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Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 6 – Expecto Patronum

By Myr


Remus Lupin left the Great Hall when the welcoming feast concluded. He meandered to the teacher's wing and he passed through the secret entrance.  He made the way to his own door and said the password.  The door popped open without a sound.  He spent the rest of the hour unpacking and had just finished when a knock sounded on his door.

He walked over and opened it. "Yes?" he said to the scowling face of Severus Snape.

Severus smirked, "May I come in Remus?"

"Yes," Moony mumbled as he opened the door wide for Severus.

Severus made his way over to the fireplace and sat in the guest chair.  He didn't say anything until Lupin made his way over to his own chair.

"I have your Wolfsbane potion," he said as he handed over a sealed bottle that he had extracted from his robes.

"Thanks, Sevy," Remus replied, slipping back into his school days and Severus' nickname amongst very close friends.

Snape's face clouded for a moment, "Your welcome, Moony."  He smirked again at his use of Remus Lupin's nickname.

"Touché," Remus smiled.

"I talked to Potter this summer when he had the unfortunate run in with his uncle and I did what you suggested.  This upcoming war with Voldemort is going to be very difficult.  He at least seemed to understand how I'm required to act."  He paused for a long moment.  "Slytherin students are going to suffer the most during this war.  It will make things much more difficult around here for my classes and for yours."

"I know.  I'm not planning on giving you trouble beyond the occasional Wolfsbane potion."

"That shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I'm at a loss on how to deal with my house.  Rather sizable portions of the students in Slytherin have Death Eaters for parents.  I'm afraid that they will be unjustly persecuted.  Or worse, pressured by their parents to do something that they don't want to do," Snape looked contrite at the last statement.

Remus looked at him for a few moments before nodding sympathetically.  "It is highly likely, especially after the atrocious attack in Diagon Alley.  The Hufflepuffs are in a simmer over the death of the Finch-Fletchley parents and the loss of Cedric Diggory.  The Gryffindors had three Weasleys and Harry Potter involved in the attack.  Five total from Gryffindor when you take Mickey Finch-Fletchley into account.  I noticed he clung quite tightly to Harry."

"Potters always seem to collect strays," Snape replied with a deadpan look on his face.

Remus paused for a few moments with an equally blank look on his face.  "I'll assume I have the pleasure of your company because of your favorite student?"

"I would like to know what happened on the train.  I'd also like to know if that look you gave me earlier was what I thought it was," Severus asked, curiosity looking strange on his normally dour face.

"Harry saved Draco from a rather embarrassing situation."

"Did he?  I find that hard to believe.  Potter loves attention after all," Snape provoked Lupin.

"Yes, he did.  I think the dazed look on his face was from him trying to figure out Potter.  You Slytherins don't like doing something for nothing.   He is more than likely confused about why Harry helped him."

"There's more too it than that.  I saw the same look you saw," Snape said, his forehead crinkling knowingly. 

Remus smirked slightly, "If you are getting at sexuality, I'm not sure."

"I thought it was said you could spot it easily due to your increased senses?"  Snape sneered lightly.

"Are you asking for my opinion or are you insulting me?"

"Your opinion, please, oh wolf friend of mine," Snape replied with a small sarcastic smile on his face.

Remus snorted, "You're terrible Sevy.  I think both boys are gay, yes."

"Ha! I knew it!  Now, what to do about it?"

"What do you mean by that?" Moony asked sharply.

Snape actually looked hurt, "Allowing them to get together of course.  Potter could do a world of good for Draco.  Draco surrounded himself with hulking fools, just like that stupid father of his.  Potter is a honorable boy, no matter what else I might think of him.  Draco needs that.  It should put him on our side and he won't be forced to make that same mistake that I made," Severus made the last statement with a vehement conviction.

Moony's face softened in response, "I see."

"Moony, I understand your friendship with the Potters and even that self-inflated Black.  I'm sorry my insecurities force me to be callous to you and your image outside of these walls," Severus said with an earnest look on his face.

"I've understood all along the dual-role you have been forced to play Sevy.  I'll continue with our agreement, you have no fear there."

"I know.  Gryffindor's stubborn and fanatic devotion to 'what is right' is what makes you the best of friends.  Hufflepuff's steadfast loyalty makes them the same.  The drawback of Slytherin makes them need those true friends to stay on the side of good," Snape temporized.

"What of Ravenclaw?"

"They are just as independent as anyone from Slytherin.  More so, since they love to live in their books and studies," Snape said with a rare slice of house equality.

"Do you think Draco will go to the side of light?"

Snape sat still for a few moments before he slowly said, "I think so."

"I think that Harry will keep after Draco now.  Once that boy sees a mystery, he can't leave it alone."

Severus snorted, "You are telling me this?"

Remus laughed, "Like father, like son, Sevy.  I'll work on my charge.  I'll leave Draco to you."

"Sounds feasible.  Good evening Moony," Severus said as he stood.

"You too, Sevy," Remus replied.

Severus let himself out and crossed over to his own room.  He shook his head to himself and then snorted.  Life is never dull around this place, he thought as he readied himself for bed.


Draco woke up feeling more refreshed than he had in weeks.  He also felt a lot more confident than he was before that he'd be able to handle the trials ahead.

The conversation he had with Harry just a few scant hours ago came rushing back to him.  Draco had never been able to confide in someone before and doing so was a huge step.  The look in Harry's eyes a few hours before was something he had never experienced before.  It felt almost as if he had been drowning in those eyes of emerald green.

Draco was finally able to clear his head of random thoughts.  He pulled opened his curtains and dropped both feet to the cold stone floor.  He felt ready for the beginning of the school year.

He thought so at least.

The Great Hall was just beginning to fill up when Draco arrived.  He filed in with everyone else and made his way straight to his usual seat at the Slytherin table.  He sat and scanned over the Gryffindor table with his usual smirk plastered on his face.  Even though on the outside he looked like his usual self, he didn't feel like it.  He saw this as a rather good thing indeed.

"Hey Dracy," purred the rather annoying Pansy Parkinson as she dropped into the space next to Draco.

"Parkinson, don't call me that," he said as he glared at her.

She shuddered visibly at the cold look then stuttered, "O-o-o-kay Draco."

He smirked at her obvious discomfort.  "Did you want something?"

She looked furtively around and noticed that the seats around Draco were all open and that she was the only one that had approached him.  Recovering some of her dignity, "I should have listened to my father.  He said you could no longer be trusted and to stay away from you."

"No one should ever trust me," Draco smirked coldly at her, before looking towards his food and ignoring her altogether.

He was still smirking when Goyle dropped into the seat next to him and Crabbe dropped in the seat across from him.

He raised his eyebrow at Crabbe, who promptly smiled in greeting.  It was a rather grotesque image, but it was friendly enough.  Draco nodded back at him and they all started to eat their meals.

Across the great hall, Ron Weasley was just starting to eat his food, whilst stealing glances at Harry.  Harry looked more composed today than he had been all summer.  In fact, Harry looked happy.  This both pleased and shocked Ron.  Perhaps it was just being back at Hogwarts?

Harry was indeed feeling much better today.  The conversation he had had with the blond Slytherin boy only a few hours before had seemed oddly uplifting.  Harry now felt a good portion of the weight on his shoulders disappear.  That in turned allowed his spirits to lift.  His thoughts scattered to the winds when a tow-headed boy forced his way into Harry's lap.  Harry sat in stunned silence as the boy started picking through his food.

"Mickey, what do you think you are doing?" he finely as able to spit out.

The boy looked as if he had been slapped and slumped into a little ball with his face buried into Harry's robe.

Harry sighed deeply before glancing up and meeting a direct glare from Draco.  He wasn't expecting that.  What was wrong with Draco now?  I didn't do anything.  Harry's thoughts slammed to a halt for a few moments before he glanced down at the brown head that was still buried in his robe.  Ah Ha!  Draco was jealous, Harry immediately grasped and then just as quickly he was confused again.  Why?

Draco ate slowly, calmly watching the rest of the Slytherins.  He had been feeling better and better about the emotional purge he went through with his former enemy.  He was watching Harry across the hall as subtly as possible.  He nearly choked on his pumpkin juice when Mickey Finch-Fletchley crawled into Harry's lap.  He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt pissed at Harry.  Before he realized it, he was glaring at Harry Potter.  Again.

Harry found out, much to his chagrin, that Mickey was almost leech-like in his ability to maintain his current position.  Harry gave up after awhile and sent a pleading look Ron and Hermione, both of whom were sitting across from him.

Finally Harry had enough of the boy in his lap.  He whispered into Mickey's ear, "Mickey, unless you are planning on becoming my sex toy, you have to stop clinging to me constantly."

Mickey crawled up and whispered back, "What do you mean by sex toy, Harry?"

Harry's eyes widened realizing just what he had said.  "Sorry about that Mickey.  I shouldn’t have said that to you."

"Oh. Are you gay like Justin?" Mickey whispered.

“Yes,” Harry replied, just as quietly.

“Do you like me that way?” Mickey asked, his brown eyes wide as small saucers.

Harry recovered from his poorly chosen words, hugging Mickey a little closer, "I was joking.  I think of you as a little brother."

Mickey looked kind of sad.

"You know that I love you as a brother, right?" he whispered into Mickey's ear.

Mickey nodded.

“And you know how busy I am, right?” Harry continued.

Mickey nodded.

“Can you share your attention amongst some of the others?” Harry asked tentatively.

Mickey thought for a few minutes while Harry looked around.  Harry noticed Seamus watching Mickey with a lot of interest.

"Mickey, do you want someone else who I know will treat you right?" Harry asked him very quietly.

Mickey tilted his head at Harry for a few moments, before nodding slowly.

"Go to Seamus and sit in his lap," Harry told him quietly.

Mickey, who was a quick study with names, noticed the other boy right away.  He practically leaped out of Harry's lap and into Seamus' lap.  He snuggled in quite quickly before Seamus even had a chance of understanding what had just happened.  Harry smirked an almost evil grin to the great hall in general, when he saw Seamus’ expression.

Draco watched closely as events unfolded at the Gryffindor table.  He was both shocked and pleased when the boy hopped out of Harry's lap and jumped into the other boy's lap.  The look on Harry's face shocked the hell out of him.  He couldn't decide if that was an evil grin or a predatory one.  Neither option really looked right on the Boy Who Lived. 

Harry's grin turned into a scowl when Hermione handed him his schedule.  Every class he had was with the Slytherins, except the two new ones, Self-defense and Dueling.  He looked up from his schedule to stare at Snape.  Potions class was his first class. Snape scowled back at him in an almost evil way.  That was when Harry surprised Snape.  Harry turned his look into a death glare.  Harry had secretly been practicing his death glare in the mirror.  Trying it on Snape first was almost divine inspiration.  Harry fingered the Filibuster's Fabulous No-Heat, Wet-Start Fireworks he had gotten from George Weasley and hidden in his robes.  Harry was going to have some fun.

Draco was sitting across the Great Hall with a look of discomfort on his own face.  The idea of having every class with the Gryffindors was stomach churning at best.  Even if he had made a sort of peace with Harry, he still hated all the other Gryffindors, and they him.  He glanced over at Harry and saw him gazing malevolently at Professor Snape.  The look on Harry's face was extremely intense and Draco thought that it might be possible to spontaneously combust under his gaze alone.  Draco looked quickly to Professor Snape and watched as he recoiled in shock.  Draco turned back to Harry and saw the left side of Harry's mouth quirk up into a smile that was directed towards him.  Then just as suddenly as it started, Harry's face transformed back to his normal smiling and friendly Boy Who Lived look. 

Ron had, for once, been completely observant of everything that had gone on.  He even noticed Malfoy's rather pointed interest in Harry's activities.  He also noticed that Harry acknowledged Malfoy, in some way at least.  There was something going on with Harry.  Ron was sure about that.  He was also pretty sure it had nothing to do with Mickey, who appeared to now be attached to Seamus.  That might be a good match too.  Seamus was looking splendidly happy to have young Mickey in his lap.  Ron stopped all further thoughts then and there.  No need to think about that when he had Hermione as his.  When he thought of her, he turned around and graced her with one of his full-fledged Weasley smiles.  She dimpled prettily in response.

Ron decided that he would leave well enough alone for now, but he would be keeping an eye on Harry.  Especially since he managed to make Snape recoil in shock.  There was definitely something different about Harry now.

Harry in turn, had noticed Ron observing.  Poor Ron didn't realize he was as transparent as glass.  Harry loved his friend dearly, but Ron just was not cut out to be secretive.  He was emotional and the only time he wasn't, was when he was trying to be sneaky.  That, of course, gave him away.  Harry put all the clues together and quickly decided that Ron suspected something was going on with Draco.  The question was:  could Ron handle it?

The bell rang and the students stood and started to mass towards their first class of the new year.   Draco rose and followed Harry's group of friends at a discrete distance.  Crabbe and Goyle were, once again, shadowing him.  They did seem to have a bit more intelligence than he had ever given them credit for.  He was thankful for that at least.

The potions classroom was empty when the students arrived.  Following the patterns of years past, the Slytherins sat in the front of the classroom closest to their head of house, while the Gryffindors headed to the farthest point of the room.  Everybody except Harry, that is.  He dropped down smack center of the room, directly behind Draco Malfoy's little group.  Draco raised his eyebrows in surprise for a brief moment before his normal sneer covered his mistake.  He ignored Harry from then on.

Ron and Hermione did not notice that Harry had stayed near the front of the class until they reached the back of the room.  Seamus was passing by Harry and suddenly decided to join his housemate in the front area.  Ron and Hermione exchanged a brief glance with each other and then rejoined Harry, in the center front of the room.  The rest of the Gryffindors shuffled self-consciously before moving closer to Harry's group.

Professor Snape walked in at this point and glanced briefly at the class arrangement. 

"Mr. Potter, five points from Gryffindor for giving a professor an evil look."

The other Gryffindors looked sullen and angry as they looked at Professor Snape.

Snape stared coldly at them all, "Today we start with a simple dye potion.  This will create a dye that is difficult to get out of things.  I will start by quickly demonstrating how to create the dye."

The next half hour was spent with Professor Snape describing the ingredients that he was adding.  Harry paid only light attention to it all.  He was still pissed at Snape, despite the knowledge that Snape had to act the way he did because of Voldemort. 

Harry fingered the Filibuster's Fabulous No-Heat, Wet-Start Fireworks that was still in his pocket and found himself desiring very strongly that there was some way to douse Snape and the Slytherins with that bright purple dye.  He hid a smirk.  He really wanted to get the fireworks into the cauldron so it would explode all over them, but there was no way he could toss it without someone seeing where it came from.  He stared heavily at the cauldron itself while he kept trying to figure out how to get the firework from his pocket into the cauldron.

He felt an energy drain that was followed almost immediately by a loud BANG!  There was a chorus of loud screaming from the front rows and the dye blasted everywhere.  Harry's eyes widened as Draco suddenly sported a brand new purple streak in his platinum blond hair.  Snape's face was purple.  But given that his clean left ear was also purple, Harry guessed that Snape was a little upset at this particular incident. 

Blaise Zabini, the person furthest away from the rest of the Slytherins broke out in hysterical laughter.

Snape immediately screeched, "Fifty points from Slytherin!  And five detentions for Zabini!"

Harry and the rest of the Gryffindors stared in complete and utter shock.  Snape had taken points from Slytherin.  A LOT of points. 

"Class dismissed!  Get yourselves cleaned up!" Snape yelled looking like he was going to vaporize someone.

Zabini was sputtering incoherently.

Harry and Seamus looked at Ron and Hermione and they all stood up at once.  The Gryffindors cleared the room rapidly.

Harry had made into the hallway and halfway to the stairs when he heard a drawling voice behind him, "Potter!  A moment of your precious time."

Harry stopped short and rounded on the slightly smaller boy, who flinched at the expression on his face.  "Well?" Harry snapped.

Draco looked a bit peevish and more than a little sexy with the bright purple stripe down the center of his head.  Harry felt his stomach tighten sharply at that thought.

Draco dragged Harry off to the side waving back the two goons.  Harry waved back Ron and Hermione who were both watching with their wand hands twitching.

Once they were in semi-private, Draco asked quietly, "How did you do that Potter?"

"Me?" Harry replied doing a rather excellent impression of Draco's drawl.

Draco narrowed his eyes slightly, "I was practicing Apparation last summer Potter.  It felt like that.  Is that how you did it?"

"It wasn't me Malfoy.  I was just as surprised as you were."

"I don't believe you," then added after looking at the twitching Crabbe, "you better yell and scat."

"Sod off you stupid wanker!" Harry bellowed loudly, while lightly shoving the other boy away from him.  Malfoy, for his part acting like he was pushed a lot harder than Harry really did push him.

Crabbe and Goyle both stepped forward and Harry leveled a death glare at them.  Ron and Hermione both gasped at the look on his face.  Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other then at Draco.  Draco twitched his head away from Harry and both the brutes backed off.  Harry turned around and headed for the stairs.

Ron and Hermione exchanged glances, and then followed slowly after him.


Draco was shaken up.  He had spent the last hour casting spells on his hair and had only managed to turn his hair from bright royal purple to a dull light grape purple.  He felt certain that it had been Harry that had somehow Apparated a firework into the cauldron.  For some reason, he felt attuned to Harry's movement of power.  What really spooked him though was Harry's handling of the two goons.  Draco honestly thought that Harry was going to kill them if they even thought of coming closer to him. 

The Boy Who Lived had changed quite a bit.  Draco had noticed the exchange of meaningful glances between Granger and Weasley as well.  That indicated that they thought Harry had changed too.

Draco wrapped up his thoughts as he approached his Arithmancy course.  He was more determined than ever to talk to Harry again tonight.


Harry had managed to avoid the dye in class, mainly because Draco caught the full brunt of it.  Harry smiled at the thought of Draco with a purple stripe in his hair.  Ron had just collected Harry so they could shuffle off to Divination.  That class was normal, that is, Harry's death was predicted eight times during the hour.

Harry and Ron met up with Hermione and Seamus in the Great Hall.  Mickey had come from his class and sat right next to Seamus and the two were cuddling in a way.  Harry smiled at them as he took a seat where he could view both Draco and Snape.

Harry laughed out loud as soon as he saw Snape.  Professor Snape had on new robes, but his face and hands were all light purple.  He had an absolutely murderous look on his face and he stared dangerously at Zabini.  Ron turned to see what Harry was laughing at and saw Snape's angry, light purple face.  He cracked up as well.  The rest of Gryffindor noticed Snape and they started laughing uproariously.  Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw followed suit and Snape looked so pissed that it looked as though he was about to start cursing students.

Dumbledore rose to his feet but was ignored, at least until a clap of thunder fell from the ceiling overhead.  Every noise in the room stopped at once.

"Thank you.  Please go about eating your meals and ignore Professor Snape's, uh, colorful appearance."

Minerva McGonagall coughed out the pumpkin juice she was drinking when the headmaster made his little joke.  Snape changed colors completely as he went from pasty-white-dyed-purple to blushing-violently-red-dyed-purple.  He turned and left the room.

McGonagall got up and followed him out.

Everybody returned to eating and staring at the purple dyed fifth year Slytherins.  Lunch continued fairly smoothly from there.  Everyone got up to head to his or her next class when the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

The purple striped Draco was in the group right behind Harry as they entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.  Professor Remus Lupin was already there and he smiled when he saw Ron, Harry and Hermione walk in.

He waited for everyone to get settled.  "I've heard all about last year's teacher in this class.  I figured I'd start with a nice powerful spell to teach you.  It is called 'Expecto Patronum'.  The purpose of the spell is to summon a guardian of sorts.  There will only be a few of you that will be able to cast it, but you all need to learn how."

Remus stared at Harry ever so briefly before continuing.

"In order to cast the spell, you need to hold the most pleasant thought in your head that you can.  Then concentrate on it when you say the incantation."

Harry squirmed a little sensing the reason that Remus had looked at him.

"I have a boggart in the cupboard.  Mr. Potter, if you'd please step up here and demonstrate the spell to us?"

Harry stood up as everybody turned to look at him.

He walked slowly to the front and then nodded at Lupin.

Lupin pointed his wand at the cupboard and it sprang open, the boggart took the shape of a Dementor as it focused on Harry.

Harry stared at it for a moment before pointing his wand at it and shouting out, "Expecto Patronum!"

Harry was stunned at what he saw.  He was expecting the silvery-misted stag.  But that wasn’t what he got this time.  Harry threw a look over his shoulder and noticed that Professor Lupin had the same stunned expression as everyone else.  The Patronus that Harry had summoned was still stag-shaped.  However, it was much bigger, more like a King Stag.  It was much more real looking than the last one he had cast.  It looked almost solid.  Some part of it must have been solid because it stormed across the room and the boggart/dementor disappeared with a large bang when the Patronus slammed into it. 

The Patronus turned and stared directly at Draco Malfoy for a few moments before walking back to Harry.  It nuzzled Harry's shoulder and then faded from view.  Harry collapsed backwards, suddenly completely drained.  Professor Lupin caught him just before he fell and lowered him gently to the floor.

"Hermione, please run and fetch Madam Pomfrey.  Ron, please look after Harry for a few moments.  Everybody else, class is dismissed!"

Hermione rushed out immediately and Ron came to the front of the room and was cradling Harry's head in his lap.  Everybody else buggered out of the room as fast as they could.  Except for Draco Malfoy.  He was sitting dead still exactly like he had been when the Patronus looked at him. 

Hermione returned moments later with Madam Pomfrey in tow. 

"What happened?" she asked Hermione again.

"He cast what looked like an extremely potent 'Expecto Patronum'."

"I see.  What about Malfoy over there?" she asked as she noticed the unmoving boy staring straight ahead.

Ron looked up suddenly as Madam Pomfrey levitated Harry onto a stretcher she had conjured.  He looked over at Malfoy then said, "The Patronus looked at Malfoy for a few moments.  He has been sitting there since."

"Oh my," Madam Pomfrey muttered as she headed over there.

She shook his shoulder and he slumped forward unconscious.  She conjured a second stretcher immediately and levitated Malfoy onto it.

She headed immediately for the infirmary, with both stretchers floating behind her.

Madam Pomfrey blocked entry to Ron and Hermione.  She told them to head to their next class.


Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore arrived together in the infirmary a few minutes later.  The headmaster immediately walked over to both boys and examined them.  He waved his wand over both boys and whispered something.  He nodded to himself before turning back to Lupin.

"So Harry cast the spell, and?" Dumbledore prompted.

"It was the most powerful Patronus I have ever seen or even heard of being summoned.  It was much larger and more solid than the stag he summoned before.”

"Interesting.  And the Malfoy boy?"

"The stag stared at him for a few moments before returning to Harry and dispelling," Lupin replied.

"Most interesting indeed.  The boys are both suffering from drained magical resources."

"They are what?" asked a stunned Lupin.

"It would appear that young Harry was able to tap young Malfoy's magical reserves, in addition to his own.  I'm guessing that since it was an unintentional act, the magic drained itself down to the dregs from both of them."

"But the only cases I have ever heard of anyone being able to share magical resources are through extremely powerful and dangerous spells or through a soul mate."

"The spells that I know of to do that are beyond the ability of most wizards.  That leaves a true soul mate," Dumbledore looked quite shocked.

"You mean that...  Harry and Draco?  That means that...  Oh my...  Merlin's sake," Lupin tumbled out all at once.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, "It would appear that this is the case.  I was aware that they made peace with each other last night, but that is as far as it went.  This is obviously on a much deeper level.  Don't say anything to either boy.  They need to discover and build what they want all on their own," Dumbledore stated firmly.

"Yes, sir," Lupin agreed readily.

"Let's get back to work.  Poppy will take care of the boys," Dumbledore said indicating the door to the infirmary.


Draco slowly woke up to find himself in a bed in the infirmary.  He was right next to the Boy Who Lived.  He looked over at Harry and stared at him while he wondered why they were there.  The last thing he could remember was being really tired and looking into the eyes of that Patronus.

Harry awoke and asked quietly, "What happened?"

Draco responded dryly, "The Boy Who Lived Strikes Again."

Harry turned a half glare half concerned look at Draco. "Did I somehow manage to drag you into this?" he asked quietly.

Draco sent a sharp look at him, softening as he saw the concern in Harry's look.  "It would appear that way.  However, I have no memories of what happened after the Patronus looked at me."

"I don't remember anything from the moment he touched me," Harry replied quietly.

"Boys!  You're awake!  Excellent.  I was afraid that you'd miss dinner," Madam Pomfrey interrupted their little conversation.

"Madam Pomfrey, what happened?" Harry asked quietly.

"I think it is best that the Headmaster explain that to you," she replied after looking at both boys over her glasses. 

Draco and Harry both exchanged puzzled glances and then got out of their beds.

"Head straight to dinner and report to the Headmaster after dinner."

They both nodded and padded their way together to the Great Hall.

But an unspoken agreement, they separated some before entering and broke towards their respective house tables without saying anything to each other.

Harry arrived at the table to the stares of his year-mates. 

"Harry!  How are you doing mate?" Ron shouted out as he made space for Harry at the table between him and Mickey. 

As soon as Harry sat, Mickey's hand snaked around Harry's waist in a hug.  Harry smiled at the smaller boy. Mickey smiled back.

"What happened Harry?" Hermione asked as she leaned around Ron.

"I don't know.  I was just really tired after casting the Patronus."

"Not too surprising," Hermione said knowingly, "That was the most powerful Patronus I've ever heard of or read about.

Harry looked at her sharply, "But how?" he trailed off with a look of confusion coming over his features. 

An odd thought struck Harry and his face went blank as he went chasing after it.  It seemed fairly obvious that he had put a lot of power into the casting of the spell.  But there was more power in that he should have had alone.  His thoughts trickled a bit further and he realized he sensed his power now.  He sat straight up in shock at that.  Some of their initial classes had described this moment in a young wizard's life, much like puberty.  A wizard came into his power when he could detect the flow and ebb of his own resources.  It usually occurred around 7th year, but it sometimes occurred earlier in powerful wizards.  That stopped his thought processes again.

It occurred early in powerful wizards.  Is that why Voldemort wants me dead?

His mind continued to wander about in this new discovery when it landed on what could best be described as a silvery line leading away from his body.  He wondered what it was and the thought alone was enough to send a piece of his consciousness whizzing down it.


Draco was sitting quietly amongst his year-mates as well.  He was feeling kind of groggy and was only half responding to the questions that they were asking him.  He had managed to eat some of his meal before he felt a gentle tug in the back of his mind. He sat straight up in shock at the feeling.  His mouth dropped open in shock as he saw Harry jump up from the Gryffindor table and run out of the room.  He went to stand and he was too dizzy.  He then slumped forward unconscious into his bowl of pudding.

Pansy Parkinson's scream broke the attention of the Great Hall from Harry's rapid departure.  Professor Snape was down to the students' table before any other professor.  He gently lifted Draco onto the stretcher he conjured and Madam Pomfrey levitated it back to the infirmary. 

Professor Snape looked to the head table and directly into Dumbledore's eyes and then looked at the door to the Great Hall.  Dumbledore nodded slightly in acknowledgement. 

End of Chapter 6

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