Author's Notes: *Abunai Ai- Dangerous Love

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Chapter 2 - Dangerous Love

By Lissa


:Abunai Ai:


Gingetsu was slowly brought back into reality with those words. He didn't realize how long he'd been thinking for. Well, not thinking, really. More like day-dreaming. Or wishing... For what, he did not know. Something to get him out of it all. Out of this mess that had become his fate. Maybe something to end it all very quick...

"You look tired. Did you get any sleep? Or did you slave the night away working again?"

Kazuhiko snickered after that. The other man merely bent over and slipped the files into the folder that lay on the coffee table. It didn't really matter, though, since the floor was littered with papers anyway.

Gingetsu sighed and took his place on one of the white couches in the set - twin couches. "Maybe."

Kazuhiko grinned. He looked over his shoulder a few times while they talked, - mostly about his investigations for Oruha's killer - as if he was worried someone would overhear him. Finally, Gingetsu couldn't take it anymore.

"Ryuu, what are you looking for?" He frowned in confusion.

Kazuhiko stared into the hallway for a long, long time, and then turned around to face the Lieutenant.

"Where's the kid? It's not like him to stay in the other rooms when you have company."

"Ran is asleep," Gingetsu answered, very matter-of-factly.

"Asleep?!" Kazuhiko grunted. "At least someone in this house sleeps!"

Gingetsu raised an eyebrow slightly over his opaque glasses, but didn't reply.

"Alright, well, I'm going now...tell the kid I said, 'hi'."

He saw Gingetsu nod and walk towards the corrider just as the door closed behind him.


Kazuhiko fixed his eyes on the ground as he walked to his apartment.

The one he used to share with Oruha.

It was dark, and about 6:00. A few street lights blinked on, shining brightly, illuminating the city below them. Two of them were broken. The shards of sharp glass still lay under the post. They used to illuminate the city like the other lights, but not anymore.

It reminded him an awful lot of Suu and Oruha.

He dismissed that thought by shaking his head solemny. No, Oruha and Suu were not street lights. They were not destined to burn only for a short while, and then suddenly go out. They were not destined.

As he walked, his glance fell to a bird in a store window - a mechanical one. Kazuhiko pressed his palm against the cold pane. He winced inside, and continued to walk down the street.

Everyone around him seemed not to notice.


Kou looked sorrowfully at her visual projection screen. It showed the identity card of a Secret Colors agent. The agent's name was printed in bold black letters at the top of the card.

Kazuhiko Fei Ryuu.

And next to the name was a phone number.

The red call button blinked.

Kou dialed the number into the device.

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