Tears of Blood

Chapter 2

By Dannii Malfoy


Harry gaped, before letting out a bark of laughter. The war was over! He was free to return to living like a normal 16 year old boy, no worries, and no death threats. And it was all down to the tall black haired boy in front of him. He stood and reached into his pocket, extracting Tom's wand. He handed it over with a large grin, before pulling the other boy into a bone crushing hug. Tom returned the hug, and he heard shouts and laughs from the others. He held on to Tom as if he was the only thing keeping him from drowning, and indeed it felt like he was. He was so overcome with emotion that he felt that he would drown in it, and the feel of Tom pressed tightly against him was the only thing keeping him from passing out. He raised his head and found his gaze met by equally happy but confused green eyes, only a few shades darker than his own.

The urge to kiss him was stronger this time, but he clamped down on it, and removed himself from the embrace. He smiled at him, and for a long moment he lost himself in those jade eyes, before he snapped himself out of it and turned to hug Remus. He didn't fight the urge to kiss Remus, and revelled in the feeling of security and love he gave him. He latched his arms around the taller mans neck and pulled him close, deepening the kiss slightly. Remus moaned, but pulled away, his golden eyes dark with the promise of more to come.

He hugged Tonks and shook Dumbledore's hand, before they all sat back down and discussed what was going to happen next.

Dumbledore told them that he would take care of all the details, and excused them, telling Harry and Tom that they were welcome to stay at Hogwarts for a while as there was no threat to Harry anymore. They were told to sleep in the Gryffindor dorms as they were closest.

They all nodded and left, Tonks to her own private quarters, Remus to his, and Harry and Tom to Gryffindor. Harry smiled at Remus, whispering in his ear that he would come down to see him once he had shown Tom the way and the password. Remus had told him he was staying in the DADA rooms, and Harry had nipped his ear, before walking off.

As the two boys wound their way up flights of stairs toward Gryffindor Tower, the silence between them was heavy. They both knew that there was something between them, what with the wands and the strange urges and the hug, but neither wanted to mention it, especially when they both knew that Harry was going to be spending the night with Remus.

They made it to the dorms, and Harry showed Tom the password. Luckily it hadn't been changed since the year had ended. Tom laughed when he heard it, but Harry wasn't surprised. ‘Malfoy is a prat' wasn't the best password in the world. It had of course been created by Ron, and the Gryffindors loved it, so it had stayed.

They headed up to the dorms, and Harry showed him into the one that he had always occupied. He was surprised to see that another bed had been added, across from his own, but figured it wasn't permanent since Tom was a Slytherin. He would sleep down in the dungeons when school started.

Once Tom was settled in, there was another awkward silence as Harry prepared to leave. They couldn't meet each others eyes, but Harry ignored it and said his goodbye quickly, ignoring the urge to stay and made his way down to Remus' room.

He knocked gently on his door, and when the door opened, he grinned mischievously at his lover.

"Hey you."

Remus stood aside, holding his hand out in an invitation for Harry to enter. Not wasting any time, Harry stepped over the threshold, and took Remus in a breathtaking kiss. The older man responded eagerly, and Harry felt himself being pushed up against a wall. Remus nipped at his lips, before ravishing his neck and pulling his clothing off of him.

They fucked like they were born to do it, over and over again, trying to quench the hunger they felt for each other. All thoughts of Tom were gone from Harry's head as he lost himself in the sensations that Remus was giving him, and that he gave in return. As they lay in each others arms in the four poster bed, finally sated, Harry decided to bring him up.


"Yes love?"

"Can I ask you something?" he asked, with a bit of trepidation in his voice.

"Of course."

Harry hesitated, unsure as to how he should word his question. "What would you do if... you felt an attraction to someone you knew you shouldn't?"

Remus laughed. "No offence Harry my love, but that's a really stupid question. What are we doing now? What have we just done for the past 4 hours? We have acted on an attraction that we both feel for someone we shouldn't. Why? Who do you feel this attraction towards?"

Harry didn't answer straight away. Remus looked down to where his head lay on his chest, and started to stroke the sex mused hair. "Harry?"

"Yeah, I know Remmy. It's a bit different this time, not to mention sudden. I had known you for years before I started sleeping with you, but I only met this person recently, and yet I feel a pull towards them. It's almost... magnetic."

"I see. Have you slept with them?"

"No, of course not. Apart from you, I would never sleep with anyone I wasn't in a trusting relationship with. I'm not a slut."

"I know you're not. I'm sorry I said that."

Harry sighed. He debated over telling Remus who he was talking about, and decided that he trusted the other man enough for him to know. "It's Tom."

Remus tensed slightly, and turned onto his side so that he was facing his young lover. "Tom? Tom Riddle?"

"Yes. I know I shouldn't feel like this, but from the first moment I saw him coming towards me tonight in the swing park I felt like I wanted to be close to him... Like I said, it was almost magnetic."

"Hmmm..." murmured Remus thoughtfully. An attraction like that wasn't normal. He wondered if the same went for Tom, or if it was just Harry that was affected. "Harry, do you think it might be a spell or a potion?"

"No. Dumbledore checked him for spells and enchantments, and I have cooked all my own meals recently so he couldn't have slipped me a potion. Anyway, he was telling the truth. He isn't evil. He wasn't even around before tonight, and Voldemort wasn't anywhere near me. I must be... something else."

"Does Tom feel the same way?"

"That's the thing! I think he does, because he was really uncomfortable with me coming down here tonight, but he didn't actually say anything... just hinted. I'll have to talk to him about it."

"You sure will. You can do it in the morning though, because you aren't going anywhere tonight. Not while I still have you in my evil clutches." He playfully jumped on Harry, biting his neck and collarbone like the wolf he was. Harry laughed, and tried to flip him over, but to no avail. Remus had him pinned, and he was left with no choice but to submit...


"You are my sunshine, on a cloudy day. You give me love and laughter, when skies are grey. You're there with me in my darkest hour, you fill my hopes with the brightest flowers. You lift me up with the things you say. You are my sunshine, on a cloudy day." Harry sang happily as he showered. He had been given a shower radio for his Christmas, and he now found that he couldn't shower without it. The song he was singing seemed perfect for Remus, so he sung it with gusto, making sure his lover would hear it through in the bedroom.

"I wanna feel your arms in a warm embrace, I wanna see the love written on your face. And as time goes by, you'll be my sunshine on a cloudy day." The music changed to a thumping techno beat with Harry liked, but he couldn't sing to. He was listening to a CD he had nicked off Dudley. It was old, but it was ok. ‘Bonkers, Hixxy's mix'. It wasn't usually what he would choose to listen to, but it had grown on him from hearing Dudley listen to it so often.

He was nervous about speaking to Tom. He knew it had to be done, but that didn't mean that he wanted to do it. No, speaking to Tom Riddle was not on his top 10 list of things to do. Kissing Tom Riddle, on the other hand, was ranked in the top 5. He moaned at that thought, and felt his cock growing. Oh what he wouldn't give to feel those lips against his own, kissing, nipping, licking... ohhh!

The music successfully drowned out his groans, but he hadn't counted on the arms that appeared around his waist. He leant his head back, and his lust filled eyes widened as they met sparkling emeralds. He had expected Remus, not Tom. What was Tom doing in the shower with him anyway? His hand was still on his cock, and he closed his eyes as he felt Tom nip at his neck. It was too much. The presence of the other boy was driving him mad.

He felt his hand being taken away, only to be replaced by Toms own. He gasped for breath as the other boy worked him to completion, clenching his eyes shut as he came. Tom held him, making sure he didn't collapse from the pleasure. It was just as well because his knees gave in as his orgasm peaked, and it was only Tom's firm grip that prevented him from falling.

His mind was lost in the post-orgasmic haze, but he sure as hell noticed when Tom turned the water off and swept him into his arms. He didn't struggle, but let the other boy carry him in his arms out of the bathroom and lay him down on the bed.

Remus' bed, he thought, his eyes widening. The minute Tom lay him down he sat straight back up again. "How did you get in here?!"

Tom smiled at him, and Harry was taken aback at the warmth in his sparkling eyes. "It doesn't matter." He sat down on the bed, and reached out a hand to stroke the side of Harry's face. He rubbed his thumb over his cheek, and Harry was shocked to find himself leaning into the affectionate touch. He pulled away as soon as he realised this, disgusted with himself.

"It sure as hell DOES matter! How do I know that you didn't just come barging in here, guns blazing, and attack Remus so that you could have your chance at molesting me in the shower?" The minute the words left his mouth he regretted them. The hurt look in Tom's eyes ripped him apart inside, but why he didn't know. His conflicting emotions towards the former Dark Lord were driving him crazy, and the fact that the other boy had just given him a hand job in the shower was not helping.

He watched as Tom stood and walked away. He stopped suddenly, and half-turned so Harry could only see half of his face. He wanted to say something, but the other teen beat him to it. "Remus let me in. Just so you know. He told me what you said to him last night, and I just wanted to tell you that..." he paused, and turned fully, so that he was looking Harry in the eye, "that I feel the same way." He left as soon as he said that, and Harry was left with nothing but an empty room, and an even emptier heart.

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