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Chapter Two

By Mikomi


For as long as I live
There will always be
A place you belong
Here beside me... heart and soul
Baby you own me
And I promise you now
You won't ever be lonely



Touya didn't know if it was the soft caress of sunlight across his face that woke him, or some gentle sound or movement from his companion. His eyes flew open immediately to behold Yuki sitting beside him on the bed, knees drawn up to his chin and arms wrapped around them as he watched Touya sleep. For a moment Touya lay silent as he assessed the situation.

He found Yukito clad in his normal summer sleeping attire of boxers and T-shirt, sitting on top of the covers, although the pillow still bore the imprint of his head. He found himself, most definitely without his usual sleeping attire, naked beneath the sheets of Yuki's bed. A smile bloomed across Touya's face. If he had been in any doubt of the nature of Yue's Judgment, then here was his answer.

Without hesitation he reached out and pulled Yuki into his arms, the smaller boy unwinding in the bed beside him without a word. The urge to kiss Yuki was strong, but not, Touya decided, with the taste and feel of Yue still on his body. A shower first, then, but for another moment he lay, simply enjoying the feel of this boy he cherished so deeply enfolded in his arms.

After a moment, Yuki drew back slightly to look up at Touya's face.

"To-ya? Did you see Yue last night?" the boy whispered, the apprehension plain in his eyes. Touya hugged him reassuringly as he gave the affirmative. Yuki paused, deciding how to phrase his next question.

"He didn't... he didn't hurt you, did he?" he asked nervously. Touya smiled as he realized that Yuki somehow instinctively knew at least part of what had transpired between he and Yue. He snorted mentally. Probably finding Touya naked in his bed had done a lot to aid in that deduction.

"No," he said as he squeezed Yuki reassuringly, "He didn't hurt me." Touya paused. "He gave us his blessing," he finally concluded, knowing that if it wasn't true he would have woken up in his own bed with no memory of who Yukito even was.

"Oh," answered Yukito softly. "OH!" he repeated, blushing as he realized what Touya was saying. He stared into the other boy's eyes. "So that was why..."

Touya nodded, rubbing his nose against Yuki's. "That was why," he agreed. He spent a long moment lost in the happiness that flooded Yuki's eyes, and then reminded himself that he had decided on a shower before things went any further. Gently loosening his grip on his still blushing partner, Touya pushed back the sheets and rose to his feet. He watched as Yuki's eyes widened at the obvious evidence of Touya's desire for him, and the boy turned an even deeper shade of red. Touya chuckled and headed for the bathroom. At the door he paused and turned back to look at Yukito, now sitting frozen in his bed.

"I'm going to take a shower." He waited as Yuki nodded before continuing. "You're welcome to join me, if you like." The look on Yuki's face was priceless, but Touya managed to control his grin until he closed the door behind him. He felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders, all the problems and responsibilities he faced put aside for this brief time to simply be with Yukito and consummate the emotion that had grown between them both.

As he stepped into the shower he wondered if the boy would find the courage to join him, and then decided it didn't really matter. If Yuki was too shy, then Touya would simply find him when his shower was done. It should be a simple matter to lead him back to the bedroom, if he had left it, lay him on the bed and let the glorious morning sun paint the planes and valleys of his body with light and shadow. Touya shivered with pleasure at the very thought, and then turned with a smile as he heard the bathroom door open.

He stood under the pounding spray of the shower and watched somewhat in awe as Yuki crossed the room to stand before him. In a move that surprised Touya for it's very boldness, the boy had left his clothes in the bedroom, and now stood before his soon-to-be lover in all his naked glory. One look at Yukito's face told the story - shy but determined, the boy crossed to within arm's length of Touya before his courage faltered.

Quickly Touya reached out, gently pulling Yuki into the shower and against his own body. The boy sighed in relief at having control of the situation taken from his hands, and snuggled against Touya's chest. They stood for a moment, each struggling to absorb the multitude of new sensations overwhelming their senses. Touya let his hands slide across the slick, wet skin of Yuki's back as the boy leaned into him, eyes closed as he inhaled the fresh clean scent of soap. Arms that were slender yet strong closed around Touya's waist in an almost convulsive hug.

Gentle fingers beneath Yuki's chin turned his face up to meet the taller boy's gaze. For an instant Yukito's gaze remained fastened on Touya's chest, and then he lifted his eyes with a smile. Touya caught his breath with a smile of his own. The certainty that shown from Yukito's gaze sent a hard shudder of desire through Touya's body. Moving so very slowly he leaned down, and for the very first time rested his lips against Yukito's. At first the kiss was innocent, an exquisitely simple gesture of affection between them, and then their passion caught fire.

Touya's tongue swiped along the fullness of Yukito's lower lip, requesting entrance. It was granted with a small gasp, and Touya began to explore, his tongue gently urging Yukito's into response. Yuki met his mouth without hesitation, and without reserve. The kiss quickly escalated into a heated exchange of thrusting tongues and gasping breath. Feeling the strain on his control, Touya regretfully drew his mouth from Yuki's, and rested his forehead against the smaller boy's with a quiet chuckle. He nearly groaned aloud at the look of dazed acceptance he found on Yuki's face, the sight conjuring up memories of his own surrender the night before.

Is that what I looked like? he thought. He shook his head, putting aside the errant thought and concentrating on his loved. He knew that Yuki had put his well-being in his hands, and would allow him any action his passion demanded without protest. The knowledge brought with it both a heady sense of power and a sobering sense of responsibility.

"Yuki," he whispered, almost in awe of the simple faith Yukito so obviously had in him. Yuki blinked, struggling to regain his senses with obvious effort, and bestowed upon Touya a smile whose warmth could have melted the coldest of hearts. The depth of that faith, and his own love, were enough to help Touya regain his fast-fading control. With a quiet chuckle he separated their bodies.

"Turn 'round, Yuki, and I'll wash your back," he murmured, still smiling as Yukito obeyed without a word. He quickly squeezed the shower gel into his palm, and rubbed his hands together briskly. Beginning at Yukito's shoulders, he began to trace the long line of Yuki's spine, making himself stop as he reached the top of the boy's buttocks. In unconscious seduction, Yuki gave a soft murmur of encouragement, stretching out his arms and bracing himself on the side of the shower. Touya swallowed, suddenly dry mouthed in spite of the water surrounding them.

With lingering strokes, he rubbed the soap into the smaller boy's skin, selfishly ignoring the fact that a cloth would have done a much more thorough job, and determined not to give up the delicious slide of his hands across Yukito's slippery skin. Once more he let his hands wander down, both reward and torture, and ran his palms across the line of Yuki's hips. A slight pause, and Touya watched Yuki's face closely as he cupped the boy's buttocks, massaging into the muscle there. Yukito's body first stiffened with surprise, and then shuddered with acceptance as he accepted Touya's caress.

With a groan Touya stepped forward, unable to withstand the lure of that pale flesh, and pressed himself tightly against Yuki's back. A gasp echoed the sound he made, as Yukito leaned back against him, feeling the obvious evidence of Touya's desire. Yuki let his head fall back against Touya's shoulder abandoning himself to the sensations as the taller boy's hands began to run up the front of his body.

>From the tops of his thighs, skipping the aching hardness nestled there, across the taut muscles of Yuki's abdomen and finally to the gently defined muscles of the boy's chest, Touya stroked a line of pure desire. Yuki felt his knees weakening as Touya's palms ghosted across his nipples, but he was unafraid. He knew Touya wouldn't let him fall.

"To-ya," he whispered, his eyes sliding closed as Touya's arms wrapped around his waist, holding him steady. He gave a small whimper of pleasure as Touya bent to bite gently at the curve of his neck, just where it joined his shoulder. As Touya's mouth moved across his skin, Yukito trembled at the feeling, his breathing quickening along with his rapidly beating heart. Yuki's arms raised to curve around Touya's neck, holding tightly to his anchor in the storm of passion in which he was lost.

Touya felt the desperation in the tight clasp of Yuki's arms, and in the rigid bow of the boy's body. Finally letting his fingers brush against the other boy's erection, he tightened his other arm around Yuki's waist, almost totally supporting his weight as he sagged. Touya shook his head with a wry smile. He'd known that Yukito was almost totally innocent, but from the boy's response it seemed that he'd not even experienced his own touch very often, if at all. Knowing that Yuki was already on the verge of release, after only the slightest of caresses, Touya decided to go ahead and push the boy over the edge this first time. If what he suspected was true, Yukito would recover quickly and be more ready for the intense pleasures Touya wanted to bring him.

Yukito moaned as Touya's hands reached lower, the sound growing into a cry as the taller boy gently cupped his partner's testicles.

"To-ya!!" Yukito whispered, urgent but lacking the breath to make his voice any louder.

"Hold on Yuki," Touya advised as his hand closed around the other boy's penis and he began to slide on the water and soap slicked flesh. Touya took a moment to give silent thanks that Yuki did not in fact have grandparents who might be home, as the boy's cries rang out through the otherwise silent house. He hid a small smile against the side of Yukito's neck and took the opportunity to nibble the smaller boy's ear.

Concentrating on his rhythm, seeking to ease Yukito's long built frustration as quickly as possible, Touya stroked mercilessly. Almost immediately Yuki's hips were matching the rhythm, thrusting into his love's hand, firm buttocks rubbing tantalizingly against Touya's erection. In only moments, Touya could tell that the end was near.

"To-ya!! Please!!" whimpered Yukito, his fingers digging into the flesh of Touya's neck with frantic pressure.

"You're almost there, Yuki. Just let go. Let go for me. I'll take care of you..."

It seemed that Touya's whispered encouragement and assurance were all that Yukito needed. The taller boy felt Yuki's body going rigid, muscles clenching as his release overwhelmed him, leaving him shuddering and nearly sobbing in Touya's arms. Letting the shower wash away the evidence of his spent desire, Touya gently turned Yukito to face him, hugging him tightly against his chest.

They stood silent for a moment, and when Yuki still kept his face hidden against Touya's wet skin, the taller boy gently lifted it with careful fingers beneath his chin. Again he marveled at the difference of seeing his love without his usual glasses. Just as they had been the day before, Yuki's eyes seemed wider, more unguarded. Only now that had been joined by a look of dazed pleasure that made Touya's heart swell to know he had placed there. He bent down, placing a quick kiss on Yuki's lips.

"Are you all right, Yuki?" he asked, still soothingly stroking the boy's back.

"I'm fine," Yukito whispered, his cheeks flushed with the combination of hot water and passion that he had just experienced.

"Good," Touya smiled. He waited until Yuki looked up, shyly meeting his eyes once again. "Come to bed with me?" he asked softly, his smile widening at the sudden look of understanding in Yukito's eyes. The boy's blush deepened, but he never hesitated, nodding wordlessly in answer to Touya's question.

Touya reached past Yukito to turn off the shower before grabbing a towel stepping from the shower. As Yuki joined him he draped the towel around the smaller boy's neck, just as it had been the day before in the locker room. They both grinned, marveling at both the similarity and difference in the two situations. Then, without warning, Touya swept Yuki up into his arms, ignoring the boy's protests as he left the bathroom heading for the bed.

Keeping up a stream of softly growled, yet outrageous comments that had Yuki giggling helplessly by the time they reached their destination, Touya dropped them both to the mattress with an enthusiastic bounce. They lay side by side, the laughter slowing fading from Yukito's eyes to be replaced with something much more serious. Touya resisted the urge to pull Yuki into a tight embrace, and instead lay quietly, waiting to see what Yuki would say and do. His breath caught and he was forced to keep a tight rein on his control at the question Yuki voiced.

"Will you make love to me now To-ya?" he asked softly, ignoring his own blush and saying the words that needed to be said. "I've waited for you for so long now."


Touya's voice was a strangled groan, and he closed his eyes, seeking restraint. His eyes flew open almost immediately as Yuki moved nearer to him, pushed him over onto his back and carefully maneuvered his way between Touya's thighs. For a moment Touya was shocked, before realizing that Yuki wasn't seeking a dominant position, but merely a comfortable one.

"Yuki," he began again, "Nothing would make me happier than to make love to you right now. And you're right - we've waited long enough. Do you want to talk about it first?"

Yuki shook his head, still wearing the blush he'd acquired earlier. For long moments they lay, simply enjoying the feeling of their bodies touching each other. Yuki's frantic desire had been somewhat eased in the shower, and Touya had controlled his for so long that the yearning he felt now was an old friend. Finally Yuki rolled away from Touya and scooted to the edge of the bed. He reached into the bedside table and withdrew two items before looking back at the rather surprised Touya.

"Since I'm not really human, I don't suppose we need these, do we?" he said matter of factly as he dropped the box of condoms back into the drawer. Touya managed to shake his head, thoroughly surprised by Yukito for the second time that morning. Yuki rolled back beside the taller boy, carefully pressing the tube of lubricant into his hand. Touya laid it to the side, and caught Yuki's normally pale cheeks in his palms, smiling at the warmth of the skin against his hands.

"I don't want to hurt you, Yuki," he said, pausing as Yukito smiled at him.

"I know that To-ya."

"Do you understand....?"

Yuki's rather embarrassed nod kept him from going any further, and Yuki, thankfully, eased one of Touya's fears.

"I know it can be... uncomfortable at first. It will be fine, To-ya. I'm ready, and I trust you."

Touya paused until the burning in his eyes receded, and then gave in to his body's urges, pulling Yuki close to him for a deep kiss. He started slow and steady, allowing the flames to rekindle and build in Yuki to match the heat of desire he was already feeling. As he explored Yuki's slim body with lips and hands, Touya marveled at how his shy lover could be so open in his enjoyment. Soon Yuki caught Touya's face, pulling it back to his own for another lingering caress of lips and tongue.

"Now To-ya... please," he begged unashamedly, sending a shudder of pleasure through Touya at the sound.

"Now, Yuki. Now," he agreed almost breathlessly before rolling Yukito to his side, with his back toward Touya. He stopped his partner's instinctive movement onto his stomach, keeping him on his side.

"It will be easier this way," he whispered, unsurprised as Yukito agreed with a nod. Touya found the tube of lubricant on the bed beside them, and then squeezed a generous amount into his palm, allowing it to warm.

"Just try to relax," he advised as he touched that most intimate opening for the first time. Yuki gasped, tensing at the contact before visibly calming himself, allowing his muscles to relax.

"If you don't like something, or if you want me to stop for any reason, just say so and I will," promised Touya, both his hands and voice shaking now that the moment had finally arrived.

"All right," whispered Yuki, his hand already clenching tightly into the bedspread beneath them. Carefully Touya lubricated him, and then slowly inserted a finger. Yuki gasped again, and his muscles tightened around Touya's finger.

"It's all right, Yuki. Just relax," Touya whispered against the skin of his neck, nibbling gently. He was relieved when Yuki was able to relax again, allowing him to reach more deeply and find the hidden source of pleasure he knew that Yuki had never experienced.

"To-ya," Yukito cried brokenly, almost whimpering at the star-burst of pleasure that flooded his body.

"Good?" asked Touya, the smile obvious in his voice.

"Very good," Yuki replied shaken, his whole body trembling from it. "Very, very good."

"I'm going to do it again," Touya told him, chuckling just a little at Yukito's enthusiastic agreement. As he added a second finger Yuki's breath caught for a moment, but when he stroked again unerringly against the boy's prostate Yuki couldn't keep his hips from jerking back to meet the caress. Slowly and carefully Touya stretched and lubricated him, all the while determined to push his own desire to the side and make sure Yuki's pleasure was the greatest he'd ever known.

Finally he knew that Yuki was ready, and he slipped his fingers from the boy's body, ignoring his whimper of protest. Touya quickly applied the last of the gel in his hand to his own aching erection, his breath hissing between his teeth as the touch threatened to push him too close to the edge.

"To-ya, now!" plead Yukito, and Touya couldn't help but smile at his demanding lover.

"I'm here, Yuki. We'll go very slowly. Remember, if you want to stop, just tell me. No matter what I'm doing, I'll stop if you ask me to."

At Yuki's nod, Touya spooned himself against the smaller boy's back, positioning his penis at Yuki's opening. Very slowly he pressed, holding Yuki's hips steady as the pressure increased. Yuki whimpered, and Touya whispered soothingly, trying to keep himself from simply pushing forward into that tight body.

"To-ya, please!! Just do it!!" begged Yukito, struggling against Touya's hold and trying to push back against him. The words proved to be Touya's undoing, and with a small cry he slid into Yukito, stopping as soon as he was able to. Deciding that Touya was being too careful, Yuki finally managed to push himself back against his lover, gasping loudly as he felt himself stretched and filled. He froze, even as Touya cried out in dismay.

"Yuki don't! Don't go so fast! You'll hurt yourself. We'll stop..."



"Don't stop! To-ya, don't leave me! Please, please just love me!"

"Ssshhh... Yuki, it's all right. I won't leave you, I promise. And I do love you, Yuki, with all my heart."

Yuki arched back with a small sob, his hand reaching back, trying to find some hold on Touya. The other boy caught his searching hand, fingers twining together as they began to slowly rock together. Touya slipped his other arm beneath Yuki's neck, cradling the boy in his arms as they moved together. Soon the gentle rocking wasn't enough for Yukito, and he began to move more forcefully. It was the signal Touya had been waiting for, and he loosened Yuki's hand to again take careful hold of Yukito's hip. Pushing forward more forcefully, he knew that he had found the perfect stroke when Yuki cried out, calling his name. With the soft, breathless voice of his new lover urging him on, Touya thrust more and more urgently into the willing body beside him.

Releasing Yuki's hip, his hand reached down to wrap around the boy's erection, delighting in Yuki's response and the boy plunged against him. As Yukito's gasping sobs became more and more urgent, Touya let him set the pace, loosing himself in the utter bliss that was Yukito's body. All too soon, it seemed, Yukito was crying out his release, his muscles convulsing around Touya's penis and causing him to catch his own breath as his long delayed orgasm ripped through his body. Wrapping his arms around Yukito's trembling body, he held the boy tight, unashamed of the tears that wet his cheeks from the sheer emotional release of finally joining physically with the one person in the world he loved above all others.

"Yuki," he whispered, his lips close to the smaller boy's ear. A tiny questioning sound was the only response he received. Touya smiled into the boy's damp hair. "Yukito," he said, a bit more forcefully, waiting until heavy lids finally lifted to reveal Yuki's pleasure dazed eyes.


Touya pulled him even closer, still enjoying that most intimate of embraces as his body continued to be joined with Yuki's.

"I love you, Yuki," he said, smiling as he felt the shudder of emotion that traveled through the younger man's slim form. For a long moment, Yuki was quiet. Finally he began to move and Touya gently separated their bodies. Yukito turned to face him, eyes nearly overflowing with tears.

"Yuki? Are you all right?" Touya asked, suddenly concerned.

"To-ya... Touya, I love you too. I have since the beginning."

Touya hugged him tightly, both relieved and filled with a sense of completeness he never thought he would know. It seemed that nothing could spoil this perfect moment for them, each finally finding the completeness of his happiness in the others' arms. Touya felt that he could have spent an eternity just where he was, close beside Yukito, with the world pushed away for an all too brief time.

Then Yukito's stomach growled.

He lifted crimson stained cheeks to Touya as the other boy chuckled softly.

"I'm sorry!!"

"Eh, Yue wants to be fed, does he?" teased Touya gently, smiling at Yuki's embarrassment. He hugged the smaller boy close one last time before loosening his grasp so Yuki could sit up. Something on Yuki's face at the mention of Yue caused Touya to grab his hand.

"Yuki, about last night," Touya began, concern growing as Yukito dropped his gaze, refusing to meet his eyes. "Yukito," he said, smiling as Yuki lifted his gaze in surprise at the use of his full name. "Are you upset about last night, Yuki?" Touya asked gently. Yuki sighed in answer to the question, and slowly shook his head.

"I suppose not," he finally answered, his fingers pleating the sheet that was twisted beneath them.

"Yuki, you know it's you I love, and not Yue, don't you?" asked Touya, relieved at Yuki's nod.

"I know, To-ya, but Yue's a part of us, isn't he?"

"I suppose he is, in a way," answered Touya thoughtfully. He sat up beside Yukito, draping his arm across the smaller boy's shoulders. "But I didn't fall in love with him." Yuki's smile was Touya's reward. Touya shook his head in memory. "I don't know, Yuki, there was... something about him. He seemed almost... sad." He was surprised as Yukito nodded immediately.

"I've felt that sometimes," he confessed, letting his arm find a comfortable home around Touya's waist. "I think it's because Clow is gone. He's lonely, To-ya. He doesn't have someone to love him, like I do."

"Ah..." breathed Touya in sudden comprehension. That certainly made sense.

"And, since he's all alone," continued Yukito, "I don't suppose I mind sharing you, just a little. But only a little," he continued, at Touya's surprised look. He smiled sweetly as he leaned against his new lover. "I know what it's like to be lonely too," he said softly.

"At least that's something I can promise you, Yuki," Touya said, his arms pulling Yukito closer. He smiled at Yuki's questioning look. "I can promise that you won't ever be lonely again."

For a brief moment, Yukito felt a strange doubling of his emotions, before realizing what it was. He smiled up at Touya.

"I'm very glad of that, To-ya. We're both very, very glad."

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