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Leaf's Crucifix

Chapter One - The Awakening

By Sadame XX


Ran's POV:

*~The boundary between love and hate, Never had one thought could have so much effect in one's life~*

I sat staring into the long mirror, at my own reflection, which stared back at me. Although so, my mind wandered to A - my twin brother, my closest friend, my lover? I had never expected to see such reaction from him when he saw me with the other guy. His expression was still vivid in my mind. The blatant pain in those beautiful pale orbs of his eyes, the undisguised anger and jealousy that flared from within him, silently accusing me of betraying him.

I closed my eyes, my tattered heart clenching tightly against my chest. No, it wasn't meant to be that way. He misunderstood. That guy was nothing more than a friend. Okay, I admit. I admire him, but I could never compare him with A. I long for A and only A. That, I have engraved deep within my heart.

The door opened and I startled a bit. I turned and saw Gingetsu approaching me, a disconsolated scowl on his face. "A..." I tried to protest, but he interrupted before I had the chance to continue.

"Why are you doing this to me, C?" His voice was painfully calm, measured. "What is it about that guy that impresses you so much you had to *betray* me?"

I found myself having trouble breathing. "No, A... You do not understand..."

"You're right. I clearly don't friggin' understand why you'd rather be with that bastard than with me when *I'm* the one who knows you more than anyone else."

I flinched slightly, shocked at his harsh words. My eyes narrowed in pain. "A... He and I are just friends."

"I *saw* you, C!" he snapped, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me roughly. "I saw you! You were *happy* just being with him!" His features contorted in disgust. "It makes me sick to the stomach!"

I lifted my hands and gently ran them over his own, which were still clamped tightly around my shoulders. I managed not to wince under his grip. "A, it's over. Forget about

it."He tensed at that and pulled away, apparently revolted with my reply. "Forget?" His voice dripped cold and venomous. "You think I could forget everything that easily? You're wrong! I'm not like you, or B. I'm sure you know that, C."

I fought the urge to break down and cry, instead I took a deep breath, letting the air fill my lungs. "It's a misunderstanding. Please understand, A. I did not mean to hurt you...your feelings..." Before I realized what was happening, he gave me a hard shove and I stumbled backwards, lost my balance and fell, landing on the cool tiled floor. Pain shot through my body but the moment I felt his warm one atop mine and his hand curled around my wrist, the nagging desire to scream scattered away involuntarily. I forgot to breathe for a second as our gazes locked, our faces barely inches away.

"You are *mine*, C."

Those words were scarcely audible, I felt them against my skin more than heard them as he spoke. He lowered his head and merely brushed his lips across my neck. Shivers ran down my spine and I tremored, my eyelids fluttering shut. Coherent thoughts escaped me despite my struggle to think straight.

"Remember that."

He moved, lifting his weight from my body and I realized he was standing up. Every inch of my skin were protesting, craving for more of Gingetsu's touch, much to my dismay. I never wanted to consider the fact that I needed him. No. Everyone has their pride and I have mine too, albeit a weak one. I could only watch as he turned and headed for the door. A small voice at the back of my mind cried, /No! A! Come back!/ but I shut it out. He halted before the door and took a last glimpse at me, his eyes betraying nothing. I wordlessly met his gaze. It only lasted for a few seconds and he was gone. I raised to my feet and turned my back to the door. My hands were trembling uncontrollably though I had no idea why. Mixed emotions swarmed in my mind - resistance, desire, need and indignity. It all seemed so wrong. So deniably wrong. I clenched my hands into fists and felt myself being enfolded by the darkness.


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