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All information on how to affiliate your site with Noire Sensus can be found on the affiliates page of the main site. We are also accepting affiliates for our Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic archive, Bella Donna, if you have a PotC site; the guidelines are the same, except you will be listed on Bella Donna as well as Noire Sensus.


If you'd like to link to the SFA, you can link to the main site, Noire Sensus, and tell people to head to the the Bookshelf (if that's what caught your attention). We don't encourage linking straight to the Bookshelf/SFA because the URL periodically changes.

All banners based on the current SFA version are shown here. If they aren't to your liking, all our current banners are available in the banner section of Noire Sensus.

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