Half Of You; Half Of Me

Chapter 2

By Requiem Artist


As Jyscal left the room, Seymour and Auron exchanged the expression of shock and awkwardness. Neither of them knew exactly what to say to one another, as they had just been caught in the Maester's bedroom. Auron especially hadn't a clue what to do. He didn't know how Jyscal would react to him sleeping with his son.

Seymour swallowed, turned his head towards the pile of clothes on the ground and chuckled slightly.

"What's funny?" Auron asked, nervously.

"Oh, nothing in particular," Seymour smiled, "Except I can't wait to hear what my father will say to me... not that I care."

"What do you think he'll do?" Auron asked.

"No need to worry. My father isn't the gossip type. He'll drag me downstairs and ask me why I did it, tell me that it's against Guado tradition, et cetera... There is no need to fear any consequence, Auron. If anything happens, it will be put on my shoulders."

"That's not fair."

"That is Guado politics, I'm afraid." Seymour shrugged, "Like I said, he's not the gossip type. He'll consult Tromell, speak with me, and that will be that. I am my father's only son. The lordship will pass to me. Jyscal will make sure of that. I will make sure of that."

Auron looked down as Seymour stood, grabbing his clothes and handing Auron his own.

"Are you well?" Seymour looked at the guardian.

The older man nodded, not really sure what to say or do.

"Just wait downstairs in the lobby until I am done speaking with my father. I guarantee that it won't take long. Our conversations never do."

Auron nodded and sighed, finished dressing and watched as the demi-Guado walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Jyscal had slumped in a chair as Tromell inquired his lord. As always, Tromell offered the best advice that he could, suggesting something as Seymour walked in.

Auron stepped down the stairs, now taking the opportunity to look at the portraits which hung on the wall. The men here were Seymour's ancestors, not only that, but the Guado lords of the past. Seymour was expected to follow in Jyscal's footsteps. Auron felt that he may have hindered this future task for Seymour by the act just committed. In the midst of his thoughts, the door opened downstairs and Tromell walked out, leaving the door cracked a tad.

"Sir Auron, do not be afraid. Lord Jyscal merely has a few suggestions for young Lord Seymour if you two continue to... yes." Tromell smiled.

Auron simply nodded, "Forgive me, I did not mean to start anything."

"You started nothing. Guado affairs are taken care of by the Guado." Tromell nodded, "Excuse me."

"Of course, sir."

He saw Tromell open a hidden cubby and grab old, dusty papers, then return into the room.

He tried not to think about what those were, but curiosity got the better of him, and he started to walk down the steps slowly, stealthily.

As he walked towards the door, both Jyscal and Tromell walked out, sighing heavily.

"Sir Auron, you do not need to worry. My son simply doesn't understand why I have just cause to be concerned about any relationship you may start."

"Is it because of his heritage?"

"That is part of it, yes. He is half human, yet the other part of him is Guado. And as heir to the lordship, I expect a lot from him. The last thing I want to see is him getting himself into trouble."

"I apologize, my lord. It isn't entirely his fault, I am also to blame." Auron bowed his head.

"Guardian, you need not fear anything. What has happened in this house will stay within these walls, I guarantee that to you. Seymour has more responsibility with this than you."


"It is difficult to explain..." Jyscal sighed, "Please, don't take offense when I chose not to tell you. It is simply a matter to the Guado."

"Of course, sir..." Auron sighed.

"Excuse me, please. I have been called to duty." Jyscal started to walk out of the mansion.

"My Lord? May I ask one thing?" Auron asked hesitantly.

"Yes, do." Jyscal turned.

"It has nothing to do with race, correct?"

"Not in the sense you think, no. The elders do not like my son, but the rest of the Guado do not mind him. If anyone discovers your... attraction with him, I'm sure that the Elders will mumble and moan to me about it, but everyone else will take apathy." Jyscal smiled, turned and began to walk again. "Just one more thing," Jyscal turned around, "Be very careful how close you get to my son. You both have very different paths laid before you. And I'd rather you simply keep this physical than get emotionally involved. In the end, you will walk your path, with or without him. He needs no more abandonment or solitude."

"Sir...?" Auron tilted his head to the side, unsure what Jyscal meant.

"Never mind. We will discuss it if and when it comes." the Maester nodded his head and walked out.

"Tromell, may I see him?" Auron asked.

"Not yet, young lad," Tromell smiled, "He is taking care of affairs placed on him by Jyscal. He will be done shortly, however, so please, have a little patience."

"Of course, forgive me." Auron stepped outside, deciding that he would wait for his young lover out there. He needed the fresh air, anyway.

He debated with himself on whether or not what happened was purely physical or if he was attracted to Seymour in more than one way. The half-breed certainly had charisma and outstanding social skills, but was also very beautiful. His eyes intrigued the guardian, to the point that he found himself unable to think of anything on Seymour's young face except those pale indigo orbs. So much pain in those eyes, yet so much hope. Putting it together wasn't hard. Seymour had a rough life, Auron could tell. The way Seymour carried himself seemed powerful, confident and untouched, yet Auron knew that some of it was an act. That the future Lord had fears, had doubts... had pain. The more the guardian thought about it the more he wanted to take Seymour in his arms and promise to take care of him. He wanted to be with the half-Guado more than anything. Jyscal's words popped into Auron's mind. Jyscal said that they had separate paths... Separate paths. Auron thought about it and sighed: a guardian and a lord? Both men? Acceptable in Spira? Doubtful. He could very well die protecting Braska, Seymour could very well die fighting a fiend as much as Auron... or die from Sin. The more he thought, the more frustrated he became. Braska was ill, Jyscal hadn't the chance to tell the guardian how his summoner was, and the thought of Seymour was driving Auron mad. He wanted to know Braska was going to be okay, he wanted to know if he still had a chance with the beautiful demi-Guado. Despite the dark forecast, Auron wanted to be with him. And he would, given the chance.

"I apologize for all of that. You mustn't be used to this sort of thing." Seymour's voice interrupted Auron's thoughts.

"Seymour, I'm sorry about all of this."

"Please, Auron, do not be silly. If I had not wanted this, than it wouldn't have happened. As I recall, I was the first to move." Seymour smiled a little.

"What about Lord Jyscal?"

"Father has no say in my choices. He knows that." Seymour shrugged.

"Seymour, I don't want to get you in any trouble..."

"Don't be silly, Auron. There is nothing to worry about. That is, if you aren't ashamed of what happened..." Seymour trailed off suggestively.

"No, not ashamed, just... worried. I don't want you to get hurt."

Seymour looked at Auron for a moment, simply staring.

"Auron, he's right." Jyscal's voice interrupted them. "He'll do what he wants, despite my word. However, what is best for my son is all that I care about. His happiness is more important to me than my pride."

Seymour stared at Jyscal, expressionlessly.

"Lord Jyscal..."

"My son suggested that you and your guardian friend take some time off at night and stay in the mansion. We have spare bedrooms, so feel free, if you are so inclined."

"How is Braska..." Auron asked nervously.

"Stable, but unconscious. He'll be bed ridden for a while. I am sorry." Jyscal replied.

Seymour continued to stare at Jyscal unmoved.

"Excuse me, please, both of you. I have business to attend to.

"But of course, father." Seymour retorted.

Auron bowed his head respectfully as Jyscal walked away.

"Seymour, I trust you will show Auron proper quarters." Jyscal called out to his son as he left.

Seymour turned towards Auron and smiled, "Come, I'll show you your quarters."

As they walked inside, Auron noticed Seymour's silence as a signal: Seymour felt displeased in some way. Unsure if he was the cause, Auron turned Seymour around and looked at him, studying his expression for a moment.

"Seymour... I don't want a guest room."

"I beg your pardon?" Seymour seemed taken aback by Auron.

"I'd rather stay with you." the raven-haired man smiled.

Seymour smirked, giving Auron a gentle kiss on the lips, "You needn't ask twice, guardian."

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