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Chapter One

By Mikomi


On July 16, 2000 there was a total lunar eclipse. It was visible from Japan in its entirety, and lasted (if I'm doing my time zones right) from its beginning just minutes after midnight, until the last fading shadow at approximately six minutes before four in the morning. The Umbral Phase, the total eclipse in which the moon turns a dark, rusty red-copper, lasted from 1:02 AM until 2:49 AM. This is the story of what happened during that eclipse... during Moondark...


There comes a time we all know
There's a place that we must go
Into the soul, into the heart
Into the dark

I've been here sleeping all these years...


"Yuki, did you know there's going to be a lunar eclipse tonight?" asked Touya, glancing up from the morning paper at his friend across the breakfast table.


The answer was soft and uncertain, even for the gentle young man whose presence had come to feel so right in his home. Touya frowned.

"What's wrong?"


Touya stared at his friend, unsettled by the change from his normal carefree self. Of course this change was nothing compared to the change he'd seen in him a few weeks ago, when his true form had been revealed. Touya had always known that Yukito was more than he seemed, but even so, his transformation had been nothing short of startling. And breathtaking, Touya admitted to himself as he remembered the unearthly beauty of the creature revealed as Yue.


The Moon.

Suddenly Touya put it together, and slowly lowered his paper to the table. The worry was evident in his voice as he questioned this young man who had become so dear to him.

"Yuki... Yukito, what about Yue?"

"I don't know."

The words were bleak, the admission in them of all the doubts and fears Yuki was having. He heaved a sigh, and tried to get hold of himself. It wasn't like he'd never seen a lunar eclipse before. In fact, only a couple of years ago his astronomy club has stayed up late, watching the whole process through various telescopes set up to view the event. But he hadn't know about Yue then. Now he did, and that changed everything. Unconsciously, Touya echoed his thoughts.

"There have been lunar eclipses before..."

His voice trailed away at the look of uncertainty in Yuki's eyes as they finally rose to meet his own. Yukito swallowed hard, trying to find the words to express this strange foreboding he felt.

"I didn't know before... about Yue. He was Sealed, and now he isn't. I'm not sure... I just don't know what will happen. I know the moon affects him... me strongly... but how strongly? I am the moon. What will happen when the moon goes dark?"

"Yuki," whispered Touya.

Yukito shook his head, forcing a smile across his ever pale face, and tried to reassure Touya.

"It's all right, To-ya. I'm probably just worrying about nothing. There's no reason to think that anything at all will happen." He smiled, forcing his own apprehension deep inside, hidden away. "I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll just stay at home, and lock the doors."

"Yuki, I don't think locking the doors is going to make much difference. Why don't I come over and make sure..."

"No! No, I think it would be better if I went to bed early and tried to sleep."

Yukito kept the smile on his face by will alone, determined not to draw his friend into such an uncertain situation. Who knew what Yue was capable of? He certainly didn't, although he was terribly afraid he might soon find out.

"Yuki, are you sure?"

"I'm sure, To-ya. Now we have to go, or we'll be late for school."


Yukito closed his eyes as he stood under the stinging spray of the shower and let the hot water wash away the sweat of soccer practice. Just for a few moments he allowed himself to forget... to forget who and what he was, and simply be a tired and aching body reveling in the soothing heat of the water's pounding caress.

His moment of peace didn't last long, as his thoughts returned to one of the day's two main subjects. The lunar eclipse. What would it mean for him? He'd like to convince himself that he was just being fanciful, believing that something on such a cosmic scale would affect him personally. But some instinct told him that the coming night would have some profound affect on him. He shuddered. Things had changed so much since he had learned about Yue. Now the most mundane of events seemed to hold portents that he'd never considered before. He tried to control his thoughts, telling himself that he was over reacting, but the combination of that undeniable foreknowledge and of the nature of the event taking place left him more frightened than he'd ever been.

Trying to distract himself from that fear, he let his thoughts drift to the other of the two things most often on his mind. Of course, To-ya was always on his mind, and for what he felt might have been the millionth time, he wondered if anything was ever going to happen between them. He'd been attracted to the boy almost at first sight, and he knew that Touya returned his feelings. Simple observation had told him that. But it seemed that there was something more... something deeper. Yukito couldn't shake the feeling that the two of them were connected on something approaching a karmic level. With a wry grin, Yuki wondered if he were just trying to put a mystical spin on plain and simple human desire. He might believe that, except that there was nothing human about him, and nothing plain and simple in his life at all.

So back to the issue of he and To-ya, and their unconsummated yearning for each other. Pausing as he slowly worked shampoo into his hair, Yukito realized that Touya knew... Touya knew that Yukito was aware of the taller boy's desire for him. He wasn't trying to hide it. But he wasn't acting on it, either. Yuki sighed in frustration.

Rinsing the soap out of his hair, Yukito shook his head and glanced around the showers. He must have been here longer than he thought, because he found he was alone in the cavernous room. Everyone else had come and gone while he'd been standing, eyes closed under the water, trying to find some balance... some tiny shred of control.

Reaching for the soap and a cloth, he began to go about the more routine actions of cleansing his body. Stroking in circular motions, the cloth made it's way across his chest, over one shoulder and down a slender arm before it was transferred to the other hand to reverse the process. Beginning with the hand this time, Yuki scrubbed up his arm, across the top of his other shoulder and back down across his chest. He felt the slight coarseness of the cloth as it rubbed across his nipples, and then tried very hard not to feel it.

Continuing to scrub, trying to think only of getting clean, Yukito hurriedly finished his shower. He sighed with relief when the beginnings of an erection faded at the thought of just how embarrassing it would be to get caught that way in the school showers. Stepping from underneath the spray of water, he turned off the faucets and grabbed a towel, throwing it over his head to rub briskly at his hair.

Taking several steps in the direction of the dressing area of the locker room, Yukito froze in absolute shock as he came hard up against someone's tall, slim body. Jerking the towel from his head, his face flushed crimson as he looked up at the object of his rattled emotions. Touya stared down at him unsmiling, his hand going almost without thought to Yukito's elbow, steadying the boy when he would have stumbled backward. Yukito's wide eyes took in the fact that Touya was on his way to the shower, wrapped in only a towel and sporting a smear of mud across one cheek. Yukito's eyes closed in fierce denial of the urge to reach out and wipe away that single blemish on the perfection of Touya's face. Then his face flamed at the knowledge that he was naked, save for the towel now draped across his shoulders, and standing entirely too close to Touya for modesty's comfort.

With a gasp, he would have turned away, but to his surprise Touya's grip on his elbow tightened, denying him his freedom. He swallowed against a suddenly dry throat, staring at the solemn face of his captor. For a moment they only stood, each becoming aware of the effect the other was having on his body. Yukito felt the blood pulsing in his veins, and felt himself hardening as desire so close at hand flooded his senses. They weren't pressed together, but they were close, and Yukito knew that merely the sway of either of their bodies would reveal his loss of control. That, or Touya could simply look down, he thought somewhat desperately.

Touya watched the color flow, ebb and flow again in Yuki's damp cheeks. He felt his own pulse speed at the revelation of Yukito's desire for him. He felt himself stirring within the concealing drape of his towel, his body instantly firm and eager. Still he did nothing, refusing to yield to the urge to lean forward and lick the droplets of water from Yuki's shoulders. He continued to hold Yuki's elbow, feeling the smaller boy's hand closing almost convulsively around the muscles of his forearm.

He studied Yuki's eyes, seeming softer, wider without his glasses, unguarded somehow, open to Touya's knowing gaze. He watched the pupils expand and then darken as Yukito's body reacted to his nearness. Touya felt the heat rising from their single point of contact, so near the flashpoint that even the slightest move could have ignited it. He stared at Yuki's mouth, and thought of how he longed to pull this beautiful boy against him, part his lips with a skillful tongue and watch as those eyelids fluttered down in the acceptance of their need. He also knew that one brush of his lips against Yuki's and he would be lost, all control flown away.

He wanted Yukito. He didn't deny it. Hadn't denied it, in fact, since nearly their first meeting. He knew his desire was both welcomed and returned. He was also quite determined that their first time together wouldn't be on the floor of the showers in the school gym. So Touya did what Yukito could not. He stepped away.

He watched the shudder of Yukito's body as their locked gaze broke, and saw how the boy's shoulders slumped in misunderstanding. Needing to erase the disappointment in Yuki's eyes, Touya allowed his grip to slide from elbow to hand. Catching that trembling hand in strong fingers Touya raised it to his face. He watched Yukito's eyes round even wider in amazement as he pressed the boy's knuckles against his lips. He hid his smile behind Yuki's hand.

Now that their bodies were separated by a bit more space, Touya let his gaze sweep down Yuki's lean form, appreciative eyes fastening on the evidence of the boy's desire. It was Yukito's turn to watch as Touya's eyes widened a bit and his breathing quickened. Following the path of the other boy's gaze, Yukito looked down. His strangled cry of embarrassment was loud in the quiet of the room, as he again tried to turn away and shield his arousal from Touya's sight.

"Stop! Please don't! Don't ever be ashamed. Yuki... it's all right," Touya soothed as he caught the mortified young man in his arms. Somewhat to his surprise, Yukito struggled against him briefly, trying to escape the situation and his sudden shame. Arms strong yet gentle quickly enveloped Yukito and pulled him firmly against Touya's body. He tried to see Yukito's face, but found it pressed tightly to the center of his chest as the smaller boy refused to meet his gaze.

Giving in to the temptation, one of Touya's hands rose to tangle gently in the silken strands of Yukito's hair. So soft, so silky even wet that Touya felt himself trembling as he fought the urges of his body to sweep Yuki off his feet, find some secluded corner and let their passion have free reign. He felt the slim form in his arms echoing his shudders and he knew he would find no argument if he set upon that course. Touya felt the gasp of Yukito's breath against the bare skin of his chest, quick and hot. He groaned, wanting once again to bend and ravage the tender mouth he could feel pressed against his skin. He restrained himself to merely laying his cheek against Yuki's tousled hair as he held him close.


The soft utterance of his name in a voice so filled with need flickered across his skin like a physical touch, and Touya couldn't help but let his body arch just slightly against Yuki's in response. The gasp that met his actions left him smiling as he began to regain his control.

"I feel the same way, Yuki, but we can't. We must not... not here. Not now. But please don't be ashamed." Touya paused. "I'm not."

Touya felt the painful tension easing out of Yuki's shoulders as he relaxed just a little. Slowly Yuki's head lifted, his gaze rising to meet Touya's once again. Touya noted that Yuki's breathing was still a little fast, but that his eyes seemed to have lost the frantic embarrassment they had held only moments before. With a smile, Touya captured Yuki's hand from where it lay, warm against his chest, and lifted it to repeat his earlier caress of lips against knuckles. This time Yukito returned his smile, touched by the tenderness of the gesture.

"To-ya... we... you and I need to talk."

If Touya was surprised at how steady Yukito's voice was he didn't show it. Instead he merely nodded, releasing Yuki's fingers and lifting his hands to the towel still draped around the smaller boy's shoulders. With carefully precise movements he lowered the towel to Yuki's hips, stepping back as he wound it around the slim frame and tucked it securely at the waist.

"Yes, tonight."

"To-ya!! Not tonight! Tonight is... It has to be another night," argued Yukito.


The quiet sound of his name on Touya's lips brought his protests to an abrupt halt.

"Yuki, you didn't really think I was going to let you go through this alone, did you?"

The voice was filled with gentle admonishment, but Yukito felt the first threads of panic beginning to creep into his mind.

"To-ya, you don't understand!! I don't know... It could be dangerous for you to be with me!"

"And it could be dangerous for you to be alone."

"I'm never alone," he said with a sad smile. Just for a moment he wondered how it might have been. What it may have been like if he and Touya had been normal boys, unburdened by the constraints and responsibilities of their heritage. The thought was quickly dismissed as useless. They were who they were and that was the end of it.


"It will be Yue, To-ya. I will be Yue. Yue... Yue doesn't love you..."

"...as I do."

He left the rest of the words unsaid. They were the simple truth, but he wanted the first time he said "I love you" to To-ya to be something more than in the middle of some silly disagreement. Touya stared down into the tortured brown eyes, and then sighed in frustration.

"We can't talk about this here. I have to get a shower. Either wait for me here, or I'll come to your house. You decide. Then we'll talk."

Hearing the finality of Touya's words, Yuki gave in gracefully. He knew that he had hours before the eclipse, which didn't even begin until after midnight. Sometime between now and then he'd convince To-ya to leave him to face the darkening of the moon alone.

"We can walk home together."

Touya looked in askance at Yuki's sudden capitulation, but seemed to accept the words at face value as he made his way to the showers. Yukito resumed his interrupted journey to his locker, where he finished toweling off and slipped into his clothes. As he shoved things rather haphazardly into his gym bag, he looked the very picture of his usual calm self.

It was an illusion.


"The stars are beautiful, aren't they?" Yuki asked as he snuggled in Touya's embrace.

"Beautiful," Touya smiled, looking not up at the heavens, but directly into the eyes of his loved. Yuki giggled. The first time Touya had made such a comment that afternoon, he had flushed in both embarrassment and delight. But Touya had made a game of it, turning everything he had said into a gentle compliment. Embarrassment was now long past, and he was simply enjoying this lightening of Touya's usually somber mood.

They'd never been so free with each other. They'd still not had their oh, so important talk, but both knew what there was to be said anyway. Just for today they had put aside all concern and worry, both determined to simply enjoy a few hours in the other's company. They hadn't said the words yet, but the sound of them still hovered in the air. Touya could see the love in Yuki's eyes, Yukito could feel it in every brush of To-ya's fingertips against his skin. Each felt as if they were old lovers, comfortable in each other's presence, content just to be together. It was peace that they felt, pure and simple, and the reveled in it. They'd not experienced enough of it together.

Yuki had searched all afternoon for that perfect moment, that precise instant in which he could present some argument that should send Touya from his side, and leave him alone to face the night. All his attempts had been brushed aside by Touya's unwavering determination. So here they sat, secluded on the back porch of Yuki's house, enjoying the quiet passage of the summer evening.

Disdaining the chairs placed around the space, Touya sat on the floor, leaning back against the wall of the house itself. Yuki sat between his legs, leaning back against his chest. Almost without thinking about it his fingers continually wandered across the warm band of Touya's arms, wrapped loosely around his stomach. Yukito let his head fall back, resting it against the warm strength of Touya's shoulder. He couldn't quite understand how the torture of the sexual tension they had suffered that afternoon had migrated into this gentle peace, but he was thankful that it had. That was definitely something best dealt with on another night. Yuki felt Touya's cheek, warm against his own as the other boy broke their momentary silence.

"Yuki? What do know about Yue, really? Do you remember anything?"

Yukito sighed. Though he hated to let go of their ideallic interlude, he knew it was time.

"I know hardly anything. I never knew I was Yue, until Sakura-chan sealed the last Clow Card. If you had asked me, I would have told you that I had a usual childhood, and that everything about me was perfectly normal. Now I know that's not true."

"No," agreed Touya quietly. He'd know that Yuki wasn't just 'one of the guys' the first time he'd laid eyes on him. That hadn't stopped the instant attraction from growing. He wondered if it might even have added to it.

"Do you remember anything at all about being Yue?"

"Nothing really. Brief flashes... dreams perhaps. Nothing more than that. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me."

Hearing the consternation in Yuki's voice, Touya's arms tightened around him in comfort.

"I wasn't sure about that..."

"No. I needed to know. You did the right thing, To-ya. Thank you for telling me."

For a moment they sat in silence, and then Yuki shivered as a cool breeze strayed across his bare arms.

"Are you cold?" asked Touya in concern.

"Not really, but... What time is it?" answered Yuki with a worried glance at the sky.

A quick twist of Touya's wrist illuminated the dial of his watch.

"Just after midnight. Do you want to go inside now?"

"Yes, I think we should."

They rose to their feet, Yuki holding out a hand to Touya in the darkness. Fingers intertwined, they left the starlit shadows for the deeper darkness of Yuki's home. They paused for a moment, and Touya let Yuki choose their destination. He watched with a small smile as Yukito glanced first toward the bedrooms, and then back at Touya. With a blush that was visible even in the dimness, Yuki turned toward the front of the house, and the living room there.

"How long until it starts?" Yukito questioned nervously.

"Almost another hour. The moon will only be totally shadowed for just over an hour and a half, but the eclipse will last almost four hours all together. It's probably already begun."

"Yes," whispered Yuki. "To-ya, I'm so tired, but I'm afraid..."

"Don't be afraid, Yuki. I'll be here."

Kicking off his shoes and curling his legs beneath him, Touya settled himself on the sofa and held out his arms to Yukito. As the young man stretched out, his head pillowed in Touya's lap he felt one last moment's guilt.

"To-ya? Are you sure? You could go if you wanted..."

"Hush. I told you I would stay with you, and I will. Everything will be fine. You'll see. Now rest, and we'll talk when this is over."

Touya's voice was soothing and filled with such conviction that Yuki could do no less than grant him the trust he requested. His eyelids falling closed, Yuki fought the oncoming waves of sleep only a few more minutes before he slipped beneath their enveloping embrace. Touya drew a quiet breath as he felt Yuki relaxing into sleep. He wondered how long he would have to wait before it began.

It was nearly an hour later, when the moon was going rusty red at full eclipse that his question was answered. Although he tried to hold tightly to the precious form he sought to protect, he was no match for the power that was raised. As Yukito's sleeping body levitated, floating to the center of the room, all Touya could do is fall to his knees beside the sofa and rub his stinging arms. Well, he wasn't really very surprised. He had known this would happen. It was what happened afterward that would make the difference.

Touya watched in fascination as the wings formed first, huge and billowing, brushing the walls and ceiling before enfolding Yukito in a feathery cocoon of power. Touya struggled for one last look at that peacefully sleeping face, already knowing that he would not be seeing it again for several hours. As the wings unfurled, Touya found himself frozen, pinned by a hypnotic azure crystal gaze.

"Yue," he breathed. As he beheld the glorious being before him, Touya knew the truth of his own heart. This was why he had come. Yue. The Moon. His love's other-self... true-self. This moment had been ordained, and there was nothing either of them could have done to prevent it.

The figure hung in the air before him, great wings nearly too large to be contained by the walls of the room. Touya searched for some sign of recognition in the being, some tiny part of Yuki in eyes as cold as the gulf between the stars. He searched in vain. And then the being spoke.

"I am Yue. I am the Judge. Shall we begin your Judgment?"

Touya swallowed nervously as he searched for the words to begin.

"Yue... I am Touya."

"Yes. I have known you."

Touya wondered a little at Yue's wording, before the light finally dawned.

"You have known me through Yuki?"

"Yes. Through the false form."

With a small grimace of distaste at Yue's reference to Yuki, Touya considered what he was being told.

"So you know what Yuki knows?"


"And Yuki knows what you know?"

"No, he is the false form. His knowledge is not necessary."

"Don't call him that!! He's as real as you are! He's real to me," he concluded a bit more quietly.

Yue merely watched him, not even deigning to answer Touya's outburst.

"You have come before me to be judged."

"Judged? No... I... I came here to be with Yukito during the eclipse."

Touya felt himself examined as Yue simply hovered before him, watching, arms folded across his waist. The silence stretched out between them, and Touya bit his lip, trying not to start babbling excuses and reasons. He'd never been in a Presence such as this before, and he found himself more intimidated than he had thought he would be. But as strong as he was, he was no match for the endless patience of the Moon, and he finally broke.

"I needed to talk to you."

A coolly arched brow was his only reply, and Touya began to sweat in the still closeness of the room. He should have known this creature wasn't going to give an inch. He began to wonder if he should have gone about this in some other way. He studied the figure before him. It would almost be worth it, he decided, just to be in the presence of such beauty once more. He didn't know what the future held for any of them, or if he'd ever again see Yue's power revealed. The one brief glimpse of him the night Sakura-chan had been Judged had not been nearly enough. He'd been almost certain Yue would appear this night. There was no way to predict when he would be willing to reveal himself to Touya again. He'd known he had to take the chance, but now his well rehearsed words sounded quite ridiculous. He cleared his throat, wincing at the rough sound in the stillness.

"I needed to ask you... about Yuki. Before we..."

Touya stumbled to a stop, then reordered his thoughts and began again. He was pleased to hear that his voice was a bit steadier this time.

"I love Yuki. And he loves me. But I know that he is you... a part of you. Before our relationship progresses any further I have to know that... to know that this is something you don't mind happening. I know you don't care about me, but... I don't know how closely your physical forms are tied. I need to know if you will protest our coming together. I had to ask you first."

Touya found himself breathless at the end of his declaration, and he ran shaking fingers across the nape of his neck, through hair dampened by sheer nervousness. For a moment he thought Yue wouldn't respond, but then he saw that perfectly sculpted eyebrow rise once again.

"And you chose this night, the dark of the moon, to ask me this?"

"I wasn't sure when you would manifest again, away from Sakura-chan. I knew you would be here tonight, and... and I'm not sure how much longer we can wait."

He met Yue's eyes as he made the admission, despite the flags of color he felt riding in his cheeks. The color deepened at Yue's next words.

"Whether it is valor or idiocy you will pay the price. So be it. You are here to be Judged as the Master of the Moon."

"No!! Not the Master."

Touya looked away for a moment before rising to his feet and taking a single step closer to Yue's glowing presence. He held Yue's eyes as he spoke, his own voice low and husky.

"Not the Master, but the Lover of the Moon. I am here to be judged. And it is not idiocy, but lunacy... moon madness."

Touya saw the considering look in Yue's eyes, and knew that Yue realized exactly what he what he was asking. Touya had just made the admission freely that while he loved and wanted Yukito, he wanted Yue as well. Any way he could get him. Even in the shadows of the darkened moon.

Touya watched as Yue's wings began to curve inward, encircling them in walls of white. He gasped when he felt them brush against his back, urging him forward. He stepped nearer to Yue, close enough to feel the warmth of the body before him. That surprised Touya. He had thought Yue would be cool, not warm. He stood motionless, only inches separating them, his palms itching to reach out and touch, but still too uncertain to do so. He kept his gaze straight ahead, just on the level of Yue's chest. He was supremely aware that those slender, sandal-clad feet hung without tainting themselves with the earth's touch.

Touya's whole body jerked at Yue's first touch, but then he stood still under hands that clasped firmly on his shoulders. As those hands urged him forward, closing the last bit of distance between them, Touya finally gave in to the impulse and let his arms slide around Yue's slim hips, his cheek bending forward to rest against the surprisingly soft white and purple garments clothing the graceful form. Touya felt his breath escaping in a helpless sigh at the touch. He felt the vibrations of Yue's chest beneath his face as he spoke once again.

"Do you understand the price if you fail?"

Touya stood silent, eyes clenched tightly shut. He didn't want to hear these words, but he had a feeling he already knew.

"You will forget the one you love the most."

Yes, that's what he had expected. He swallowed down the emotion that choked his voice.

"I understand."

Yue's hands began to stroke across his shoulders, and Touya felt his knees beginning to tremble. He sensed motion all around him, and opened his eyes to see Yue's wings completely closing around them, shutting away the outside world. Touya felt his feet leave the floor, and the circle of his arms tightened around Yue's hips. He was rewarded with the knowledge that although the figure in his grasp wasn't human, he seemed to have a human body, with a normal reaction to stimulus. Feeling Yue's arousal pressed against the muscles of his stomach, Touya couldn't decide whether to feel excited by Yue's obvious desire, relieved that his 'judgment' would go this way, or frightened half to death of the prospect of what was to come. He settled for a heady mixture of all three.

When Yue's wings began to open again, Touya looked around him in interest for an instant, before the grip of his arms clenched as tightly as he could get it.

"You will not fall."

He heard the amusement in Yue's voice, but when he looked up, Touya found Yue looking not at him, but at the moon. Touya forced himself to ease his grip, and followed the path of Yue's gaze. He looked around at the sea of stars surrounding them, somehow brighter than they usually seemed. He gulped as he looked down again at the long drop below his feet. He squinted just a bit. Yuki's house. They must have simply risen straight up, Yue craving the presence of the moon even in its current state.

Touya looked back at the moon. It was huge, filling the sky, seeming near enough to touch. Even dyed that threatening rusted copper color, Touya felt it's pull. He could only imagine how it must feel for Yue.

"No. You can not imagine."

Touya bit back an exclamation as Yue turned back to him with the words, and he saw that same threatening color bleeding into Yue's eyes. Touya felt his heart speeding, his palms moistening as Yue turned his full attention to the Judgment at hand. Touya had already figured out part of what was going to happen. That had him nervous enough. But what part of that act could be considered a Judgment? He wasn't sure he wanted to know, but it seemed he was about to find out.

With a careless hand Yue gripped the bottom of Touya's T-shirt and pulled it over his head, dislodging Touya's embrace as he did so. Touya wasn't sure if it fluttered to the ground as Yue released it, or merely vanished. Reaching down, Yue caught the waistband of Touya's pants and pulled the boy eye level with his gaze. Those merciless copper-circled orbs stared into his a moment, and then Touya's eyes fluttered shut as one of Yue's hands spread warm against his bare back, the other tilting his face up for a kiss.

The first touch of lips was like an electric spark, and Touya's mouth opened under Yue's with a gasp. Touya could no more have stopped his arms from clasping around Yue's waist than he could have stopped the stars' light from twinkling around them. He had considered himself skilled in the art of kissing, until this moment. As Yue's mouth moved possessively over his he felt himself melting into the touch, molding his body against the strong muscles holding him. Lips stroked and nipped, tongues twined in a duel of erotic heat. When Yue broke the first joining of their mouths Touya finally understood the look of dazed shock he'd sometimes seen on the faces of those he had kissed. He also knew he was wearing it now. There was no question as to who was to be the master of this dance. His face flamed at the sudden realization of his position in this joining. He hadn't thought beyond the preliminaries, hadn't let his mind walk the whole path to the erotic destination.

"I would tell you that I will be gentle, but I probably will not be," Yue informed him, a tiny smile hovering on his lips. "You have chosen an... interesting... night for your Judgment." His voice was casual, the gleam in his eyes telling Touya that this magnificent being was completely aware of the effect he had, and of Touya's fear.

"I've never..." Touya began, and then paused, the words sticking in his throat. A hopeful look at Yue revealed that same blandly mocking amusement. He was beginning to wish he'd never started the sentence, but now that he had he knew he had to finish it. He swallowed, and tried again.

"I've never been the... the bottom before," he concluded in a rush, the heat of his embarrassment actually burning his skin. Anything else he might have said was momentarily forgotten as Yue began to stroke his back, fingernails gently scratching against the sensitive skin. His spine spasmed into an arch, his voice falling into a low moan at the touch. Yue's next words were spoken against the skin of Toyua's throat.

"You will be tonight."

Touya's groan was in response to both Yue's words and the progress of his mouth as it moved from throat to ear, teeth catching an earlobe to tug gently. He shuddered at the sensation as he felt the warm wetness of Yue's tongue slowly tracing every delicate whorl and contour. When he was able to speak again, he was well aware that his words were nothing more than a breathless accusation.

"You've done this before."

Yue's laughter was the merest exhalation of breath as he agreed.

"I served my Master this way, as his, how did you say it? Bottom?"

Touya filed that interesting fact away for further reference, and then felt his next question fleeing his mind as pure pleasure once again reigned over his senses. Yue's mouth returned to seal over his, stealing away breath and logic and even sanity. When their mouths parted this time Touya didn't attempt to do anything more than whimper at the desire flooding his body.

He wasn't sure if he floated up or if Yue floated down, but the kisses were traveling lower now, down the length of his body. He didn't care about the physics of it... only the feeling. He was unable to hold back his cry as warm seeking lips found their way along his collar bone, across his chest, and searched out a sensitive bud of flesh. As Yue's tongue swirled, and then his lips closed to suckle, Touya's hands lifted to fist tightly in incredible silken strands of hair of the purest white. For a moment Touya was afraid of Yue's response to his gesture, but he only found himself gathered more tightly into the embrace, a small sound of either pain or enjoyment escaping the mouth pressed tightly against his flesh. Emboldened by his actions, Touya allowed his hands to slide in Yue's hair, fingertips massaging against scalp. He marveled at the texture of it, and then realized why it felt so familiar. Yuki's hair felt like this. Touya smiled.

As if feeling the wandering of Touya's thoughts, Yue's attentions upon his body intensified. As he became rougher in his treatment of Touya's flesh, the boy cried out above him, and Yue released a throbbing nipple from between his teeth to look up at Touya's face. The boy was panting, his body trembling at the combination of pleasure and pain.

"Do you wish me to stop?"

Yue's voice was neutral, as a Judge's ought to be, but something in it told Touya that the question was more important than it sounded. He struggled to focus his concentration on the words, and search for their hidden meaning. His eyes widened.

"If I ask you to stop, you will."

The words were a statement, but Yue nodded once in return, unspeaking.

"But if I ask you to stop, then I will have lost, and you will Judge me unworthy."

Yue simply looked at him, and Touya had a sudden frightening thought.

"Are you going to hurt me, just so I will beg you to stop?"

For the first time, Yue frowned, and Touya saw the distaste in his expression.

"Then the Judge would become unworthy of the Judgment."

Touya drew a shaking breath of relief.

"Then I don't want you to stop."

And the words were the truth, Touya knew. As long as Yue wasn't causing him pain simply for pain's sake, he knew he wanted this incredible event to continue. He met Yue's eyes, so disquieting with their tinges of copper, and wondered just what this magical being was thinking, as he held tightly to the frail, shaking human body.

Once again Yue's mouth closed upon him, and Touya gave in to the need to cry out at the intensity of the sensations. He heard his own voice, echoing in the darkness around them, felt Yue's mouth pulling on flesh far too sensitive for such treatment. Finally, in desperation, Touya pulled Yue's head up and dared to crush that incredible mouth to his. To his relief, Yue answered him with a passion he would never have guessed at. Even as he marveled at the deep well of emotion Yue had kept hidden, Touya was aware of Yue's hands moving over his bare skin, tracing downward to the waist of his pants. When the pale, slim hands continued downward to cup the curve of his buttocks and grind him against Yue's body, Touya broke their kiss with a gasp.

Suddenly he found himself free of Yue's embrace, standing on... something... his knees quivering as Yue looked at him.

"Do you wish me to stop?"


"Then take off your clothes."

"You must be kidding."

He wasn't kidding. Touya could see it in his eyes. He closed his own eyes with a silent groan. It was one thing to rip off your clothes in the heat of passion, or to bare your lover's body inch by inch to caressing hands and lips. It was something else entirely to simply stand before someone as cool and calm as Yue and strip. Touya swallowed convulsively. Well, he had asked for this. It was time to start paying the price.

"Nothing like a little romance," thought Touya wryly as, eyes fastened on Yue's face, his fingers went to the button of his jeans, fumbling a bit in his nervousness. Finally the stubborn fastening yielded, and he dared not let himself hesitate as he moved on to the zipper. Refusing to look away, Touya caught the quick shift of Yue's eyes downward as he slipped his jeans over his hips and let them fall. That minute betrayal of Yue's interest surprised him enough that he let his own eyes drop, bending down to pull the jeans away from his ankles.

As Touya straightened and looked back up at Yue, he had never felt more exposed. Nearly naked, outside, suspended high in the heavens with the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen examining every exposed inch of him. He felt the breeze ruffling his silky boxers around his thighs, and sighed at the cool caress against his heated flesh.

He waited for Yue to close the distance between them, suddenly craving the warm strength of those arms around him once again. He shivered, nearly frightened of just how strong that yearning was. Almost against his will he took a step forward, somehow gaining the necessary courage for both the physical and emotional step into the unknown.

A quickly raised hand halted Toyua in his tracks. A graceful gesture at his boxers kept him there. He could feel his eyes rounding in surprise, although after thinking about it, he wasn't sure why he hadn't guessed... They stood silently for a few moments longer, and Touya finally saw Yue's actions for the test they were. That didn't make it any easier. Suddenly he had a much clearer understanding of how Yuki had felt earlier that day in the showers.

He wanted to look at Yue as he did it, but he found that the only thing he could look at was the inside of his eyelids. Touya closed his eyes, hooked his thumbs in the elastic of his boxers, pushed them over his hips and let them fall around his ankles. He stood for a minute, breathing hard, and finally worked up the courage to meet Yue's eyes again. Touya wasn't sure if the emotion he found there was an improvement or not.

Yue's smile was full of the moon's darkness, and Touya shuddered at the nearly physical caress of it. He stood immobile, eyes wide as Yue approached him. Reaching out, Yue's hands fastened on his wrists, lifting his arms and holding them outstretched at nearly shoulder height. He saw Yue's wings closing around them once again, but his attention was firmly fixed on Yue's eyes and the sudden heat he found there.

When Touya felt the first caress against his calves, he thought it was nothing more than the breeze. When that touch feathered up to the backs of his thighs and began to tickle, he realized that was exactly what it was... feathers. His breath caught in a choked gasp as the touch became firmer... soft feathers trailing up his legs, across his buttocks and against the curve of his spine. Touya closed his eyes as the pleasure shuddered over his skin. His wrists jerked in Yue's grasp as his arms ached to wrap around the being in front of him.

Yue held his arms effortlessly, and with an obvious smirk. Touya writhed in his grasp as the touch of Yue's wings became more bold. His breathing was labored as he felt soft feathers tracing the line of his spine up, then back down, curving to brush the cleft of his buttocks. Then those same fluttering caresses became even bolder, moving to the front of his body, and Touya could only close his eyes and hang in Yue's grip, helpless before the pleasure. He leaned back, supported by Yue's hands at his wrists and arched his body into a caress like none other he'd ever known.

Feathery wingtips danced up his thighs, tickled across his abdomen, and brushed teasingly against his achingly hard penis. Pinions that seemed alive caressed his nipples, dipped teasingly into his bellybutton and stroked further downward. With a gasp he spread his legs slightly, and that same petal soft caress moved between them. He groaned at the touch that was real enough to inflame, but too soft to satisfy. The erotic torture continued on until Touya was whimpering with the longing to be more firmly touched, arching into each caress without shame, only to find it fading away even as he reached for it.

"Gods... Yue!! Please!!" he begged. "Please!!"

"Do you wish me to stop?"

The same words as before, but filled with something new. Touya drug his eyes open to stare at the gleaming white form before him. Yue was still smiling, Touya's torture affording him with some dark amusement. Touya was still for a moment. He wasn't sure he hadn't been better off the the neutrality Yue had begun with. Then he realized that an answer to Yue's question was required. His answer was a hoarse groan.

"Yue!! No, I don't want you to stop. I want you to touch me."

"Are you sure of that?"

"Yes, oh yes... very sure," Touya groaned as feathers lavished another insubstantial caress between his legs.

The words were barely spoken before he was falling backward. With a cry, Touya's hands twisted to grab Yue's wrists as he went down, slowly releasing his grip as they gently settled upon the platform of Yue's magic.

"Be careful of what you ask for. Sometimes your wishes come true," Yue told him as he stared down, their faces suddenly inches apart. Touya drew a breath, and then released it, not quite knowing what to say. Suddenly Yue knelt upright above him, separating their bodies.

"Close your eyes," Yue told him, as he straightened above Touya. He thought about it for a moment, then did as he was told. Touya felt the rush of power around them, his body jerking as electricity sang down Yue's legs, touching the outer edges of Touya's thighs. At the shock, he opened his eyes and gazed up at Yue. For a moment he could simply find no words.

If he had thought Yue beautiful before, nothing had prepared Touya for the stunning sight of that shining body revealed to him in it's alabaster perfection. It was pale and slim, finely muscled and, at this moment, aggressively male. Touya stared up at him, unable to even form a coherent thought. Yue leaned forward, bending to brace himself on his hands at either side of Touya's head. The silken slide of bare skin left Touya's mind spinning, but he still retained enough coherence to hear Yue's words, filled with wicked promise.

"Now I'll touch you."

Touya's breath caught and held as Yue very deliberately lowered his body and rubbed bare skin against bare skin. He struggled to inhale as he felt the velvet heat of their erections rubbing together. He struggled to exhale as Yue's lips found their way to his throat, nuzzling against the pounding pulse they found there. He struggled not to groan when he felt teeth nibbling against his flesh, and then he surrendered to it all.

He moaned again as Yue moved down his body, helpless to do anything other than lay open, exposed to Yue's passion. Touya's hands slid once again to Yue's hair, now loose and trailing down around them. He caught a single lock of it, and pulled it up to rub against his lips. Eyes that had slid closed opened as he felt Yue still above him, going absolutely motionless at Touya's gesture. Touya couldn't read what was in Yue's eyes, so he simply voiced the thought foremost in his mind.

"You are so beautiful."

He watched as Yue's eyes widened, as if startled by his words, and then found thought dissolving as Yue's hand suddenly curled around his penis. He groaned as he arched into the touch, unashamed of his body's reaction to both Yue and the stimulus he provided. Yue's hand was insistent, not particularly gentle, and Touya loved every minute of it. He felt those wondrous wings closing around them again, brushing against along his spine, the backs of his thighs, ghosting along his buttocks.

Touya cried out when Yue replaced the caress of his hand with the wet warmth of his mouth. He struggled to control himself, and then abandoned the fight as he arched into the incredible pleasure of that tight suction. Yue's mouth was hot and skilled, and very soon Touya found himself hovering at the edge of release, only to groan in frustration as Yue's mouth moved away.

Chest heaving and hands shaking, Touya sat up on his bed of stars, pushing Yue back and reaching for him. At first Yue hesitated, surprise plain in his eyes as Touya pulled him closer. Knowing that Yue would never consent to having Touya looming over him, the boy simply leaned forward and returned Yue's caress of lips and tongue and rigid flesh. He growled around the flesh that filled his mouth as Yue's hands fisted in his hair, guiding and encouraging his movements.

All too soon he was pushed back again to his celestial couch and then Yue shifted, spreading Touya's thighs with one of his knees. After his first, reflexive tensing Touya relaxed, and allowed it to happen. There was a small stutter in his breath as Yue's other knee joined the first, pushing him legs far, far apart. Then those legs were lifted and folded back against his chest. Instinctively he struggled, before he calmed himself, reminding himself that this was what he was here for, this was the the critical point of his test, his judgment.

"Sorry," he gritted out as Yue stared down at him, watching, waiting, judging. "Don't..." Touya stuttered. "I'm not asking you to stop." He thought Yue smiled, but he wasn't sure. Eyes of crystal blue edged with copper held his own, and Touya caught his breath as Yue reached down, seeking and then then finding the tightly clenched opening to Touya's body. That breath hissed out as Yue pressed, entering carefully, stroking with a single digit. A pause, a twist of hand, and the stars surrounding Touya took up residence beneath his eyelids.

"Oh GOD! Yue!!"

This time he was sure he heard a low chuckle, but didn't even care, hips arching, thrusting, seeking a repeat of the pleasure that had just battered his mind. He groaned as fingers slid away after one tantalizing taste of ecstasy, and Yue hand moved once again to his erection. Fingertips brushed up, along Touya's length to the sensitive tip, carefully gathering the scant moisture there. And Yue's hand moved back down, rubbing, stroking against his body, Touya shook his head wildly. It wasn't enough! It was going to hurt! He was always generous in his use of lubricant, never wanting to cause his partner the least bit of pain, and he felt his stomach clenching in anticipation. He didn't say a word.

His legs were hooked over Yue's shoulders, and Touya turned his face into the arm beside his head, palm open and firmly planted on nothingness. He pressed his lips to Yue's wrist, feeling the pounding pulse there and prepared himself as best he could.

The pressure, when it came, was hard and Touya moaned. Yue did not relent. Pushing firmly, steadily he let Touya's quiet sobs wash over him, exciting in their very existence. Just for a moment, he wondered if he had sounded like that, bent beneath Clow's body, and he recalled just how it had felt. His hips surged forward, and he felt Touya's body open to accept him, spasming tight around his shaft. Both of them groaned.

Touya panted, the heel of his hand pressed against his mouth as he fought not to cry out. And then amazingly, as Yue paused to let him recover, he felt the fierce burning recede into a delicious ache as his muscles adjusted to Yue's presence. He looked up, finding Yue's eyes closed, body trembling in strain at his restraint.

As the pain faded, Touya moved experimentally beneath his preternatural lover, gasping as Yue shifted inside him. Eyes flew open to meet his own, and Touya didn't even think about hesitating. Demanding hands reached up, tangling in silken soft hair and pulling the regal face down to his. He closed his eyes in pleasure as Yue's mouth and body both took him, tongue and hips thrusting in unison.

At first it was slow and steady, more a careful rocking than anything else. That didn't last long. Soon Yue was thrusting deeply into Touya's willing body, the boy's legs wrapped around him and hips rising to meet him with every plunge. Nearing the pinnacle of his pleasure, Yue became aware of a sound, a repetition of syllables in the charged air around them. His eyes opened once again as he pinpointed the sound. It was the boy beneath him. He was repeating Yukito's name like a mantra that would save his soul.

Memory reaching back, Yue recalled what had so often pushed him over the edge, and reached between their bodies. Touya's voice became a wordless undulation of sound as fingers wrapped around his hardness, stroking demandingly, but he still cried out Yuki's name one last time as he came. The heat of his release upon Yue's hand was startling in the cool of the night sky, and the wild spasms of the boy's body were enough to push Yue over the edge into pleasure as well. So long... so long since he'd experienced this, and never like this. Yue made sure he cried no one's name as his body shuddered.

After the last ripple of pleasure had faded, Yue withdrew and rolled beside Touya on the bed of stars. His eyes flew open wide and his whole body stiffened as Touya rolled to his side, an arm sliding gently around his waist. He lay silent, and in only moments he knew by Touya's breathing that the boy had fallen asleep. He raised on one elbow to look down at the sleeping mortal. His eyes widened as Touya murmured in his sleep, and then a tiny smile stole across his lips, the copper finally beginning to slip away from both the moon and his eyes. In his sleep, Touya murmured the name again, and snuggled closer.


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