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Yaoi, masturbation, vampirism, maybe a spoiler or two.

Sources: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
* "Trevor Belmont" from Castlevania 3 is known as "Ralph C. Belmont" in the JP version of Castlevania 3.

Thoughts are written in ITALICS

The Banished

Chapter III

By Wingless Demon


What happened next was indeed a true surprise to Alucard. In a sudden, almost blurred movement, a large, black, serpent-like creature emerged from the dead leaves that were blanketed over most of the ground in the forest. The large snake lunged at Richter with its long, sharp fangs ready to strike.

Belmont discarded the whip onto the ground, deciding it was best to rely on his silver dagger for this skirmish.

Alucard watched on with amazement as Richter moved to strike back at the reptile at a speed fast enough to impress even a vampire. The abnormally large python did not even have time to react to the hunter's lightening-quick strike, and soon fell lifeless to the ground when it's head was separated from its long, coiled body.

The renowned vampire hunter secured his weapons back onto his belt before turning to face Alucard again. Despite what had just taken place, Richter seemed unshaken and appeared rather calm. "What was it you were saying?" he asked the dhampire simply.

"Impressive," Alucard said while walking to Richter's side, "I did not even sense the creature approach..." I was too distracted by you...

"And now," the pale man continued, turning his head to look Belmont in the eyes, "perhaps you will tell me why you are here."

The hunter folded his arms over his chest and smirked slightly as he spoke. "I am a vampire hunter."

The younger man then noticed Alucard frown; apparently the vampire was dissatisfied with his answer.

"And now that you have hunted me down," Alucard replied, "do you intend to kill me?"

Richter's eyes studied theaturature in front of him. Indeed,he thought, what will I do? I could never bring myself to harm something so...

Golden eyes stared back at the human curiously when he did not answer. "Belmont?" Alucard asked, "Did you not hear me?"

"Perhaps," Richter said hesitantly, "I have other reasons for... hunting you."

The simple statement alarmed the vampire; he knew all too well what the hunter might be thinking.

"I have been thinking about things Alucard," the hunter explained a bit hesitantly, "thinking about things that I would have considered sinful in the past, but I cannot help it. My stay in that castle has apparently affected me in ways that I was not even aware of until recently."

A look of guilt marked the dhampire's face for several moments before it was forced away. "Tell me Richter, what has forced you from your home?"

The hunter narrowed his eyes for a moment as he considered the surprising question. "I was banished. The decision was made that I could not be trusted after my return from Castlevania."

"I am to blame for your expulsion." Alucard said softly.

Richter raised an eyebrow as he studied the vampire's unreadable face, truly perplexed by the pale man's last statement. "What?"

"Just my presence," the halfling quickly explained, "is the entire reason your once close friends, and your... wife, fear you."

Belmont shook his head with disapproval as he spoke, "that is nonsense, the very-"

"Do not be foolish Richter," Alucard interrupted, his voice growing louder as he spoke, "The only thing the inhabitants of our homeland fear more than me is my father! Do you not understand? You only jeopardize your own welfare by associating yourself with me!"

Richter tried respond, but was cut off by the vampire again before he could even utter a word. "Look around you, descendant of Belmont!" Alucard said darkly, "See the small corpses littering the ground? You are fortunate that you are not among them, especially considering our unfortunate meeting at the pond."

"You will not frighten me away as you did my predecessor" Richter said sternly. "Trevor described you in his journal perfectly; Ďa conflicted man who is his own worst enemy. A man who tries to scare off those that get too close because he fears what they may think of his dark nature.'"

The dhampire's eyes went wide when Richter's recollection of Tr's r's words reached his ears. He stared at the vampire hunter with sharp golden irises and neither of them spoke again for several minutes.

"You cared about him a great deal didn't you?" Richter finally askedeakieaking the silence, "your reaction speaks for itself."

Alucard quickly looked to the ground to hide his expression, even though he knew it was too late. "Despite my efforts, it seems that he saw through me. I thought that once we parted ways, I would forget about..." the dhampire stopped in mid sentence for a moment before starting again, "Well, it did not happen that way. The fact that he was not afraid, untrusting, or even skeptical of me, frightened me in a way."

Richter looked at the creature before him, a bit unsure if he should even say anything at all. "He searched for you on occasion, even after the incident at the castle, but he obviously never found you."

Despite his best efforts to restrain it, a single red tear fell from Alucard's right eye and left a narrow, crimson streak on his pale skin as it slowly crept down his cheek.

Richter risked extending his arm to place a hand on the halfing's shoulder and quickly breathed a sigh of relief when Alucard did not pull away from fom for doing so. "You are not the reason I was banished Alucard, Shaft is to blame as he was the one controlling me. The people are just too blinded by religious tales and fear to realize that even though you are a vampire, your actions were in their best interest."

Alucard slowly looked up at the Belmont, no longer bothering to mask his emotions from the hunter. "I understand their reaction Richter," The dhampire whispered, "after all part of me is human... the best part."

The vampire hunter had a response ready, but before it could fall from his lips Alucard leaned forward to rest his forehead on the human's shoulder as another red tear fell from his cheek. Richter remained silent, and simply moved his hand to the back of halfling's head, hoping that it would help comfort him and make the situation feel less awkward to the both of .


The sun slowly began to rise, bringing the sounds of forest birds and other animals with it as a peeked over the hills. Alucard stared at the human lying asleep on the ground at the other side fire pit. Beautiful mortal, he thought,why is it that one as young as you has this affect on me, a creature over four centuries old?

He walked across the extinguished fire pit to stand near the sleeping human, taking great care not to make a sound. Thampiampire's golden eye's swept over every visible detail of Richter's sleeping form, forever imprinting the image into Alucard's mind. Time will treat you far differently than me Richter, and eventually it will destroy you. For some reason that fact haunts me...

Richter began to stir, his eyelids slowly fluttered before suddenly snapping open with surprise. "Alucard!" the hunter shrieked.

The vampire hunter quickly calmed himself and slowly rose to his feet. He stretched his body and yawned softly as he prepared for another day. "I am... I am surprised to see you here."

Alucard considered the statement; he was actually quite surprised to find himself here as well. After their silent embrace, he had bid Richter farewell and disappeared into the woods without another word. But not long after that he began following the human discretely from behind, all the way to his campsite.

"I see that you know this woods well," Richter said whhe dhe dhampire did not volunteer a reason for his unexpected visit, "is there anything I should be aware of?"

The vampire shook his head, dismissing the hunter's concerns without a second thought. "After seeing you slay that serpent, I doubt that there is anything in this woods that you cannot handle."

Alucard paused for a moment, debating whether or not he should mention an idea that had just occurred to him. "There is a place however," he finally said, "that is known to very few. You may find it worth visiting..."


Chapter III



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