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Category Index

Summary of Archive: This section of the Chronicles Archive, organises all the stories from R-TEK into the various categories listed. Be warned that the many of these fics are yaoi or yuri.

Category Index
  Crossovers Tekken fics that crossover (ie. contain characters and important story details) from other fandoms.
  Epics [U]
Those really long, multi-chaptered fics. Good for when you want a serious read.
  Parodies & Fluff Light-hearted fics; you might want a change for once, considering the majority of the fics seem to be angsty ones.
  Poetry The various forms of poetry and the like.
  Short & Sweet [U]
Self-contained fics that you won't have to hit 'Turn the Page' to get the entire story; the opposite of the epics.
  Songfics All the fics which have the lyrics to a song running through them. These can be both angsty and sweet.


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