Summary: A Tale of the Capture and Mistreatment of a Dutch merchant Captain at the Hands of the Pyrate Jack Sparrow.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Implied Jack/Norrington
Disclaimer: Disney owns these characters and the setting in which they live, except Christian, who is mine.
Notes: +rather bemused+ This is the first original idea I've used in quite some time. It comes of reading FAR too much nonfiction on pirates (if such a thing can indeed be done). Additionally, I am aware that Paulsen isn't really a Dutch name, per se, but as the movie takes some liberties with timeframe, I feel I can take some liberties with nationality.

An Account of Capture by Villainous Pyrates

As narrated by Christian Paulsen

By gileonnen

Here follows an Account upon our Capture by the Pyrate Ship Black Pearl, recounted on this the 31st of June.

Two-score Days past, the Dutch Ship Pale Dancer, captained by myself Christian Paulsen, made full Sail toward the Carolinas from Martinique. Fair Winds made Travel swift, and the Crew was in high Spirit.

As we sailed through a Formation of Cays, the Wind shifted and the Dancer made to list to the East. Nonetheless, our Navigator felt assured that our fair Winds would return. Our Luck was monstrous Poor, for we ran afoul of Pyrates.

The Ship was known by its Black Sails as the Pyrate Ship Black Pearl, and the Men were Much Afeared, for they knew that the Crew was of Damned Men. I was soon convinced of the Hopelessness of our Cause and made our Surrender to the Captain, a Wild, Dark Man of the name Jack Sparrow. This Name was known to me from my Time with the East India Company, but upon my Protest I was Bound and Gagged by two of the Black Pearl's Crew.

Some 15 Men were taken upon our Surrender, with the Quantities of each: 50 lbs. Tobacco, 4 kegs Rum, chests gold Coins equalling £10,000 of British Value, and 6 Boxes glass Beads.

The Pyrates sailed only a little Distance, moving slowly though the Black Pearl is accounted a fair fast Ship. I judged that some Game was being played, and I was Afeared, for Pyrates may play Games with Lives.

The Dancer's Men sat trussed on the Deck of the Pyrate Ship and were prodded by an Amazon with a Cutlass if we dared utter a Word amongst ourselves. She was Terrible of Gaze although a Comely Woman, and a more fearsome Scion of Hell I have never seen.

When the Night was passing Dark, the Pyrates lit torches and engaged in carousing around us. The Pyrates were ragged and motley, but Armed and soon much Drunk with our Rum.

Such Gold I have never seen on human Bodies as the Pyrates wore. Their Captain wore a Coronet adorned with Emeralds and Rubies, and gold Chains around his Neck. Even low Deckhands wore Fortunes in Gold, and all drank Fortunes in Rum. Three Pyrates contrived a small and loud Orchestra to celebrate their Plunder of our Ship. But for the Woman who ensured our Silence, though, the Pyrates paid us no Attention.

Some Hours past Sunset, a Man made to board the Ship and the Captain welcomed him. This Person seemed Much Concerned with our Plight and spoke Words with the Pyrate Captain whilst gesticulating at us. The Woman did not prod us again.

The Stranger seemed a dignified Man though he tipped his hat Low so we could not see his Face, and likely a Rogue Naval Officer or crooked Merchant. He did not dance or carouse as the Pyrates did, but instead watched Captain Sparrow from a great Chair on the Fo'c's'le.

When the Crew was well Soused, their Behaviour became strange and Wild. The Quartermaster brought a Quantity of Pigs onto the Deck and lay down amid the Swine, whereupon which he commenced to sing unprintable Songs. An old Man with a brightly-coloured Parrot diced with a Dwarf and the Parrot spoke for them both. The remaining crew broke numerous Bottles and made to fence with the Necks whilst yelling and singing in an uncommon uproarious Manner. The Pyrates then painted themselves with some dark Substance like Blood.

Soon the Pyrate Captain determined to drink Rum with Gunpowder, and having heard Tales of this Practice the Men were one part Eager and one part Terrified. With great Trepidation we watched as the Pyrate Quartermaster mixed black Powder into Captain Sparrow's Goblet. The dignified Man stood from his Chair.

The Captain drank Deep of his Cup and made to offer the Man on the Fo'c's'le some of that vile Drink, and the Man came down to sup with the wild Pyrate. I did not know if I feared more the Pyrate or this Man who consorted with Pyrates. He finished the Concoction in Captain Sparrow's Cup and then retired.

The fierce Woman watched myself and my crew as a Dwarf fed us wormy Bread, and when the Pyrates had retired and we had been fed she took Pleasure in imparting Threats to us.

Even when the Pyrates had retired there came a Ruckus from below as of Men screaming, and we were afeared of a Mutiny for though we had been used Ill, Captain Sparrow had let us live when the Amazon would have tortured and killed us, and she chuckled at one Scream most unpleasantly. Although in Time the frightful Sound was gone, none of my Crew could sleep.

The strange Man came back on Deck before Sunrise and departed, and three Hours after Sunrise myself and my 15 Men were returned to the Pale Dancer, whereupon which they regaled the remaining Crew with Tales of their Ordeal.

Soon after, we encountered three Ships under command of the British Commodore Norrington and bought Escort to the Carolinas from Captain Davies of one Ship. I was assured that the Commodore understood the Danger of Pyrates and so would give Aid to a Dutchman.

The Voyage continued Uneventful thereafter.

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