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Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 7 Revelations

By Myr


"Accio invisibility cloak," Harry commanded quietly as soon as he cleared the doors of the Great Hall. The cloak practically materialized in his hands it came to him so quickly.

He turned and looked behind him to see Ron, Seamus, Mickey and Hermione right on his tail. He quickly put the cloak on and dropped out of sight.

"Silencio," he whispered, making the sounds of his footsteps and breathing disappear.

Harry smiled to himself as he blended into one of the many alcoves and let the little search party pass by him. He continued to watch as they walked by and then stopped a few feet beyond him.

"Where the hell did he go?" Ron demanded loudly in frustration.

"I don't know," Hermione replied looking just as frustrated.

Seamus and Mickey just shook their heads.

Ron sighed, "Let's go back to the common room and wait for him then."

The others nodded. They all trudged slowly back to the Gryffindor common room.

Harry stayed in his hiding place for a few more minutes before silently heading towards his most recent place of solace. It took him nearly twenty minutes to slowly work his way to the highest point in the castle.

As soon as he reached the roof he pulled off his cloak then walked over to the edge and looked out over the grounds, leaning heavily upon the railing.

He sighed heavily and just stared for a long time. His mind was clear of thoughts.

He was still there an hour later when the agile old man, who was Headmaster of Hogwarts, quietly joined him in looking over the grounds.

"What do you see out there?" Dumbledore asked quietly.

Harry didn't even move when he answered with a hint of bitterness creeping into his voice, "Too many questions and not enough answers."

"That is one of the most difficult parts of life, don't you think?"

Harry snorted, "Another question. I'm too stunned to think right now. I am too shocked to feel right now. Im too frustrated to care."

"Come with me Harry. It is long past time that we talked," Dumbledore ordered, the gentleness gone from his voice.

Harry did not respond in any way except to follow the Headmaster with his head down.


At about the same time that the Headmaster and Harry arrived at the gargoyle guarding Dumbledore's office, Draco awoke with a start. He found himself in the infirmary for the second time that day.

"What happened?" he asked out loud, his voice sounding hoarse even to himself.

"You're awake," Madam Pomfrey stated as she walked over and placed her hand on his forehead.

"It would appear so," Draco said dryly. "What happened this time? I was looking at Potter and I tried to get up to follow him when boom."

"It would appear that you weren't quite as ready to leave as I thought. You will be staying here for the night."

"But, I want to sleep in my own bed," he sputtered.

"Young man, you will be sleeping here tonight and I will not hear anything else out of you," she said, her eyes narrowing.

Draco looked indignant for a moment before the color drained out of his face and he collapsed backwards again.

Madam Pomfrey clucked her tongue a few times before pulling the covers up over Draco's slim form. She looked critically at the faded purple strip in his hair before waving her wand over it and whispering an incantation. The purple faded away as Draco slept on.


Harry was seated across from Dumbledore with a blank expression on his face.

Dumbledore was staring at him over his half-moon glasses, all hint of twinkle missing from his blue eyes. It made him look every one of his one hundred and fifty years.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Harry finally said accusingly after several minutes of silence.

The amount of pain that Harry had put into that statement shocked Dumbledore to his core. For the first time in years he doubted his course of action. The raw emotion that was evident in Harry's voice was heartbreaking.

"Tell you what?" Dumbledore hedged, trying to determine how much Harry figured out.

Harry's eyes narrowed as he looked at Dumbledore and Albus felt Harry's reserves disappear from his detection. Albus raised his eyes in surprise.

"I've gone through the 'wizard puberty' they talked about in class. I can sense my power and somewhat contain it," Harry said calmly, but still with a hint of accusation in his voice.

"Ah," was all that the Headmaster replied with.

"I'll leave the implications of going through that at my age for another time," Harry said looking Dumbledore directly in the eye, one wizard to another.

Dumbledore calmly looked at him without changing his expression.

"I left the Great Hall after discovering something else. There is a silvery thread of energy connecting me to Draco Malfoy. Why is that there?" Harry leaned forward looking intently at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore squirmed a little under Harry's intense gaze before answering slowly, "I'm not exactly sure what it is Harry." He raised his hand forestalling Harry's imminent protest. "I believe rather strongly that it is most likely what we call a life bonding."

Harry stared blankly at him in confusion.

"I think that Draco Malfoy is your soul mate. Something triggered an actual magical connection between you two. It exists at the deepest level of your psyche, on the same plane as your magical power is suspected of existing. It allows you to tap the magical reserves of your partner, I think," Dumbledore concluded, squirming a bit more under Harry's still intense gaze.

Harry finally looked away and stared at the perch in the corner. Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix chirped a little when Harry's eyes fell upon him. He thought quietly for a few more minutes before he looked at Dumbledore again.

"Some how I have formed a magical connection to the boy that has tormented me most in the last four years? I know that I decided to forgive him and talk to him last night, but that is a far cry from loving him. I know I'm gay and that Draco is pleasant on the eyes, but his personality. How can I love Draco Malfoy?" The last question was made with a mix of wonder and no small amount of disgust.

"I'm not sure why it occurred. We'll all have to have a long talk soon I think. For now, though, I think you should go see Draco in the infirmary."

Harry looked concerned despite his protests of feeling for Draco, "Is he hurt?"

"No, just drained. You might be able to balance him out a little bit with practice," Dumbledore said, the twinkle back in his blue eyes.

Harry groaned, "Did I just show concern for Draco Malfoy? And did you just suggest that I go see him and aid in his healing?"

Dumbledore's eyes practically glowed now, "Yes, to both questions. The sooner you get going, the sooner you'll be able to figure this all out."

Harry nodded and turned and left.

Dumbledore sighed to himself and turned and stroked Fawkes' head while he thought over what was just discussed.


Harry walked slowly and deliberately to the infirmary, taking his time as he ran his thoughts over and over again through his head. It took him nearly thirty minutes to get there. When he finally arrived he walked in on a mild amount of chaos.

Draco was sleeping, but writhing about on the bed screaming while Madam Pomfrey tried to hold him down. As soon as Harry was in sight of Draco, they both went rigid. Harry slumped, as if boneless, to the floor a moment later.

Harry found himself in a dark, cold location that reminded him immediately of the dungeons of Hogwarts, only far more sinister. He seemed to be floating in the air, not really attached to his body. In his current state, he could see the silvery thread that connected him to Draco a lot more clearly. He followed it and stopped in utter horror at what he saw.

Draco was still writhing about in this dream world, if not in the real one. There were hundreds of cuts across his exposed back. In a few cases, there were actually strips of skin hanging off. Harry stared in horror at the scene before him.

He then saw the cause of the cuts and the slashes across Draco's back. Lucius was swinging a leather whip down onto Draco's back again and again. Harry tensed in sudden fury as he turned and stared at the dream Lucius.

Harry stared at Lucius as Harry's scar burst into a bright light and his emerald green eyes blasted forth a bright light. Harry's anger poured out of him and surrounded Lucius' dream self. The man disappeared with a pop. The place where he had been was surrounded in bright green and white lights that seemed to be emanating from Harry.

Draco had stopped squirming and had passed out from the pain. Harry very gently touched Draco and he felt another surge of power and a rushing as he dropped out of the dream world.


In Malfoy Manor, Lucius Malfoy awoke and stared at the ceiling. He had a sudden certainly that someone wanted him dead. His whole body shuddered as if someone had crossed his grave. He dismissed the feeling as utter nonsense and rolled over and returned to a non-restful sleep.


"Harry?" the voice penetrated Harry's confused mind.

"Hmm?" he sighed.

"Harry, I would like you to get into bed please. Will you help me?"

"Yes," he said a little more awake. He got up with assistance and was led to a bed and helped into it.

"Go to sleep Harry. I'm not sure what happened, but young Mr. Malfoy has calmed down completely since you have arrived. I'll see you both in the morning," Madam Pomfrey concluded.

"Mmmhmm," Harry replied almost soundlessly as he drifted to sleep.

The rest of the night passed quietly for both boys. They both dreamed, but neither one was disturbed by their dreams for the rest of the night.

Harry was the first to wake up very early the next morning. He stared intently at the still sleeping Draco. He watched the other boy's chest rise and fall slowly in a contented sleep. He started to see some real possibilities there. Hmm.

Draco awoke to an intense stare from his erstwhile rival. It took a few minutes for him to come to his senses. When he finally did clear his thoughts, he returned Harry's intense look for a few moments before he started to feel uncomfortable under his gaze.

"What?" Draco finally asked with uncharacteristic cluelessness in his voice.

"Can you feel it?" Harry asked in response.

"Feel what?" Draco responded feeling even more bewildered then before.

Harry concentrated for a moment and sent a feeling of desire streaming down his connection to Draco.

Draco gasped as his loins stirred quite suddenly. His eyes widened in surprise when he sensed where the feelings were coming from.

"The connection. You've felt it now, I presume?"

Draco nodded, still unable to give a verbal response.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked with a great deal of real concern in his voice.

"I think so. What does this mean exactly?" Draco replied.

"Professor Dumbledore seems to think that it is a life bonding."

"That sounds too much like a soul mate. It isn't that is it?" Draco asked, a pleading look in his eyes.

Harry looked down at his feet, in a shy gesture that made Draco flush a bit in excitement.

Draco's eyebrows went up in alarm. Where had that feeling come from?

Harry finally looked up and his green eyes met with Draco's gray ones, "Yes, it means soul mate, but with some wizarding implications as well."

"What do you mean wizarding implications?"

"The reason you were drained, according to Dumbledore, is that we are connected at a very deep level. This connection, so far, has allowed us to share magical energy and emotion. Since it was uncontrolled, the magic drained from both of us," Harry explained.

"I guess that makes sense. How did it happen though?"

"I have no idea," Harry replied. He paused for a few moments before he asked very quietly and very intensely, "Draco, are you gay?"

Draco stared at Harry for a long time before he replied. He very slowly and quietly whispered, "Yes, I'm fairly certain that I'm gay."

Harry looked up from his shoes, where his eyes had dropped, "So am I. That makes dealing with this a lot easier. Though there is still a lot of bad blood to work out between us."

"This isn't something that is going to go away, is it?" Draco asked quietly.

"No, I don't think so. Dumbledore didn't say outright, but I get the impression that we have little actual choice in how this turns out. I think that the connection between us is going to keep getting stronger."

"Oh," he said, all traces of the old Draco Malfoy, nowhere to be seen.

"There is something else I need to tell you. It is about the coming to power of a wizard. I've passed through the so-called wizard's puberty. I can sense my power levels, and yours too," Harry added the last part quietly.

Draco's head snapped up and he locked gazes with Harry again. "Oh," was all he was able to say.

"Do you know anything about that? Since I was raised by muggles, a lot of wizarding education has been neglected," Harry said sadly.

Draco, who had spent the last four years picking on Harry for that very thing, looked at his feet for a few minutes before turning back to face Harry. "I think the most relevant thing to say is that it only occurs early in very powerful wizards. As they said in class, it usually occurs between 18 and 24. Since it is manifesting itself in you at 15, I can only conclude that you are not only already powerful, you will become more so."

Harry paled at Draco's statement. He hated being different from everyone. This was just another thing to make him different. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was an extension of the one thing? Why did Voldemort want to kill him in the first place?

Draco watched Harry pale and felt a sudden, deep concern for him. For the first time in his life, Draco saw how modest Harry was. He felt even worse for all the teasing he did about the 'Potter Fan Club'. Draco dropped his gaze to the floor as a tight misery overtook his conscious thoughts.

A very sudden piercing scream from Harry, caused him to look up again just in time to see Harry clutch his scar and fall over backwards. Draco felt an incredible pain burning down the link between them, but it didn't stop him from jumping out of bed and rushing to Harry's side.

Harry passed out cold and his scar was a bright, angry red. Madam Pomfrey arrived on the scene seconds after Draco arrived at Harry's side. She noted that Draco's hand was firmly clasped in Harry's own as she went straight towards the two boys.

"What happened, Mr. Malfoy?

"I don't know. One second we are talking and the next second he grabbed his scar and fell over backwards," Draco said with a great deal of concern evident in his voice and posture.

Madam Pomfrey was surprised at the depth of feeling emanating from the normally cold Draco Malfoy. She ignored her surprise and immediately started checking Harry over. She could find nothing wrong, except the discoloring of Harry's scar. She clucked her tongue a few times before turning and heading towards Dumbledore's office.

She looked over her shoulder at Draco, "I'm going to inform the Headmaster. I'll return momentarily."

Draco was concentrating on the pain he was receiving from Harry via the link and he was trying to figure out how to manipulate the link like Harry was able. It took a few minutes of intense concentration on his part to figure a few things out. Draco received an adrenaline rush when he figured out how to send feelings to Harry. The first thing he sent was a claming, relaxing feeling in order to get Harry to relax a bit. The pain that he was feeling down the link was drowned out by Draco's continued positive pressure on Harry's feelings. Draco found that the strength of the link was greatly increased by the physical contact that he had with Harry's hand.

Harry finally returned to consciousness after about an hour. Draco had not moved as he was concentrating on Harry the entire time. He hadn't noticed that Professors Lupin, Snape and Dumbledore had arrived and were spread around them. Lupin was watching Harry closely. Snape had the most peculiar look on his face, as he watched Draco. Professor Dumbledore looked very pleased and highly amused by Draco's attention on Harry.

Harry's voice rasped out quietly, "Voldemort has struck again. He attacked the Ministry of Magic personally. A lot of people were hurt, from what I could tell. Voldemort personally cast the Cruciatus curse on Minister Fudge. I think he will believe Voldemort has returned now."

Harry paused and tears were flowing down his cheeks.

"What?" Snape asked sharply.

"Arthur and Percy Weasley were hurt in the attack by Voldemort himself. I don't think they were killed, but I couldn't tell for sure. He didn't use the Avada Kedavra curse on them though."

Remus Lupin swore under his breath and stood. He looked for and received a nod from Dumbledore before rushing out of the room.

"Severus, will you stay and keep an eye on the boys please? I need to contact Molly Weasley."

"If you insist Albus," Snape replied dryly.

"I do," he replied as he strolled out of the room.

As soon as Albus left the room, Snape turned his gaze towards Harry. Harry was just drying up the tears and Draco still had Harry's hand firmly clasped in his own.

"I take it that you two have settled some of your differences?" Snape asked quietly.

Harry looked to Draco and Draco looked him in the eye before turning to Snape, "I think it is safe to say that."

Snape smiled slightly, "I thought as much. Potter, I still don't like you."

"That's okay, because I like you better in purple," Harry said, his bloodshot eyes wide with innocence and with sincerity in his voice.

Draco's eyes bulged in complete surprise and his mouth dropped open, leaving him looking completely un-Malfoy-like.

Harry's precisely calculated barb worked better than he could have hoped for. Snape turned a very violent shade of red and his eyes narrowed in fury.

"What? You look more friendly and more regal in purple," Harry plowed on with the innocence routine.

Draco was still gaping like a landed fish.

Madam Pomfrey returned at that moment to save the day, "Severus, those two boys need their rest and I want you out of my infirmary this instant!"

Snape's eyes narrowed a bit at Harry's cherubic face before he turned and stormed from the room without uttering a single word.

"You two should get more sleep. I will be releasing you for lunch and I want you both rested up before you leave here."

"Yes maam," Harry replied.

Draco finally managed to speak after she left the room, "Professor Snape is going to kill you Harry."

Harry's mind was already focused again on the terrible images he had received because of Voldemort. He hoped Mr. Weasley and Percy were ok. He wondered why they and Minister Fudge were in work so early today.

"Harry, did you hear me?" Draco asked, waving his hand in front of Harry's face.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Snape. He's wanted to be rid of me since I first got here," Harry said dismissing Draco's concern outright.

"He'll figure out you Apparated the fireworks into that cauldron."

"I didn't! Besides, there are charms against Apparation on the Hogwarts grounds. You can't Apparate and you can't make small items Apparate," Harry said emphatically.

"I felt it happen Harry. It must have been this link that exists between us," Draco said link, like it was a dirty word.

"If I did do it, I don't know how I did it. So we can kindly stop discussing it. You are right that Snape wouldn't like it much at all," Harry understated it rather well.

"How are we going to handle this whole connection thing with the rest of the student body?" Harry asked waving at the air between their heads.

"The rest of the Slytherins aren't going to like it, even if Professor Snape seems to be accepting it. I don't really understand that at all," Draco stated with a puzzled expression on his face.

"You do know that Snape is a Death Eater, right?" Harry asked.

Draco looked stunned, "No. He can't be! Dumbledore would never hire a Death Eater!"

"And people call me nave. Snape is a spy for Professor Dumbledore. Snape and I had a rather interesting talk at the beginning of this summer. There is a lot of history between him and my parents. Snape is holding a grudge over it. In an effort to maintain the fiction of a good Death Eater he has to really hate me, since I'm Voldemort's sworn enemy. Did you really not know that Snape was a Death Eater?"

"I thought he might be, but I figured that the do-gooder Dumbledore wouldn't let a Death Eater into the place," Draco responded after a moment of thought.

"What are we going to do out in public Draco?" Harry asked again.

"I guess we should keep the status quo?" Draco said tentatively.

"I guess that will work for right now. I'm really starting to develop an attachment to the real, emotionally-deep Draco though," Harry said quietly.

"Oddly enough, I'm starting to enjoy spending time with your Moral Correctness, Sir," Draco replied in kind.

"Perhaps we should get some sleep before we have to face the school at lunch?"

"Good idea Harry," Draco said as he got up and headed for his own bed.

Draco climbed into his bed and rolled over. As soon as he had his back to Harry he sent relaxing feelings flooding down the connection between them and after a moment he heard Harry sigh deeply and then drift into a light snoring. Draco smiled to the ceiling just before he fell asleep too.

Madam Pomfrey woke both boys a few hours later and got them moving. They were still drained of energy and they both looked rather pitiful, but she said they were fine. They were to go to lunch and then return to their dorms to sleep in their own beds.

Draco and Harry walked side-by-side all the way to the Great Hall, without exchanging a word. They felt comfortable with each other, but were growing apprehensive as they approached the Great Hall. A reason for this appeared as soon as they stepped into the room.

They were just barely starting to separate when Justin Finch-Fletchley walked up.

"Harry, have you become friends with this stupid git?" Justin demanded.

"With Malfoy?" Harry asked surprised, then noticing the rather mad look in Justin's eyes.

"You're just as evil as he is!" Justin screamed as he rushed Harry.

Under normal circumstances, Harry would probably have been able to dodge the attack, but he just didn't have the energy to move that fast. Harry was also a very poor fighter. The combination did not prove to be good for him. Justin's fist connected first with his nose, breaking it on impact and sending his broken glasses crashing to the ground. Harry had backed up under the impact and was hit again hard in his jaw. There was a crunching sound as the world went dark for him.

As soon as Harry had crashed to the floor, Justin had spun on the stunned Draco. Draco took a right hook directly to his eye and was down just as a tall redheaded blur slammed into Justin so hard that he was knocked away from Draco by a few feet. Draco was unable to remain upright and he slammed to the floor as well and was knocked unconscious when his head impacted with the ground.

Ron had seen the attack and stared in disbelief for a brief second before he was on his way to help his best friend. He executed a perfect flying tackle on Justin just after Justin had hit Malfoy. Ron had a height and weight advantage and had slammed Justin to the floor with a resounding thud.

As soon as they were both on the floor, Ron hauled back his fist and slammed it down hard on Justin's nose. Justin countered with a strong upward punch that bloodied Ron's nose. This only pissed the redhead off completely. For the first time in a long time, Ron lost complete control of his temper and he started raining down blows on Justin. Justin quickly lapsed into unconsciousness. Ron was about to pound him hard in his jaw again but Fred and George lifted him bodily from Justin. He wasn't even aware that he was crying until that point. As soon as he did, he turned and buried his face in Fred's robes, smearing his own blood all over his brother. George quickly came in and caught his younger brother and his twin in a three-way hug. Ron continued to sob into his brother as he was led from the hall.

Everybody else in the room was staring in abject horror at the scene that was played out before them. Even the Slytherins were staring. Harry, Draco, and Justin were levitated onto stretchers and floated down to the infirmary.

Professor McGonagall, Professor Sprout, Professor Snape and Headmaster Dumbledore all followed behind the boys on the stretchers. They were all discussing with some urgency what just happened and what to do about it. The Weasley twins and Ron were just behind the professors. Ron was still very distraught about the whole thing.


Ministry of Magic, Earlier that Morning

"You pompous damned fool!" Arthur Weasley yelled.

"You forget yourself Arthur!" Cornelius Fudge responded with narrowed eyes.

"I agree with Arthur, Cornelius. You have practically crippled the Aurors with your refusal to acknowledge the return of the Dark Lord. It is time for you decide whose side you are on. Right now," Mundungus Fletcher, the head of the Royal Aurors Society.

Cornelius shifted his glare from person to person, settling briefly on Percy Weasley, who was standing beside his father. "Traitors!" he roared.

"Enough!" roared Alistair Moody. "Minister Fudge, the Dark Lord has returned, if you don't accept it and announce it immediately, then well have you removed from office under article 9."

Cornelius blanched, "All we have is the word of a single boy."

"The boy is Harry Potter! I have never had the privilege of meeting a more honorable and honest boy than that!" Arthur verbally bashed Fudge again.

A sudden loud clanging of the alarm bells in the ministry building cut off the argument. All of the wizards had their wands out immediately. Percy stood side-by-side with his father as a crowd of Death Eaters burst into the conference room they were using. Curses start flying fast and furious.

The cursing all stopped moments later when a tall pale man with a snakelike face entered the room. His beady red eyes were focused on the minister as he drew his wand level with the man. Percy and Arthur both started flinging curses at Voldemort as fast as they could. Voldemort ignored the curses, as they were absorbed into a shielding spell he had up. Voldemort cast the Cruciatus curse on Fudge, and he smirked while the minister writhed about on the floor. It looked like he was about to get serious when the door burst opened at the green light of Avada Kedavra slammed into a Death Eater. The Death Eater fell to the ground as Voldemort was struck with the curse. He screamed in rage as he whipped around to cast a blasting spell behind him.

Arabella Figg had dodged behind a door just in time to avoid the blast. Voldemort launched a quick succession of spells at the Weasleys just before he apparated away with the rest of the living Death Eaters.

Arabella had arrived just in time to drive the Dark Lord away. Fudge was hurt, Fletcher was hurt, and both Weasleys were hurt. She left the minister on the floor and rushed for the Arthur Weasley and his son. She checked them both over and discovered that Percy was hurt far more than his father.

Percy had several physical injuries from his impact with the wall. The worst part was that he seemed to have a dark spell cast on him that had to be removed before he could be healed magically.

She was able to revive Arthur pretty quickly as he had been able to deflect most of the spell from himself. Fletcher was also up and about quickly and he had set about helping Fudge. She focused her effort on Percy.

"We need to get Percy to St. Mungos," she said.

"Yes, can you help me?" Arthur replied.

A few minutes later they were in the Trauma Center at St. Mungos. Arthur was with Percy and the doctor and Arabella was talking to Albus Dumbledore via a fire in one of the lounge fireplaces.

It took a few hours for the doctors to do as much as they could for Percy. It still wasn't enough to make him ship-shape though.

"I think we should bring him to Hogwarts. Dumbledore would like to meet with all of us anyway," she pointed out.

"Let's portkey to Hogsmeade then," Arthur said after looking at the pale face of his third son.


There was true chaos at Hogwarts when they arrived. Arthur was levitating a stretcher with Percy on it. They had walked into the infirmary less then a minute after the boys that were in the fight in the Great Hall. The infirmary was crowded right at that moment and Madam Pomfrey looked damned pissed.

"Everybody who is not injured had best get out of this room this instant," she snarled into the crowded room, then added darkly, "or you'll be joining them."

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows and then ushered the adults out of the room. He was starting to shoo the Weasley twins out, but they had gone to Percy with concern on their normally jovial faces.

"They can stay," Poppy said shortly, "I'll need their help."

End of Chapter 7

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