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Contains male/male pairings- That's SLASH... you know, GAY

Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 13 – Crouching Lion, Hidden Dragon

By Myr


Harry finished his shower and went back to his dorm room to change.  He dressed quickly and went down to the common room to wait for everybody.  Hermione was already there and she was reading a book.

“Good morning Hermione,” Harry mumbled as he sat in the seat next to her.

She looked up from her book and looked him over, “Good morning.  It looks like you didn’t get a full nights sleep.”

“I was talking to Neville last night.  He needed a friend.”

“I know the feeling.  I was talking to Ginny.  Those two would be good for each other,” she observed lightly watching for his reaction.

“I said as much to Neville last night,” Harry sighed.

“Really?” Hermione asked excitedly.  “What did he say?”

“He said that he was interested,” Harry replied, looking a little puzzled.

“Ginny is interested in him too,” she squealed.

“Can you not squeal please?” Harry asked, while rubbing his temples.

“Sorry.  I was just excited.”

“I would never have noticed,” Harry commented dryly.

“Spending time with Draco is starting to rub off on you,” Hermione said with narrowed eyes.

“Only that one time,” Harry smirked.

Hermione blushed scarlet and looked anywhere but at Harry.

Ron arrived and spotted his blushing girlfriend.  He walked over and kissed her lightly on the cheek before turning to Harry and asking, “What’d I miss?”

“Too much information,” Hermione squeaked.

Harry flashed them both a toothy grin and stood up.  “Ready then?”

Ron shrugged and pulled Hermione into a standing position.

“Let’s go then.”

The trio went through the portrait hole and went to the Great Hall for breakfast.  They dropped into their usual seats and looked around, noticing that there were a lot of other students already there.  Harry noticed right away that Draco was not there yet.

Professor Snape entered the hall from the main doors and strolled up the aisle nearest the Gryffindor table.  He stopped when he was across from Harry and turned to look at him.

“Mr. Potter, Slytherin and Gryffindor houses will have a combined Dueling Class today.  As part of the class, we will be testing students’ skills so we know who needs the most training.  You will lose house points if you are a show off today,” Snape said coldly.

“Professor Snape?  What would you consider showing off, sir?” Harry asked politely.

“Anything you do will be showing off,” Snape smirked at him before stalking off to the teachers’ table, leaving Harry staring angrily at his back.

“I can’t believe that slimy git!” Harry growled in frustration.

“Right nasty bastard, he is,” Ron agreed.

“You shouldn’t talk that way about a professor,” Hermione started but stopped when she realized that both boys were glaring at her.  He held her hands up in defeat.

“Speaking of bastards,” Ron started and then added, “sorry Harry.”

Draco had stalked up to them and started to talk, “Potter, I hear we are having Dueling Class together today.”

“So the glorious Professor Snape just informed me,” Harry replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m sure we’ll get to have a go at it.  I look forward to beating you,” Draco drawled.

“I haven’t been beaten in awhile.  Are you so sure you’ll be able to?” Harry said as he glanced at Hermione, whose eyes widened when she caught the hidden meaning flying around.

“I’m up for anything you’ve got, Potter,” Draco growled.

“Good to hear.  I think I’m up to the challenge though,” Harry was having a really hard time keeping a straight face as Hermione looked like she was about to have a gagging fit.

Draco’s eyes widened a bit and then he said in an even voice, “I look forward to the challenge then Potter.”

“Ta ta, Maltoy,” Harry grinned.

Draco, who was already heading away, snapped his head around to look at Harry.  Harry smiled innocently at him.   Draco turned and headed to his table, not responding to the taunt.

Harry laughed quietly to himself before digging into waffles and sausage.

Ron and Hermione stared at him for a half a minute before eating their own breakfast.

Harry ate in silence and about the time he was done, Mickey came in.  He came over to say hello to Harry, but went and sat at the other end of the table with a bunch of other first years.

Colin came in with Seamus following him.  Seamus had his head down, eyes locked in an obvious location for those that knew him.  Colin went to sit down next to Harry, but Seamus squeezed between the two, saving Harry from having to sit next to Creevey.  Harry wasn’t sure who was worse, the horny Irishman or the lead member of his personal fan club.  Since Harry was done, he only participated in a conversation with Seamus for a little while before desiring to be away.

“Seamus, I’ll catch you later.”

“See you, Harry.”

“Bye Harry,” Colin said, looking a little lost.

Harry smiled at the younger boy, “later Colin.”

Colin lit up like it was his birthday.  Harry sighed, but Colin didn’t notice.

Harry stopped by Ron on his way out and whispered, “I’ll be on the Quidditch pitch, if anyone is looking for me.”

Ron nodded.

“See you two at lunch,” he told Ron and Hermione as he went on his way.

He made it all the way back to the Gryffindor common room before seeing another Gryffindor.  It was Neville.

“Good morning Neville,” Harry said cheerily.

“Good morning Harry.  Thanks for last night,” Neville smiled.  It made Neville look like a different person.  Harry realized in that moment that he didn’t remember Neville smiling all that much in the last few years.

“That’s what friends are for.  Have fun at breakfast.”

“Thanks, see you later Harry.”

Harry ran up the stairs to the dorm and grabbed his Firebolt.  He quickly made his way down to the main entrance, only to be stopped by Professor McGonagall.

“Where are you going in such a rush, Mr. Potter?”

“I was on my way out to the Quidditch Pitch to fly around a bit.”

“Not another wager, I trust?”

“No Professor.  I am just itching to fly.”

“I know the feeling,” she said quietly, “Get on your way then Potter.”

“Thanks Professor,” Harry said as he rushed out the door.

“To be young again,” she sighed to herself as she watched Harry’s retreated figure through the rapidly closing door.


Draco was sitting at the Slytherin table, just finishing his orange juice, when he felt it.  It was a tremendous rush of adrenaline and excitement.  He tried to block it, but was only able to block a part of it. 

Harry was flying again.

This was going to be a serious problem when we play each other in a Quidditch match, Draco thought to himself.

Draco finished quickly and then left the Great Hall in a rush.  He made his way quickly to his dorm and he grabbed his Nimbus 2001.  He rushed up to the main entrance only to be stopped by Professor Dumbledore.

“Where are you going, so quickly, Mr. Malfoy?”

“Out to fly sir,” he replied and then shuddered as Harry must have done some sort of trick.

“I see.  Going to join Mr. Potter?  I trust you won’t do anything you shouldn’t?”

“No sir.  May I go please?”

“Yes.  Have fun,” Dumbledore said chuckling to himself as he watched Draco rush outside.


Colin looked over his shoulder before slipping out the main door.  He had left breakfast intending to go do some homework, but he had noticed Harry heading out the door with his broom.  He suddenly felt like watching Harry some more. 

Colin loved watching Harry fly.  There was just something about the way he worked his broomstick that really turned Colin on.  

Colin snuck into the Quidditch pitch and shuffled off to hide in one of the bleachers.  He checked the bag at his side, and smiled to himself as he pulled out his camera.  He settled in and started snapping pictures, whenever Harry came in range. 

He was only there for a couple of minutes watching Harry before another person joined him.  The platinum blonde hair gave him away.  Malfoy and Harry stared at each other for a few minutes talking about something.  Colin couldn’t tell what it was, but they both seemed a little agitated, which was nothing new.

Suddenly, both boys broke into a neck and neck broom race.  They zoomed around the Quidditch Pitch again and again.  They started doing crazy acrobatics and dangerous maneuvers, trying to out do each other.  Colin was taking a lot of pictures as they were flying around.  At one point, they were no more than ten feet away from his hiding spot.  He got a picture of that too.

They suddenly landed in the middle of the pitch, seeming exhausted.  This was something Colin could believe, since he felt tired out from just watching them.

Colin smiled to himself as he thought of all the great Harry pictures he got.  He left his hiding place and slunk back to the castle.  He practically ran to his dorm to get the necessary materials to develop his wizard pictures.


“That was… intense… Draco,” Harry said slowly, between deep breaths.

“Indeed it was, Harry,” Draco agreed.

“We are going to have to spend time together to figure out how to block when we need too.  The emotions we both generate when we fly are enough for one, but we are sharing them and that gets to be too much.”

“Perhaps, after dueling class tonight, we can go to the Gryffindor Flat?”  Draco suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan,” Harry said, stumbling forward.

Harry’s head stopped on Draco’s chest, with Draco’s arms around him, keeping him upright.  Harry sighed, having Draco’s arms around him.

Draco felt a deep thrill holding Harry, but gently pushed him upright, in case anybody else was around to see.

“They start serving lunch shortly,” Draco said, “and I’m awfully hungry after all the intense flying.”

“You’re right,” Harry said back, as he straightened himself out and turned to go.

“What was that Maltoy comment about earlier?” Draco asked quietly.

“Oh, well I…” Harry blushed.

“I think we need to be more careful, or someone is going to catch on,” Draco stated calmly.

“You’re right.  Sorry,” Harry apologized.

“Right.  You should head back first.  I’ll follow in a few.”

“Talk to you later then.”

Harry left the field and headed straight back to Gryffindor tower.  He breezed through the common room, dodging some sort of wrestling match on the floor between the Weasley twins, Ron, and Seamus.  Harry barely noticed.

He went straight into his dorm room and dropped off his broom and robe, and went straight to the shower room wearing only his boxers.  After all the flying he did, he was sweating something awful and he wanted to feel clean again.  He entered his usual shower and turned on the hot water.  This time, since he was really awake, he paid more attention to this two-person shower.  It looked as if at one point it had been two separate shower stalls, but someone had removed the partition.  Since he had his glasses off, he need to be close to see the old marks on the wall.  He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand drop on his shoulder.  He spun around to face the intruder.  It was Fred Weasley.

“Fred, don’t do that!” Harry yelped.

“Sorry Harry, I didn’t mean to spook ya.  How did you know I’m Fred?”  Fred asked.

“You’ve got a scar on your shoulder,” Harry touched the scar, “from Oliver Wood when he accidentally collided with you during your second year in school.”

“How did you know about that?” Fred asked, looking impressed.

“Oliver told me.  He said it was one of the ways to tell you apart.”

“So, admiring our handy work, eh?” Fred asked, pointing at the wall where the partition used to be.

“You’re handy work?

“Yeah, we had a bit of an accident first year with one of our experiments.  They decided to just remove the rest of the partition instead of replacing it.  Unlike the Slytherin dorms, they have never had a problem in here with unwanted advances.”

“Oh,” Harry replied as he moved back to stand fully under his showerhead.

“What have you been up to with our brother?” Fred asked quietly, stepping much closer to Harry.

Harry turned to look at the other boy.  He was close enough to see clearly for the most part, even without his glasses.  Fred was taller than Harry.  His flaming red hair kept fairly short.  Fred’s brown eyes twinkled continually in his perpetual good humor.  His chest was well developed, as were his arms, since he was an active Quidditch Beater.  His chest was still smooth, though from his belly button down he had a dark red hair trail.  Harry glanced at Fred’s mid section long enough to know that he was well equipped and it too was nestled in a sea of red hair.  Harry’s study was quick, but Fred noticed the look.

“Ron?  The usual friend stuff,” Harry replied quietly, feeling slightly intimidated having the older, handsome boy so close… and naked.

“Not Ron, Harry.  What have you been doing with Percy?”  Fred asked, looking more serious than Harry could ever remember, outside of the death of Cedric Diggory.

“Fred, I’m not supposed to tell anyone that,” Harry replied quietly.

Fred’s eyes narrowed, making him look dangerous, “He’s not abusing you is he?”

Harry started visibly, “No, of course not.”  Harry shook his head violently.

“Then what are you doing that is so secret?” Fred asked, looking serious again, instead of dangerous.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone Fred,” Harry replied, his posture changing to one more of a dangerous wizard, instead of a cornered boy.

Fred nodded, surprised at Harry’s sudden change in posture.

“Promise Fred,” Harry said evenly.

“I promise not to tell another soul, except for George.  And I promise he won’t tell anyone at all.”

Harry nodded and stepped even close to Fred, saying at barely a whisper, “Percy is training both Draco and I in advanced magic.  We are all working with Professor Dumbledore on the You Know Who issue.”

“I see,” Fred replied, his mind whirling rapidly behind calm eyes.  “I thought you and Malfoy hated each other?”

“We have somehow been connected emotionally, spiritually and magically.  We have become fairly close,” Harry sighed turning his back to Fred.

He did not see Fred’s very wide eyes.  “Ok Harry, I’ll keep my promise and not tell anyone except George.  Thanks for talking.”

Harry nodded but did not reply.  He quickly finished washing up and then rushed out of the shower room.

George, who was in the next stall over, joined his twin in the double stall, “What was that all about?”

“There is a lot more going on around here than we thought.  Dumbledore certainly hasn’t told us everything,” Fred replied very quietly.

“Are you sure about that Fred?”

“Yes George.  We can discuss the details later when we are alone.”



Harry changed quickly and was down in the common room when Ron and Hermione came through he portrait hole.

“Harry, you should have come to study with us,” Hermione said as she walked by him.

“I needed to think,” Harry replied.

She turned, “Well, your in time to go with us to lunch at least.”

Ron shrugged his shoulders when Harry gave him a puzzled look.  “I have to drop these in my room.  I’ll be right back.”

Harry nodded.

Hermione got back just as Ron did.  The trio headed down to lunch together.

The trio plopped down in their usual location and really dug into their food.  They had been eating for about ten minutes when Dumbledore stood up and raised his hands in the air.  It was quiet quickly.

“I just have one announcement.  As you should have noticed long before now, all students third year and above have Dueling class scheduled for Sunday afternoons.  All students will meet here today, so that the professors for each house can show you to the Dueling chambers.  Thank you and please continue eating.”

Harry, Ron and Hermione exchanged glances, but didn’t say anything.

They finished eating in silence, as did the rest of the house.  Fred and George were picking on Lee Jordan, who was holding his own against the twins.

Percy Weasley had a seat right next to Hagrid and the two appeared to be having a quiet little discussion about something.

At one P.M. Professor Lupin approached the Gryffindor table.  “Are you ready?”

Ron blurted out, “You’re our dueling instructor?”


“That’s bloody brilliant!”

“Thanks Mr. Weasley.  If you would all follow me please.”

Professor Lupin led them out of the Great Hall and into the main entrance hall.  They proceeded up one set of staircases and as they were walking the staircase moved towards a landing that was never used.  The staircase locked itself into position and the blank wall that was at the top of the stairs changed into a large double door.  Lupin walked right up to it and opened it.  There was a long hallway behind it.

Lupin walked down the hallway past two doors that had a shield bearing the coat of arms for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Houses.  Gryffindor was on the right and Slytherin was on the left.  At the end of the hallway, there was another large set of double doors.  These doors had a huge coat of arms for Hogwarts, including the motto, “DRACO DORMIENS NUNQUAM TITILLANDUS.”


Lupin opened the door with the Gryffindor symbol and walked in.  All of the Gryffindor students followed him into the huge room. 

There was a central area with a dueling circle.  There was enough room for all the students to sit in the seats arrayed around the circle.

“This class will be unlike any other class you have ever had.  First and foremost, there are no grades, no tests and no homework for this class.  For the third years, this class is for observations only.  Very few of you have the skills necessary yet to participate.  There will be several fourth years that will have the skill level necessary.  In the fifth year, I already know of three with sufficient skill.”  He looked straight at Hermione, Ron and Harry when he said the last statement.

“All of the sixth years and seventh years will be required to participate in duels.  The other year levels will practice and act as fighting targets for the upper year levels.  It will take a few weeks to get into a pattern for this class.”

“Having said that, this week we will be working with the Slytherins in the main chambers.  Professor Snape will assist me in demonstrating a duel.  We will then select students from the fifth year, the sixth year and the seventh year to demonstrate their current dueling skills.  Now, if everyone will please follow me into the main dueling chambers,” Lupin said, leaving the center of the circle and heading back out the door.

Professor Snape was just reaching the center of the dueling circle as Lupin strolled into the room.  He walked right up to Snape and said a few things to him.  The black-haired professor nodded a few times.  The students sat quickly and Harry found himself in the front row, directly across from Draco. 

Snape explained the dueling rules to the assembled students while Lupin positioned himself to the right of Harry.  When Snape was done explaining the rules, he took a position to the left of Harry, directly across from Lupin. 

The two men saluted each other with their wands before starting.  Snape immediately shouted “Serpensortia!”

Lupin shouted, “Flippendo!” It knocked the snake sideways and it stopped right in front of Harry.

The snake was hissing and spitting.  Harry was looking at it and simply said, “Quiet!” but it came out in Parseltongue, which caused the snake to be very quiet indeed.  It slithered straight at Harry and went under his chair and curled around itself.

The two teachers didn’t even pay attention.  They both tried to cast Expelliarmus at the same time, canceling each other out.  Lupin then yelled, “Petrificus Totalus!” at the same moment that Snape yelled, “Tarantallegra!”  Both spells hit true.

Snape’s entire body locked up and he fell backward and smacked into the dueling circle.  Lupin was shaking uncontrollably and he dropped his wand.

Harry got up and walked into the dueling circle.  The snake followed him and started to slither over to Lupin.  Harry pointed his wand in Lupin’s direction and stated, “Finite Incantatem.”  The snake disappeared and Lupin stopped shaking.  Harry turned his wand on Snape and cast it again.  Snape stood up and glared at Harry.

“Five points from Gryffindor for leaving a Professor stranded,” Snape snarled.

“Ten points to Gryffindor for protecting an indisposed professor from a poisonous snake,” Lupin said immediately afterwards.

Snape narrowed his eyes dangerously, but merely stated, “Duel is a draw.”

“I concur,” Lupin replied.

“Malfoy.  Stand up here with Potter, you’re next,” Snape barked out.

Harry went to the spot that Lupin had started in and waited.  Draco was in his spot as well.  At Lupin’s nod, they saluted with their wands.

Harry shouted, “E Uno Pluribum!” a moment before Draco shouted, “Rictusempra!” 

There was a loud bang and a bright flash of light as Harry’s spell took affect.  There was suddenly six Harry Potters in the dueling circle.  The momentary bright flash confused everyone as to which Harry was the real one.  The only satisfaction that Draco received was that all six Harrys were laughing under the influence of his tickling spell.

Harry returned the favor to Draco on his next spell.  Draco, now laughing as well, cast the blasting spell on one of the Harrys causing it to fade from view.  Harry cast Expelliarmus at the same moment that Draco cast Petrificus Totalus at a Harry.  One of the Harry’s fell to the ground.  The other one all held Draco’s wand in their left hand.  Harry stated, “E Pluribus Unum.”  The illusion Harrys disappeared.  Harry couldn’t help but thinking how funny it was that one of the most powerful countries in the world had a spell phrase as its country’s motto.

“Gryffindor victory,” Lupin stated.

“I concur,” Severus frowned.

Harry sat back down, after having the spell effects canceled from him.  He was distracted by his thoughts for the rest of the class so he didn’t pay any attention.

He was actually shaken by Ron when the class was over to get him to move.

“What happened?” Harry asked.

“Gryffindor won two out of three matches.  Professor Lupin awarded Gryffindor ten points.”

“Good,” Harry grinned, still feeling distracted.

Ron got Harry back to the dorms and then crashed in his own bed for a nap before dinner.


To Harry it felt almost as if he blinked and the first two days of the week blew by.  Wednesday morning he woke up to Seamus shaking him. 

“What?” Harry groaned.

“They have posted that you are the new Quidditch team captain and that you will be holding tryouts on Saturday,” Seamus said excitedly.

“I already told you that,” Harry said crossly.

“You must have told Ron, because I don’t remember you telling me.”

“I did tell you and you told me that you wanted to try out for chaser.  So why did you wake me up?” Harry whined.

“Stop whining.  It makes you look childish.  Fred Weasley sent me up.”

“Oh.  I should go shower and get ready for breakfast anyway,” Harry replied, rubbing the sleep out of his emerald eyes.

“Good idea!”  Seamus said cheerfully as he bounced off from Harry’s bed and out the door.

Harry shook his head and went to the shower room. 

Colin Creevey, who had just left his dorm room, fell in behind Harry.  Harry walked to his usual shower and Colin boldly followed him in.  Harry went to his showerhead and started washing quickly, not even paying noticing Creevey.

Colin stared at Harry as he washed himself up, loving the way the water rolled off him.  Colin turned away from Harry to hide the results of his watching.  Harry left the shower stall still oblivious to Colin.

When Harry entered the common room, Fred and George both assaulted him.

“Harry, we want to talk about the tryouts, if you don’t mind?” Fred asked.

“Ok,” Harry replied slowly.

“Good, come with us,” George said as he dragged Harry out the door into the hallway.

The twins kept Harry boxed in as they went into a secret passageway and then ended up in an old storeroom.  Harry looked around at the room.

“Where are we?” Harry asked.

“An old storeroom.  It only appears on Wednesdays,” Fred told him.

“We would like to know what you had planned for tryouts?” George asked.

“The only open positions are one Chaser and the Keeper.  The only people to express an interest so far have been Ron for Keeper and Seamus for Chaser.  Everybody is welcome to tryout, of course.  Whoever does the best will be on the team.  Does that sound fair?”

“I think so.  You’ll take advice from us?” Fred asked.

“Of course I will!” Harry exclaimed.

“Good.  We need to get to breakfast,” George said.

Harry nodded.


The rest of the week went by very quickly.  Saturday morning found a group of twenty Gryffindors on the pitch.  Only five of them were trying out for the team though.  The rest were there to watch or to help participate in the testing.

Ron Weasley and Colin Creevey were trying out for Keeper.  Seamus Finnegan, Dennis Creevey, Lavender Brown, and Colin Creevey were trying for Chaser.  Colin said he wanted to try for both.

“Ron, please take up the position of Keeper for now,” Harry started.

Ron nodded and used Fred’s broom to fly up to the hoops. 

“Lavender, please go first,” Harry said, tossing her the Quaffle.

She nodded and then flew up.  The other two team Chasers flew up to help with Quaffle recovery.  Harry stayed on the ground to observe.

She tried five times to get the Quaffle past Ron and failed every time.  Ron even jammed the last so hard back at her that she nearly fell over of her broom.

“Colin, you’re next for Chaser,” Harry said.

Colin nodded and took flight.  He caught the Quaffle and then tried to score a goal on Ron.  He missed wide twice.  The third shot went high.  The fourth shot was right on, but Ron stopped it easily.  The fifth shot was low.

“Colin, please swap places with Ron.  Ron, please act as a chaser for Colin,” Harry shouted up.

Ron frowned slightly then nodded.  He caught the Quaffle that George had retrieved for him.  Ron had not played Chaser all that often, but he had played the position before.  He tossed the Quaffle and it went high, but bounced off Colin’s broomstick and went through the center hoop.  Ron’s second shot was aimed at the hoop on the left, but he was heading toward the one on the right.  Colin had moved that way to block, but Ron tossed the Quaffle through the unguarded hoop and scored again.  Ron missed the third shot and Colin blocked the fourth.  Ron scored again on the fifth shot.

“Ron, please go back to playing Keeper,” Harry shouted up.

“Dennis?  You’re next!” Harry shouted out.

Dennis mounted his broom and launched into the sky.  He went to catch the Quaffle and slipped off of his broom.  George, quick with his wand, slowed his descent.  Dennis landed with a thump.  His broom drifted down from the sky.  Harry exchanged glances with Fred.

“Seamus, you’re up!” Harry shouted.

Seamus took to the sky smoothly and caught the Quaffle.  Seamus used the trick that Ron had used, but Ron managed to deflect the shot, just barely.  Seamus took his second shot and it whipped past Ron to score.

Ron swirled around for a bit.  Seamus took his third shot, which Ron was able to block soundly.  His fourth shot slipped past Ron again for a score.  For the fifth and last shot, Ron was again able to block, but just barely.

Harry called out, “Thanks.  If you all wait a few minutes, I’ll let you know who made the team.”

Harry waved Fred and George over.  “Who do you think?  Seamus and Ron?”

“There isn’t much to think over here.  They are obviously the best for the jobs,” George said and Fred nodded, agreeing with his brother.

“I just wanted to make sure we thought the same thing.”

The twins nodded again, so Harry walked back to address the crowd.

“Ron Weasley is the new Gryffindor Keeper!  Seamus Finnegan is the new Chaser!” Harry shouted out.

A cheer rose from the field.  The other people that tried out shook hands with the winners. 

Harry smiled and went around chatting with everyone.


Harry made arrangements with McGonagall to order a Nimbus 2000 for Ron to use.  Harry talked it over with Hermione and they decided to call it four years worth of birthday presents from both of them.  Ron was angry at first when it arrived but he gave in when Hermione and Harry both worked on him. 

The next few weeks in September had been terribly trying on both Draco and Harry.  They were both swamped in their classes in addition to Quidditch practice, and their extra training sessions with Percy.  By the time the third week of September rolled in Draco and Harry were both dragging tail.  They had not had a single moment to themselves since they spent the night in the Gryffindor Flat during the first week of school.

Draco had pulled him aside in Care for Magical Creatures and told him that he wanted to spend time with Harry again.  Harry had agreed readily enough.  He missed the feeling of closeness that he had developed with Draco.

If other students at school noticed the lack of overt animosity between the supposed archrivals, they hadn’t said anything.  It wasn’t that Draco and Harry were exchanging shots and barbs with each other.  They were.  Draco, however, said nothing at all about Ron and Hermione.  Harry never mentioned Crabbe and Goyle.  It was a strange thing to watch.

Harry and Draco had met in the library late Friday night and snuck off to the astronomy tower.  Neither one noticed a younger boy stare at them as they left.  The boy’s eyes narrowed in anger when he saw the body language between the two.


Colin Creevey, who was working on a Potions homework assignment, was surprised when he saw Harry Potter talking to Draco Malfoy in quiet tones.  The body language was all wrong though.  Normally, the two radiated anger and dislike whenever they got near each other.  There was something much subtler and gentler to what they were radiating at the moment.  Colin got angry when he saw the two boys start to leave together.  He was about to get up and follow when a hand dropped on his shoulder.  Colin nearly wet his pants he was so spooked.

“Colin, let’s talk,” the twin said, taking a seat.  He had a smile on his face from Colin's reaction.

“What do you want George?” Colin asked, while straining to see Harry leave.

“How do you know which one I am?” George asked incredulous.

“You have a slightly different way of smiling then Fred.  It is rather cute,” Colin said distractedly to himself.

“Thanks, I think.  I take it that you’re gay?” George asked bluntly.


“And you have a crush on Harry?”

Colin looked shifty for a moment before nodding.

“Harry’s not available.  Who else do you like?” George kept up the blunt routine.

“Well I… um… you’re cute.  Neville looks good now.  Ron.  Seamus.”

“You’re cute too, but I’m not available, sorry to say.  Neither are Neville or Ron.”

“I love Harry,” Colin said more firmly, shaking his head.

“Think about it,” George said seriously as he got up to leave.

Colin shook his head as George wandered off.


It was late Friday night when George cornered Colin in the common room. 

“Good evening Colin.”

“Hi,” Colin replied looking for a way to escape, but seeing none.

“Here, have a Butterbeer while we talk,” George said, handing an open bottle to Colin.

Colin, who only had one Butterbeer in his life, started to drink it somewhat quickly.

“I hope you have realized by now that Harry is unavailable.”

Colin looked at him blankly.

“Seamus is interested in you.  You should ask him out.”

Colin finished off his Butterbeer.  “Perhaps.”

George moved allowing Colin a way out that he promptly took advantage of to escape.


Colin, who had let his feelings fester for the last week, woke up feeling emboldened.  He was feeling more aggressive and he really wanted to have Harry.  Since it was Saturday morning, the Quidditch players were up early for practice.  Colin had the schedule down from observations during the last few weeks.  Colin went quietly into the shower stall that Harry always used, to find Harry there alone.  He rushed forward.

Harry felt another presence behind him and that was the only warning he had.  Suddenly he had another boy pressed closely against him with his arms wrapped tightly around Harry.  The boy shoved Harry off balance into the wall.  Harry’s head smacked the cold tile making him dizzy

Harry fought to keep the room from spinning and sputtered, “Get off me!”

“You’re mine Harry!  I have to have you for my own!” Colin yelled out.

End of Chapter 13

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