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Summary: A look inside Draco's head...

Doing, a Filthy Pleasure is, and Short

Part Two of the Petronius Series

By Silver


Severus Snape's head jerked when the slender boy entered his office. "What do you want?" he snapped, slightly irritated.

"I... you told me to come, Sir," Harry said. He looked around anxiously, feeling a bit concerned about having to show up in Snape's office, but trying to conceal it.

With a bored movement of his hand, Snape gestured for him to come in. "Oh right. Close the door."

Closing the door behind him, Harry cast a suspicious look at Snape. The expression on Snape's face seemed to be more tense then usual, his lips pressed together to a thin line and a slightly frantic look in his eyes. Raising an eyebrow, Harry waited.

Snape stifled a sigh.


"Right. We have to arrange the details of your detention."

Harry didn't move from the door, but waited for further instructions. There was no way he'd get closer without being told. He let his glance wander over the jars containing colourful examples of all varieties of unspeakable and disgusting stuff that sat on shelves all over the office. Some of the jars actually stared back.

Snape dropped his head for a moment, staring at his hands that were flat on the table. Harry suspected that he was probably pondering the most malicious punishment. If so, then he must have been thinking really hard, since he seemed to have troubles breathing. It was almost as if he was fighting to keep his composure. Finally, he lifted his head again, throwing the student a cold look.

"Well then," he said hoarsely, but cleared his throat immediately. "I want you to prepare the Transmutabor Potion we touched on today in class. I want to see the results by tomorrow."

"The Transmutabor Potion! But that one requires continuous stirring for twelve hours! It will take all night!"

Smiling malevolently, Snape leaned forward and retorted: "Then you better get started, Potter."

Harry frowned, annoyed. He turned to go, but Snape's voice stopped him.


He turned around again.

"I'm in a good mood today. I know some ingredients are really difficult to get. Especially the Elves' Tears. I will provide those for you."

"Thank you, that's very kind of you," Harry replied through gritted teeth.

Snape closed his eyes again, suppressing a moan. When he seemed to be able to control himself again, he said: "Come over to my desk, I have it here."

Sighing inwardly, Harry started for the desk, crossing the gloomy office. Snape jerked strangely and he heard something hit the wooden front of the massive desk.

"Hold on!"

Harry stopped dead in his tracks. "What?"

"I forgot. The bottle is over there, on that shelf." He gestured over to the other side of the room, smiling apologetically without really meaning it.

With a shrug, Harry turned on his heels before he reached the desk, and headed for the shelf, which reached up to the ceiling and was packed with bottles and boxes. He looked over his shoulder with a questioning twitch of his eyebrow, only to find Snape's look intent on his own lap, panting softly. This was getting annoying. "Sir?" he asked again, with more emphasis this time.

"What is it?" was the annoyed reply.

"I don't know which one it is." This was plain ridiculous. Whatever concoction the Potions Master had helped himself with, he'd better have it next time in the seclusion of his quarters and not when having to deal with students.

"Oh right," Snape answered absent-mindedly. "It's way up there."

Sighing about this very detailed description, he followed Snape's instruction half-heartedly. Harry stuck out his arm, waving at some random place above his head..

"Yes... more to the right. A bit more... yes...." Snape muttered. "Closer, you're getting closer. Ah, yes... Now down, down, down. Yes!"

Harry decided not to turn around. Snape obviously had snapped and he didn't want to witness that. He followed the instructions with his right arm deeply buried in the shelves, cursing his fate.

"Yes, you're almost there. Now, DEEP! All the way in!"

Harry pushed his hand into the depth of a particularly deep shelf, rummaging carelessly through its contents. He moaned inwardly when his fingers scraped something particularly slimy and unpleasant.

Snape groaned. "You're so close... almost there. Now, YES! Yes, yes, yes!"

With an enormous feeling of relief, Harry's hand closed around a small bottle and when he had pulled it out from the depth of the shelf, he saw the yellowed and smudged label stating "Elves' Tears". Behind him he heard a choked gasp and a gurgling sound that resembled a swallowing, which certainly didn't come from Snape. It had been far too distant for that. As Harry turned around, he suspiciously eyed a tank with strange creatures swimming in it and wondered if they had made that sound.

Reluctantly, he faced Snape again, holding up the small bottle with the shining blue liquid in it. "Well, I've got it now."

Snape looked extremely pleased, almost sated, like a cat that had licked a bowl of cream clean. Harry decided not to bother with it any longer and made for the door again. This time he wasn't held back by anything and with a great sigh of relief he closed the heavy door behind him.




"What the hell did you do that for?"

Draco's indignant face emerged between Snape's legs, his usually pale cheeks flushed crimson and his silver blonde hair sticking to his sweaty face. He crawled out of the desk's compartment and sat down on the edge of the table, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

Snape let out a low chuckle, knitting his fingers together as he leaned back in his chair, a smug grin on his face. "I thought you enjoyed the occasional thrill of being caught."

"Hell, but not Harry Potter finding me working between the Potions Master's legs!"

With a quick look at Draco's bulging pants, Snape remarked: "I can't see any evidence that it actually turned you off."

"That's not the point," Draco grumpily replied, shimmying to hide his erection. "You don't understand..." Draco felt awkward. He usually enjoyed these little sordid interludes in Snape's office. They both wanted sex and that's what they gave each other. But having his other lover intrude on it suddenly made him feel strange.

"Now, now... we wouldn't want to let this spoil the mood, would we?" Snape said benevolently, pushing Draco's robe aside, revealing the shirt underneath it. While he was unbuttoning it, he said in a casual tone: "One would almost think you were feeling guilty all of a sudden. Draco Malfoy and guilt? I think not."

Draco sighed meekly when the long fingers ran over his bared chest, along his ribcage to his waist, grabbing him tightly and pulling him over the desk in front of Snape, his feet dangling down left and right of the other man's body. A hand forced him to lie back and he took the position he had been in so many times before. Under skillful caresses he was stripped of his clothes completely until he was lying naked on his robe in front of Snape, feeling vulnerable, but still achingly hard.

He closed his eyes and groaned when he felt Snape's hand close over his cock, slowly stroking it. He heard a drawer being opened and knew that Snape was getting the lube. He knew this procedure so well. Only seconds later, a shockingly cold dollop oozed down the cleft of his ass and he gasped. Long fingers examined his entrance, started to probe it, slid inside. A second one joined it and a third. The hand around his cock moved downwards to get a bit of the lube as well and returned to smooth the slick substance over it. He continued massaging him. Draco sighed.

He lifted his head to look at Snape, who was working on his erection, full of concentration. His caresses were more than skillful and always drove him crazy. He knew how to squeeze, twist and stroke him to leave him breathless. But somehow he longed for more. It felt so cold, so calculating. He thought about that one time some months ago when Snape had pushed him back after finishing him off and said "Now be a good boy and shut up and let me have my way."

"I want to feel your mouth..." Draco whispered suddenly before he could stop it. He regretted it the very second he said it, because Snape just laughed derisively.

"Are you silly? That's rather your field of competence, isn't it?"

That was true. If there was something he could do, it was giving head, he thought bitterly.

Snape proceeded with his ministrations, obviously considering the issue to be settled. He increased the speed of his strokes, as if he wanted to take Draco's mind off such silly ideas.

Draco sighed and let his head drop over the table's edge, closing his eyes as the moving fingers inside him pushed his whole body up and down.

He tried to concentrate on coming quickly, before Snape would lose interest in pleasing him first until finally entering him. He thought about the many times he had been taken on this desk like this, with Snape towering over him, taking his sweet time by moving slowly inside him, exploring every hidden angle of his quivering body. There was a time when he couldn't get enough of this, when he loved to be taken that way, to be consumed completely, to lose control over his body and just feel the ecstasy. But after a while it hadn't been enough anymore. He had wanted more. More than Snape was willing to give. Wanted something that nobody could give him. Wanting someone...

Draco chewed on his lips, feeling the tension rise in his body. He thought about his lover, his beautiful dark-haired lover, slender and pliant. With eyes as green and deep as the ocean. With sighs that didn't belong to him, when he was moving inside him. With tears that sealed every encounter of them and kisses that tasted bitter and sweet alike.

Biting hard on his knuckle, Draco sobbed raggedly. The fingers inside him were moving faster and the hand around his cock matched the speed. He could hear the sliding sounds of wet fingers moving along his hardness and inside him. He whimpered.

Harry! he exclaimed silently, thrashing his head from side to side, his fingers digging into his robe. He imagined Harry's face, distorted by lust, pulling him into their embrace. He remembered how it felt to drown in this embrace, to smell, fell, hear and taste only him. How it was when he pulled him closer, hungry and desperate...

With a ragged cry, Draco came and he felt himself hot and wet on his stomach. Snape always made sure that his seed didn't touch him, almost as if he couldn't bear too much closeness. Draco had stopped minding it long ago. Now he lay there, panting, still dazed from his climax. He stroked aside a strand of his hair that was sticking to his cheeks, feeling Snape's hands rub over his shaking body.

Very slowly, he brought himself to getting on his elbows, looking into Snape's face. Snape had a faint smile on his lips while he kept caressing Draco's body and legs. The expression in his eyes, however, was ravenous. It surprised Draco that he hadn't been entered yet.

Almost as if sensing the unasked question, Snape said: "You were delirious. Didn't even listen to me when I talked to you. I've never seen you come this hard. Better catch your breath now, before we continue. Wouldn't want you to pass out on me."

Not knowing what to say about that, Draco decided not to say anything at all. He sat upright and moved his legs to rest against both armrests, exposing himself shamelessly to Snape's hungry looks. With one hand he rubbed along the length of his body, down to his now flaccid cock, casting a wanton look at Snape's straining erection. Draco grinned. He knew how much Snape was longing to sheathe himself into his body. Snape was a passionate man. Ever since he had been seduced by him the first time months ago, he had had many opportunities to experience how much fire was dwelling inside the Potions Master and he had always willingly taken it.

It was time for a change.

"I've been experimenting, you know," he said.

"What do you mean?" His tone was rather harsh. Snape obviously didn't feel like talking.

Draco lifted one bare foot and let it rest on Snape's cock that stuck out between the folds of his robe. He started rubbing up and down seductively. Snape gasped.

"Well, after all the things you've taught me, I thought it was about time to apply them to a willing volunteer."


"Just thought I let you know."

Snape laughed dryly. "What? Are you telling me you've been sleeping around?" He snorted, and Draco instantly knew that he had known already. "Do you honestly think I care in the least where you get yours?"

There was a time when he would have been hurt by this. But this was no longer the case.

"Oh, you should care," Draco replied softly. "You can only benefit from it." He deftly lifted his foot and pushed Snape back in the chair with it, then slid on his lap, agile as a snake. He could have chuckled at the look of sheer bewilderment on Snape's face, but he was playing a different role now. Now he was in charge for a change.

Slowly, he started moving his hips, letting Snape's rigid cock move between the slick cheeks of his ass. He knew how lithe his movements were, how he could drive them crazy with the swaying of his pelvis. And it obviously worked, because Snape groaned in surprise, but didn't move, eagerly enjoying the sensation to the fullest. To give it proper complement, Draco lifted his hand and let it run up and down his own chest, lazily, lasciviously... here and there he stopped to play with his nipples or rake through his hair, sighing softly and throwing his head back. He felt Snape's hungry eyes on him while he caressed himself and triumphed inwardly. From under heavy lids, he observed Snape closely, making sure that his eyes were locked on him when he stuck out his tongue, wetted his fingertips and let them circle around his nipples, making them erect and glistening.

Snape's hand shot forward and he snatched Draco's wrist, hissing huskily: "Cheeky..."

Finally, Draco chortled, but it was a winning laugh, full of knowledge that he had the upper hand. He twisted his wrist out of the clasp, grabbed both of Snape's hands and tucked them tightly under his knees. Then he lifted himself off Snape's lap a bit, reached for his cock and positioned it in front of his entrance. And then, with a lewd smile on his lips, his eyes intent on Snape's face, he slowly lowered himself on his length, taking it all the way in.

Snape growled like a trapped animal, fighting weakly against the fixing of his hands, as Draco started riding him hard. There was still a look of amazement on his face, but there was also pure ecstasy. This wouldn't last long.

Draco grabbed the edges of the chair to give himself more leverage. He was moving fast and forceful, pounding all his frustration and angst into the man below. Suddenly he felt so angry, at himself, at Snape, at this situation and everything else, wanting to finish Snape off as if he could end the pain with it. He groaned through gritted teeth and moved even harder, using the agility of his hips to give maximum pleasure to Snape and himself.

Snape cried out, still transfixed.

Draco grabbed the back of Snape's neck with one hand and pulled himself closer, letting their foreheads touch each other. Their sweat and breath mingled, and Draco felt his climax rapidly approaching. He dug his fingernails into Snape's neck and the other man groaned with pleasure. Everything inside him tightened and he felt himself contract tightly around Snape. Draco arched his back, moaning loudly.

Through the mist of his own climax he heard the unrestrained cry of Snape and felt him come deep inside him, twitching and shaking. Still bucking his hips, Draco let himself fall back on the desk, closing his eyes, exhausted, completely spent. Underneath him he felt Snape's body heaving frantically and heard him gasp, trying to recover his breath.

When Draco finally lifted his head, he caught Snape looking at him as if he had suddenly grown a pair of horns. It made him grin.

"Amazing," Snape breathed. "I should have let you take the lead ages ago. You certainly are an eager student."

Shakily, Draco got into an upright position. "It was about time that I show you, right?" He sniggered when he saw Snape wipe his robe disapprovingly, but he was obviously too satiated to complain about the mess. Draco looked down his own body and grimaced. He was a mess, too.

"Wait, I'll get you something..." Snape mumbled and conjured up a piece of cloth that magically absorbed all the fluids on his body. Draco knew that this was not loving care, but rather Snape's making sure that no evidence of their encounter could be found later on. But when Snape cleaned him up today, it somehow felt gentler, almost like a caress.

When he was done, Snape made the rag disappear with a snap. He looked at Draco for a moment, his black eyes almost piercing through him. Then he lifted a hand to brush a strand of Draco's hair out of his face. Suddenly Draco realized that they never had kissed. He straightened himself up a bit and saw Snape coming closer, too. Their faces were so close now...

An image moved in front of Draco's eyes: Harry, sated from the passion they had shared, melting away under his kiss...

"I... I think I should go now," Draco mumbled and hopped off the desk. He reached for his clothes and got dressed. He could almost feel the coldness spread in the office as Snape withdrew behind his usual mask of cool superiority again and he felt a moment of regret.

Fastening his belt, he turned to Snape again who had gotten up from his chair and rearranged his clothes as well. Now he was the Head of Slytherin and Potions Master again.

"Well... see you in class."

Snape nodded curtly and turned to the low shelf behind him.

Draco left as fast as he could.


His hand still resting on the door handle, Draco stopped for a moment to think. His hands were shaking. What had just happened in there? He shook his head, confused. The memory of ecstasy still reverberated in his veins and suddenly he remembered the thoughts he had had at the peak of his pleasure. His eyes widened in shock.

The clapping of a door made him spin around. All of a sudden he found himself face to face with Harry Potter who had been coming out of the ingredients storeroom at the back of the Potions classroom, packed with stuff. They stared at each other, both startled alike.

Draco's thoughts were racing. How long had Harry been in there? Had he heard anything? Did he know that nobody had arrived while he had been in there? He couldn't really tell. Harry's face betrayed nothing of his thoughts except deep embarrassment. Of course he wasn't too eager to meet his dark secret in the evening in the middle of a deserted classroom, Draco thought bitterly.

His first impulse was to flee from the room, but then his pride forbid him that. So he straightened up and put on his usual superior expression and said: "Can't wait till next time, can you?"

Harry gasped and turned abruptly, leaving the room in a hurry without looking back.

Draco stood there for a while, in the light of the flickering candles, and stared at the doorway where Harry had just left. Part of him wished that Harry might suddenly reappear. But the larger part of him knew that he was just being a fool.

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