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Leaf's Crucifix

Chapter Two - Disillusion

By Sadame XX


Lan jerked awake in bed in an almost violent manner, his lithe body covered in nightmare-sweat. It took him a few minutes to recollect where he was. Bleak darkness surrounded him with only a stream of moonlight pouring into the room through a window. He glanced down and realized that the bedsheets were clenched tightly between his fists, rumpled and damp with sweat. In the next bed beside him was Gingetsu, a peaceful expression on his visage. He was obviously asleep. For an unknown reason, his calm, rhythmic breathing comforted Lan's pounding heart. Lan closed his eyes and placed a hand over his heart in an attempt to reduce the tremors running through his spine. The dream was so real . . . it *felt* real.

It was A . . . in his dream. No doubt. He has been having dreams about A latterly, not just typical dreams but weird disturbing dreams, ones that seemed impossibly alive and happening. It was terrying. Lan had tried in vain to convince himself that he would never see A again. Not in this world anyway. Still, the dreams came, haunting him, and he could do nothing to stop them. How utterly hopeless!

Lan shot a final glimpse over to Gingetsu's sleeping form and gingerly slipped out of bed. There was no way he could go back to sleep now, knowing the fact that he might find himself dreaming of A again. The plain thought scared the hell out of him. He picked up a bedrobe hung on a nearby chair and wrapped it around himself before walking over to the veranda. The night air was cool, though slightly chilly and it sent goosebumps over Lan's flawless alabaster skin, despite the robe covering him. The night stars were glittering brilliantly in the midnight sky. They held lots of memories of the past and Lan recalled the time when he and A used to watch them every night. It seemed so long . . .


"C! C, look!"

The other twin raised his head up to take in the beautiful view.

"Isn't it marvelous, C? Those amazing stars . . . "

" . . . Yeah . . . yeah, it is."

" . . . C?"

He turned to face him. "Yes, A?"

"I . . . wish that we could go on . . . you know, watching the stars glitter above us every night . . . together."

Silence, then a warm smile. "Yes, I wish so too."

"You won't . . . leave me, will you, C? You'll always be right here beside me . . ."

A look of genuine suprise. "A . . . "

The other twin whirled around and A's eyes met his, burning with an unfathomable flame deep into his own.

"You won't . . . will you, C?"

A hesitant pause. "A . . . what are you-"

"Tell me, C. Tell me you'll stay with me forever. Through eternity."

"A, I can't-"

"C!" A pair of hands grabbed him, demandingly. "You *aren't* gonna leave me, are you, C?! I *love* you! You *know* that, right?"

Everything was a hazy blur. "A . . . please don't-"

The words were abruptly cut off as soft lips covered his, a hot tongue demanding entrance, demanding full submission, demanding all that C needed to give to a loved

one.Their tastes mingled together as their tongues met, creating a wavy sensation of despair and desire.

In his very mind, C felt the words, 'I want to have you, C. All to myself. I want to hurt whoever who comes near you. Your gentle smile that never fails to lighten up everyday of my life . . . belongs to me.'

'I. love. you. C.'



His trail of thought involuntarily broke when he heard Gingetsu's deep monotone voice from behind and whirled around towards it. "Gingetsu . . .?"

There stood his guardian, leaning against the glass door, silently regarding him through thick sunglasses. "What are you doing out here in the middle of the night? You'll catch a cold."

Lan sighed and leaned into the arms that had given him comfort for two years. "I had a nightmare . . . "

A strong, callused hand stroked his back reassuringly. "You'll be alright now."

The three-leaved clover simply nodded and murmured, "Thanks."

" . . . Come to bed?"

Lan let himself be led into the room again without any protest and fell into sleep this time with Gingetsu by his side, caressing his cheek in a soothing way as he slept.


A's POV:



I know what you're thinking.

Every single thought that goes through your pathetic mind.

I know it all.


I was far too gone to notice that my fingernails were digging into the skin of my palms, deep enough to draw blood. My bare feet slapped against the deteriorating wood, which took its place as the floor, as I strode towards my room. The moment I entered, my eyes grazed the long mirror that lay in one corner. A small part of the frame was evidently chipped off, it seemed, though the mirror itself was left undamaged. The frame was too fragile; it was unnerving.

I made my way towards the mirror, aware of my reflection, which was gradually taking shape. I stopped before it, lifted my hand and ran a thumb over the crack. It intrigued me - the plain sight of it. Everyone knew it wouldn't last very long, despite the fact that it was attached to the mirror beyond doubt. Of course, everything could break, shatter into a million pieces without anyone to give a damn. That was how things always were.

Finally I averted my eyes from the frame to the mirror. Instead of my reflection, I saw C there, staring back at me. My eyes hardened; rage building up within me. I never realized I had a deep loathing for mirrors . . . until now. They brought nothing but depravity. I knew there was one way I could do to banish them out of my sight. With a single strike, I ran my fist through the delicate glass, shattering it out of its illusion. I took my pleasure in watching it break into shards of tiny glass, a satisfied smirk playing on my lips. Fresh blood welled up from the cuts on my hand and dripped onto the floor but I couldn't care less. It was only fair. The mirror belonged to the frame and it would stay that way. If the frame was damaged, it was the end of the game for the mirror as well.

The insane fury that was tearing at me inside slowly subsided. My gaze strayed on the bits of glass pooled around my feet as I raised my hand once more but this time to my lips and licked the blood away, savouring the taste - raw and full of life. I didn't usually take much delight in tasting the crimson liquid but this time, I could not resist. I turned and traced my steps back to the door, which I had left ajar when I came in, then sauntered off to the hall.

I'll see you again, C . . .

. . . soon . . .

I am not dead . . . yet.

And the whole time, never did I once look back.

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