Author's Notes: Shikata ga nai *No way of avoiding it...* Damaru *Be silent*

Disclaimer: Clover belongs to CLAMP.


Chapter 1 - No Way of Avoiding It

By Lissa


:Shikata ga nai:

Ran clicked the button once, twice, again.


There were still no clues to where Suu might have been. It was foolish of him to look, yes, but it would have been even more foolish to forget it had ever happened.

Gingetsu walked into the room just then, and let out a heavy sigh that weighed down upon them both. Gingetsu rather disliked this kind of behavior from Ran; he'd expected more from the three-leaf. But, Ran was just a boy, and he knew only one thing.

He had to do what was right.

Or what he had thought was the right choice at the time being. Not that Clovers really had a choice, anyway. It seemed more like everyone else decided for them.

"A bird without voice..."

A familiar melody fell to their ears. Ran clamped his eyes shut and tried to tune out everything else.

"I want to be your happiness..."

It seemed so long. Really, though, it had only been five months. Something struck him.

Five months.

Five years.

Five-leaf Clover.

Five seemed to be their unlucky number.

Gingetsu stood silent for a moment, waiting for Ran to say something. When instead, the boy's gaze returned to the floor, the Lieutenant finally spoke.

"Don't," he warned.

"It's not safe."

Ran paid no attention, causing Gingetsu further uneasiness. The computer's hum grew louder. The screensaver started up, and "Take me away...make me happy..."

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