Half Of You; Half Of Me

Chapter 1

By Requiem Artist


"Lord Jyscal," Tromell entered Jyscal's private chambers, whispering softly, "My Lord, we've just received a very ill summoner- his condition having worsened over the course of a few weeks."

Jyscal sat up and looked at his advisor.

"His guardians beg of our assistance. My Lord, truly we cannot forsake them."

"No, bring the summoner to me at once." Jyscal commanded, standing and putting on his robes.

Tromell bowed and took his leave; Jyscal finished dressing, exiting his chambers and walking down the stairs, not bothering to close his doors all the way. He noticed a figure standing by the door, leaning against its frame with his arms folded across his chest. Seymour, his only child, stood, staring out at the Guado who had begun to make quite a ruckus.

"You're up quite early this morning, Seymour..." Jyscal began, walking down the steps towards him.

"I couldn't sleep." Seymour replied, "What's going on, father?"

"An ill summoner is in dire need of our help. He is very ill." Jyscal replied, walking past his son.

"I see."

Jyscal stopped, turned around and walked towards his son again, "Come with me." He ordered.

"I'm not sure your little minions will like me making a public appearance." Seymour retorted, curling his lip in a sneer.

"You are my son, whether they like it or not. They accept it."

"Fine." Seymour stepped out of the mansion, towards the collection of Guado.

Jyscal followed stepping ahead of Seymour to Tromell. Seymour overheard his father talking, but when he approached, he realized the necessity of the situation: a summoner in large, elaborate red and purple robes swayed, despite the support of his bare-chested, blitzer guardian.

"Lord Jyscal... I am Braska... I thank you for... all of this..."      

"Braska, shh, c'mon you need your rest." A voice followed, coming from behind the summoner.

"Your guardian is right. Tromell, lead them to the clinic, immediately... let the summoner rest and get the medics to work."

As the guardian and the sick summoner moved from sight, the other guardian appeared behind them, revealed to Seymour's sight. The young demi-Guado's eyes widened and his lips parted softly at the beauty that stood before him. Raven hair pulled tightly back into a neat ponytail flattered a very smooth face and the stern, piercing, auburn eyes that peeked behind two locks of the dark hair that floated in front of the guardian's face. Dressed in the red robes of a Bevelle monk, leather, plated armor was visible through the slit in the robe, as well as a beaded jug hanging at the man's hip.

"I'm sorry that the Guado have to deal with this, my lord..." the man apologized as the other, shirtless guardian returned.

"There is no reason to apologize. You are both welcome here. Tell me your names." Jyscal replied sincerely.

"The name's Jecht." The rugged, brown haired guardian said.

"Auron..." the beauty spoke again: Seymour was in total trance.

"Welcome Jecht, Auron... This is Tromell, my advisor," Jyscal introduced Tromell, who bowed respectfully, "And my son... Seymour?" Jyscal turned around, catching a glimpse on Seymour's face. "Come here."

Seymour jerked his head, realizing that his father was speaking to him, "Yes, father..." he walked up towards Jyscal, his gaze returning to Auron.

"This is my only child, Seymour."

Auron's eyes focused on the demi-Guado boy ahead of him: all concentration was lost in a matter of seconds as he stared intensely at the ocean blue locks and the striking pale violet eyes. Auron's lips parted slightly as he gazed over his sculpted features, realizing that the younger man was staring back at him. Ceremonial robes fitted tightly around Seymour's broad shoulders, exposing a well-muscled form underneath the clothes. As Auron began to undress the gorgeous creature ahead of him, Jecht broke his concentration with a punch in the arm.

"Hey! Listen!" Jecht nagged.

"Huh? What?" Auron turned his eyes away from Seymour.

"Would you like Seymour to show you around, I'm going to check on your Summoner..." Jyscal suggested.

"Actually, I just wanna be alone..." Jecht sighed, "No offense or anything."

"None taken," Seymour replied, staring at Auron, "If your friend wishes to have a tour, I will give him one..."

"Of course." Auron replied immediately.

"It would be my pleasure..." Seymour smiled.

"Then that's that. Seymour, please, come here for a moment." Jyscal grabbed his son gently by the arm and pulled him aside.

"What?!" Seymour jerked his arm back.

"I saw how you and Auron looked at each other," Jyscal implied, "I want you to be polite."

"Alright!" Seymour snapped, "I'm not ten, father... you missed that stage."

"You know what I mean, Seymour. Be careful."

"Whatever..." Seymour sighed.

Jyscal began to walk away before Seymour thought of something very... sinful.

"Father... I think we should invite the guardians into our home to make the situation easier for them. They wouldn't have to pay for the inn and all."

Jyscal thought about it, eyeing his child suspiciously before nodding, "Yes, I suppose you are right. Invite them to stay, then."

"Well, then. See ya' around, Auron." Jecht pat his companion on the shoulder and turned, walking out of Guadosalam.

Seymour approached Auron and the two were left standing face to face: neither of them knew what to say, but Seymour was the first to speak: "So, where would you like to go first? It's not a very amusing place, I'm afraid. Except for the farplane."

Auron's initial thought was "your room", but he refrained from saying anything in order to prevent humiliation in front of this beautiful creature.

"I suppose we can start with the mansion..." Seymour suggested slyly.

"Sure." Auron smiled, answering all too soon.

"Very well then..."

The two stared at each other before Seymour turned around and walked towards the mansion. He was a bit intimidated by his attraction to Auron, but he wouldn't keep himself from flirting. As they walked into the mansion, Seymour started up the stairs, looking at the portraits that hung on the wall.

"These are portraits of all the previous Guado leaders: Viero, the first, Segri, Akila, Tasa and then my father, Jyscal.."

"You will be on these walls, then?" Auron assumed.

"Yes... eventually," Seymour nodded, "The only interesting thing about any of these Guado was that Viero was executed for some crime and then his son took over."

"Executed for what crime?"

"I don't know, it's just what my father told me. Tromell says his actions were a danger to the Guado community and an embarrassment throughout Spira." Seymour shrugged.

"I see."

Seymour continued up the stairs; Auron wasn't really paying much attention to the Guado history, but was staring at the tight ass in front of his face. The moment Auron turned to look away, and looked back, Seymour had stopped and turned around, the two of them only centimeters apart from one another.

"These... are..." Seymour stopped, hardly able to contain the excitement and rush of desire flow through his veins.

The two of them stared at each other, a breath cought in Seymour's throat. Auron was standing too close to him... and the yearning for his touch overwhelmed the younger man... the painful desire to feel Auron's body against his own overtook his senses, and Seymour leaned forward, pressing his lips against Auron's.

Auron immediately responded, pressing his lips against Seymour's, wrapping his arms about the younger man in a tight embrace: he couldn't believe that this was happening. Seymour wrapped his long arms around the guardian's neck, prolonging an already deep kiss. Pulling back, the halfling looked up into the auburn eyes, a burning passion igniting a hidden flame in Auron's heart. Auron leaned over and kissed the gorgeous demi-guado again, pushing him back until they crashed through Jyscal's open doors and onto his bed. Seymour grabbed the back of Auron's head, messing the neat ponytail as he struggled to free Auron's clothes from his body, desparate to expose bare flesh. Seymour was pinned underneath Auron's weight, but it didn't stop the guardian from pressing his hips against Seymour's buttocks, his desire already pressing against Seymour. The blue-haired beauty let out a small whimper, nipping at Auron's lips gently as the guardian bruised his lips against Seymour's. Soon enough, their clothes were nothing but piles around them, and Auron looked at his lover, who had flushed features, fevered for Auron's touch.

"Have you ever...?" Auron whispered.

"No... but I want you to..." Seymour pulled Auron down, kissing him again, "Have you?"

"No... and I want to." Auron kissed Seymour again, reaching his hand down to prepare the younger man for what was to come. Surprised more than anything, he found Seymour was lubricated somehow, but pressed a finger into him anyway, just so the boy could get used to it faster when it was Auron's cock inside his body. Seymour tilted his head back, exposing his neck, moaning loudly as his breath picked up with each movement of Auron's finger. Auron pressed deeper and harder into Seymour until the youth writhed underneath him.

"Break me..." Seymour whimpered, trying his hardest not to scratch the older man with his long claws.

Auron smiled, lifted Seymour's legs up and pressed into him with a single, but gentle motion of his hips. Seymour moaned, keeping his head tilted back as Auron moaned in unison, kissing the demi-Guado's soft neck, giving it a gentle nip as he pulled out and pressed back into the youth again. The two worked themselves up into a passionate embrace, full of as much kissing and nuzzling as anything else; soft moans escaping each other's lips as Auron crushed his lips against Seymour's full, pouty lips. The rhythm of their lovemaking increased in tempo and strength, sending Seymour into a violent rapture as his cock rubbed between his and Auron's stomachs. Shockwaves split down Seymour's spine as he erupted across their abdomens, crying out in a combination of ecstacy and agony as Auron came in unison with his lover.

Staying within Seymour, Auron collapsed against his chest, breathing heavily. They had just given themselves to each other, and the pure lust faded away into a calm, tranquil silence: the only sound was the rhythm of their breathing. Seymour felt a little pain, but it only made him desire Auron more... They simply lie there for what seemed like seconds when a voice broke their serenity.

"Seymour... get dressed and come talk to me." Jyscal said, a sigh coming from his lips as he closed the door to his own room... 

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