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Chapter 6 - Risk

By Lissa


A clutched tightly at the collar of Kazuhiko's shirt as they made their way past scientists and security guards. 'There.' He sensed an unblocked wire somewhere behind the group of men Kazuhiko was slashing his sword into, blood spilling onto the deathly white walls.

Soon, the wire was wrapping around their foes, and Kazuhiko could only watch in awe. He held the boy against himself, running swiftly from one corridor to the next until they were out on the street, where the cool rain splashed down on them.

Taking off his white jacket--the second one that was now stained with blood, Kazuhiko shifted the boy to his other arm as he wrapped it around the shivering child. A leaned against Kazuhiko and rested his head on the mans shoulder. He closed his eyes.



"I'm sorry," the boy said softly, his gaze directed on the man in bed. Gingetsu stared at him. "What?" Ran blinked back tears. "I never meant to make you mad," he said in a whisper.

"I never m-meant to make you....yell..." A gentle hand slid beneath his chin and lifted the three-leafs head, until he was staring at blue visors. "Ran...I wasn't mad at you. And I didn't mean to yell. I never should have yelled." Strong arms wrapped around Ran's slender shoulders and pulled him into the bed. Gingetsu stroked his hair and Ran leaned into the embrace for a moment, forgetting everything else. His eyes went wide as something he hadn't heard in a very long time surfaced his memory again.

I'm looking over a four leaf clover

That I over-looked before.

/One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain,

Third is the rose that grows down the lane./

No need explaining the one remaining

Is somebody I adore.

I'm looking over a four leaf clover

/That I over-looked before.../

No matter what he did, he couldn't get the song out of his head. It had just started playing on Gingetsu's stereo...

...and neither of them had ever downloaded it....


The next day, Ran tried desperatly to erase the tune from the stereo's hardrive, but nothing seemed to work--not even his magic. The song actually started playing instead. Quickly, Ran pressed the power button. Nothing happened.

The light was off. The usual visual projection for the song, a single clover leaf, wasn't shown. It was only the music that didn't seem to notice the machine was off. Ran decided the only way to stop it was to pull the plug.

But the stereo wasn't plugged in.

In fact, the song seemed to be growing..louder...

/I'm looking over a FOUR LEAF CLOVER that I OVERLOOKED before.../


/The SECOND....RAIN.../

/THIRD is ROSE that grows down the.../

Ran shook his head in disbelief. This shouldn't be happening...and the Lieutenant Colonel was at work, so it was possible for anyone to try and take the three-leaf from his temporary living quarters. Ran swallowed as one word echoed throughout his entire being. 'Temporary...'

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