lip as he saw where Harry's hands were. It was obvious what he was doing, and he cursed his luck at walking in right at this moment. He laughed at his own thoughts. What had he been expecting to happen anyway? For them to have a casual chat in the shower of all places, and then Tom would walk away happy? He didn't think so, and Remus clearly didn't either if his comment about the bed was to be taken seriously.

Thinking that if he didn't hurry up he would be too late, he stepped in behind Harry and wrapped his arms around his waist. Harry leaned into him, and looked up. Surprise showed in his eyes, and his hand movements on himself slowed, but didn't stop. Tom ran his hands down his sides and bit his neck gently, earning himself a low moan. He then took Harry's hand off himself and replaced it with his own. He worked the other boy, revelling in his gasps and moans, treasuring every one. He felt him tense suddenly and tightened his hold so that he would stay upright if his knees gave way. With a deep moan, Harry released violently into Toms hand, but it was quickly washed away with the water from the shower.

When Harry sagged against him, Tom quickly swept him up and carried him into the bedroom. He didn't know what was going to happen, so he didn't bother grabbing a towel in case Harry decided to cover up his beautiful body when he didn't have to. The minute he laid the other boy down though, he sat back up again, anger in his eyes.

"How did you get in here?!"

Tom just smiled; glad that was all that the other boy was worried about. "It doesn't matter," he said, and raised a hand up to his cheek, stroking it absently with his thumb. He felt Harry lean into the touch, and his heart soared. Remus was right. Harry liked him, but he appeared to be confused about what he was feeling. Harry pulled away suddenly, but Tom let him.

"It sure as hell DOES matter! How do I know that you didn't just come barging in here, guns blazing, and attack Remus so that you could have your chance at molesting me in the shower?"

Tom's heart broke. Harry thought that he had molested him? He saw the other boys eyes widen when he realised what he had said, but he thought it would be better for them if he left. It was obvious that Harry didn't trust him, and he couldn't really blame him. He wouldn't trust himself either.

He stood up, and made his way to the door, incredibly aware of his state of undress. He half turned, and sighed softly. "Remus let me in," he whispered sadly. "He told me what you said to him last night, and I just wanted to tell you that..." he paused, and turned fully, so that he was looking Harry in the eye, "that I feel the same way." He left quickly after that, not brave enough to stay and see what affect his words had on Harry. He had grabbed his clothes from the sitting room floor and quickly pulled them on. With that, he left the room and headed out to the lake, where he was now.

He was stuck. He had no idea how to fix what had happened between Harry and himself. Should he apologise? Remus made it seem like he hadn't done anything wrong. Remus! That was what he should do! Speak to Remus!

He quickly stood and made his way back up to the castle. He checked the Great Hall, but breakfast was finished. He headed up to the other mans rooms, hoping that Harry wasn't there so that they could speak without interruptions. He knocked the door lightly, but there was no response.

Thinking that he was maybe in the shower, or sleeping, he pushed the door open and peeked his head in. He sight that met his eyes made his heart break further. Harry and Remus were on the sofa, and Harry was crying his eyes out on Remus' shoulder. He could just make out what Harry was saying.

"I'm so stupid Remmy! Why did I say that to him! He hates me now. I know he does." Remus was stroking his hair, and making calming noises. Neither noticed Tom standing there. "I hurt him so much! He'll never forgive me. He was being so gentle, and all I could think of when I saw him was he Tom Riddle I saw in the Chamber of Secrets. I know he's not the same, but I just want to get to know him."

"Harry, I'm sure he doesn't hate you. Why would he? You are a beautiful person, and he knows that. He knows you. He knows that you don't just dive into relationships if they don't mean anything. Just give him time Harry my love. Speak to him."

"I just... I just got scared when he came up behind me in the shower. I thought it was you, but when I saw that it was him, I just freaked out. I don't know why. I wanted him so much, and I felt that pull again. It was like I wanted to get close to him, grab onto him and never let go. I felt so... whole when he was touching me in the shower. It never felt like that with Draco. It was nice with him, sure, but it never felt so... perfect. It was almost like I was closer to being a full person when Tom was with me. I'm just confused, and now I might have messed everything up."

Tom couldn't believe his ears. Harry was voicing the thoughts that had been going through his own head all day. He couldn't have said it better. When he was with Harry he felt whole. Like he was a full person, rather than just half of one. He knocked the door again, but it was open so they both heard it this time. Harry's eyes widened to the size of saucers when he saw Tom standing there, obviously wondering how much he had heard. Tom felt slightly guilty at eavesdropping on their conversation, but it wasn't really his fault. He had knocked, but they just hadn't heard him.

"Harry?" he asked, his voice breaking with emotion. Harry's words had cut into him deeply, and the fact that Harry thought he would hate him was just so... unthinkable, that it was unreal. Remus looked at him, and them looked at the deer in headlights look on Harry's tear streaked face, and decided it was time to leave them alone.

"I'll leave you two alone. You need to talk." He stood up quickly, and with one last smile at Harry and a squeeze to Tom's shoulder, he left. Tom was left with Harry looking at him like he was his executioner. He sighed, and walked towards the upset boy. He knelt down in front of him and took his hand. Harry didn't look him in the eye, but kept his gaze focused on their intertwined fingers.

The silence was thick with emotion, but it hurt Tom's ears. He was the one to break it. "Is it true?"

A confused look came over the other boys' features, and he asked, "What?"

"What you said to Remus. Was it true?"

Harry sighed, and curled his fingers, but he didn't pull them away from Tom's. "Yes. It's true."

"Why didn't you just say? Did you think I would reject you?" He put a hand under Harry's chin, and lifted his head up so he could look into his beautiful sea-green eyes. "Did you?"

Harry just nodded, and his eyes filled with tears. Tom just couldn't help himself anymore. He leaned in so that there were only millimetres separating their lips. He paused, and searched Harry's eyes for any sign that he didn't want what he was about to do. He was surprised when Harry closed the gap between their lips. He gasped, and Harry took advantage of his parted lips and slipped his tongue inside. Tom moaned, and heard Harry do so also at the sensation of their tongues touching. He gripped Harry's hair as the other boy ravished his mouth. Harry reached down and pulled him up so that Tom was straddling his hips on the couch and he continued kissing him as if there was no tomorrow.

Tom was in heaven. Harry was in control and he loved it. He felt the other boy grind up into him, and he groaned in ecstasy. This was all he wanted and more, and it just felt too good to be true. He placed his hands on Harry's shoulders as he rubbed himself against him, and Harry broke the kiss to gasp breathlessly.

"Oh god, Tom, oh god..."

"Harry do you feel it?"

Harry was panting, but he managed to choke out the word. "Wh... what?"

"Like..." Tom mewled as Harry grabbed his ass to pull him closer. "Like we're one."

Harry closed his eyes, and arched into him. "Yessss..." he hissed. It sounded almost snakelike, and Harry was struck by a sudden idea.

"Tom?" he hissed in parseltongue. Tom snapped his head up as the hiss, taken by surprise.

"Oh fuck..." he hissed back. "You have no idea how hot that is... Ahhhh!"

Harry laughed, but then stopped when he felt Tom's hands on him through his trousers. His breathing became irregular as his orgasm approached. With one final thrust upwards he came, Tom following shortly afterwards. Tom kissed him again as they lay there, both breathing heavily as their orgasms receded. Harry wound his arms around Toms' neck and rested his head between his neck and shoulder, kissing the skin there softly.

He closed his eyes, and lost himself in the smell of Tom. It was musky, and it seemed to him like it was the smell he had been smelling his whole life, but at the same time it was a smell that he had never experienced before. He started crying again, but this time it was tears of joy. Tom hadn't rejected him, and it appeared that he felt the same way Harry did. That feeling was there again; like he was a whole person instead of half of one. Tom brought this feeling, and it seemed that it had intensified during their previous activities. He felt Tom kissing his hair, and he lifted his face to meet his lover's eyes.

Tom smiled down at him, and Harry's heart soared. At the same time the feeling of confusion returned. Why did he feel so close to Tom when they had only met the previous day? After all, the last time he had seen Tom Riddle was in the Chamber of Secrets and he had been trying to kill him at the time. He knew that this was a different Tom though, so he didn't feel guilty for what was happening between them. He felt for Ginny though, because it was going to scare her out of her mind to have Tom at Hogwarts. He would have to introduce them, properly this time.

He yawned, and Tom laughed. "Do you wanna get some sleep?"

"Yeah, but I don't wanna crash out on Remus' couch. I can't be arsed to go all the way up to Gryffindor Tower though."

Tom smiled at him, and pulled him to a standing position. "We'll floo up then."

"Huh? Can you do that?"

"Of course! How do you think the teachers get about when they aren't patrolling the corridors? They don't walk all the way through the castle. They don't have time!"

"Oh. Duh. I'm stupid."

"You're not stupid, just uninformed. Come on, let's go. I'm knackered."

They grabbed some floo powder from the fireplace in Remus' bedroom, and made their way up to the Gryffindor Common Room. When they finally reached the dorms, they stripped down to their boxers and climbed into Harry's bed, not thinking twice about sharing a bed. It seemed only right to do so after what they had just done down in Remus' sitting room.

It didn't take them long to fall asleep. Tom wrapped his arms around Harry and Harry snuggled into Tom's chest.

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