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Contains male/male pairings- That's SLASH... you know, GAY

Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 14 – Interludes and Examinations

By Myr


“But I love you Harry,” Colin whined.

“Do you?” Harry asked sarcastically.

Colin’s grip loosened on Harry.  “I do, really,” Colin whispered quietly in Harry’s ear.

“Colin, I don’t like you like that,” Harry told him.

“I know.  You like Malfoy,” Colin sighed, the emotion drained from his voice.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked quietly.

“I’m… I wanted to show you… I mean… I wanted to give myself…” Colin trailed off as his grip released completely.  Colin’s eyes widened as he realized just what he was doing.  He backed away from Harry and stumbled over his own feet. 

He caught himself from falling, his wide eyes filling with tears, “Harry… I wasn’t going to hurt you.  I really wasn’t!  I do love you.”  He started to sob.

Seamus, who had heard Harry yelp, was now standing in the door of the stall.  He was still dripping with water from his own shower.

“What are you doing Colin?” Seamus asked, surprise evident in his voice.

“I… I… I…” Colin was trying to gasp out around his sobs.

Seamus hovered for a moment looking at the younger boy.  He then gave in to his conflicting emotions and spun Colin around and pulled him into a hug.  Colin collapsed into Seamus as soon as he had a hold of him.

Harry exchanged glances with Seamus.  Seamus’ eyes pleaded with Harry’s eyes.  Harry shrugged his shoulders.  Seamus returned the gesture as he pulled Colin out of the stall.

Seamus then got his towel and toweled down first himself and then Colin.  The younger boy was virtually lifeless in his reactions.  Seamus’ hands roamed all over Colin, without Colin even stirring.

After Seamus had them dry, he coaxed Colin into clean boxers.  He then put on his own clean boxers and he half dragged, half carried Colin back to the fifth year dorms.  He put Colin on his own bed before looking around.  All the others were already out of the dorm room.  Seamus could only hope that Harry was okay.

Seamus pulled the curtains on his bed closed and then crawled in next to Colin.  Colin was lying there limply.  Seamus took the opportunity to look Colin over closely and admire his body.  Colin was still skinny, but his ribs were not visible.  He had a flat stomach and nicely round nipples, which still looked boyishly pink.

Seamus spooned into Colin and then started talking, “What were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t.  I would never hurt anyone, especially Harry.”

“You were very close to actually raping him you know?”  Seamus phrased it as a question.

“I would never hurt Harry,” Colin repeated.

“I think he might have seriously hurt you, if you had tried anything else or held on any longer.”

“He wouldn’t have,” Colin said weakly.

“If he was scared or angry he might have.  You heard he killed someone in the Diagon Alley attack.  Harry is too gentle a person to do that on purpose, even to a Death Eater.  I don’t think you should try to surprise him and I sure as hell don’t think you should try to force him to do or feel something he doesn’t want to do or feel.”

“How do you know what he feels?” Colin demanded.

“He doesn’t love either one of us.  That is all we need to know.  If we want to stay his friend, then we can’t attack him or do anything more than be playful with him,” Seamus said, somewhat sadly.

“You’re queer too?” Colin asked, surprise in his voice.

Seamus looked at him closely, “Yes.”

“Will you hold me please?” Colin whispered, starting to shake.

Seamus, who had pulled back as he talked, pulled Colin back into a tight hug.

“If you can’t have the one you love honey, love the one you’re with,” Colin whispered.

“What’s that?”

“A Muggle song.”

“What are you thinking now?” Seamus asked.

“I’m thinking that maybe I should find someone else?” Colin whispered again.

“I need someone old enough to be able to play with,” Seamus offered quietly.

“What about that kid you have been hanging around with?” Colin asked.

“He’s like a brother.  Well, he is more than a brother, but he is not a boyfriend.  He likes to be held though.”

“It sounds complicated.”

“It is.  I do need someone though that has the same needs and desires I do,” Seamus said, getting even quieter.

“Perhaps we could try to be boyfriends then?” Colin offered back hesitantly.

“I’d like that I think, but you will have to apologize to Harry later though.”

“You’re right.  I wasn’t even close to thinking clearly.”

“I have to go to Quidditch practice,” Seamus whined quietly.

“Can I stay here?” Colin asked.  There was a lost look in his eyes.

Seamus didn’t reply, but he pulled the blanket up over Collin and tucked it around him. Colin fell back asleep quickly.  Seamus closed the curtains on his bed on his way out.


Harry was really shaken up.  He really didn’t think that Colin would have hurt him.  He hadn’t even tried to get away, to be honest.  He certainly didn’t love Colin and he couldn’t honestly say he even really liked him.  He was too obsessed with Harry being famous and the constant picture taking was very annoying. Even so, Harry didn’t really see him as a threat.  Even after he had grabbed a hold of Harry, he didn’t really appear to be a threat.

If Colin was really a threat, I would have reacted violently, wouldn’t I? Harry thought to himself.

Harry quickly finished his shower and returned to the dorm.  Seamus had Colin on his bed and they were both talking.  Harry slipped in long enough to change and then slipped out again.  He grabbed his broom and went down to breakfast.

He really needed to talk to Draco.


Seamus was a few minutes late for breakfast and when he arrived he walked over and sat in the vacant seat on the far side of Harry.  Harry looked at him and then went back to eating.

“We need to talk,” Seamus whispered to Harry.

“Yes, we do,” Harry replied, his voice flat.

“Let me grab something I can eat on the run, and I’ll talk to you on our way down to the pitch.”

Harry nodded.

Seamus ordered a frosted donut from his plate.  It appeared and he snatched it up.  “I’m ready Harry.”

Harry nodded again and picked up his broom and tossed over his shoulder.   Seamus got up and did likewise, one hand on his broom, the other hand shoving the donut in his mouth. 

Ron started to get up but Harry waved him back.  Ron sat back down, with a puzzled look on his face.  Harry mouthed “I’ll talk to you later.”  Ron nodded.

As soon as the two boys were clear of the castle, they started talking.

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Harry asked, still more or less emotionlessly.

“Colin is in love with you.  A fairly common affliction around here I think,” Seamus said, his voice only hinting at its usual humorous tone.

Harry glanced at him sharply, “What do you mean?”

“Face it Harry.  You are smart, handsome, famous and one hell of a powerful wizard.  I think I can safely say that a lot of people are attracted to you.  Some people even feel more,” Seamus told him, his voice as filled with emotion as Harry’s voice was devoid of it.

“You do too?” Harry whispered quietly.

“I do, but not as bad as Colin.  I’d do anything for you, but I realize you love someone else.  I love you enough to let you go.  Who am I kidding anyway?” Seamus sighed, a hint of bitterness in his voice.

“Seamus,” Harry started, “I like you a lot.  I love the open friendship we have, but I don’t love you like that.  I don’t want to hurt you or anyone.  But it seems everywhere I go, people get hurt.  I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that when Draco finds out about this, he is going to want to kill Colin.  He is becoming increasingly protective of me.  Anyway, it’s not that I hate Colin, but I honestly don’t like him all that much.  I suppose that is mostly because of the way he is constantly underfoot.”

“I think I might have fixed that,” Seamus replied.

Harry stopped and looked around.  He spotted a bench off the pathway they were on.  He grabbed Seamus’ arm and dragged him over there.  “What do you mean?” Harry asked intensely.

“Colin and I are going to try to be boyfriends, Harry.  He was very distraught over what he did.  I think he will be apologizing the next time he sees you.  Okay?”

“I hope it works out.  I want you to be happy Seamus.  I’d like to see most people happy,” Harry said.  Harry’s face then hardened and his whole posture changed, “Voldemort will pay dearly for the misery he brought into this world.”

Seamus shivered at the cold tone in Harry’s voice.  Harry stood without saying anything else and went straight to the Quidditch pitch.  Seamus followed a few minutes later.


Draco was waiting in the hallway near the Gryffindor flat when Harry appeared.  Harry was all clean and dressed in fresh robes having showered and changed after practice.  Draco smiled one of his rare, genuine smiles.

Harry smiled back as he walked over to the hidden door and whispered the password.  The door swung open and the two boys entered.  The temperature outside had dropped due to a large cold front so when they entered the flat’s common area to find a roaring fire in the fireplace, they were very pleased.

“Why is there a fire?” Draco asked, looking around suspiciously.

“The houselves must have started it, when they dropped off a few plates.”

“How did they get in here?  I thought only the Gryffindor heir could open the door?”

“The houselves can get into any room in the castle.  Dobby wouldn’t explain how, but simply said not to worry,” Harry replied.

“Okay.  The plates are so we can order food up here?” Draco asked, a glint in his eyes.

“Yes.  That way we can stay right here until tomorrow’s Dueling class.”

“That sounds fun,” Draco told him, an odd smirk on his face.

“There is something I have to tell you first,” Harry started.  “Colin Creevey grabbed me in the shower today.  He didn’t do anything other than grab me.  He was a bit disturbed.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed in anger, “I suppose you won’t let me kill him?”

Harry shook his head.

“I won’t then, but if he touches you again, I won’t make any such promise,” Draco said, his face saying clearly that that was as far as he was willing to go on that matter.

“I don’t like to see anybody hurt Draco, except for the Dark Lord,” Harry said quietly, looking more like a little boy than a powerful wizard-in-training.

Draco nodded, finally understanding Harry’s feelings because of the link between them.

Draco went over to the fire and lay down on the plush rug that was there.  Harry smiled and went over and lay down with him.  Draco pulled him in tight, gently spooning into him.

Harry felt completely comfortable wrapped in Draco’s arms and he drifted quietly off to sleep.

Draco, who was sending Harry calming feelings through the link, felt content himself.  He drifted off to sleep a minute or two after his boyfriend.


Seamus was leaving practice when Ron caught him.  “What’s wrong with Harry?”

“I think it’s best if you let Harry explain that to you Ron,” Seamus replied as he stepped around Ron.  Ron was about to stop him again, but the twins stopped him.

Seamus took the opportunity to get away.  He went straight back to the dorms so he could change.


“What do you want Fred?” Ron asked his older brother.

“We made a little error earlier.  We were trying to help Colin build up his confidence a little bit.  We miscalculated with the potion we gave him last night,” both twins replied, alternating sentences.

“What happened?” Ron asked, his eyes betraying the smoldering anger, beneath the surface.

“Colin grabbed Harry in the shower.  Harry talked sense into him and then Colin broke down.  Seamus was there to put him back together.  The end result was what we had hoped for, but we almost hurt Harry in the process.”

Ron’s eyes were wide in shock.

“The reason we are telling you this is because Seamus and Colin have gotten together and are going to be boyfriends.  They can’t have you poking at them upset right now.  Okay?” George asked.

“But you almost hurt Harry.  Our Harry.  What the hell were you two thinking?” Ron shouted.

“We were there where we could get to him if things went too far.  We were trying to help Colin.  He was dying inside because he couldn’t have what he thought he needed.  We helped him to hook up with Seamus.  Seamus needed someone too,” Fred explained.

“But…” Ron trailed off.

“It had to be done Ronniekins.  We will apologize to Harry next.  You can’t say anything to Seamus or Colin, though,” Fed said seriously.

“Okay,” Ron said after a long moment.

“Good.  I think Hermione is waiting for you,” George said slyly.

Ron smiled as his thoughts shifted over to his girlfriend.  He headed back to the castle with a bounce in his step.

Fred turned to George, “That is the second disaster averted today.  We now just have to worry about Harry.”

“Indeed, brother mine.”


Seamus got out of the shower and went straight back to his bed.  The curtains were still drawn and Colin was sleeping within.  Seamus smiled as he crawled into his bed, wearing only his boxers.  He pulled out his wand and cast a silence spell and then he reached out and hung a do not disturb sign on his curtains.

“Colin?  Wake up,” he whispered directly into Colin’s ear.

Colin stirred and opened his eyes.  He smiled when he saw Seamus.  “How was practice?”

“It went well, I think.  Harry will be okay with us too,” Seamus said.

“Good.  I need to apologize to him.”

“Do you want to stay with me here?” Seamus asked.

“Can I?” Colin asked.

“Yes.” Seamus replied quietly.

Colin smiled as he watched Seamus’ eyes sweep over his body again.  Seamus smiled back when he saw Colin check him out.

“Can I hold you while we nap?” Seamus asked timidly.

Colin responded by moving to a comfortable position on his side.  Seamus spooned in behind him, holding the younger boy tightly.  Seamus sighed into Colin’s hair as he lightly stroked Colin’s chest.  Both boys fell asleep within minutes.


Percy looked up from the book he was reading when he heard a gentle tapping at his door.  He walked over to it immediately and opened it.  Standing there was Justin, who was smiling shyly.

Percy smiled at him and pulled him into his flat.  Justin went in willingly.

“Hiya Perce,” Justin smiled shyly at the older redheaded guy.

“Hi Just, how are you today?”  Percy asked him as he directed him toward the davenport, which was situated in front of the fire.

“I’m good.  I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner, but I had homework to finish before lunch.

“It’s okay.  I was reading up on some advanced magic anyway.  I’m glad to see you though,” Percy smiled.

“Will you hold me, please?” Justin whispered quietly.

Percy reached out and pulled the smaller boy into a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek.  Justin smiled and pulled back.  He reached out and placed his hands on either side of Percy’s head, then pulled him into a kiss.  

The kiss started gently but progressed quickly into something more.  Percy managed to get his tongue into Justin’s mouth and Justin started moaning around it.  They locked lips again and stayed together for quite awhile.  When they finally broke apart, they were gasping. 

Percy smiled brightly at Justin who smiled back just as brightly.

“Would you like to cuddle in front of the fire on this cold day?” he asked pointing to the roaring fire.

“Can we then?” Justin asked in turn.

Percy gathered Justin in his arms and pulled him tight.  Justin leaned back against Percy and surrendered to his warm embrace.  It felt really nice for Percy to have someone to hold.

“I love you Percy,” he said quietly several minutes later, more than half asleep.

Percy tightened his grip a little and whispered back, “I love you too Justin.”

Sleep claimed them both in its warm embrace moments later.


Hermione and Ron had lunch together at the end of the Gryffindor table.  The twins were there, but Harry, Seamus, Colin and many others weren’t.  It was okay for them though, since they were completely lost in their own world anyway. 

Ron occasionally leaned over and whispered something into Hermione’s ear, causing her to blush or to start giggling.

Fred and George, who were both watching them discretely, exchanged smiles.

Ron and Hermione finished their lunch and walked off together.  They traveled up the stairs heading in random directions until they stumbled upon an out of the way lounge, somewhere on the fourth floor.  The lounge had a nice toasty atmosphere due to the fire in the fireplace.  The room was decorated tastefully in the colors of all four Hogwarts Houses.  Ron smiled at Hermione as he led her over to the couch that was sitting nearest the fire.  He looked into her eyes before leaning in closely and giving her a deep kiss.

He pulled back and smiled.  She then pulled him back down again for a much longer kiss.


Draco was still asleep and dreaming a few hours later.  Draco was reliving in his mind the little event that occurred between Harry and himself last week.

Draco had met Harry in the library last Friday night and they had snuck off to their little hideaway.  They had snuggled for quite awhile in front of a fire before Draco finally built up the nerve to try something more.  They had kissed each other quite a lot and had explored each other’s upper bodies as their clothes slowly were slowly thrown off. 

After about a half hour of kissing, they were completely naked to each other.  Draco started to nuzzle his way down Harry’s body.  He started kissing his jaw and then his neck.  Soon Draco was kissing Harry’s chest and he was still moving lower.  Harry was starting to squirm and thrash under Draco’s ministrations.

In only a few minutes, Draco was at the top of Harry’s small pubic bush of hair, with a very hard little Harry right in front of his face.  Harry was average size for his age and just right for Draco. 

Draco thought back to the first time he had touched this area.  It had been dark and Harry wanted to know what he was doing.  Draco had showed him the pleasure of being wanked off by someone else.  Harry had thoroughly enjoyed it.  So did Draco when it came to his turn.

Draco stared at Harry’s toy and finally made the decision.  He leaned forward and tentatively swiped the tip of Harry’s dick with his tongue.  Draco didn’t taste anything at all but clean skin.  He didn’t know what he had been expecting, but that wasn’t it.  It was really no different than sucking his thumb, except that is was much more pliant in its hardness.  Well, that and the inevitable results of sucking…

Harry squirmed and gasped as Draco explored this new activity.  Draco had never done this before, but judging by the way Harry was moaning quietly and kept squirming, he was doing something right.  Draco licked the head and closed his lips around the top and suck hard every so often.  Draco developed a nice rhythm as Harry continued to thrash about.

“Draco, I’m going to… I’m almost…”

Draco did not respond except by sucking a little harder.  Harry reached his climax and started blasting into Draco’s mouth.  Draco continued to suck and swallow as Harry shot load after load into Draco’s mouth.  Finally Harry stopped shooting and Draco pulled off from Harry.

Draco moved back up and kissed Harry.  Harry responded enthusiastically by sticking his tongue straight into Draco’s mouth.  He tasted his own seed in Draco’s mouth as he continued his passionate kiss.

Finally he broke away, “Draco, that was amazing.”

“Thanks Harry.  Will you…?” Draco’s voice trailed off.

“Of course I will.  I want you to feel as good as you made me feel.”

Harry had kissed his way down Draco’s torso like Draco had done to him.  Finally Harry had taken Draco into his own mouth.

Draco stirred in his sleep as he dreamed of his last encounter with Harry.  The feelings he had were so intense, almost like…

Draco woke up, but the intense feelings did not dissipate in the least.  In fact, they intensified suddenly and he sucked in his breath.  Harry was sucking him off again.  What a wonderful way to wake up!

Harry must have been sucking Draco for quite some time, because Draco was close.  He was very close.  He quite suddenly climaxed into Harry’s mouth.  Harry swallowed repeatedly as Draco sighed in pleasure.  Harry crawled back up and they locked their lips in an embrace. 

They had not yet tried leaving their mental walls down during climax.  They both shielded themselves as much as they could.  Despite that, they still felt the intense pleasure from each other’s orgasm.  They had talked last time about trying to do a controlled experiment with the link.

Draco was feeling sleepy, and since he hadn’t really blocked all of his pleasure during the entire he was asleep, Harry was almost high on the intense feelings that he had created in Draco.  They cuddled back together and went back to sleep for a little longer.


Percy woke up a few hours later and Justin was not in his arms.  He sat up and found his glasses.  As soon as he had them on, he jumped up and started looking around.  He found Justin in the small kitchen area of Percy’s flat, hard at work on making dinner.

Percy walked over and placed a kiss on his neck.  “You can cook?”

“I’m from a muggle family, Mickey and I can both cook,” Justin said with a hint at the pain he felt for the loss of his parents.

“I didn’t know you liked to cook,” Percy said, looking over the rather complicated mess of things in the kitchen.  Whatever it was that Justin was cooking was smelled heavenly.

“I love to cook.  Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes.  Why don’t you set the table for two.”

“Okay,” Percy said feeling suddenly awkward having a younger boy taking care of him.

Justin must have sensed the tone in his voice because he set down the spoon he had in his hand and turned to face Percy.  He put his hands on either side of Percy’s face and kissed him deeply.  He had a large grin on his face when he pulled away.

“Please let me do this for you Percy.  I love to cook and I love you.”

Percy smiled and nodded, his awkwardness as gone as quickly as it had come.


Ron and Hermione stayed in the room and made out for a few hours.  By the time they got hungry, they were ready to stop for a little while.  They walked down to the Great Hall, their arms wrapped around each other. 

They traveled through the various corridors and hallways without really seeing or hearing anything else.  They missed it on the second floor landing when the Fat Lady’s friend Violet was watching them and smiling and gossiping with the portrait of Angus McGonagall, Professor McGonagall’s great-great-great-grandfather.  Angus was a former Gryffindor head of house and professor of Transfiguration.

Violet whispered a good bye and ran off through the portraits.  Only a few short minutes later, Violet was in a portrait outside the Headmaster’s office.  Professor Dumbledore had learned quickly enough not to have a portrait in his office.

Ron and Hermione arrived at dinner just before Dumbledore got there.  They were completely unaware that he had received an update on them just after leaving his office.  Violet had left the area immediately to go talk to the Fat Lady.


Seamus woke up a few hours later, with Colin still in his arms.  The younger boy was whimpering quietly and kept trying to get closer to Seamus.  Seamus tightened his grip quite a bit, trying to comfort him.

“Do you really like me, Seamus?” Colin asked.

“Of course I do,” Seamus replied, feeling surprised that Colin doubted him.

“Will you take me then?” Colin asked.

“Are you sure?” Seamus asked.

“Yes.  I’ve done it before.  I like it,” Colin said quietly.

“If you are really sure, I will.”

“I’m really sure.  Please just be gentle, ok?” Colin asked.

Seamus turned him so that he could kiss him on his lips.  “Of course.  I’m always gentle,” Seamus whispered seductively.

They kissed for a few minutes before Seamus worked his hands into Colin’s boxers and started to slip them down.  Seamus kept Colin busy as he continued to kiss him and work off their remaining clothes.  Colin assisted in a few spots and soon Seamus was resting on top of Colin, their bare skin touching.

“Are you sure you want to go further?” Seamus asked again.

“Yes,” Colin gasped out, arching up to rub himself more on Seamus.

Seamus reached out to find his wand.  When he found it, he directed it at himself and at Colin’s butt.  He whispered a command word and a sudden slickness coated both his dick and Colin’s butt.  Seamus got Colin to lay flat on his belly and then he straddled him across his legs.

Seamus took a moment to line himself up properly, making sure that the head of his dick was pressing against Colin’s hole.  As soon as it was, he started to apply a gentle pressure.  Colin relaxed enough to allow Seamus to slide slowly in.  Seamus did not rush it at all and he waited until his balls were resting on Colin’s ass cheeks before doing anything else.  He stayed all the way in until Colin squirmed and pressed back against him.

“You ready then?”

Colin grunted his assent and Seamus obliged him by starting a nice gentle motion.  He rocked back and forth in Colin’s hot, tight orifice.  Colin moaned quietly as Seamus picked up the pace a little and started pumping his hardness in and out of Colin’s ass.

Seamus kept up the slow gentle pace for over fifteen minutes, trying to prolong the pleasure for the both of them as long as possible.  Colin groaned out twice during this time, his ass contracting tightly both times.  Seamus finally gave in to his building pleasure and let out a loud moan when he finally achieved his orgasm.  He pumped nearly five shots into Colin before collapsing completely on top of him.

Seamus stayed there for over a minute before moving again.  He pulled out gently, already soft.  There was a small amount of mess flowing slowly out of Colin’s butt.  Seamus took out his wand and tapped it on the inside of Colin’s cheeks and all the mess vanished.  He rolled Colin over and noticed a sizable amount of cum under Colin. 

Seamus leaned down and licked Colin’s dick clean.  He managed to get all the mess, savoring the Colin’s unique flavor.  Colin was moaning again, but he didn’t get hard.  Seamus finished up and moved his way back to Colin’s mouth.  He started to kiss him hard on the mouth.  Colin responded and they made out for a little while.  The passion passed after a few moments and it reverted to gentle kissing and cuddling.

Seamus coaxed Colin over on to his side and then spooned in behind him.  Seamus held him tight and whispered into his ear, “Thank you Colin.  That was the best ever.”

Colin whispered out, “Thank you too Seamus.  That was my best ever as well, not that I did it all that much.  You were certainly more gentle and loving than the other boy I’ve been with.”

“Are you going to stay with me tonight?” Seamus asked.

“Can I?” Colin asked.

“Please.  I’d really love it if you would sleep with me tonight, so I can hold you.”

“Then I’ll stay.  Good night.”

“Good night, boyfriend,” Seamus whispered.


Percy heard a little bell ring and then saw Justin shuffling his way, his arms laden with dinner dishes.  He hopped up immediately from where he had been sitting and ran over to help Justin.  Together they set up a huge meal of glazed ham, potatoes, corn, and fresh bread. 

The dinner smelled wonderful and Percy’s mouth started watering just looking at it all.  The table was set up with the two seats facing each other.  Percy had set up several candles around the table and extinguished all the other lights to give the room a romantic feel. 

Percy sat down and Justin sat across from him.  They stared at each other for a few moments before they started serving themselves their food.  Justin watching as Percy’s mouth watered.  Justin had a large smile on his face as he fixed his plate.

“This wonderful,” Percy said.

“Thank you.  Taste it and tell me what you think.”

Percy cut a piece of ham and put it in his mouth.  It was so tender it almost melted in his mouth.  The potatoes where perfectly mashed and the gravy was smooth.  The corn was tender and had plenty of flavor.

“This is all great!  You are a wonderful cook,” Percy told Justin, bubbling over with his excitement.

“Thanks Percy.  It means a lot to me that you like my cooking.  I miss being able to do it.  I used to spend hours helping Mum and Dad in the kitchen,” Justin told him, a hitch in his voice.

Percy started to get up.  Justin waved him back.  “Eat first.  You can hold me and make me feel better after dinner.”

Justin accented his comment by picking up his own fork and eating despite his questionable appetite.  Percy looked at him and smiled sadly at him before picking his own fork again and digging in.  They ate together in silence, enjoying the food.  When they were all done, Percy cast a spell to clean all the dishes. 

Justin wandered over and sat down in front of the fire again.  He was still staring at the fire when Percy finished and sat down behind him.  Percy put one leg on each side of Justin so that he could straddle the younger boy.  Justin immediately leaned back into Percy.  Percy wrapped his arms around him.

“How about we take care of each other then?” Percy whispered into his ear.

“I think I’d like that Perce,” Justin said in response.

“Good.  I’ll be here for you Justin.”

Justin leaned his head back and rested on Percy’s shoulder.  Percy sighed and held his boyfriend tightly in his arms.

They fell asleep like not too much later.


Harry was the first one to wake up later that night.  His stomach was grumbling because he needed something a little more substantial than the snack he had from Draco earlier.  He smirked lightly at his own goofiness.  He sighed and wandered off to the table and looked at the golden plates.  Dobby had told him that all he needed to do was tell the plate what he wanted and it would appear.  He hoped so.

Harry nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt Draco wrap his arms over his naked body. 

“Did I scare you, Harry?” Draco said, an amused tone in his voice.

“Only a little Draco.  I was just looking over our meal ticket,” Harry said, showing Draco the plate.

“Excellent.  Roast beef, potatoes and gravy please,” he told the plate.

The aforementioned meal appeared and Draco smiled, sitting down at the table.

Harry smelled the roast beef and smiled.  “Roast beef, potatoes and gravy,” Harry told the other plate.  His meal arrived quickly as well.

“Thanks for earlier,” Draco smiled.

“You don’t have to thank me, Drake.  I love you,” Harry smiled at him.

Draco blushed red, feeling the wave of love flood down their link.

“We’ll have to try leaving the link open tonight,” Draco whispered.

Harry smiled seductively, “Sounds like fun, Dragon.”

Draco blushed a deeper red.


“I suppose that it makes tracking them easier,” George grumbled.

“I’m not sure that I like this job anymore,” Fred replied shivering.

“We can go back to our lab.  I don’t think they are going to go anywhere.  I’m glad Dumbledore updated these stupid things for us.  Hogwarts was a little vague when it meant that they were hiding in Godric Gryffindor’s old flat,” George grumbled further, waving the small piece of parchment under Fred’s nose.  ‘Eating in Gryffindor Flat’ could be read in bold print on the parchment.

“Weren’t we supposed to meet Stephen Wallace, our slimy Slytherin friend, outside the Prefect’s bathroom tonight?”

“By George, I think you’re right!” George exclaimed.

“You silly nutter, I’m Forge, your Gred!” Fred responded, and then smacked his twin lightly upside the head.

George pulled out his watch, “Almost late.”

“Bloody brilliant George.  I could have told you that,” Fred replied and then dashed down the hall.

George chased after him.

End of Chapter 14

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