Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pairing: Will/Jack

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Notes: Matelotage - French for Seamanship.
Also the unique name applied to the bond between two 'sailors' (pirates) in the Caribbean; they shared everything, including wives, assets, plunder, and bed. Probably the closest thing to recognized gay marriage the historical world has seen beyond the Theban Band - brothers/lovers in arms.
Lucky for us slashbucklers, it's an absolute fact and historical precedent. ;)

Additional Note: I've decided, in spite of my Norrington obsession, that I love Will, and that Will loves Jack. It's so sweet to vicariously love Jack through Will, so most of this is told from Will's POV. For those who wanted more of Jack's rambling mental train of thought, I'm sorry. Not. MUAHAHA!

Disclaimer: The Mouse knows the interesting implication of the historical reference of Singapore, fancy that!

Summary: Consummation

Once In A Blue Moon

Part Three: Blue Moon

By Webcrowmancer

Several hours had passed, and evening was beginning to creep into the sky when Will finally relented and decided to return to the Captain's cabin.

Jack had not emerged at all, no doubt waiting for Will to come to some sort of impasse within himself and return to confront Jack with a notion of outrage over the turn their relationship had taken.

Will smiled to himself. Fondly, he considered how the pirate captain's face had looked at his parting shot; for once, Jack had been speechless and off-balance.

He'd wanted to give Jack the time to think it over himself, to realize just what he had got himself into in snaring Will. He really didn't think Jack had any idea at all just what it truly meant to involve himself with someone emotionally. Captain Jack Sparrow's love of the Black Pearl, of the ocean and treasure, and all the sundry ideals of piracy, rum and freedom, could not quite prepare a man for the terrifying liberation that was slavery to another's heart.

Exactly how far were they bound, anyway? He had managed to glean a modicum of knowledge from loose talk around and about, both aboard the Pearl as well as back in Tortuga while waiting for the Pearl to come in.

A most unorthodox courtship, Will mused to himself. For two pirate sailors to enter into a consort bond together was hardly unheard of… but for Captain Jack Sparrow, it was implausible in the extreme. Will wondered if Jack yet realized he'd bitten off more than he could chew.

Will stood and stretched, and casually went back to the cabin, knocking on the door and opening it.

Jack sat nonchalantly with his feet up on the desk, seemingly asleep. He cracked one eye open as Will entered. He said nothing, but smiled a little.

Abruptly, Will felt his earlier satisfaction and bravado eroding as he considered Jack's slender form. This dark-eyed, fork-tongued, mischievous -pirate- of a man, who all too recently had stood naked against his own naked body, their shared heat and pleasure too fresh a memory not to desire it again. The scant few hours that had passed since his first taste of Jack suddenly melted away with renewed hunger and he was hard-pressed not to jump the pirate where he sat.

Will cleared his throat. "You were waiting for me, weren't you?" Will watched Jack's face carefully. "It came as no surprise to you when I showed up in Tortuga, looking for you."

"Knew you'd come around, eventually," Jack answered evasively as he sat up. His own dark eyes were watching Will in turn.

As well he might, Will realized, knowing that he'd managed to surprise Jack with his grasp of the circumstances Jack had arranged for him. He'd have to be even more alert, now that Jack was on to him.

Will let out an exasperated breath. "Do you have any idea how long I was sitting there, waiting about? If you wanted to meet with me, you could have just sent word."

Jack's brows went up. "Never thought you were easy. Easy on the eyes, maybe, but not a strumpet. Are you?"

"Am I what?"

"A strumpet?"

Will straightened. "I'm a pirate."

"Now that does remain to be seen, doesn't it?" Jack looked down at the floor, then back up to meet Will's gaze. "Suppose we agree that it weren't hard at all to suss the Swann girl's expectations of your blacksmithing self would not be met. Let's also suppose I knew it was only a matter of time that Bootstrap Bill's son would have to face the truth about himself."

"Yes, let's suppose that for a moment," Will put in. He didn't trust the way Jack's eyes were glowing. In fact, it was rather unnerving, the way Jack seemed to be enjoying their exchange. "In your estimation, Captain, am I a pirate or not?"

It was a fair question, for his suitability and acceptance as Jack's man would seem to hinge on whether or not Jack actually considered him worth having aboard his ship. Will still wasn't sure whether he was on trial or not. The entire issue of Jack's forgiveness of his little betrayal back in the cave on Isla de Muerta, when he'd left Jack in the hands of Barbossa and the mutineers, still rankled Will's conscience.

He wondered if Jack had managed to figure out yet another way to out-maneuver him. Will suppressed another sigh. He was painfully aware he had to prove himself somehow, having reached this far.

"You've got real potential, I'll give you that." Jack was entirely too smug.

Deceptively mild, Will asked, "What, am I too noble - is that it? I'm not cutthroat enough to pass as a real pirate?"

Uncomfortably, Jack replied, "Depends on your definition, really. So far, you're doing rather well."

Will affected an expression of surprise. "You don't say? You said my father was a good man as well as a good pirate. Do you consider yourself to be a good pirate then, Jack?"

Jack frowned. "You've met bad pirates. Barbossa's sort, and that of my former crew… You tell me, Will. Am I a good pirate?" He seemed to be watching Will for something, though what it was, Will couldn't tell.

But Will was through romanticizing pirates, just as Elizabeth was. Childhood dreams and fancies of meeting pirates or even becoming one themselves had been somewhat dashed in their adventure together.

Still, the real thing - in the form of Jack Sparrow - had only served to give a sense of fatalistically inescapable realism to the notion of pirates. Will abruptly realized that Elizabeth had not sent him to seek out the truth of his pirate blood at all, but the truth of his feelings for Jack.

He smiled privately to himself, a gentle smile for his childhood beloved's… savvy. Yes, he could understand why Jack would think Miss Swann was a little bit savvy for all her aristocratically sheltered notions.

Still smiling, he stated, "Yes, you are a good pirate. And a good man, as I've always said."

Jack's lips twitched.

"Although you are a slippery bastard, for all that," Will added.

Jack's expression went sly - almost on cue, Will thought, enjoying the pleasure of baiting Jack. It had not been too long ago that he'd believed it an impossibility, to be able to so easily push Jack off his game.

"So it's that you don't think me a good man, then?" Jack asked.

"You're no eunuch," Will shrugged. "You've got potential."

Jack's grin was wide. Chuckling, he got to his feet and went up to Will. Placing both hands on Will's shoulders, Jack leaned close and Will found his breath caught in his throat, to be suddenly so close to that mesmerizing gaze pinning his.

"Suppose we clarify the specifics of your duties as Captain's First Mate. Suppose we also specify what you mean by a good man. Or a slippery bastard. Would be a shame not to prove meself, seeing as we've got nothing better to do for the better part of the trip," Jack said with a smile.

Will gulped, unable to bear being so close to Jack and not availing himself of touching him, holding him closer. He was tired of Jack's games and dithering. With a helpless moan, he reached up, pulled Jack to him and kissed him. The taste of gold in Jack's mouth was intriguing; treasure, indeed. Jack's grunt of surprise was quickly followed by the pirate's arms stealing about his shoulders and returning Will's kiss with a matching hunger that Will found not just revealing but a balm to his nerves.

When they broke apart, Will noticed they were both breathing harder.

Jack licked his lips and muttered, "Miss Swann doesn't know what she's missing."

"She does," Will assured him.

Jack's smile was altogether too humorous to warrant, given their current affection. "First Mate and consort to your Captain. Do you accept the position?"

"Yes, and any other positions that entails," Will replied meaningfully, allowing himself the indulgence of innuendo.

Jack squinted at him with a smirk. "Well said. But I'll be having no dissent later on, with you changing your mind just because it suits you. So 'tis only fair you have fair warning."

Will raised his brows at him. "I'm a man of my word."

"As am I. It's not to be taken lightly. What's yours is mine, including your own self."

"And what's yours is mine, also." Will was calm and stalwart, knowing the next few moments would finally reveal to Jack just what it was he was dealing with… and whom. "I told you, I know what it means, Jack. I do not take it lightly, nor you."

"Do we have an accord, then?" Jack was looking directly into his eyes, with such significance that Will found his heart beating faster.

"We do." Will matched the stare, before letting off the intended shot across Jack's bow, as he'd been planning since returning to Jack's cabin. "I will love no-one else before you, and you will love no-one above me."

A small misgiving darted into Jack's eyes. Right on cue, Will thought. But he wasn't prepared for Jack's answer.

"Then by all means, come February, we'll see you a bridegroom and make an honest woman of your Elizabeth."

"What -?" Will was startled.

Jack grinned at him. "What's yours is mine," he repeated.

Realization dawned. "You mean…"

Jack gave a little shrug and pulled Will close to him, by his hips, bringing them into contact in a parody of their earlier experience. "Equal shares, after all."

Will hadn't realized Jack would even consider it. "Very well. What's mine is yours. Equally. My wife is yours, and the Black Pearl is mine."

Jack froze, his eyes widening. "Eh?"

"Equal shares," Will reminded him.

Jack scowled. He looked outraged.

"Don't worry," Will said, leaning forward to press a kiss to Jack's cheek. He continued in Jack's ear, "I don't want the ship. I want you."

"Hm. You don't want her?" It seemed as though Jack was almost indignant at this assertion. "Love me, love my ship; savvy?"

"I'm willing to share," Will murmured, allowing himself the delight of finding Jack's neck and trailing his lips over the skin there. "Share and share alike." Will enjoyed the way Jack shivered slightly from the spoken whisper against his skin.

He didn't enjoy Jack's reply, however.

"You're a pirate, alright. Stolen my heart, true enough. Then there's the little matter of your idea of honor being somewhat flexible."

"Flexible?" Jack was still smiling at him, even as Will drew away to search Jack's eyes. "What do you mean?"

Jack gave a tiny shrug. "Slippery or not, that's the question, innit? You rushed in, got the girl, and made off into the blue yonder without me. If the Pearl weren't the fastest ship around these parts, I'd have been forced to come after you meself after marooning Barbossa, and that would have taken some doing, mate. My crew would have been difficult to manage, to say the least."

Will hesitated. "You were going to leave him stranded, and come after us."

"Knew you'd get it eventually, lad. You're not slow." Jack seemed amused at his progress. "Couldn't abide having a crew of demented, undead mutinous dogs, now could I? The curse had to be taken care of, at some point. You really didn't stand a chance."

Will nodded. "You'd have come after the Interceptor and taken me back to the island anyway."

Jack grinned and nudged him. "Why d'you figure I forgave you so quick, when we made sail?"

Will let out a breath of relief. "I thought you were still angry with me."

Jack gave him a puzzled frown. "Why else did you think I came back for you, with the Dauntless? Mind, if the Swann lass hadn't gotten herself engaged, your friend Norrington might not have come back for you and I'd've swung from the gallows after all."

Will pulled Jack in against him again, holding onto him for dear life. "I was worried that you thought I couldn't be trusted," he babbled. "I worried that you maybe didn't consider -me- a good man."

"There, there, Will, lad." Jack patted him on the back, somewhat taken aback by Will's sudden, desperate embrace. Will relaxed against him.

"Jack, I'm sorry. I truly am. I was angry that you'd use me as leverage. I wanted to mean more to you than that."

"But you did, eh?" Jack pointed out to him. "You were only doing what you thought was right."

Will groaned, his face pressed into the curve of Jack's neck, against his hair. "No. I was doing what I wanted. All my decisions are based on what I want, not what is right. Right would be to remain in Port Royal and prepare for a marriage with a woman far above my station. Right would be resisting the desire to seek you out, and to live on the ocean."

Jack was laughing quietly. "Methinks you're seeking comfort in the wrong place. I'm hardly one to tell you this is the wrong choice, son. Or is that the idea, I wonder?"

Will took deep breath. "No, no. I stand by my decision. I'm not wavering, nor do I need counsel. I just-"

Jack pulled him back a little, and leaned his forehead to Will's. "Let you in on a little secret, love. A pirate is simply this: free. Free above all other things. Free as a bird. Keep that first and foremost, and you can't go wrong."

Will murmured, "Then I do us both a disservice to want this. To want you. Love is not freedom. I know from experience."

Jack gave him a wry smile and stepped away, leaving Will feeling absolutely bereft of the warmth and the security of his arms.

He watched as Jack went to the table and poured a measure of rum into a cup. He rolled his eyes. Always with the rum. He'd have to accept it as part of Jack, for he knew Jack couldn't give it up. Ever.

But Jack came back to him and offered him the cup. "Drink up."

Will took it, uncertainly. "Why?"

"Because you're going to need it, mate," Jack promised.

"That doesn't sound very encouraging," Will commented, but he downed the rum anyway. Burning liquid down the hatch, he thought. Maybe it would lend some fortitude to whatever bizarre revelation Jack was about to land on him.

"Freedom to choose, freedom to desire whatever your heart fancies, Will. To love whatever you wish, whomever you wish, in the face of danger and disproving prisoners of their own caged hearts. How many men have you known who were truly free?"

Will began to seriously reconsider the idea that Jack was truly surprised by anything that had transpired so far. But was Jack getting rhetorical? Or was he referring to their new… union? Maybe both. It was hard to tell, with Jack.

"Pirates," Will began, then paused.

Jack cocked his head and regarded him askance. He took the cup from Will and swigged directly from the bottle he held. "Not all pirates are created equal."

Will let out a breath. What was Jack trying to tell him? He was tired of dancing around the subject. Which was this bond that Jack had apparently been considering, long before the thought had even occurred to Will. Probably even before the thought had occurred to Elizabeth, as well. Although Elizabeth had certainly seen the spark between them. Maybe it had been Jack who'd given it away, in the beginning. He tried to think over what might have happened to illuminate Elizabeth on this score.

Then it hit him, with a flare of memory of that day just after he'd rescued Jack from the gallows and stood between Norrington's blade and Jack's heart. Premonitory, that. He had to admit that Jack had been jibing at all of them, except for himself. The most Jack had been able to bring himself to say to Will had been a comment about his hat being nice. Will had to reflect that although he'd glowed with pleasure at the praise, he'd completely missed the undercurrent that Elizabeth must have picked up on.

He looked up at Jack, who stood silently watching him, waiting for… something. "All hearts are, however."

"Those that have them," Jack agreed.

"You've been waiting for me," Will said.

Jack went to him, placing an arm around his shoulders. "For the opportune moment," he corrected.

"Naturally," Will said. "So you do expect me to share Elizabeth with you?"

Jack shook his head. "Will, love; I'm sharing you with Elizabeth." His eyes twinkled as Will turned to look at him. "And now we all know it, eh?"

He stepped away, pulling at his clothing, leaving Will to ruminate over this.

The flame of the lantern was still sufficient to light the room as darkness was falling fast and thick now. It painted Jack's body with a fiery hue, very different from sunlight. Jack's skin seemed burnished rather than bronze. The sudden glint of gold made him look up to see Jack's wide smile.

"Glad you can appreciate the view, Will. But you needn't stand there staring."

Will blinked at him.

"Shift yourself, lad," Jack urged.

"Ah. Yes," Will started, his hands going automatically to remove his own shirt.

Somehow, it was different this time. It seemed more real and less of a dream. He didn't feel the strange lassitude and rush of desire that had overcome him before, early that afternoon. Standing naked before Jack and moving to join him on the bed, he noted it would be a bit cramped for both of them. "It's a bit narrow, isn't it?"

Jack smiled. "Small enough for two."

Will lifted his eyes. "Cramped."

"Cozy," Jack corrected. "D'you need more rum, lad?"

"No," stuttered Will, abruptly realizing that consummation of a different and unique kind was imminent. Maybe rum was more useful than he'd imagined. But he was resolved to experiencing this without numbing the moments away. He wanted to remember everything vividly.

"So this is the destination you had in mind all along," Will accused, lightly.

"Didn't think we'd get so far, actually. Thought you'd be more the blushing virgin, all bluster and affronted dignity." Jack regarded him. "Are you with me, lad?"

"All the way, Captain," Will said, with a bravado he did not feel.

Jack seemed to catch this, too, and his answering smile had a remarkably reassuring, caring affection to it.

Jack reached out a hand and ran it over Will's shoulder, down over his chest, moving closer to catch Will by the back of his head, and bring him into a kiss.

Will could feel his cheeks going hot and the skin of his face was stretched tight, his heart pounding inside of him. It was too real. This wasn't like the gentle fumblings he'd engaged in with Elizabeth, nor was it anything like the starkly seductive and introductory interlude earlier… this was a true union. He swallowed as Jack drew away a little.

"Ever been with a man, Will?" The question was simple, innocuous. It stole the breath from his body.

"N-no. Though I expect you have," Will managed.

Jack's answering grin was rather feral. "No worries. This being your first time and all, we'll take it slow."

Will was horrified to find himself trembling. This would never do. He drew himself up, lifted his chin and said, "Not too slow, I hope. No need to drag it out."

Jack waggled a finger at him. "Trust me. This is all about timing."

Will wanted to growl, to grab Jack and press him back against the pillow, to hump against him mindlessly and just - seek his release. He swallowed again, wondering if his face was as red as it felt. He wished the damned lantern would go out, with a glance in its direction.

Jack caught this and followed his gaze. "I can well-understand your discretion, but I'll be needing a little light for this, if you take my meaning."

"Of course," Will said.

"Lie down, Will. Need you on your back for this." Jack said, his tone turning somewhat knowledgeable and his voice going lower.

It sent a thrill of anticipation and wickedness through Will, and he wondered how he was supposed to behave. He was hardly a bridegroom, himself. Nor was he a bride. It was something undefined and still unresolved. He wanted Jack, but it was obvious that Jack not only knew more than he did about the ways in which men loved each other, Jack was also still firmly in command.

As he lay back, and Jack's lithe form leaned over to retrieve something up near the bed across from Will's head, he was struck by how wild and dark Jack looked, with his hair unbound from the perpetual scarf he wore, and the trinkets strung through it lending a strangely refined barbarism to the effect.

Will contemplated the possibility that neither of them was in command at all; that perhaps they'd merely been moving towards a foregone conclusion. That they were meant to be together. Jack always moved with a flowing effortlessness towards everything, even where his desire seemed paramount, such as in their first adventure together to regain Elizabeth and the Black Pearl. Timing, indeed.

Jack's hand, moving along his bare thigh, seemed to inspire flames to curl inside his flesh, and Will gasped in spite of himself. His cock was lifted, standing proudly, a plain testament to his response to Jack's presence.

Jack's other hand moved between his legs. "Spread your legs, love," Jack ordered quietly, a wealth of significance in his words bringing a fresh wave of heat to Will's face.

"I-I didn't think it would be like this," Will stammered, not really knowing how to act, and feeling rather useless and awkward.

"I was right then," Jack commented. He darted a glance up at Will at that, almost with a mischievousness that Will found endearing. "Would have been too much, eh? Earlier?"

Will let out a chuff of laughter. "Yes, you were right. You're always right. You're Captain Jack Sparrow, after all."

"Best not to forget that," Jack said, his eyes roving over Will's body to see the effects of his ministrations, and apparently admiring what he saw. "Now, Will, when your captain orders you to do something, you're meant to leap to; not dally and do it when you get around to feeling like it."

Oh. Right. Will swallowed, and spread his legs, feeling more intensely vulnerable in this moment than he'd ever felt in his life. He felt more than drunk. He needed no rum for this, he was sure now. He felt lightheaded enough as it was.

With raised brows, Jack added, "Lift 'em."

A wave of heat swamped Will at this, and he gasped aloud, even as Jack's hand moved over his hip, helping him to obey, going to his flank. Jack's hand was resting upon his exposed lower buttock now, and Jack leaned over him, to take a place by his side.

"Easy, love," Jack murmured. "In another minute, you'll be really quite content, I promise."

Will shut his eyes, shaking, wondering if this was how the lasses felt with their men, to be so completely… exposed. So raw. "I would never, ever," he began, haltingly. "If it weren't you, Jack -"

"I know, William," Jack said, placing a kiss upon his chest, licking a trail to his right nipple, encircling it. Jack continued against his skin, the feathery breaths almost tickling Will, "And if it weren't you, I'd not bother."

Jack's other hand wasn't idle however, and when Will felt the first gentle, teasing nudge against his opening, he had to press both lips together against an exclamation. The soft, gentle touches were far too intimate and wicked, too sure and knowing, and Jack was undoing his composure so completely, Will feared he would reach completion too quickly.

As Jack's finger slipped into him, the burn lessened by whatever slickness Jack had anointed it with, Will let out a helpless sigh, unbidden. "Jack," he said, thickly, mindlessly.

Jack's answering chuckle for once did not make him feel as though the pirate were laughing at him at all. "I remember my first time," Jack began.

Will didn't have the heart to demand for him to shut up, that now was not the time to share some ribald story. For he knew Jack was only telling it for his benefit. He had to relax and go with it, else he was going to ruin this moment between them and Will most definitely needed to prove, to himself if not to Jack, that he could handle this.

To be honest, he was scared.

"Your first time?" He was thankful his voice didn't break.

Jack continued to slide his finger in and out of Will, his strokes getting bolder, and deeper. "Aye, my first time. That was Henry, as I believe I mentioned before. A likely lad, indeed. He wasn't much older than yourself, come to think of it. And I was but a mite."

Will frowned. "A mite? Just how old were you?" Visions of a young, corruptible Jack Sparrow danced in his mind, and Will was a little chagrined to find the thought was very interesting indeed.

A hot tongue licking across his left nipple and warm lips with the extra sensation of Jack's beard across his skin was entirely distracting.

"Old enough to know better," Jack murmured.

A second finger was added, and Will tightened, fear going through him.

"Relax," Jack said. "You'll like this."

The contentment and certainty in Jack's voice helped, and Will obeyed. Then Jack's fingers did something magical and abruptly, Will's head was filled with stars and flashes. Pleasure sparkled over him.

He found himself moaning, his mouth open, head back, and he was gasping for breath. "God! Jack!"

Jack was chortling to himself, and then repeated the motion, leaning down a little to hold Will in place. Will found he'd bucked upwards, his back arching, unable to help bearing down on Jack's hand.

Jack withdrew his fingers and Will was devastated. "No, don't-"

"Trust me," Jack said, his voice laden with heavy intent now; Will could not mistake it.

Will gulped, guessing what came next.

Jack grasped Will's legs behind his knees, and helped him to lift up enough to rest them over both Jack's shoulders, on either side of his head. Will was shaking now, but with trepidation or desire, he wasn't sure. It was probably both. All he knew was that he wasn't sure if he was married, or afraid, or a pirate, or just a scared youth who was discovering he knew very little about the world at all.

And then Jack had stilled, staring down into his eyes, a look of tenderness upon him. "William," Jack said gently.

There wasn't even time for him to wonder, or answer, for Jack pressed into him then, and Will felt that coveted hardness filling him, and it went on and on, reaching impossible sensations of being owned and truly taken.

"Jack," he whispered, not even sure he could talk in any coherent manner. Time had slowed to a frantic crawl, and his nerves were alive. The slightest touch could set him alight. And then Jack began to move atop him, within him, a slow thrust - followed by another, and Will was flying.

So high. It was so good. "Too good," Will gasped aloud. Finally it all made sense. The almost shy, reticent looks Jack had always given him that had seemed so knowing, so devious. And always followed by a slightly dismissive expression. It had been patience. Or impatience, swiftly covered. Truly his pirate, then, Will thought.

Jack's composure was starting to crumble a little now, also. The sight of abandonment and loss of control beginning to show upon Jack's face caused a response of love and almost maniacal possessiveness to well up from deep within Will's heart. His pirate, indeed, and he would prove it to Jack.

"Do it, Jack, make me yours," he hissed, watching the words hit Jack and destroy what was left of his captain's control in the conflagration.

"Will," Jack moaned, a tinge of pain to the word. Indeed, he'd been waiting too long, Will realized.

"Go on, I can take it," Will said with enough conviction that Jack seemed to relent. "I want you to. I need you to."

With a heartfelt groan, Jack gave in, letting his thrusts get shallow and erratic. Wild pleasure burst through Will as Jack began to lose it in earnest.

"T-Touch me," Will gasped.

Jack's hand on his cock was a mercy of infinite proportions, and at once a torment, for he couldn't help straining between the pleasure of being caught between both it and Jack filling him over and over. Jack was in him, above him, around him, undoing him -

With a cry, Will found release even as Jack finally let loose with a volley of hard, riding plunges, shafting him deeply. Bright lightening traces, like a shower from his forge, flowering behind his eyes, were joined with the keen sense of some unbearably beautiful height finally achieved. Something he'd always wanted and had never dared to dream of having, had not even dared to imagine existed. It had never been like this, not in solitary self-pleasuring, nor with Elizabeth, or even dreams of women.

When a vague sense of reality returned to him, he opened his eyes to see Jack looking down at him with a look of wonder.

"William," Jack said, and then stopped.

"Yes, Jack." Will was gratified to see that for once, his pirate captain appeared truly speechless. Except, there had been that lovely moment earlier in the day when he'd got the last word then, as well. Now he suspected Jack had merely been speechless at how swiftly Will was sizing up the situation, and not at the act of being caught in love at all. He smiled up at Jack. "Lost your tongue, Captain?"

Jack's eyes narrowed. His response was to lean down to capture Will's lips under his own, and part Will's mouth heatedly, seeking his tongue, until Will moaned under him. Lifting up, Jack said, "Best not to call me out at a time like this, lad."

"God, I love you, Jack." Will's breathy reply seemed to take the wind from Jack's sails.

"Love you, too, Will." Jack seemed surprised at himself. "So this means you'll be staying, then, I take it?"

"There's only one way I'm leaving this ship or you, Jack; and that's when there's no breath left in my body," Will said, fervently. "Now do it to me again, because I'm not sure I'm completely educated in that regard. Further lessons are required, pirate."

Jack grinned down at him, but he growled, "I give the orders aboard my ship, Master Turner."

Then Jack nearly yelped in surprise as Will seized his head and brought him down for another searing kiss. Will relished the moments of feeling Jack tense, then melt, and return the kiss with equal aplomb. As he released Jack, he heard Jack mutter under his breath, "Whelp."

"Africa, then?"

Jack scowled. "Somewhere lower, I was thinking." He punctuated this with a shove against Will.

Will sucked in a breath at the sensation. Jack was recovering already. Which was grand, as Will found he was, too.

"So is it my turn, then?" Will asked, curious.

"It's your turn when I says it is," Jack said, remaining atop him.

"Aye, Captain," Will agreed, attempting to keep any hint of irony from his voice.

"Very rash, bold Will, for a man with someone else's cock in his arse. Entirely too cocksure, to be sure."

"So punish me, Jack," Will suggested. "After all, you're safe, even with your heart in someone else's hands."

Jack paused, a furtive look crossing his face. "You think I'm unaware of that fact, Will?"

Will had to wonder, at that. He hesitated. Had Jack actually known… Perhaps Jack knew what it was to love, after all. Maybe it was really Will who'd underestimated the other… Will nearly snorted to himself. So what was new?

Jack grinned at him, with another slow, deep thrust into him. "So who's really taken whom here, I wonder?"

Will groaned. "Alright, you win, damn it. You knew I'd seek you out, you knew I'd fall for you, and you knew I wouldn't be able to resist this."

"Will, lad, you fell when we first met. All I had to do was wait for it to dawn on you. When it didn't, I had Elizabeth to thank for throwing you in my direction to further your education."

"You talk too much, Jack," Will said, his cheeks going hot once more at the reminder.

There wasn't much talking afterward, however, as Jack seemed very eager to continue his 'education' on into the night.

The following morning, Will was somewhat shocked to discover that they had in fact been sailing a large circuit around the Caribbean. He had to sit down and have a quiet laugh at his own naivety and Jack's certainty of his ability to woo him with piracy and desire, for they'd never been on any course for Recife or the Cape at all.

Will was content however, and even despite the knowing, leering glances shot his way from the rest of their company after the no-doubt overly-loud night spent in the Captain's cabin, he was gratified to know that he was, in fact, Jack's.

Jack didn't even seem to mind that he was Will's. Which was as it should be, Will considered.

The only dark cloud on their shared horizon was February, because he wasn't sure Elizabeth had even heard of the term 'matelotage', and he wasn't at all certain she was going to like it. When he'd voiced his doubts to Jack the previous night, Jack had merely laughed and began regaling him with exploits of previous female conquests.

Ah well. Dear Elizabeth would just have to accept it. Or not. For he was a member of the Pearl's crew now, for better or for worse, for life or death, in sickness or in health.

As the sea air rushed against him and the Pearl slid through the white-tops, Will realized he had come home.

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