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name :: Sensus Fanfiction Archive / the Bookshelf

maintained by :: Necromage (Mage) and Koorime (K)

stories formatted by :: Braken, Koorime, and Necromage

founded :: 1 February 2002.

brief history / facts :: Launched 1 February 2002, but we've forgotten the story and author stats from that time.

The SFA was started because we were receiving fanfics from fandoms we didn't currently have an archive for (at the time, the only fandoms with proper archives were Final Fantasy VIII, Fushigi Yuugi, and Tekken), and we wanted to expand what we were archiving as other fandoms caught our attention.

The current - tentative - policy is that when an fandom archive in the SFA has 100 fics, then it gets its own specialised archive. So far this has sort of worked; the major archives created from the SFA base have each had over 70 fanfics when they were launched as stand-alones/sub-archives of the SFA. The reason they haven't reached the 100 story max-out so far has been the file size of the individual archives grew too large, and we felt they needed their own archive ASAP.

layout / design :: version.three » E.D.E.N » 25 December 2003

Not meant to be a Christmas layout! The third incarnation of the Bookshelf - still featuring Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, like version.two. This is take two of the original version three - the original was a centered template without all that stuff on the top left, but relatively similar. Came together quickly enough, after I got the hang of the new brushes I'd just acquired.

Designed for screen resolution 800x600+, CSS and basic javascript capability.

created with :: CuteHTML and Adobe Photoshop 6 with the help of Irfan View and Notepad.

For a list of all brushes used throughout the site (because I forget exactly where they came from) go here. Forgot where the original image came from; if you want it, email me.

fonts used :: killigraphy for the main title, and Silkscreen for all subscript.

notable points :: have made site information available about the SFA for once, and converted the splash page into a proper welcome page.

previous layouts :: screencaps of previous versions:

» v.one - X/Rurouni Kenshi Theme - 1 February 2002

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» v.two - Kuja Theme - 18 June 2002

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Have any questions? Why don't you refer to the FAQ first.

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