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This fic contains YAOI. If you DO NOT know what YAOI means then DO NOT read this fic.

Yaoi, masturbation, vampirism, maybe a spoiler or two.

Sources: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
* "Trevor Belmont" from Castlevania 3 is known as "Ralph C. Belmont" in the JP version of Castlevania 3.

Thoughts are written in ITALICS

The Banished

Chapter II

By Wingless Demon


Richter breathed a sigh of relief as the warm water crept just above his waist. The ache in his legs and back from traveling all day began to diminish as the water caressed his naked body. He looked up into the orange, evening sky; watching as it slowly grew darker while the final hour of daylight progressed.

While he was uncertain where he was going, Richter knew that the ridiculous stories of him becoming an inhuman servant of darkness would spread quickly. It would likely be a great deal of time before he would be permitted to set foot in any nearby town again.

The hunter studied his surroundings as he relaxed; the high hills and forest, which surrounded the small body of water, were indeed sights to behold, but it was something else that had caught Richter’s attention.

A small, mysterious, unnatural looking cloud was floating at the opposite side of the pond just several feet above the water. The small mass of fog and mist seemed to be shrinking in size but becoming thicker and less transparent.

The vampire hunter could immediately sense the presence of his natural enemy as the mass of fog began to materialize into a man-like form. He knelt down in the water, submerging all but the top of his head as he silently watched a figure begin to emerge from the remains of the mist.

Alucard stood still atop the surface of the water as the last of his foggy disguise dissipated behind him. After only a few moments, he spotted the human that he had been looking for, hiding beneath the water at the other side of the pond.

The dhampire’s movements quickly turned into a blurred sprint as he headed towards his prey. He ran unhindered atop the surface of the water as if it were solid ground beneath his feet.

The quickly approaching creature was now fully recognizable to Richter, but the hunter’s instincts urged him to defend himself nevertheless.

Alucard reached out, preparing to snatch the human hiding beneath the water but was caught off guard when a large splash of pond water was thrown in his face.

He used that moment of vulnerability to leap from the water and tackle his attacker.

Both men crashed back into the pond with a thunderous splash as Richter pounced on the dhampire.

“Gahhhh!” Alucard hissed with anger as he struggled with the naked human in the shallow water. Thanks in part to his uncanny strength, he soon gained the upper hand and managed to throw the bold hunter clear out of the water and onto the shore.

Alucard quickly stumbled out of the pond, shaking his head rapidly in an effort to dry his soaked mess of long hair as he prepared to feed at long last.

Richter laid face down, helpless on the ground. He struggled, and managed to look up at vampire, noticing that Alucard’s usually golden eyes were now a murky shade of gray and the normally small, concealed fangs were unhidden and prepared for use.

“Alucard!” Richter weakly protested, “Stop! Please...”

“Richter?” the other responded, his expression of bloodlust diminishing somewhat, “No!”

Alucard froze, half shocked by the mortal’s plea and by his own lack of self-control. His eyes returned to their usual golden shade and his fangs became less obvious as he looked down on Richter’s battered, naked body. What am I doing?! What if I had killed him?

Angry with himself for falling victim to his own, vampirific instincts, Alucard quickly vanished into the nearby woodland as the vampire hunter struggled to his feet.


Richter stared blankly into the campfire as he swallowed the last of his soup. The struggle with Alucard that had occurred earlier that evening replayed continuously in his mind. Somehow, he had been able to sense the conflict within the dhampire. He had felt Alucard’s own self-hatred when the halfling realized that he had given in to his dark instincts.

“A tortured human and a creature of the night sharing the same soul,” Richter whispered softly while lowing himself onto the sleeping space that he had prepared earlier.

The hunter rolled over onto his back to gaze up at the stars as he began planning for the next day. Once again however, he found his thoughts straying back to his battle with the dhampire. He pictured Alucard in his mind, emerging from the pond after he had tossed Richter on shore. That impossibly pale blond hair was drenched with water, and it stuck to parts of the dhampire’s face. The elaborate clothes that Alucard wore were soaked and clung to the lithe body beneath them. He had then looked down at Richter; his small fangs bared and a predatory glare present in his eyes. A shiver ran down Richter’s spine as he remembered the vampire’s hungry, possessive glare. He had been lying naked and helpless on the ground, completely vulnerable to halfling. He found that whenever he looked back on that moment it gave him a strange, yet pleasant thrill.

Goosebumps crept across the vampire hunter’s flesh as the scenario unfolded in his mind again, quickly drowning him in a daydream. Unbidden, Richter’s hands quickly divested him of his shirt. “Ahhh...” The hunter gasped softly as the night air came into contact with his exposed chest; he was starting to feel strangely hot all over.

Richter started to breathe heavily as evidence of his arousal began to stir between his legs. “Aaa... Alucard,” he whispered under his heavy breath, “what... what have you me?” Slowly, and somewhat hesitantly, he rubbed over the growing bulge in his pants as the image of the half-vampire completely clouded his thoughts. Something prodded insistently at the back of the Belmont’s mind, warning him of something out of the ordinary nearby, but he didn’t really care at the moment; he had become too immersed in his fantasy.


Alucard watched the hunter from the shadow of the forest as he lay down to sleep. His golden eyes widened as Richter removed his shirt, exposing the powerful body to the vampire’s eyes. He had seen the Belmont fully unclothed earlier, but his mind had been too preoccupied with bloodlust to truly appreciate the sight. The waning, nearby campfire illuminated the hunter’s smooth skin and impressive physique with a wondrous orange glow.

He had only intended to observe Richter for a few minutes, just to make sure that the hunter had truly escaped their earlier encounter unscathed. The dhampire soon learned however, that the more he watched the mortal, the harder it became to tear his eyes away.

He listened intently when Richter began to speak, his eyes still eagerly watching the oblivious warrior. “Aaa... Alucard,” the hunter said faintly.

Alucard froze when he heard his name fall from the human’s lips. His jaw then dropped as he watched Richter begin to touch himself between his legs. The faint scent of human sweat and arousal then struck at Alucard’s sensitive nostrils, making the dhampire flinch a bit.

The brown haired man’s face was now colored with a soft, pink blush as he slowly, and somewhat reluctantly, reached into his pants to touch himself more intimately.

“Richter...” Alucard mumbled in the softest of whispers, “Richter... please... don’t let me watch this.”


“Gah!” Richter’s breath caught in his throat when his hand slipped under the garment to touch the hot, hardening flesh between his legs. A few moments later he slid the simple trousers to his knees and whimpered quietly when his manhood was set free. His left hand rubbed over his chest as his right began to tease his erect penis.


The nearly forgotten sensation of arousal flushed though Alucard’s body when the vampire hunter was completely revealed to his prying eyes.

He knew it was wrong to spy on the hunter like this, but the vampire still made no effort to tear his eyes away. When Richter began to pleasure himself, every possibility of leaving quickly vanished from Alucard’s mind.

The half-vampire could not help but to sigh softly when he felt his own hard sex press against his confining pants. It had been quite some time since anything had stirred such a strong response in him, and he was finding it difficult to ignore. Richter...


Richter began to slide his closed hand up and down the shaft of his erection at a faster pace. He pictured the dhampire pinning him down, forcing him to fulfill his desires. He imagined that the hand pulling his fevered flesh was not his, but Alucard’s. That thought undid what little was left of the hunter’s restraint.

“Ahh... hnnn!” he moaned, “Alucard...”

Richter’s body arched off the ground slightly as he pulled fiercely at his hard cock one final time. His cry became trapped in his throat as his climax rocked his body and his penis erupted. “Hnnn!” the hunter cried loudly while ejaculating onto his stomach. The spurts of hot fluids soon stopped and Richter fell back down onto his blankets, his breath still heavy and labored.

Several minutes passed before the Belmont warrior began to move again. When he finally sat up, Richter carefully wrapped himself in a wool blanket, shielding his naked frame from the night air as he lay down to drift off into sleep.


The bright morning sun illuminated Alucard’s golden eyes as he stared cruelly at clear morning sky. Although the bright sphere would turn away a true vampire, Alucard’s half-human heritage saved him from such things. He tried to burn the images of Richter Belmont from his mind; he tried to destroy his excellent vision by staring directly at the distant star so that he would never again be able to lay his eyes on the vampire hunter. But it was a futile effort.

“Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes,” Alucard whispered, addressing himself with his true name, “You have sinned yet again. You have tainted the mind of one of the purest mortals.”

The half-vampire eased his body down to sit on the ground and leaned his back against a nearby tree. The corpse of a small animal, which had been completely drained earlier that morning by the dhampire, sat lifeless in the dirt next to him. “If I remain awake,” Alucard said softly, “the corpse at my feet next time may very well be that of a man.”

The morning sunlight was indeed quite a sight, and it was a welcome change from the dark, dreary surroundings that Alucard had become used to. I wonder... have I ever slept unsheltered beneath the sun?


Richter sliced through the mass of waist-high weeds with his dagger. The small blade made it easy for the vampire hunter to create a path as he traveled through the thick forest. He did not know exactly where he was going, but he felt compelled to venture into the woods. The forgotten forest itself seemed to beckon him, urging him to travel further within.

The thick woodland seemed to thin out a bit as he emerged from the path of destroyed weeds and dead grass. Ancient trees stood everywhere in front of him, but they were spread far enough apart to allow the sunlight to illuminate the area. Richter speculated that he was now in the oldest portion of the forest. The massive size of the nearby trees suggested that they were at least several hundred years old. The hunter halted his steps suddenly, sensing something strange nearby.

“I sense,” he whispered softly, “...death.”

It only took Richter a few more steps before his premonitions were proven to be correct. Several small animal corpses littered the ground in front of him. Judging by the lack of decay, it appeared that the small creatures had been killed just recently.

The hunter made a quick visual scan of the area, finding a few more animal corpses but little else that interested him. His searching eyes then fell on something quite out of place; not far off in the distance, he could see what resembled a human figure sitting on the ground slouched against a large oak tree.

Richter stalked closer, his feet kicking dead leaves and dirt aside as he hurried to the side of the motionless figure. His instincts already told him what it was that he would find, but the sight itself still managed to surprise the vampire hunter.

Alucard remained still, appearing to be asleep and apparently oblivious to Richter’s movements. The Belmont warrior stared with wonder at the dhampire on the ground below. Alucard’s smooth, pale face was calm, appearing quite peaceful as he slept under the rays of the afternoon sunlight.

It was this first time Richter had ever encountered the dhampire in such a revealing daylight, and he looked even more stunning to the hunter now than before. He decided that it would be best for him to leave the halfling in peace, but just before Richter turned to walk away Alucard’s pale eyelids snapped open.

For a brief moment, Richter noticed the half-human vampire’s golden eyes widen a bit with surprise, but then his face quickly returned to its usual, unreadable expression. “Belmont...” Alucard said calmly, “What are you doing here?”

The dhampire breathed a soft sigh frustration when the human did not answer his question. These chance meetings of ours are becoming rather difficult Belmont, he thought, especially after...

Alucard forced his memories of the previous night away before they could actually surface. Thinking about such things now will only complicate this...

“Richter,” the vampire began again in a somewhat more pleasant tone, “tell me, why are you here?”

The man in question remained silent, appearing oblivious the dhampire’s words, obviously distracted by something else. Alucard eyed the human warrior curiously, trying to figure out why his questions were being ignored. “Belm-“ the vampire began a third time before quickly silencing himself when he noticed Richter detaching his infamous whip from the loop on his belt.


End of part II

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