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Chapter 7 - A Secret not to be Told

By Lissa


Tiny, delicate snow crystals fell softly to the ground, though it was not anywhere near december. Ran was still frantically trying to figure out what had happened earlier. The only thing he knew for sure was that he was certainly not going to tell Gingetsu about that 'event'. The white-blonde haired man would most likely dispose of the music system, in one way or another. And even if he apologized and bought Ran a new one, it wouldn't be the same--that was the first and only stereo Suu had ever known; there had to be some of her magic left in it. After all, it worked with the plan.

Suu's plan.

The plan? Get out, fake suicude, come back without anyone noticing. But they both knew it wasn't going to be that easy from the start. If Gingetsu knew he was involved with this... "I'm looking over a four-leaf clover.." Almost as quickly as the music had started, Ran's head whipped around to see ...a visual... A visual projection over the stereo; a girl with...wings...? It was hard to see what the pixels had combined to make; the figure was a deep black. A deep black like...

... Ash. Ash like fire; ash like the rubble of Fairy Park; ...ash like his heart. His hopes of Gingetsu ever...no, he wouldn't let himself think that. It was wrong. What would Gingetsu say if he knew? Scolding himself for thinking such things, Ran squinted at the music system. "The third is the rose that grows down the lane; such beauty cannot last for long...like the sun, it will eventually fade..." He froze. That wasn't there before. He had heard this song over and over, and not once did he ever recall hearing that. Not once.


"They're a little big, but oh well." Kazuhiko stood back to glimpse the three-leaf wearing clothes much too large for his small body; the jean pant legs trailed behind him and the long sleeves of the light blue button-up shirt almost touched the floor. A looked at his reflection in the mirror--and he saw C. Kazuhiko turned around as the sound of glass breaking filled the small apartment. "Hey!" He entered the living room to see shattered glass all around the three-leaf, who was staring at the mirrors empty frame. A didn't seem to notice he was standing on the broken mirror shards; his pale feet were sliced and bleeding.

"Okay, okay," Kazuhiko grabbed the boy and set him down on the couch. "Wait here while I go get some bandages or something." A glared at the sharp glass, stained with a deep crimson. His blood...C's blood. He squeezed his eyes shut and turned his head to the side, not wanting to look at his 'brother'. "I guess you have a thing against mirrors," Kazuhiko started to clean the cuts and wrap several layers of white gauze around A's feet. A remained motionless.

"I don't want to look at him."

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