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Summary: Harry has a passion he cannot resist.

Uncontrollable Passions

Part One of the Petronius Series

By Silver


When the silver white owl came fluttering through the window and landed on the Gryffindor table, Harry immediately recognized it, but didn't budge. He kept his eyes fixed on his plate where he nervously moved the sausages around.

Hermione gasped in surprise when the owl walked over to Harry and dropped a rolled piece of parchment into his lap. "Who could be writing you?" she asked.

"I don't know..." Harry lied, unrolling the letter with trembling hands. He read the short message written in a bold hand: "Meet me tonight at the usual place."

"What's that?" Ron leaned over to take a look at the parchment, but Harry quickly folded it up and stuffed it into his pocket.

"Nothing," he replied irritably. "This is private."

Ron looked hurt and confused. "Uh, okay... I'm sorry."

Ignoring his friends' bewildered looks, Harry got up and quickly left the Great Hall. He needed some time on his own before classes started.


At a quarter past eleven, Harry stopped in front of a room that was situated in one of the many towers of Hogwarts and hardly ever used. At least not in the past five years. His lover had accidentally discovered it on one of the many occasions he'd been snooping around the old building and shown it to him. It was a perfect place to find some seclusion.

He knew he was late. Three times he had turned back, but then changed his mind again and continued his way, carefully keeping a look-out for Peeves, or Filch, or anyone else who might be out this late and see him. He hated himself for his weakness, but he couldn't stay away.

Harry took out his wand and gently tapped it against the doorknob, mumbling, "Alohomora". The rusty lock sprang open with a creak and he slid into the darkened room. Somebody had already worked a charm and produced a small glowing sphere that threw a mellow light on the old four-poster that must have been taken out of one of the dorms, probably insufficient for everyday use. But it served its purpose at least for now. Harry grinned bitterly.

"You're late," a well-known voice suddenly drawled from the darkness.

"I know."

Draco Malfoy stepped into the light, smiling with a complacent satisfaction that didn't entirely erase the serious intensity in his pale eyes. "You didn't want to come." That wasn't a question.


He approached Harry, his smile changing to a smug grin, reminding him of a tiger, ready to leap at his prey. "But still you did."


They watched each other, standing face to face. Then, with a low growl, Draco suddenly flung himself at Harry, capturing his mouth in a passionate kiss. Harry let out a short gasp when he was pushed against the door, but it melted into a desperate moan as he reached up, grabbing Draco by the back of his head, pulling him closer.

Stumbling over to the bed, they knocked over several boxes and other things that were in their way, but both were oblivious to them. They were too busy pulling the robes off each other's bodies. The mattress gave a moaning squeak as they fell on it, limbs entwined and panting. Draco pulled the last of Harry's clothing off his body, almost intently concentrating on the task. When they both were stripped completely, they stared at each other for a moment, breathless, as if both their minds couldn't process how they got this far.

Then Draco dove down to caress the other boy's skin, licking at Harry's throat and chest, wandering down over his flat stomach to his groin. There he stopped. Draco lifted his head and smiled and it was so easy to pretend that it was a loving smile, but Harry knew that it was at the sight of his face, distorted by lust and guilt.

"Who would have thought that it would be me who can make you writhe with desire..." Draco lapped at Harry's straining erection, making him arch his back involuntarily. "That it is me, the one you loathe the most in the whole of Hogwarts, who can make you scream with lust and sigh in ecstasy." He closed his fist around Harry's cock and gave it a slow, skillful stroke. Harry threw back his head with a tortured moan in response. "Oh yes... I can do all that," Draco whispered, finally engulfing Harry's length completely, letting his white hands wander over the other boy's squirming body as he drove him crazy with his mouth and tongue.

For a while, the only thing Harry could hear through the mist of passion were the sucking sounds, the squeaking of the rusty bedsprings and his own sighs floating through the room. His cries grew more intense, more ragged and just before they reached their crescendo, Draco rose up again, stifling Harry's frustrated groan with a deep kiss. "Oh no, not yet..." he murmured, taking the other boy's lower lip between his teeth, sucking on it. A lick soothed the sore skin.

Harry's eyes flew open and they met Draco's icy gray ones, pleading silently. He was breathing heavily as he lifted his shaking hand, touching Draco's cheek.

Smiling wantonly, Draco straightened up and moved between Harry's parted legs. Then he put his slender hand on Harry's stomach, moving it up to his erect nipples, circling them once, twice, then sliding it over to his throat. There he let it rest for a moment. "I could just squeeze now... and you wouldn't even resist," he whispered.

Full of shame, Harry turned his face, trying to avert his eyes, but Draco wouldn't let him. He grabbed Harry's chin and forced him to look at him again. Then he moved two fingers to Harry's lips, tracing them. "Open up..." he softly commanded. His fingers slit into the wet cavity. "Yes... suck them. Make them wet for me..." he said with a hoarse voice as he imitated the movements Harry's body was burning to feel inside him.

After a short while, Draco pulled his hand back and brought it to his lips. He quickly lapped his tongue over the glistening fingers, then added his own spit to it, using it for lubrication. Soon, both his cock and Harry's opening were wet and waiting. He positioned himself at the his entrance.

"Look at me."

But Harry turned away his head, his eyes tightly shut. He heard Draco hiss angrily as he grabbed his hips and thrust himself home with one forceful stroke. Harry gasped in surprise. Usually Draco wasn't this rough with him. His eyes flew open again and fixed themselves on Draco's face, clouded with a mixture of anger and lust. For a moment their eyes met and Harry observed how Draco's features softened while he was looking in his eyes. Harry moaned and the moment was over.

Draco lifted Harry's slender legs and put them over his shoulder, licking along the calves, kissing the heels while thrusting in a steady rhythm. Underneath him, Harry squirmed feverishly. For a moment, Draco closed his eyes and stopped, keeping completely motionless. Then he said huskily: "Do you know how you make me feel? How tight you are? And hot... so hot..." He started moving again. "It's difficult for me not to come the very moment I enter you. I love to feel you around me. I've been looking forward to it all through the week." He threw his head back and groaned deep inside his throat, thrusting harder.

Harry let out a strangled gasp as the cock moving inside him hit a sensitive spot. Yet he persistently kept silent.

Draco grinned wickedly. "You hate me for this, don't you?"

A faint nod. But was it a nod at all?

"You hate me, because I make you feel this way. You hate me, because you love it when I do this." He slowly rotated his hips, making Harry whimper. "And this." He accompanied the circling with short and hard thrusts, causing Harry's throat to tighten as a desperate groan escaped it. "And this..." Draco's fist closed around Harry's cock, milking it in time with the movement of his hips. His lover cried out wildly.

"You love it."

"No... I... don't..." It was merely a whisper.

Draco laughed. Continuing with his movements, he teased: "And you wish it wasn't me who makes you scream, but that red-haired sidekick of yours."

That brought the fire back to Harry's face and he retorted: "Don't talk about Ron! Don't you even dare speak his name!"

Pleased to finally get the reaction he was looking for, Draco continued: "But he has no eyes for you, does he. All he sees is that mudblood Granger..."

Harry gave a strange strangled sob. "Shut up!" he cried.

"Very well. Then we don't talk." Draco pushed the legs off his shoulders and dropped on Harry's sweaty body, immediately taking his mouth in a wild kiss. Without giving him a chance to adjust, he began to thrust hard and fast.

Harry returned the kiss with all his might, however, keeping his eyes shut all the time. Almost gratefully, he flung his arms around Draco's neck, burying his face at his throat, feeling the mixture of heat and wetness at his skin. He let one hand wander down to his lover's narrow waist, pressing him tighter against his body. Draco's moans were so close to his ears and he sobbed, trying to imagine they were someone else's. It almost seemed like an reminder to him when he felt the scraping of Draco's teeth at his ear.

It didn't last long and Draco threw his head back, crying out loud. He emptied himself into Harry's receptive body, pressing his lips onto the other boy's again, pushing his tongue deep inside his mouth while thrusting jerkily a few more times. These very movements were too much for Harry and he too came with a hoarse cry, spilling himself over both their stomachs.

For a moment, time seemed to stand still. Harry felt his heartbeat falter, his lungs almost burst with the need to breathe, the sweet weakness of the afterglow of passion making his limps go heavy. But still he clung on, sucking in the tongue that was intruding his mouth. And suddenly, this angry, passionate kiss became softer... almost tentative. Warm lips slid over his own, gently brushing the sensitive skin. The tender tip of a tongue touched his, beckoning to follow it. He let his tongue run over Draco's lips, gingerly exploring the other one's mouth. It was captured between a pair of lips, sucking it in. Harry sobbed again and felt a solitary tear appear at the corner of his eye, rolling down his cheek.

Lifting his head abruptly, Draco looked into Harry's face. They stared at each other, out of breath. Draco lifted his hand and brushed away the tear, rubbing it between his fingertips. His face was inscrutable.

All of a sudden, Draco withdrew and rolled off Harry's shaking body, covering his eyes with the bow of his arms while trying to recover his breath. Harry watched him through half-closed lids, feeling dirty and used, but still satiated, which only increased his guilt. How he wished to lie in his lover's arms afterwards, to share an emotional closeness, as well as a physical one. But that was something he'd never get from Draco. He knew that.

Harry got up on shaky legs, reaching for his clothes. Draco dropped his arm, looking at him with hazy eyes. "What? You don't want to stay for another go?" he sneered.

"No," Harry replied, weakly. He pulled the robe over his shoulders, suddenly freezing of the chill that seemed to have spread. He turned to Malfoy again. "I won't be coming next time."

Draco laughed. "Yeah right!"

It annoyed and embarrassed Harry that Draco was right. For the next few days he'd stick to his resolution, throwing cold looks at Malfoy when they met in the halls, ignoring him when he jeered at him during Potion class or when he was behaving like an idiot on the Quidditch field. But soon, very soon, at night, the desire would return and he'd find himself hugging the pillows, trying not to think of Malfoy's touch, of how good it was to feel his lips on his body and his flesh against his. And then, when the message arrived, his heart would leap. It was always the same, and looked like it always would be.

Without another word, he left the room, his heart beating so loud that he was sure it could be heard all over the castle. Malfoy's chortle followed him through the empty corridors.


When he finally sneaked into the dorm, Harry felt dead tired. He sank into his bed, sighing heavily. In the bed next to his he noticed a movement and stiffened when he realized that it was Ron stirring.

"Where have you been?" Ron mumbled sleepily.

He took a moment to answer, thinking about what to say. "I... was just taking a walk. I couldn't sleep."

"Better not let Snape catch you or you'll get into trouble..." With that Ron dozed off again and Harry was alone with his thoughts.

He turned his face to watch Ron's sleeping form in the moonlight. Although he knew it was only his imagination, he felt like he could see the copper reflection of Ron's hair shining in the darkness. His heart contracted painfully. "I'm in trouble already..." he whispered sadly. With another heavy sigh he turned around in bed, trying to find the sleep he knew that wouldn't come.

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